Rep. Isaac Laterrell is asking online constituents to give him input on do-nothing resolutions so he can spend his time in Pierre grandstanding about talk-radio issues. Big hairy deal. The Madville Times Legislative Project asked you, dear readers, for ideas for practical legislation to deal with practical South Dakota issues. And you've come through! Thank you!

So, as promised, here is the first draft of Madville Times Bill 101, the first of five legislative proposals from the many you have submitted to this blog over the last several days. I'll post the other four as the day progresses. Use the comment section to offer your input, seek clarification, propose amendments, or to tell us that we're all generally full of it. By next Friday, January 10, I'll send all five bills, in amended form to reflect your best ideas, to the South Dakota Legislature's leadership and to my District 8 Senator and Representatives. Onward, democracy!

Madville Times Bill 101

FOR AN ACT ENTITLED, An Act to legalize and promote the cultivation of industrial hemp and the production of industrial hemp-based goods in South Dakota.


Section 1. Industrial hemp, cannabis sativa, is exempted from all state laws restricting the cultivation, distribution, possession, and use of marijuana and other controlled substances.

Section 2: Hemp production credit: County auditors shall reduce the property tax assessment on agricultural land by three dollars per acre in any year in which that land is used for the production of industrial hemp. County auditors shall apply the hemp production credit only to land used in active crop production as of January 1, 2014.

Section 3: The state will remit to each county the amount disbursed in the hemp production credit with funds from the Governor's Future Fund.

Section 4: In each fiscal year, the Governor shall disburse no other funds from the Future Fund until all hemp production credit remittances have been paid to each county.

Section 5: Ethanol and other biofuel plants shall pay a two-cent production tax on every gallon of biofuel produced. Biofuel produced from hemp shall be exempt from this production tax.

Section 6: By July 1, 2018, 50% of the raw materials used by Pheasantland Industries shall consist of industrial hemp produced in South Dakota.