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Bosworth Employee Frame-Up Fails; PHS Sold Tickets After Alleged Theft

Annette Bosworth and Chad Haber's raffle-scam response is already falling apart.

The damage-control letter Joel Arends submits to that Sioux Falls paper peddles the Bosworth-Haber claim that their second round of raffles failed due to employee misconduct. Arends says the executive director and the special projects manager of their non-profit stole "the land raffle tickets, lists of raffle ticket holders and other documents relating to the conduct of the raffle." These two staffers left Bosworth-Haber's Preventive Health Strategies "during the last week of August 2012." This departure and alleged theft "dealt a death blow" to PHS's ability "to conduct a multi-million dollar raffle."

(Multi-million? The Moody County land raffle was to take place upon the sale of 500 tickets worth $1,000 each for land on which PHS bid $424,000. The five Harleys for which PHS filed raffle requests with the Secretary of State had a total value of $92K.)

PHS filed the raffle request for the Moody County land at the end of April 2012. According to Bosworth-Haber, the records disappeared and the raffle was dead at the end of August 2012.

Annette Bosworth promoted this dead raffle on KDLT on October 24, 2012. PHS sold Nate Fluit and another South Dakotan tickets for the Moody County land raffle on October 25, 2012. PHS enlisted FIRE Missions of Michigan to help promote the raffle in spring 2013. PHS continued to advertise the raffle on its website as late as November 2013.

Annette Bosworth alleges through counsel that thieving employees killed her raffle in August 2012. Yet Bosworth, Haber, and their organization continued to sell tickets and promote their raffle for fourteen more months.

Don't fall for the frame-up: Annette Bosworth and Chad Haber own their raffle scam.


  1. mathia rall 2014.02.23

    If you check the dates of the complaints of ticket holders, all ticket holders purchased after I left. Someone should talk to Harley in rapid city they have an interesting story to tell

  2. Roger Cornelius 2014.02.23


    Are these the same papers and documents Powers was suggesting you had a hand in stealing?

    If so, wasn't he going to expose you sometime back?

  3. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.02.23

    Roger, it's hard for me to say whether one set of imaginary documents is the same as another imaginary set of documents. How can we tell one unicorn from another?

  4. Jim 2014.02.23

    In August of 2012, they send a letter to ticket holders indicating their the raffle is so screwed up, maybe they'd consider the ticket a donation. I'm sure the ticket holders thought that was a swell idea. If they can afford to gamble 1,000, they can afford to just lose it too, right? Did the lawyer letter also say dr. Boz exercised no control or decision making authority in her non-profit since July 2012? I dont think Grudz will even buy that one and he is smitten with the young lady.

  5. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.02.23

    Congratulations on breaking this story. It begs the question be asked though, what has happened with Powers? Has he sold his soul to Rounds to the point that he will cover up such news to protect Rounds' decoys? What about Mercer?

  6. mathia rall 2014.02.23

    well DWC is down now... I bet it reappears with many missing comments

  7. lee schoenbeck 2014.02.23

    Read Argus story. Had previously thought you were kind of hard on the Boz. Turns out you have been spot on congrats on your effective digging

  8. grudznick 2014.02.23

    Argus is often wrong. This pretty young woman may just be misunderstood and the subject of libbie hate and bad employee decisions. I'm just sayin...

  9. Roger Cornelius 2014.02.23


    Powers had the Argus Leader story up this morning with mostly unfavorable comments.

    There were two or three comments that chastised him since Cory and "Mr." Madville had been covering this for sometime. We'll see if those comments are there when or if DWC reappears.

  10. Roger Cornelius 2014.02.23


    Argus is wrong. Cory is wrong. Powers is weakening on Bosworth.

    grudz, look in the mirror and say 3 times, "Dr. Boz is an honest woman". Do that every day and maybe your dream will come true.

  11. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.02.23

    You're right, Mathia—I'm not able to load DWC, either. If I'm not mistaken, Pat Powers had put up a post on Annette's TV ad last night. This morning he posted on Jonathan Ellis's damning story. Pat appears to have then reposted his post on the Bosworth TV ad above Ellis story, in what looked to me like a blatant effort to bury the negative story. Maybe that wasn't enough. Maybe Pat realizes he's been duped by Chad Haber, too, and he can only salvage his ego by shutting down the blog, scrubbing all of his past Bosworth praise and his false allegations against me, and then rebooting the blog all squeaky clean.

    Or maybe the server just went down. These things happen.

  12. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.02.23

    Gaack—the moment I say that, DWC is back up. False alarm!

  13. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.02.23

    Lee, I appreciate your re-assessment. I try not to be hard on people unless they have it coming. I hope more people will see Bosworth and Haber have it coming.

    Note that I'm actually fighting for Republicans here. One of the best outcomes for Dems would be to let Bosworth keep on sucking up all that loose conservative cash and making harder for real candidates to raise money to run against Rick Weiland money. If this bad press gets through to a nationwide audience, we actually save a lot of folks money that they can then donate to Mike Rounds, Stace Nelson, or other Republicans who might provide an electoral return on investment.

  14. grudznick 2014.02.23

    Bashing Mr. PP over the young Dr. Bos seems a strange leap of logic. PP has been fair and balanced in his coverages like most media outlets.

  15. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.02.23

    O.K., grudz, now you're just trying to provoke me.

  16. grudznick 2014.02.23

    I grant you some of Mr. PP's articles were a little annoying to the Mr. Nelson fan but let us face it. Mr. Nelson really stepped in it. Dr. Bos may yet be exonerated. She is after all the only candidate with the smarts to be a doctor.

  17. grudznick 2014.02.23

    That's not to say that Mr. Rhoden's vastly superior common sense and rancher's toughness isn't still the best choice. But the young Doc shouldn't be counted out the next time around maybe running against Ms. Noem.

  18. SDBlue 2014.02.23

    This whole debacle smells like fraud. Taking money under false pretenses is a crime, isn't it? Where is the criminal investigation?

  19. TG 2014.02.23

    Grudz - I know you're a smart and intellectual man given your honed in and accurate opinion on Rhoden which makes me wonder how you can't see through the doctor and the scams. Wrong is wrong and where there's smoke, there's fire and she has way too many clouds of smoke following her.

    And I think you mean she's the only one who 'chose' to become a doctor, doesn't mean she's the only one with the 'smarts' to have done it and take that oath that she took... And I doubt she'd ever run against Noem; she idolizes Noem to the point of nausia but Noem would never resort to these tactics.

    Have you granddaughter google Duane Sand for you for a preview but I'm not so certain he ran any land raffle scams or didn't pay his employees, etc...

    I have faith you'll come around. You can still think she's pretty even after you do. :-)

  20. Dave Baumeister 2014.02.24

    Watched an interesting show on Jim Jones on CNN tonight, and I realized that Dr. and Mr. Bozwoth are trying to get people to drink the Kool-Aid. The lists of people who bought raffle tickets for the Harley, snow mobile and land raffle existed in January of 2013, as I received them by email from either Peggy Craig (Annette's sister) or Rachelle Daniels or both. Both women were in control of PHS money (Rachelle mainly recorded what came in and went out and Peggy handles the checks). But I do know that I asked both of them about so few people having bought land raffle tickets (only about 33), to which they both said that was correct. All the names and addresses were on those lists. As to what happened to the money, I cannot say, as I never handled any of that. But the list of names existed. So what I read from Joel Arends in the Argus today was a lie. Not that he was lying, as his statement may have been truthful as far as what they told him. For awhile, I was believing what they told me, too. One thing Ellis left out of his story, or maybe he just never found out, but Paul VanVeldhuizen of Alphagraphics (who sued then for non-payment of an old bill) is Chad Haber's brother-in-law. At least we know Haber's family is too smart to drink the Kool-Aid.

  21. mathia rall 2014.02.24

    Thank you Dave.

  22. Danelle Johnson 2014.02.24

    Cory- I've been starting to really follow this crazy lady the last few months. I too thought just maybe you were a tad harsh, but the more I read about her.... well let's just say I'm sitting back with popcorn to watch the show.

  23. Anne Beal 2014.02.24

    Okay. I was just reading the raffle requests on the secretary of state's site. And the requests were made by Mathia Rall. One after another. Apparently long after Ms Rall figured out the raffles were scams, she was still filing requests for additional ones. Yeah I think Marty Jackley needs to talk to her. She might want to get a criminal defense attorney herself , too

  24. Anne Beal 2014.02.24

    Perhaps Rall really didn't know the prizes weren't being awarded . But it's her name on the raffle requests, maybe she was set up. Lots of questions there!

  25. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.02.24

    Thank you, Danelle, for following the story. The first guy to shout always sounds harsh. When others realize what's happening, they understand why that first guy was harsh.

  26. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.02.24

    Anne, thanks for checking the original documents. But notice the dates: those requests were filed from April 27 through June 29, 2012, before the scams really became scams. Don't fall for Arends's smokescreen. Rall was acting in her capacity as hired director of the non-profit. She was trying to file the proper papers to make sure the raffles followed state law. The story I'm seeing here is that Bosworth's sloppy money management and scheming made it impossible for Rall to defend the raffles as honest. She appears to have left the company before the raffles became full-blown scams by failing to award the prizes advertised and failing to issue refunds.

    Note also Dave's information, attesting that a list of ticket holders existed when he worked there in 2013. PHS continued to promote the raffles after Rall left. Rall cannot be blamed for the failure of the raffles.

  27. William Beal 2014.02.24

    CH, that's true and as Anne and I discussed this, our concern centers on the people around Haber/Bosworth who suffer consequences when a "business deal" becomes controversial, or ends up in court. There are far too many unanswered questions surrounding this candidate.

    BTW, Kudos for your work on this!

  28. mathia rall 2014.02.24

    The documents were prepared by local attorney Jeff Beck. I signed and submitted as Executive Director. When I became aware that they were scams I immediately left contacted attorney Clint Sargent and reported what I knew to DCI, FBI, AG office, Gaming Commission and the SDMBOE. I have several attorneys and have acted above board, ethically and transparently at all times. My integrity is above reproach.

  29. Anne Beal 2014.02.24

    Mathia I am glad you have representation. It looks like you were set up. And Cory, the raffle requests I looked at were dated 10/31/11 (the Aurora township property) and 2/28/12 (the Polaris vehicle), followed by the ones dated 5/30/12-6/29/12

  30. TG 2014.02.24

    Mathia - kudos to you as well coming out with this information as I have heard Haber can be downright vicious and not beyond physical harm. I'm sure you probably already knew this when you decided to come out using your real name and that is sometimes what prevents people from coming out with the truth - fear. Without people like you, true justice cannot be served. I'm only so confident because I've spoken to people close so have nothing firsthand, only from reliable sources. Again, much strength to you in your fight for justice and to protect your integrity. The latest scam using Base Connect was one they'd be sure to find (surprised they didn't invent it). It hurts the elderly and someone close to me has been giving to candidates for years thinking it was all going to the candidates. They should be the next target for some!

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