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Worst Campaign Video of 2014: Annette Bosworth

Rick Weiland gives us the best campaign video of 2014. Meanwhile, Annette Bosworth calls me a plant of Satan in the worst campaign video of 2014:

KELO-AM's Greg Belfrage calls the video a train wreck. Bill Fleming says bloggers should not post this video because it demonstrates "something seriously wrong with this woman’s psyche" and it's unkind to subject her to blog ridicule. Rep. Rev. Steve Hickey says the story Bosworth tells demonstrates a lack of personal responsibility in her and her husband providing for their family.

I say the video tells us very clearly who Annette Bosworth is.

(And the plaintive audio of her on KELO-AM right now isn't helping....)


  1. SDBlue 2014.04.17

    I am listening to her on Belfrage's show right now. She said her petition problems are to be blamed on "the source"...a "self-proclaimed communist, atheist blogger". Uh oh, CAH...methinks she is taking a shot at you! lol

  2. owen reitzel 2014.04.17

    you need to got on the Belfrage show Cory.
    "The word is slander."
    This woman is nuts.

  3. Bob Klein 2014.04.17

    KELO program verifies Mr. Fleming's astute observation.

  4. Bill Dithmer 2014.04.17

    Oh Cory you communist, atheist out of state blogger you.

    Two days after full moon and she still hasn't come down yet.

    The Blindman

  5. SDBlue 2014.04.17

    I noticed right before the interview started, Belfrage played Heart's Crazy On You as background music. Intentional?

  6. 108 2014.04.17

    She is on the radio, and she is blowing it. This is truly the most painful thing I have ever heard, it tops the latest video with shoes. The raffle came up and she started talking about the first raffle as if that is the one in question! She had to be asked if she was in the country 3 times before she answered the question without going off on some other straw argument. I am impressed at how bad this is, really it is awful.

  7. 108 2014.04.17

    She's back on all the money you are offering for stories about here... lol

  8. Flipper 2014.04.17

    Wow! I could've sworn I was watching "Paranormal Activity 5".

  9. Dave Baumeister 2014.04.17

    During the broadcast, I was doing live chat with the "Sister of Satan." Boy, and I thought the interview was making me angry!

  10. Jim in DC 2014.04.17

    Agree with Owen! With what she put out there this morning, I am certain Belfrage will give you an opportunity to respond. We are seeing the begining of the end for the Dr. Go get em, comrade Heidelberger!

  11. Jana 2014.04.17

    This is so sad on so many levels.

  12. 108 2014.04.17

    Just went over my head, who is the "Sister of Satan."?

  13. Scott Hudson 2014.04.17

    That's nine minutes I'll never get back.

  14. Within Christianity there is a segment of people who believe they have to have special guidance to do good. When I was still an Evangelical, I heard so many missionary stories that sound a lot like what she says in this video.
    Christian churches celebrate missionaries who subject their children to situations like this...why is this pastor questioning them? Oh, I know.
    He probably also wonders why this doctor is working for free in America? Aren't we supposed to have social services for those who can't pay so that we can pay doctors?
    Maybe even national healthcare?
    Just saying.

  15. Dave Baumeister 2014.04.17

    Cory's sister. I have known them both for years. I was the coach at O'Goman, and they were both very fine debaters at Madison High School. Since that time I have known them as colleagues and friends. Is is amazing how upset a person can get when you refer to a sibling and Satan in the same sentence!

  16. Susan 2014.04.17

    So, two working adults lose everything and are forced to move into an RV and she thinks she has the capability to represent the entire citizens of South Dakota?

  17. Megan Konz 2014.04.17

    I agree, Jana.

  18. 108 2014.04.17

    So, who's going to head to her office and ask her some more questions... She would never yell or curse if you do, just answers (or something like that) ...

  19. larry kurtz 2014.04.17

    Psychopathy didn't stop Bill Janklow from winning a seat in Congress.

  20. larry kurtz 2014.04.17

    Sociopathy didn't stop John Thune from winning a seat in Congress.

  21. Dave Baumeister 2014.04.17

    It is interesting. Have any of the rest of you noticed that almost all of the time when there is a comment defending Bosworth for what we know are her "talking point beliefs," the commenter usually has a different handle and ends with "Just saying"? When I see that I am I am positive it is the same person, and pretty sure we are hearing from Chad Haber.

  22. mike from iowa 2014.04.17

    This is 'murrica and everyone is entitled to a defense. However-I don't see how waving a red cape and shouting "Bully,Bully" is gonna be of much help.

  23. Tara Volesky 2014.04.17

    You guys are going after the wrong person who has zero chance of winning. What about Marty Jackley or Jason Gant that approved her petitions. They are the ones that should be questioned and interviewed. This is what the Republican machine wants. Focus on Annette, instead of the real problems which are the Old Guard EB-5 scandals and corruption in Pierre that is being covered up.

  24. mike from iowa 2014.04.17

    According to the "Powers" that be,Belfrage blathers on. Guffaw!!

  25. Jenny 2014.04.17

    I totally agree, Tara. There's nothing here folks, just a mentally ill woman and her sleazy husband. It's sad for the children, and I think everyone should leave them alone. She's been a great decoy for Mike the Knight Rounds.

  26. Been there 2014.04.17

    Did anyone else catch it when she talked about them getting advise from counsel once they found the “mistake”. They wanted to know if they needed to have them sign again. She had advise from counsel before she submitted the petitions! The counsel advised them to leave it. Who do you think their counsel is? One would assume her lawyer, Joel Ahrends, who notarized about half of the petition sheets. She incriminated herself and her counsel by admitting they all knew before they turned it in. She made a confession for everyone to hear. As if the other evidence wasn’t compelling enough…. (Yes, I did post this over there too.)

  27. David Newquist 2014.04.17

    I concur with Bill Fleming. I have long noted that Bosworth's incoherence signifies some severe problems that need treatment. What is truly disturbing is the amount of campaign donations she reports. Those donors, if real, are the worrisome factor.

  28. Susan 2014.04.17

    One other thought. I think Bosworth could give the Dems the best chance of keeping the Senate seat for the Democrats. The Dems showed this strategy work in getting Akins to be the nominee against the weak Claire McCaskill. The DSCC should take notice and do everything they can to have Bosworth take down Rounds.

  29. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.17

    David, it's a hard call. When we see a neighbor running down the street broadcasting her illness, how long do we ignore her... and when do we finally intervene? In this case, how do we intervene? At what point do we put a hold on her professional practice to review her ability to safely care for others?

  30. Jim 2014.04.17

    She should shave her head.

  31. Darrell Reifenrath 2014.04.17

    Truly a parable inspired by God. It will be remembered forever.

  32. Jim 2014.04.17

    Seriously folks, what is it exactly that the medical field wanted her to do that she found so offensive she had to lose everything over it?

  33. David Newquist 2014.04.17

    I have wondered how the Board of Medical Examiners is following up their stipulations. However, I do believe it essential that the public be informed of such a candidate, whatever the cause of her behavior.

  34. chris 2014.04.17

    Doesn't it sound like there is a big diesel engine running in the background of that video?

  35. Joan Brown 2014.04.17

    Her video just plain makes her look wacky. It was totally boring. Towards the beginning of the video she tells how they sold the house and furniture, but then later on she tells how they sold a couch to put gas in the car so she could make her announcement. Why didn't she just invite the press into her RV for the announcement? As for the Christians that had done her laundry and brought a meal in I bet they were her friends that go to whatever church she goes to. If they would quit taking all those stupid trips to Haiti they wouldn't be so hard up. You also would have a hard time convincing me that she sees all of her patients without charging them. I'm surprised she and her husband aren't being investigated for child neglect. They could have bought a less expensive house and then they wouldn't have to live in an RV where the toilet doesn't flush because it is winter in SD. Talk about poor planning. Anyway I prefer listening to Rick Weiland's ad that has been all over online where he does his version of I've Been Everywhere Man.

  36. Eve Fisher 2014.04.17

    This is a deeply disturbed woman. People need to pray for her, but certainly not vote for her.

  37. Kerry Ruth 2014.04.17

    New drinking game! Every time she says "entrenched", take a shot. Warning: may cause hospitalization!

  38. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.17

    Kerry, that leaves South Dakota drunk through the primary... which is the most likely scenario for a Bosworth victory. But hey! When's the next debate? Let's play that game in the audience!

  39. Been there 2014.04.17

    Tara, it's not just about her winning. It's about all the people she is scamming in SD and across the country. Many people went to jail and/or lost their life savings because of the mortgage scam they had while in Utah. I say they because the business address was their home address. They were in it together, not just him. She talked about it a lot. She has always publicized ther whole life. Talk to someone that has one of their Christmas cards or was on their monthly update list. She talked about the business and her husband's plan of getting a jet to make traveling easier. She continues to take money from people and blame others for their mistakes. It is not about her winning or losing. It's about her not being able to fleece people of their hard earned money and trust.

  40. Been there 2014.04.17

    Kerry, 2 when she says disconnect.

  41. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.17

    @Been There, If that actually occurred, she and her attorney should be prosecuted for perjury and suborning perjury. Joel Arends is her attorney. He is also the attorney for Dan Lederman's Rushmore PAC which is a outspoken supporter of Mike Rounds. The SD BAR ethics rules preclude him from having such a conflict of interest: HOWEVER, if he is in fact coordinating her distractions with agreement between the campaigns and for Rounds? If they are doing that, as some opine? It violates federal law against campaigns coordinating with other campaigns and PACs.

    Either way? Joel Arends appears to be actively involved in criminal misconduct and advising his client to be so engaged.

    The good news? Joel Arends and the Rushmore PAC are hosting a fund raiser for Marty Jackley so I am sure that Marty Jackley will do his duty and look at these crimes closely..

    While there is NOT supposed to be coordinate

  42. Jim in DC 2014.04.17

    Tara -- Shining the light on Boz and her false petitions will end up putting heat on Jakley and Gant. Belfrage helped with that as well when he commented how easy it was for him to see the irregularities. And in just one interview Belfrage got the doctor to admit it was a mistake. Granted, the limited amount of time to turn around a review is on their side, but it shows us who exactly are the "entrenched".

  43. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.17

    Tara, BT is right. There is zero chance that Bosworth wins the primary. The Bosworth story is not affecting who wins the primary. It is about ending a long stream of fraud (petitions, raffles), lies (direct mail fundraising), and intimidation that is hurting many people.

  44. Been there 2014.04.17

    It's there. Listen to it again, it's there. It should be interesting to see if anything comes of it.

  45. If done right, people do live in RVs that don't freeze over in SD. There are homesteading families that do this either permanently or while they build their house.

    I think she's got do-gooder-itis. Very dangerous.

  46. Tara Volesky 2014.04.17

    I think our mobsters in Pierre are the ones hurting people. They have control over who does or does not get on the ballot....oooops I better keep my mouth shut or they just might try and keep Mike Myers off the ballot. lol. Hope you guys speak up if they deny him. You are either in the club or your not. If you question the Regime like Lora Hubbel and Stace Nelson are doing they will literally try and destroy you. They pay political henchmen to assassinate their character and try and silence them. It's time for all people to rise up and ROAR. I posted the song for Lora Hubbel and Mike Myers.

  47. TJ 2014.04.17

    Is she playing video games in the back seat with Scott Hoy?

  48. Tonya 2014.04.17

    I do not understand how she can see the "entrenched power" of those who have persecuted her, yet can not or does not see "entrenched power" within herself from all the people she has not paid for services rendered, taken from when it was not hers to take, and was dishonest I'm so many ways. Is this not abuse of power also?

  49. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.17

    Tonya, good call. Mote, plank.

    Joan, you're right. I can't even figure out what she's trying to say at the end. Shoes, government... what?

    Susan, you are absolutely right. Annette Bosworth winning the primary would mean Weiland beats Pressler 60-38. But that does not justify Democrats supporting her in any way whatsoever or not speaking up against her frauds.

  50. David Bergan 2014.04.17

    clarification: my assessment of why she's running...

    she seems addicted to thumbs-up clicks

  51. advocate 2014.04.17

    Whoa....that video is tough to watch...any idea where you can get a copy of the radio interview with her and Belfrage?

    And as to stopping short of exposing her....sometimes you have to put a manged dog down lest it rises and attacks back. She's already an embarrassment to SD as a whole -- she can never be allowed to hold elected office. To say -- she won't win the Senate, so it's no big deal...what if she runs for the state legislature? Sorry -- she put herself into this position. While I seriously think she may be suffering a mental breakdown, politics is a rough game for a reason. She should never be a viable candidate and in SD...I'm afraid that possibility is more reasonable than I care to believe...

  52. JonK 2014.04.17

    She should get down off that cross, someone better than her needs it tomorrow.

  53. Wayne Gilbert 2014.04.17

    When she held the shoes up near the end, and said "This is what happens," I thought of the Corvette/Crowbar scene in "The Big Lebowski." Because of this unclean thought, I am fraught with guilt and shame, and I am thereby compelled to agree with Fleming--it just isn't fair to Dr. Bosworth to run this video.

  54. WestRiver 2014.04.17

    When I watched the video...I kept having to pause it and think to myself. It really is sad and scary as hell too that she still blames 'the establishment, the entrenched government' and still claims to 'be doing God's work' and 'this is what happens when you do God's work.' She still will take no blame for any of her actions. She isn't and never has been doing God's work. You can't cheat, steal, lie, be dishonest in all things, and have no integrity and then get mad at the people who hold you accountable. How do she and Chad actually still believe that this is a representation of Christianity? I'm with Hickey; the way she uses God to make those who only have to hear the words 'I am doing this for Jesus and everyone is fighting me therefore I am being persecuted for doing right' to support her is incredibly horrible. She has her kids believing the same can't be around them for 5 minutes without hearing them parrot the words, 'my Mom and Dad have gone through all of this horrible stuff because this is what happens when you stand up for what is right; people hate it when you do the right thing.' Sad isn't it? That they too will grow up believing their parents were only doing right when they truly were doing a lot of things wrong and used petty excuses to not be held accountable or responsible for their behavior? She committed Medicare/Medicaid fraud, that's why the Med. Board went after her; that is why she had to sell everything off to pay the attorney and at the same time Chad was scamming his Dad out of his business, trying to get fake investors involved and finally he had to walk away or face the wrath of his entire family; in fact, not one of his family members, including his own Mom will talk to him. Stand up to the big government? The petitions were false, that's not satan coming after you Annette, maybe God is just sending someone to make you tell the truth. Time to pay up Annette and Chad and your days of freedom to use and abuse are close to an end.

  55. Darrell Reifenrath 2014.04.17

    Whereupon she spoke in parables, that ye may understand why she was sent to dwell amongst us.

  56. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.17

    I just endured probably the most painful radio interview of all time. The Madville posters have expressed most of my opinions quite well.

    Yesterday I didn't believe she would show up for the interview, but apparently I didn't consider ego hard enough in that conclusion. I was suprised.

    After listening to her today, it is an easy leap for me to say she is either medicated or smoking something.

    What did become evident is her real intention, that Cory has repeatedly point out, is this is a fund raising gimmick for Annette Bosworth. What campaign manager, advisor, or consultant would subject their candidate to such ridicule and allow her to open the door to further legal scrutiny?

    She mentioned the $776,000 her campaign raised in the first quarter of this year, my guess is that she and Chad are making plans on how to spend it on themselves.

  57. Nick Nemec 2014.04.17

    WestRiver, you hit on possibly the most important yet overlooked aspect of the Annette and Chad show, the kids. She and her husband are raising some potential future sociopaths. An entire childhood spent living like they do and being told the government is responsible for all the families woes and being fed a constant diet of disconnected "facts" is bound to screw a kid up. The next 15-20 years will be interesting.

  58. grudznick 2014.04.17

    Even Mr. Howie didn't overgod to that level of incoherence, but the young lady is far more entertaining watch and listen to. I think I shall watch it again.

  59. grudznick 2014.04.17

    bah. sorry.

  60. Stan Gibilisco 2014.04.17

    Some discombobulated observations ...

    1. The trees in the background and the washed-out greenish hue remind me of the final rainbands following Hurricane Andrew in Homestead, Florida, August 1992.

    2. Where exactly did she mention you, Cory, and call you a plant of Satan?

    3. Her railing and ranting, yowling and yammering sound a lot like you in the blog post above, concerning the entrenched oligarchy.

    4. Could the solution to your conundrum, Cory, in the blog post above, concerning the entrenched oligarchy ... Could it be to elect a whole house, a whole senate, full of Christians who start each day in prayer, and elect this woman to the White House?

    5. Could my item (4), if implemented, really leave us any worse off than we are now?

    6. Have I had too much Diet Moutain Dew?

    7. Does hope bleed eternal?

    Well now. On a more serious note, Cory, I marvel at your apparent obsession with this woman who has no chance of getting elected anyhow.

  61. mike from iowa 2014.04.17

    So where is the Department of Removing Indian Children from their Homes and why haven't they interceded in this obvious trainwreck of a family?

  62. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.17

    Stan! Point by point:

    1. It was a rather gray, random setting. Could we not pick a setting that either reinforces or doesn't distract from the message?

    2. See the part where she talks about Satan planting people to sabotage her efforts. Alas, she doesn't speak my name, just as she tried to avoid speaking my name this morning.

    3. Nooooooooo! :-D But seriously, at least I cite some sources.

    4. No. Electing this woman to the White House would be like electing Palin: you'd have someone incapable of governing and easily plied to do the bidding of the highest bidder.

    5. Yes. Infinitely.

    6. Yes.

    7. Even if you're kidding, your wordplay here is remarkably appropriate for our Christian readers this Holy Week.

    I'm trying not to fall into obsession. Indeed, she is mostly irrelevant to the election. But she is a lawbreaker using the electoral system for personal game, adding out-of-state donors to the list of people she's scamming. I have to see this story through to justice.

  63. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.04.17

    I listened to both her video and the interview. Geez. She's much more delusional than I thought. I thought she was just a conniving scammer, but she's really nuts! Child protection needs to become involved immediately.

  64. Taunia 2014.04.17

    I don't think this is funny or entertaining anymore.

    This third person type of story separates her from reality; the malevolence she sees, real or imagined, seems to be manifesting in her brain. She's her own martyr.

    I think you've made your case that Bosworth is not a viable candidate for U.S. Senate, Cory. I'm starting to feel a little dirty, actively watching her demise.

    I don't want to watch anymore.

  65. Bob Newland 2014.04.17

    I see that Denny grudznick is contributing his usual level of wisdom to the debate.

  66. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.17

    While some here think that Bosworth is a Cory obsession or that she is irrelevant and has no chance of winning the primary, I have a somewhat different view.

    We are fortunate in having Cory provide this blog to share information that we don't see covered in state media, with an occasional exception on back page story.

    Here we have a non-candidate and a non-politician advocating for justice and accountability from a potential U.S. Senator. Cory has demonstrated courage and tenacity in doing the right thing. Citizens need to be warned about Dr. Bosworth and others like her, she is a dangerous delusional person.
    It has been a long time that I have seen democracy in action, outside of the election process.

  67. grudznick 2014.04.17

    Mr. H, I fear I share your obsession.

  68. Chris Phillips 2014.04.17

    It took me four times to watch the Boz video from beginning to end. This woman is out of her mind. I agree with Cory's and Roger Cornelius' assessment of the situation and political process. She is dangerous.

  69. JeniW 2014.04.18

    Did anyone notice the two squirrels looking for food?

    Probably the best part of the video. LOL

  70. chris 2014.04.18

    Palinesque aphasia.

  71. David Bergan 2014.04.19

    Well, I suppose all people are chasing dopamine buzzes in almost all things we do... which is a reductionist way of conflating thumbs-ups, comment counts, heroin, and Nobel prizes.

    And I know I'm going to catch heck for saying this and won't be able to show my face around SD anymore. But here goes:

    Your blog reports are more constructive to society than posting a picture of Obama on Facebook with the words "Your're [sic] Fired! Click like if you agree!"

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