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Heartland Offers Electric Bill Discount to Big New Customers

Jerry Heckenliable's going to hate this program.

Heartland Consumers Power District is touting its Energy One incentive program to new businesses in Madison and its other customer communities. Basically, if a new company moves in and adds a megawatt or more to local electricity demand, Heartland will give them a three-year discount on their electric bill. Heartland gave Sioux Falls this deal on the new Sanford Events Center; now they'll extend it to other big operations...

...which means, Jerry, that while newcomers drive up demand and peak load charges, you'll be subsidizing their efforts, as will the existing businesses with whom the newcomers compete. It's the traditional problem retailers face in recruiting new customers: it's nice to give new shoppers rewards to get them to come in the store, but the retailer imperils its relationship with loyal customers who've kept them afloat for years and are stuck with the extra costs.

That must be why Heartland wanted Richard Benda to take Russ Olson's old job: he was really good at putting a smile on handouts to big new companies who end up costing the locals money.


  1. Jenny 2013.11.01

    Ouch Cory, I liked your article except the condescending last paragraph -a little harsh there in regards to a dead man?

  2. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.11.02

    Jenny, understood... but I take the same position here as with Bill Janklow. Benda was a key participant in and promoter of the SDGOP's crony capitalism. Heartland's program is an exercise in crony capitalism. Benda and HCPD fit. I stated that position on October 10; recent events do not change that position.

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