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Civil Discourse on Bosworth Facebook Page Rare as Cash on Hand

I wake to this neighborly fun and frivolity on Facebook this morning. Fake U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth hilariously duckspeaks her overwhelming campaign debt as "reinvesting our contributions into getting our message out" (because in Annette's world, nothing matters more than telling stories).

Andrew, who appears to be from California and flies a photo of the Obama family as the banner on his Facebook page, comments non-sequiturally, "You are too negative Annette!"

I don't know if Annette is too negative, but her bank account certainly is.

Jeff, who appears to be from South Dakota and brands himself "Independant Constitutionalist Conservitave," replies to his fellow American thus:

Andrew you are to much of a dip sh--. Your probably a communist loving lib turd that voted for communist and cheif. You are the problem with this country. Too stupid and you vote.

Stephanie, a Seahawks fan in Wyoming, tells Jeff, " need to lower yourself to Andrew's level. Just consider the source and move on."

So in Annette's world, stating that someone is "negative" is a level too which good Americans do not sink. "Considering the source" means rejecting or ignoring any comment that disagrees with the fake worldview Annette peddles. And criticizing Annette makes you equivalent to fecal matter.

* * *

Fake candidate Bosworth's financial woes are so grave that even her favorite mouthpiece Pat Powers can't ignore them:

This portion of Annette Bosworth’s FEC report paints a bit of a different picture. Dr. Boz is reporting $249,645.18 in cash on hand.

But her campaign debt is $255,030.67, placing her at a minus $5,385.49.

I can understand when campaigns run in the red, but that’s an awful lot of expense compared to what’s been raised [Pat Powers, "Annette Bosworth: Can You Claim $249K Cash on Hand, When You Have $255K in Debt?" Dakota War College, 2014.02.11].

Powers is clearly another Communist-loving liberal poopy-head too stupid to vote.


  1. owen reitzel 2014.02.12

    I've ru into the same problem when I coment on Stace's Facebook page. Not from Stace. He's polite but some of his backers rip me a new one-even if what I had posted wasn't critical of Stace.
    I guess when you don't have the facts to back you you then resort to name calling.
    Needless to say I don't coment on Stace's page anymore

  2. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.02.12

    See, that's what gets me, Owen. A lot of people don't view discourse on the Web as an opportunity to talk to real people. They just shout "Lib turd!" or "Conservaturd!" (I actually haven't heard the latter... but it sounds kinda fun! Perhaps I'll use it in rebuttal...) because they feel like they can throw punches without taking the accountability they'd have to take in person. Seriously, would anyone ever say, "You communist-loving lib-turd" to someone else's face without joking or drinking heavily?

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