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First Rowena, Next Rutland, Roubaix, Rochford… Here Rick Comes!

I hear the newest U.S. Senate candidate, Republican Jason Ravnsborg, is already out touring the state, making some private visits to potential key supporters.

He'd better hustle if he wants to catch up with Rick Weiland. The only declared Democrat in the race sends out a note today saying he spent his Wednesday visiting Colton, Lyons, Crooks, Renner, Ellis, Chancellor, Lennox, Harrisburg, Rowena, Ben Clare, and Booge. Weiland says his five-month town count is up to 246. He's still aiming to visit all 311 South Dakota towns. He says he plans to add another 50 unincorporated settlements to his campaign itinerary:

Unincorporated towns are to South Dakota what South Dakota is to the nation. They may be small, but they and the opinions and ideas of their citizens matter....

...[G]oing out and talking with people, listening, and thinking, and learning with them, is the way to go.... [T]his kind of "back to the future" campaign is proving what we should never have forgotten, that respecting people by going to them and asking them for their vote is better, both for them, and for the candidate, than trying to buy their vote on TV.

...It is disgraceful that people in some of the towns I have visited tell me they haven't seen a candidate in decades. They are angry that politicians are serving the interests of the billionaires and special interests who fund their campaigns. "What do you expect," they tell me, "of people who spend all their time raising money from rich non-South Dakotans and can't even be bothered to come out here one single time to talk with us" [Rick Weiland, press release, 2013.12.19].

Those unincorporated dots on the map may not have many voters, but Weiland knows every vote counts. And he'll find more voters than Team Bosworth will in the Philippines. Carry on, Rick!


  1. Lynn G. 2013.12.19

    Go Rick Go!

  2. Roger Cornelius 2013.12.19

    Glad to see Rick has taken the campaign path George McGovern did. George traveled to nearly all, if not all, towns in South Dakota. Including all the little villages on the reservations.

  3. Rorschach 2013.12.19

    Here comes Santa Claus Here comes Santa Clause right down Santa Clause lane!

  4. Charlie Johnson 2013.12.20

    Had the privilege to meet with Rick and his wife, Stacy Thursday evening in Sioux Falls. Rick's message to the supporters present was positive and encouraging. He plans on winning the Senate seat in 2014. With 246 towns under his belt, he is well on his way.

  5. Jeff Barth 2013.12.20

    I was at a Sioux Falls event tonight that raised some thousands of dollars for the Weiland campaign. People are hungry for his message.

    The Republicans are looking a bit silly with the menagerie they are running. Is Rounds even in South Dakota? Who did Benda contribute his money to?

    Pressler is their best candidate. Oh wait... he's not a Republican anymore. Pressler does make some sense... so I guess he had to change his registration. Go Larry!

  6. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.12.20

    Thousands of dollars? Holy cow!

    There's the headline of 2014: Weiland vs. Pressler!

  7. Les 2013.12.20

    Thousands can be 3,000, Cory.

  8. Les 2013.12.20


  9. George 2013.12.23

    It is good that Mr. Ravnsborg, Mr. Weiland are out touring the state, that is what candidates are supposed to do! Some of these candidates seem to sit in their region or just sit at home. I like seeing people from whichever side get out there and work for it.

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