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Rhoden Sticks It to Bull in New Campaign Ad

The Displaced Plainsman is right: Larry Rhoden's new TV ad for his U.S. Senate campaign is a bunch of bull:

Larry, get real. Liberals aren't out to destroy anyone's way of life. Big spenders may be, but they are the corporate oligarchy to which your party is beholden and to which your cowboy act gives no evidence of any serious thought or challenge.

But let me ask this: does slapping a bumper sticker on a critter's hindquarters fall under the new animal cruelty law about which Senator Rhoden raised a false fuss before gladly attending the law-signing photo opp last month?


  1. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.22

    Let us not forget that Larry Rhoden was in fact a card carrying liberal himself for over 20 years

    Aside from the BS coming from Rhoden, I just don't see average Joe & Josephine South Dakota saying "That's the guy I want representing me in DC."

    The undenied word is that those aren't his cattle, it isn't his property, and probably aint his equipment. Just another example of how fake this guy is.

  2. owen reitzel 2014.04.22

    Larry you can kiss that bumper sticker.
    Yes I'm offended. Liberals wanting to destroy our way of lives? Larry thats BS and you can put your head up that bull's you know what!
    I tell you what Larry have a town hall meeting close to Mitchell and we'll have a discussion about the ACA and you can tell me why you want to take away the only health insurance I can get!

    Okay now that I said that Larry Rhoden is irrealavent anyway.

  3. Francie 2014.04.22

    Bad form, Larry. Bad form.

  4. owen reitzel 2014.04.22

    maybe he was DD but now he's a conservative Republican and he's learned from them well

  5. Randall 2014.04.22

    I guess if giving everything to the 1% is your "way of life" then, yeah - we liberals really DO want to destroy that ideal.

  6. Rorschach 2014.04.22

    I can't help but think of how our Republican congress woman, having successfully shut down the federal government before a blizzard, scrambled to scrape together huge sums of taxpayer money for mostly Republican ranchers in Larry Rhoden's district who took a big hit in that blizzard because they chose not to insure their businesses. Then after watching the federal government bail out his financially irresponsible friends and neighbors Larry Rhoden offers up this BS.

  7. owen reitzel 2014.04.22

    good point Randall

  8. Bill Dithmer 2014.04.22

    they chose not to insure their businesses.

    No those animals could have never been covered by insurance sold for herd coverage.

    You are covered for almost everything, except winter storms.

    The Blindman

  9. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.22

    @Owen Rhoden is NO conservative Republican, neither is Rounds. If you cannot tell the difference between Nelson, Bosworth, Rhoden, and Rounds, then you need to beef up on your study of political ideology.

  10. Nick Nemec 2014.04.22

    It may take years but I'm convinced that the vast majority of these head-in-the-sand Republicans will someday realize that the ACA is a positive good for America and South Dakota, just like Medicare. We'll know that day has arrived when Republicans running for office star in ads falsely accusing Democrats of supporting cuts to the ACA. Right Kristi?

    An indication that day is getting closer will be when they start refusing to call it ObamaCare and insist on using the term ACA.

  11. owen reitzel 2014.04.22

    DD he's not a liberal. He's a Republican and the far right knows how to throw out ads like this. Maybe he not as conservative as the others, but he knows how to act like them.
    I'm a liberal and saying that I'm not trying to destroy our country's way of life is crap. Maybe it's you who should study a little more.

  12. owen reitzel 2014.04.22

    "I'm a liberal and saying that I'm not trying to destroy our country's way of life is crap. Maybe it's you who should study a little more."

    take out the "not". sorry

  13. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.22

    @Owen Rhoden is no Republican. He is for Rhoden, not Republican principles. It makes him the worst of both parties as he is patently dishonest and self-serving while corrupting the principles of what both parties stood/stand for.

    Did I say you are? No, your 21 year former party member did.

  14. owen reitzel 2014.04.22

    No DD you didn't say I was. I'll take your word that he was a Democrat but he is a republican. Maybe not the kind of Republican you want but a Repu blicans. Your implication was that he's a Demcocrat. At least that's what I thought you meant. If not my a.pologizes.

    Corrupting the principles of what both parties stand/stood for? Maybe. But what he said about liberals in that ad was bull and insulting. Ansd to be honest I'm tired of it and the Michelle Bauchmans and Annette Bosworths of the world calling liberals.

  15. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.22

    @owen no need to take my word for it. Cory did two stories on here pointing out that Rhoden is a Carter, etc., etc., Democrat from about April 1998 to November 25, 1998. He changed parties after voting in Democrat primaries and general elections. He changed parties in a super majority Republican district and became a life-long conservative Reagan Republican over night!

    Seems you are embarrassed at him being in your party as - am him being in mine!

  16. mike from iowa 2014.04.22

    It was the 18th of April of "75" and hardly a person is still alive who remembers that famous day and year. Still don't have the foggiest idea what MiddlesSex means.

  17. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.22

    ...and as I noted in those blog posts, Rhoden's former voting registration is no bigger deal than the fact that I was a registered Republican in the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s.

    Let's be clear: Larry Rhoden is not a Democrat. Instead of playing word games and registration-history games, let's talk about the paucity of ideas in his Bull ad and the triteness of his latest five-point plan.

  18. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.22

    The Rhoden's, Bosworth's, etc. all claim to be super patriots and live by the Constitution, but at the same time demean that document every time they state this country is going to ruins or is destroyed.

    They lack a sense of history and all that it means. If they were true patriots they would know that the Constitution is written with safeguards built in to prevent exactly what they fear.

    As politicians they are participating in the one safeguard that keeps this country from going to the dogs, election cycles are intended to keep some form of balance. They have worked for over 200 years and if you believe in this country and democracy, they will work for the next 200.

    Larry Rhoden, as a testament to the strength of this country, Republicans survived Carter. Democrats are still surviving George Bush.

  19. Wes 2014.04.22

    Cory's right, in my opinion, Larry registering as a Democrat when he was 18 is not a big deal...I think we all do things we later regret when we are that (Disgusted Dakotan's) age. What I don't understand is why the Nelson crew keeps trying to shove it down everyone's throat. Why are they wasting time making such an effort to suck 1-2% of Rhoden's support when they will still need 25% of Rounds?

    About the ad- I personally think it is a little over the top, but it may appeal to those on the far right. The ad shows that Rhoden is passionate about his cause, which is something he has been catching a little grief for lately. He also seems to be very genuine as opposed to Rounds terribly cheesy smile nice guy commercial. Overall I give it a B.

  20. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.22

    The ad, like Rhoden's dishonest claims to be a "lifelong, conservative, Reagan Republican" are fake. It isn't Rhoden's property, his cattle, or his campaign's original idea (see Flyoverwire's story).

    If you can't trust Rhoden on the little things, you can't trust him on the big ones.

  21. Lynn G. 2014.04.22

    I've just read Rhoden's campaign website including his 5 point plan and it's very generic at least to me. Repeal Obama Care ok but what is your plan? He states something about Patient Centered healthcare. That tells me nothing!

    Unless some miracle occurs I just don't see Larry Rhoden being much of a factor in this election. Maybe he and his supporters are running a very low key under the radar ground game building up support but I just don't see it. He just doesn't seem dynamic nor really differentiate himself from Rounds. I'm still wondering why he is even running for US Senate.

  22. TG 2014.04.22

    DD - did Rhoden say in the ad "this is my property? this is my bull?" He's a rancher, he has cattle, bulls, trucks, trailers and land. I don't know where it was filmed but does it really matter? If so, why if he didn't say anything about it? What's more scary is if you know his fenceline well enough to distinguish it from someone else's. Not that it matters where it was filmed, of course.

    Just another "little thing" that has no bearing that you, Nelson, et al will bring up over and over whether it's true or not thinking it's making some kind of point even when many say over and over they don't care.

    Just like villifying him for once being a Dem on a liberal blog. A waste of time.

  23. Wes 2014.04.22

    @DD- "The ad...are fake." ??? Go back to school...and while you're at it, look up the chapter about citing sources. You keep saying "he said this...he said that" where is the documentation? We should believe you because you keep saying it? You talk about trust? Look in the mirror.

  24. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.22

    For those concerned about a politicians previous party registration, remember Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat.

  25. grudznick 2014.04.22

    Mr. Rhoden comes off as an honest, hardworking cowboy, a conservative's conservative, a man of South Dakota. It is no wonder the Nelson people are worried about how fast Larry is gaining on Dr. Boz and leaving Mr. Nelson in the dust.

  26. Joe 2014.04.22

    Its a terrible ad, if your going to spend money on an ad in his position you have to attack Rounds, not ObamaCare, we can assume you don't like ObamaCare, you are a Republican from South Dakota, don't spend money making that claim, spend money making a different claim.

  27. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.22

    Whew! One Rhoden supporter says what's the big deal if Rhoden faked the commercial with someone else"s cattle, equipment, and land.. the other one says prove it. Anybody in doubt now?

    Why are we talking about Rhoden at all? Even with Rounds push poll PP is pushing, Rhoden got 7%. Put all your money into the ad! It will work! Everyone loves it! They are driving to the courthouse now to vote for you!

    Didn't Rhoden claim he's running on his record? He has a record of being a Democrat for 21 years. If it wasn't important and an issue, the Rhoden people wouldn't be screaming it wasn't an issue.

  28. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.22

    Joe, you make a good point. Right now it sounds they are vying for the position of who hates Obamacare the most

  29. TG 2014.04.22

    The "Rhoden people"?? You know I'm a supporter (not his people) and Grudznick, beyond that, I don't think many on here care much either way; even the other one who called you out on your making statements assuming everyone believes them. Can't say if he's a supporter or not.

    My point (again) is "what is fake?" He did not declare it was his so he didn't lie about it regardless of whether it was or not. It's the message he's selling, not 'look at MY stuff'. Or are you denying he's a rancher now? He owns cattle, bulls, trucks, trailers and land like every other rancher. If he had a U-Haul hooked up to a Prius, I might see your point. Otherwise, your argument is pointless and I'm shocked I took the time to respond.

  30. Joe 2014.04.22

    No one cares whether or not they are his cattle/equipment.

    If you are serious about being a contender you have to attack Rounds, right now if you want any chance, you have to knock Rounds down to the pack. If you not going to do that, do a family values ad, something that says who you are. But making a snarky anti-obamacare ad, in south dakota doesn't do anything for you. But what do I know.

  31. Wayne Pauli 2014.04.23

    With this comment there are now 34 on this thread...more than necessary for a fringe candidate. He has miles to go just to get in the GOP primary race. I actually like him...I would not consider voting for him, but I have enjoyed my interactions with him.

  32. mike from iowa 2014.04.23

    Obama sticker sums it up nicely. Attack Obie from the right flank close to where the Bulls$%t emanates and then the long arm of the party smears the stuff both ways. Dems may survive dumb bass dubya,I doubt the country ever will.

  33. Wes 2014.04.23

    DD- I see your puppet master has been teaching you the art of spin. Since you seem young and lacking intellect, I'm going to try to help you understand the importance of telling the truth and maintaining credibility (if you have any left). I wasn't asking you to "prove" the authenticity of his commercial, I was asking you to show us how he "lied" about being a "lifelong, conservative, Reagan Republican". See, when YOU are the one quoting someone, when YOU are the one who keeps repeating it, when YOU are the one claiming that quote is dishonest, surely YOU would have some sort of recording or valid documentation. Because without it you are just slandering and spreading rumors. Once you have lost credibility it is very hard to regain it.

    So, we KNOW he registered as a D when he was 18 and we KNOW his registration remain unchanged for approximately 20 years...because there is documentation. I don't think he would lie about that, unless you can prove me wrong. But again, I think you are stepping over dollars to pick up a dime.

    And for the record, I have not committed to any candidate; I just cant stand the crap coming from the Nelson campaign.

  34. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.23

    Wayne, there are lots of folks I enjoy talking with in person but for whom I would never vote.

    Joe, you're right: saying "I hate Obama, too!" does little to differentiate a candidate in the GOP marketplace. This ad does nothing to distinguish Rhoden from the other underdogs, and it does nothing to move anyone from the Rounds camp to his. The ad maybe wins Rhoden some extra votes just by raising his visibility in a way that Nelson and Ravnsborg haven't yet... but that advantage disappears the moment those challengers lift their video fingers. What message (other than, "I'm a cowboy!") can Rhoden offer that voters can't get from anyone else in the race?

  35. TG 2014.04.23

    If you were to say minus ceratin things that they are all equal, I would say then it comes down to trust, proven ability to work well with others, effectiveness, proven as being seen as a leader (I mean we would like a SD legislator in leadership, right?) and integrity.

  36. Bree S. 2014.04.23

    Don't forget about support for the exploitation of those poor brown people by crony-capitalists, T.G. That's important to those D.C. Scum as well.

  37. Bree S. 2014.04.23

    I'm sick of you guys pushing Rhoden. Sick of it. Let me fix it for you, so you can worry about other things.

  38. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.23

    @ Wes Before Larry Rhoden was outed for being a registered dedicated voting Democrat for almost 21 years He told people at Republican events that he was a "lifelong, conservative, Ronald Reagan Republican" I personally heard him and know of others that did too. As established, that is a LIE.

    I am not sure what "crap" you are talking about coming out of the Nelson campaign unless it is Rhoden's record: Which shows he is no different than Rounds and is no conservative.

    I like Bree am tired of the whining from Rhoden and him backing down, and running from debates and his record.

    As Rounds' recent push poll shows, Rhoden has got 0 traction and is not even worth discussing as Mr Heidelberger pointed out. He remains in the race to evidently help Rounds by bleeding votes from Nelson by claiming to be a conservative.

  39. Nick Nemec 2014.04.23

    DD, you hit the nail on the head. If Rhoden was serious he'd be hammering Rounds on EB-5 and the debt he left the State in. Instead he chooses to emphasize the one thing every Republican candidate agrees on.

    Great job of differentiation Larry. This just proves you're part of the Rounds heat shield.

  40. Wes 2014.04.23

    Drew- I have to laugh at your desperate attempt put words in other's mouths...first Rhoden, now the host of the Blog? "Rhoden...not worth discussing as Mr Heidelberger pointed out."??? I didn't see Mr. Heidelberger write anything to that effect, at least on this thread. Why would Mr. Heidelberger post an article if it wasn't worth discussing? Let me "personally heard him" (much sarcasm)? Even if Cory did say it, YOU are still talking about Rhoden. Funny stuff.

  41. TG 2014.04.23

    First off, let me remind you that we're on a liberal blog as it seems to be forgotten.

    Bree - you're just sick of it?? Someone supporting a candidate that isn't yours? You don't think I'm sick of you supporting Nelson? I guess I'm not actually because you can support whomever you choose and I realize that's your right. This is a post about Rhoden. Don't think some will support him on a blog about him? Do I go bashing Nelson when a post is about him? I only come back when it's untruths being told or on this one 'who cares' type things. Did you think because Nelson is advertising here that all should back him and not oppose him? What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

    DD - whining? You must be in his living room to know he's whining as I haven't heard him whine and obviously you know his fenceline or property to conclude so surely that wasn't his property (which he didn't say it was). You sure seem to be all up in his business considering how far behind Rounds he is. Almost a little scary actually. And 'bleeding votes'? He was the second guy in if you recall.

    That scorecard? That's filled with FEES (maybe 5 gambling and visitor taxes) of which many (possibly most) were asked to be implemented by the users who pay those fees. And of course Nelson wouldn't have voted for any of them because he wasn't there but only two years and I see he supported one that Rhoden did. Does that make him a tax and spend legislator too?

    I don't want to take up too much of the lib's blog (because I'm sure they'd rather talk about their candidate) but saw these which are just SOME tax cuts he sponsored from a sheet he just put out.
    HB 1180 2004 Repealed Truckers Tax
    HB 1084 2007 Reduced Property Tax Mill Levies
    HB 1140 2007 Reduced Property Taxes (via Cig Tax Revenue)
    SB 123 2012 Revised taxes paid to REA’s (lowered taxes)

    If you're sick of it or tired of your made up whining, why are you even posting on blogs about him? Before you answer that, it was a rhetorical question.

  42. TG 2014.04.23

    Ok, one more since I just saw Wes' after my reply. This is typical stuff. And here's my one Nelson dig that I won't feel bad about since DD and Bree feel OK about ripping the guts out of anyone but this one is humerous. Nelson tweeted a few weeks ago "See X newspaper where they point out I'm the most conservative in the race" (slightly paraphrasing as it was weeks ago and I think it was the Aberdeen paper but don't recall for sure). So, I went to look at it and the headline reads "Nelson Claims to be the most conervative..." You hit the nail on the head with the puppet master comment as this is their MO. Now that's what I get sick of... Just had to share. Carry on!

  43. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.23

    TG: fees vs. taxes? That's still a mighty thin distinction. Fees, like taxes, transfer more wealth from citizens to government. Fees, like taxes, increase the cost of going about your business. If I were a conservative (and I were, once!), why wouldn't I look at a fee increase and a tax increase as equivalently bad in increasing the size and power of government?

  44. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.23

    @Wes, I am not "Drew." Drew apparently is smart enough not to waste his time on RINO apologists. So you concede that Rhoden is not a "lifelong, conservative, Ronald Reagan Republican?" and that he became one On November 26th, 1998, after supporting the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates for 21 years, to get elected in a Republican super majority District?

    @TG You know you are desperate to support a RINO when you have to claim Republicans are for raising taxes (Republicans & Democrats know fees are the same damn thing and Rhoden's position is a Democrat one!): The problem with your argument? Rhoden doesn't even agree with himself! He voted for some fees this year that some people were asking for, because? Its an election year and he knows he has taken a beating on this moderate position.

    The scorecard? Maybe you should have actually read the link before spouting the same tired Rhoden dishonesty. The link was to a spreadsheet with EVERY budget bill Rhoden voted on. That sheet is linked to everyone of those bills. It shows Rhoden is not only a happy taxer, but a big government spender! Please! Tell us how his complete record on all the deficit spending budget bills he helped Rounds pass, are inaccurate or are conservative..

  45. TG 2014.04.23

    Because in many cases, they are voluntary fees. You don't want your dairy produce to carry a Grade A (or whatever it might be) rating? You don't pay that fee. I'm well aware that some fees (or some people/states do this) are used to disguise true taxes. That is not always the case. Fees vs. a lump increase for all taxpayers have worked well in SD and I am glad. My property taxes are high enough.

    My bigger point was that the fee increases are being spewed as tax increases in writing and verbally. At least call them what they are and acknowledge that fees have worked for SD and many (don't know the count) are voluntary and many (don't know the count) were requested by the user that is currently paying that fee happily. I assume they show they have a better grade product, they get paid more hence more in the business owner's pocket. From the few I looked up personally, this is what I found. I admit, I did not look at every single one however, I did look at all of the ones listed to identify tax vs. fee though. I think you're deterring from the initial issue though. :-)

  46. Bree S. 2014.04.23

    TG, you spend oodles of time making up lies about Nelson. If you carpet bagging NRSC trolls think you can come to my state and put out selective push polls blatantly slandering Nelson and you think you can take a chunk out Nelson out west with Rhoden, I'm about to teach you otherwise. No amount of money can cover up the raw unadulterated truth.

  47. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.23

    @TG and you people wonder why Rhoden is getting 0 traction. You cant dress a RINO up and pass him off as an elephant without the real elephants figuring it out. We don't need anymore dishonest political opportunists like fake Larry, and South Dakotans are making that clear. You give more credit to the Rounds' "decoy" theory when you people fall over yourselves attacking proven conservative Nelson instead of Rounds.

  48. TG 2014.04.23

    Um, you two are exhausting. Oodles of time making up lies about Nelson? I think not. I don't spend time on Nelson other than brief viewings as they come across like a tweet here and there. If you recall, I've spent most of my time only defending Rhoden (and others) when there are lies while you bash all other Rs constantly. And come to YOUR state? Push polls? I have nothing to do with any push polls and news for ya, this is MY state too. Please don't use the word dishonest with me. That is one campaign's complete MO and all the spewing is now getting met with the truth and like the movie says "you can't handle the truth". That's not my issue. I am all for facts and truth. I despise otherwise. I don't buy into the idea that the person who yells and screams the loudest must be the best because they're causing issues. That's a negative in my eyes. I look at voting records along with ability to lead and form trust and respect with all parties. Afterall, label yourself a D, R or I, we are all Americans and I can't see how we're all that far apart from wanting prosperity and good for ourselves, our children and the more to come.

  49. TG 2014.04.23

    And no DD, I don't wonder why he's getting zero traction because I don't see it your way. And again, if he's got zero traction, why on earth are you wasting so much time and negative energy on him? Nelson too for that matter if you are actually two different people. He's not coming after you/Nelson so why bother???

  50. Bree S. 2014.04.23

    I am sick to death of lying NRSC paid trolls. You spend all your time posting insane nonsense smearing Nelson on the DWC. I'm glad you look at the voting record. No one out west is going to give a crap about taxes vs. fees (lie lie lie) or this dumb ad once I get done explaining to the reading public how Rhoden votes to protect the perpetrators of child sex slavery and other things that fall under the heading "exploitation of unauthorized aliens."

  51. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.23

    @TG Voting records? Facts and truth!? Well, if you cant dispute the facts, mouth words, and spin, spin, distract, and spin. You didn't even bother looking at the records on the spending and cannot defend Rhoden's record that he is not a conservative. Rhoden's dishonesty and continuous lies offend me. People like you trying to spread that dishonesty, offend me. I know I am not replying to Larry, there isn't enough "umm's, ahh's, and, and, and's" No doubt its one of his family desperately trying to float his BS. I thought I was "Drew?" Use your Alinsky tactics on someone else "TG."

  52. TG 2014.04.23

    I do post on DWC also and typically just in favor of Rhoden and others like Ravnsborg, I know I've posted several positive ones about him working hard. As for "smearing Nelson on the DWC", I've certainly read 100s (maybe thousands) of comments smearing him that were not from me but if you'd like to think they're all from one person (me apparently), I guess that's your right.

    And "protect the perpetrators of child sex slavery"? Good luck with that one. Be sure to include that topic you wanted me to discuss; you know the one from last year that I think Nelson co-sponsored and then opposed this year? Prenatal care for illegal immigrants? I never got back to you as I figured it was a moot point since he changed his mind this year. Were you still interested in discussing?

  53. larry kurtz 2014.04.23

    Be aware that PP posts in the comment section under a multitude of aliases: that's why there are no logins.

  54. Bree S. 2014.04.23

    Boy, you just have nothing do you. Nelson votes pro-life. Hmm. Once the voters find out that Stace Nelson, who appeared in the documentary the Invisible War, championed legislation and changes to the platform protecting victims of trafficking that Majority Whip Larry Rhoden fought and voted against - in combination with the serious problems we have with trafficking in South Dakota - do you really think they're going to care that he voted for prenatal care for illegal immigrants? You out of state political operatives have very little respect for the intelligence of South Dakotans. You really think Say Nothing cheesy ads and over the top lies are going to get you somewhere.

  55. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.23

    @TG So let me get this straight, you cant defend Rhoden's poor record on ALL of the increases in spending and government (majority deficit spent), nor his complete voting record of 14 years voting repeatedly (63 times) to raise taxes and fees? But you throw out one debatable vote Stace Nelson took on prenatal care for babies? The old "hey! look over there routine.."

  56. Bree S. 2014.04.23

    Yeah, and TG also posts lies about Stace targeted at veterans in particular.

  57. Wes 2014.04.23

    Wow...look at Bree and Dennert just going to town on Rhoden. Do they really think they are going to convert ANY of his supporters with their calumny? Listening to those two, one would think that Rhoden is way ahead in the polls. I guess Nelson followers are just competing for second place now.

  58. TG 2014.04.23

    I didn't realize I was accountable for explaining his record of 14 years. If he had only two years of experience, I might be able to do that. I only brought up the prenatal care because that was the one in late 2013 that Bree wanted me to get an explanation on. I didn't get around to researching it and in the meantime I see Nelson changed his tune and voted the opposite this year. Again, just rebutting attacks, not being the attacker.

    And I believe Wes was the one who thought you were Drew, DD. You actually write much better than Drew and are much more knowledgeable. Not that I don't think you spin and spin though. Just more knowledgeable and able to do the spin better than he can.

    And you make him sound like a villian with civil rights. Rhoden has a 100% score with Right To Life and created a taskforce (sponsored the bill, not just voted for it) to Address Human Trafficking (HB 1156), to name a few from his sheet he recently handed out. Not sure why you'd villify someone like that (if you're truly an R; I wouldn't expect that to mean much to most on a liberal blog) but if it makes you feel better to go after the #2 guy in the race instead of the big dog, that's your act and time in futility. Makes no difference to me.

  59. Bree S. 2014.04.23

    Wes - if the NRSC thinks they can use their Rhoden plant to take a chunk out of Nelson they will now be proven wrong. You can blather on about "calumny." The voters will be shown printed fact.

  60. Bree S. 2014.04.23

    TG - Like anyone is going to care what Rhoden did this session while running for office after his record on voting to protect human traffickers was exposed.

  61. larry kurtz 2014.04.23

    Stace is clearly the only candidate in the earth hater Senate primary with any integrity whatsoever.

  62. larry kurtz 2014.04.23

    Rhoden feels like part of the Wadhams heat shield strategy, too: curious what makes people like Larry want to live in DC.

  63. TG 2014.04.23

    Bree - HB 1156 that he sponsored was in 2009.

    Larry K - thanks for telling us how the candidates 'feel'. You must be hanging in the living rooms with DD!

    I have to keep reminding myself that I'm rebutting attacks on an R from an R on a D blogsite. But you're doing Weiland's job quite well for him!!

  64. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.23

    @TG No need to trouble yourself trying to spin it. The Nelson campaign made it easy for us all to see who the TAX:

    and SPENDERS are:

    Rhoden is consistent, you have to give him that! Except in an election year than he tries to avoid voting for the fees that he supports raising because he knows its going to be pointed out. :-D

    Just because Rhoden stole the R to fool people in his district, doesn't make him a Republican. Curious, will he be voting for Rick Weiland AGAIN in the general election:

  65. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.23

    @TG No need to trouble yourself trying to spin 14 years of Rhoden's moderate record. The Nelson campaign made it easy for us all to see who the TAX: vo67or458hqjjus4h39&allow_share=true&escape=false&view_mode=scroll

    and SPENDERS are:

    Rhoden is consistent, you have to give him that! Except in an election year than he tries to avoid voting for the fees that he supports raising because he knows its going to be pointed out. :-D

    Just because Rhoden stole the R to fool people in his district, doesn't make him a Republican. Curious, will he be voting for Rick Weiland (D)AGAIN in the general election?

  66. owen reitzel 2014.04.23

    Hope he does DD

  67. Bree S. 2014.04.23

    That's nice TG. He wanted to get a bunch of guys to sit around a table and talk about human trafficking. Meanwhile voting to protect human trafficking. That's a fact - he voted against bills and additions to the platform to make "the exploitations of unauthorized aliens an unqualified evil." It's got nothing to do with helping the Dems. In fact, I converted to the Republican Party because I liked Mitch Daniels. It has to do with standing up for principles and the weakest among us.

  68. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.23

    @ TG & Wes If Rhoden is such a strong candidate, why did he miss the Rapid City debate, and why are all the Tea Party people reporting that he and Rounds both declined and ran away from proposed debates in Sturgis, Aberdeen, Mitchell, Sioux Falls, and another one in Rapid City? For a candidate that is polling at 7%, behind everyone.. why would he avoid showcasing the conservative record you claim he has?

  69. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.23

    @TG & Wes, Doesn't Rhoden's palm card say he wont back down? :-D
    Except for his own record and then he high tails it to hide under the bed next to his buddy Mike Rounds?! :-D

  70. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.23

    Looks like the campaign staffers are off the clock Bree.

  71. Bree S. 2014.04.23

    There's just holding a pow wow to think up what new lies and dirty tricks they can pull.

  72. grudznick 2014.04.23


  73. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.23

    I've seen mention throughout this thread and elsewhere of claims that one candidate is a shield or heat shield and am wondering about the validity of such claims.
    In all my years of participating and observing politics, I don't recall ever seeing a clear cut case of anyone being a shield. It seems that when politicians choose to run they either believe they make a difference or are egotistical.
    There are situations when a candidate welcomes a broad field especially in a primary where the culling is important.

    Are Rhoden, Bosworth, Nelson, and that other guy really in this race to get Rounds elected? It is hard to see any kind of conspiracy with this bunch of candidates.

    If there are deals being made for a shield, wouldn't Rounds offer to pay off their campaign debts with that $12 Million?

  74. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.23

    @Roger There is wide spread discussions of another candidate in a state wide office that had an agreement with another candidate to receive a judicial nomination. When you have a political machine that has a former governor and current governor connected, there are many such appointments that can be dangled out there, add into that mix a U.S. Senate position with numerous staff positions across SD, influence in federal appointments, and the possibilities are there.

  75. Jerry 2014.04.23

    I wonder how supportive ole Larry was of his bro Mike Rounds EB-5 thingy. How much bull was that? As long as Larry seems to be into the animal theme for politics, Dems need to get a horse's behind in their ads to describe republican politicos like Larry and the rest of the clown car.

  76. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.23

    Hey, DD and TG, if you aren't going to share your identities with all of us, don't get into a fight over who you think each other is. Either be up front, or just stick with the issues, in this case, the voting record. Neither of you apparently thinks that identity of commenters is relevant to the discussion, so don't make it relevant... or just use your real names and let the chips fall where they may.

  77. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.23


    Who were the principals in the shield case you reference, or is there a reason for not revealing it?
    I fully understand crony politics, it happens all the time and know there are political appointments that hinge on election results.
    You also see losers in a primary election lending their support to the winner.
    What remains questionable is a politician entering a race with no intention of winning for the purposes of being a shield.
    I need some real examples.

  78. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.04.23

    @CAH I should have not allowed "TG" to draw me into such idiocy, my apologies.

    @Roger "Judge" the decision on Hickey's write on Bosworth's petitions for yourself. It would be an interesting proposition to ask all the candidates if they will accept any appointments if they lose.

  79. TG 2014.04.24

    That's funny DD. I drew you in. Let's recap your and my posts.
    You're the second one on the post in the first place being negative, of course. In our exchange (just you and me), you posted 17 times and I posted 8. You had posted 5 times already before my first so I would hardly say you were 'drawn in'. And you posted four in a row just waiting for that next opportunity to argue but I worthwhile things to do. Yours were pretty much all attackful and negative while I got a few digs in, mine were not attacking anyone but defending. You are out and out vicious with your attacks and you can't even handle one bill being brought up about your candidate?? If you're spending this much on the #2 guy in one day, I can only imagine what you're spending on Rounds, the clear #1 target!!!

    DD Post 1: 1) negative for being a D once, 2) negative for BS and 3) negative for ad being fake
    DD Post 2: 1) negative - no conservative, 2) negative Owen needs to study
    DD Post 3: 1) negative - no Republican, 2) negative he's self-serving and dishonest
    DD Post 4: 1) negative - again a Dem once
    DD Post 5: 1) negative - dishonest
    TG Post 1: 1) correct false claims about the ad
    DD Post 6: 1) negative - again a Dem once
    TG Post 2: 1) question why ad is fake only
    TG Post 3: 1) neutral comment on skills; generic, no names
    DD Post 7: 1) negative - again a Dem once, 2) negative - run from debates, 3) present scorecard, 4) negative - decoy
    TG Post 4: 1) correct scorecard claims, 2) explain fees, 3) post actual bills
    TG Post 5: 1) negative - point out tweet verbiage vs. newspaper verbiage
    DD Post 8: 1) negative - whining/bleeding votes, 2)
    DD Post 9: 1) negative - RINO and BS
    DD Post 10: 1) accusing - bill voting
    TG Post 6: 1) explain fees further
    DD Post 11: 1) negative - zero traction
    TG Post 7: 1) generic, we're all Americans
    DD Post 12: 1) negative to me now, sping 2) negative - dishonest, 3) negative - ums, ands, uhs
    DD Post 13: 1) tell me to defend someone else's record 2) accuse me of changing subjects on a reply to someone not you
    TG Post 8: 1) say I'm not responsible for defending (dig on two years), 2) correct your "thought you were Drew" statement, 3) publish more factual bills
    DD Post 14: 1) scorecards again, 2) negative - once a Dem
    DD Post 15: 1) negative - brought up debates which he DID attend as many as Bosworth so not sure why he's singled out; the other invites were a third grade art project; you wouldn't have gone either
    DD Post 16: 1) negative - won't back down, hiding under a bed
    DD Post 17: 1) negative - off the clock comment (not a staffer, fyi)

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