Independent gubernatorial candidate Mike Myers is all about hemp. His advocacy for industrial hemp and his consumption of hemp dietary supplements earn derision from my opportunist-conservative counterpart in the blogosphere.

But if backing hemp makes a candidate crazy, then bring out the straitjackets for 87% of the South Dakota House. On Thursday, 61 of our 70 state representatives approved House Concurrent Resolution 1017, which in true conservative fashion exhorts Uncle Sam to get off our backs and let us grow non-intoxicating hemp, the way folks do quite legally in Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Romania, Australia, and the world's leading hemp producer, China.

HCR 1017 doesn't take the direct action the Madville Times community proposed in January, but it makes Myers backer Tara Volesky's point that promoting industrial hemp is not some politically suicidal fringe idea. The ayes included gubernatorial candidate Rep. Susan Wismer, U.S. Senate candidate Stace Nelson, and nine of the ten reps who have already filed for re-election.

In news from the generation gap, Rep. Don Haggar voted for legalizing industrial hemp, while his daughter Rep. Jenna Haggar voted against it. Maybe she needs to go undercover-shopping at the dietary supplements store with her good friend and co-scholar Rep. Isaac Latterell: he voted for HCR 1017.