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Bosworth is Final SDPB Candidate Profile; Talking Points as Unintelligible as Ever

South Dakota Public Broadcasting's Dakota Midday closed out its series of candidate profiles this noon with a half hour of the typical word salad we've all come to expect from illegitimate U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth. Since SDPB is a family network, Bosworth had to change gears after her recent adults-only press conference.

Despite the stream-of-consciousness buzzword repetition and rapidly proliferating run-on sentences (heck, run-on paragraphs!), the Madville Times took a few evening moments to transcribe some of Bosworth's ... well ... collections of words. Bosworth hopes they're words that will convince you that she's as wonderful as she thinks she is. I hope they'll confirm Bosworth's rightful place as the fifth-best candidate in Tuesday's five-way Republican primary.

In each bit of transcription below, any links are my own, as are any attempts to determine where one sentence ends and another begins. Because I would hate to deprive you, dear readers, of the context provided by several minutes at a stretch of Bosworth's goings-on (and on and on and on ... seriously, Karl, get in there during one of her many awkwardly placed pauses and put listeners out of their confusion!), I give you only the time window of uninterrupted Bosworth commentary for each quotation from the half-hour interview.

Toward the end of a three-and-a-half minute verbal ramble about why she's running for Senate:

I am of the generation that it is about the population of people you take care of and that is our responsibility to improve their health and as soon as you pass that to the government, look at the naughty things they’ve already done. And I know that first-hand because I run my own company. I am not a corporation; I’m my own small internal medicine company, and I see first-hand what happens when the government organizations began to run the processes more and more and more [Annette Bosworth, interviewed on Dakota Midday, 2014.05.29, timestamp between 0:50 and 4:14].

Appearing to interpret questions as fears and citing her drive to stand still on Obamacare:

And that is one of the greatest fears that I hear about on this campaign trail: Is it even possible to make a difference? And I believe yes, but it takes people who are driven to stand still in the midst of chaos and the discourse that has become our political climate and still be able to see, “why did I do this?” [Annette Bosworth, interviewed on Dakota Midday, 2014.05.29, timestamp between 4:21 and 5:48].

In a passage on states' rights where, to be perfectly honest, I can really only guess at the punctuation:

What is in our Constitution and has worked for years, for generations, is to allow your states to have their own responsibility, take ownership of what’s happening in your own community, engage in the process, and be part of those decisions. And the more we have surrendered that privilege, that honor of the republic of our United States, the less engagement and autonomy … We’ve continued to see that fade each generation [Annette Bosworth, interviewed on Dakota Midday, 2014.05.29, timestamp between 6:00 and 6:57].

Maligning the fact that current foreign policy doesn't make sense:

There isn’t a history book that tells us how technology and warfare today is so much different than it’s been. But that is where our experts who’ve been on the front lines, many of which are my friends, who tell me unbelievable stories about the lack of support in the places needed and the abundant funding in places that just does not make sense [Annette Bosworth, interviewed on Dakota Midday, 2014.05.29, timestamp between 7:30 and 9:33].

On medical accountability, in a four-and-a-half minute wander that (I think) started on the problems in the VA medical system:

It’s the same reason that the Obamacare process has a flaw. That the end service should be, did my clinic, where I serve people, do the job that needed to get done and have satisfied customers that I personally am held responsible for? Not, did I do a good enough job to generate a report that gets me paid by the federal government, who’s 2,000 miles away, and if the report looks good enough, I get the money so I can keep on doing the job I’ve been doing without the immediate feedback from the front lines? [Annette Bosworth, interviewed on Dakota Midday, 2014.05.29, timestamp between 10:14 and 14:40]

In what Karl Gehrke intended as a chance for Bosworth to make the pitch about what she's got that the four other Republican candidates don't:

Again and again, I find the places where citizens feel they have no voice when Big Government says, “Oop. Stop doing that. It doesn’t matter if the intent was correct; what you’re doing broke a letter somewhere, and I gotcha!” [Annette Bosworth, interviewed on Dakota Midday, 2014.05.29, timestamp between 15:08 and 16:28]

And telling us how she's like Malcolm X:

Bosworth: But, if you recall, Malcolm X said, “What do you call a black man who has a Ph.D.?” Do you remember this statement?

Gehrke: Refresh us.

Bosworth: OK, so, well, we’ll be careful on the air. What do you call a black man with a Ph.D.? He was making a point that what our culture was calling them began with the word … with an "n," and I won’t use the word. But he said that’s what someone will always call them unless we address the issues of racism. And as you look at the response, specifically by the Argus Leader, who said, “Oh, she doesn’t like the name-calling. You should get out of politics.” This is not name-calling, because what do you call a physician in South Dakota who is one of the experts in electronic healthcare delivery, who has service work beyond, beyond most people’s imagination for politicians, who has an understanding of Obamacare beyond most politicians in Washington? What do you call that woman who stands up and runs for U.S. Senate in South Dakota? Crazy’s the first word, and the second word begins with "c." 80,000 times [Annette Bosworth, interviewed on Dakota Midday, 2014.05.29, timestamp between 16:48 and 19:20].

There you have it, friends. Illegitimate U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth, in her own words.


  1. Doreen Creed 2014.05.30

    I know how labor intensive it can be to transcribe someone's comments....My question is: "How did you manage to transcribe this nonsense without pulling out your beard?"

  2. Roger Cornelius 2014.05.30

    Are you sure there isn't a 6th or 7th place finish in this race?

  3. Bree S. 2014.05.30

    "Refresh us."

    Every once in awhile I feel sympathy for a flaming liberal..

  4. Susan 2014.05.30

    Is Annette related to the biker man Harley Brown running for governor in Idaho? He lives in Fat Jack's cellar. She sounds just like Brown as he made no sense either. I think they are both running on the same bat crap crazy platform.

  5. Doctor Not Bricklayer 2014.05.30

    "Refresh us"

    Brilliant, Karl Gehrke! I think that is the new "Please proceed".

  6. caheidelberger 2014.05.30

    Susan, please, don't insult Mr. Brown that way.

    Doreen, Toby is a very patient journalist.

  7. Nick Nemec 2014.05.30

    In fairness to Mr. Brown of Idaho he is not this year's least qualified candidate for US Senate. He seems more sane than the curmudgeon candidate in Idaho and both outrank the doctor without her shirt in South Dakota.

    Is Cory the little boy who wasn't afraid to state the obvious? The Queen has no clothes on! Some (Are you reading this Pat?) haven't noticed yet.

  8. WestRiver 2014.05.30

    That hurt Cory; that hurt really bad. My eyes couldn't focus, my head began to shake back and forth, my eyes squinted, my ears started to try to 'hear' her better, my forehead wrinkled and it's all your fault. All of this occurred because I was trying, attempting, doing my best to comprehend what the heck she was saying, or trying to say.
    I can almost see the flight of ideas whooshing through her brain, see her imaginary hands trying to grasp at them as they fly by but she can only catch certain words on their way through and then she tries to piece them together. She can't make sense no matter how hard she tries. This is Annette's brain without proper medication and guidance from professionals.

  9. Bill Dithmer 2014.05.30

    One step away from " speaking in tongues. "

    The Blindman

  10. Bill Dithmer 2014.05.30

    How do I love thee let me count the ways.

    Hold on.

    Oh ya

    1. Twenty years ago, Annette would have looked good on the pole. But only as an opening act, never as a closer.

    2. She lives where she lives and I live where I live.

    3. We both believe in out of body experiences. The difference is I come back once in a while.

    4. She's not afraid to use a dirty word to draw attention to her campain. Why order vanilla when the rest of the crowd wants tuti fruity?

    5. She knows how to get by without indoor plumbing or running water showing her true pioneer spirit.

    6. Evidently we both like " The Steve Miller Band," TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN

    7. She has all kinds of cool toys in her office. Who doesn't like cool toys?

    8. She can write prescriptions, for now.

    9. She isn't Bob Ellis.

    10. She isn't a quitter!

    The Blindman

  11. CK 2014.05.30

    She is as about a sure thing as her TMS therapy is a cure. UGH.

  12. WR Old Guy 2014.05.30

    I listened to the interview on PBS yesterday. I commend Karl Gehrke for not laughing out loud or throwing a BS flag at her rambling responses.

  13. twuecker Post author | 2014.05.30

    Bree S., and Doctor not Bricklayer, I'm glad you found some joy in the same Karl Gehrke line I did. The tone is just perfect, as if he knows that he's really just encouraging a verbal disaster but also doesn't want to be the next one to be on the receiving end of Annette's accusations of misogyny. Using "us" also seems like a little bit of a nod to the rest of the audience that tells them we're all going to want to listen to this. So subtle, but just great radio.

  14. twuecker Post author | 2014.05.30

    Doreen, it was a fair amount of work, you're right, made more so by the points I mentioned about not having any sense of sentence beginnings/endings or any other punctuation. Half an hour of air time was about all I would have cared to undertake, but I do think it was worthwhile to find the patience (thanks for the compliment, Cory) and put out there in at least one more way an unpolished, accurate portrayal of Bosworth's truly disjointed commentary.

  15. bmb423 2014.05.30

    very Palin-esque

  16. Doctor not Bricklayer 2014.05.30

    I knew Karl long ago, very smart with a pleasant personality and a quick wit. I wish I could have heard some of this live. Even though I would not have been able to stand Annette's screechy ramblings, I wish I could have heard more of Karl as a moderator.

  17. Doctor not Bricklayer 2014.05.30

    Oh no, never mind! I tried to listen to the audio replay linked above and could only endure about four minutes before my head was about to explode.

  18. Susan K 2014.05.30

    This pains me to say, but she really does make Palin look intelligent.

  19. Douglas Wiken 2014.05.30

    Bosworth rants about federal regulation and "Obamacare", but gives no real specific examples in her rambling.

    She like all the other GOP dissemblers fail to mention the GOP in the House tried to cut $300 million from Veterans healthcare which the Senate reducing the cut to $220 Million. Now they are off on a VA needs more doctors divergence.

    Bosworth and the other SD Goppers don't seem to understand that if states fail to regulate dangerous products and people or tolerate corruption, the Federal Government will step into the vacuum made by the states.

    Bosworth wants more vacuum.

  20. Roger Cornelius 2014.05.30

    grudz seems to understand the insaner then most, perhaps he can step in and provide us with an interpretation of this verbal mystery.

  21. grainofsalt 2014.05.30

    I couldn't bring myself to listen to her interview, so thanks for the condensed version. (much more merciful) I still found myself frowning in confusion, while shaking my head, and thinking WHAT???

  22. Erin 2014.05.30

    "Twenty years ago, Annette would have looked good on the pole. But only as an opening act, never as a closer."

    Bill Dithmer, your comment is incredibly offensive, degrading, and sexist. I hope it will be deleted soon.

  23. Bill Dithmer 2014.05.30

    Dont forget that I said she wasn't good enough to close the show.

    Your offended? Just think what those people that she has screwed out of money feel.

    The Blindman

  24. Steve Sibson 2014.05.30

    Erin, I agree that it is sexist and offensive for women to jump on a pole and promote immoral behavior.

  25. Bill Dithmer 2014.05.30

    A history of being a true exabitionest, a holier then the rest of us attitude, and a moral compus that points straight down. Dont try to preach to me about offensive post couse it just dont cut it.

    The Blindman

  26. Bill Dithmer 2014.05.30

    Erin, if this was a court of law, you could say that Annette opened the door.

    The Blindman

  27. Bill Dithmer 2014.05.30

    Let's see if we can get this straightened out Erin.

    I have two friends that made a lot of money, "on the pole." They were both closers. Are you saying that there was somthing wrong with my friends chosen profession? Or are yoy offended that I said Annette couldnt have closed if she had been trying to make a living on the pole?

    There are some beatiful people that do incredible things through exotic dance. It it their profession. Aren't you concerned that you might be offending them?

    If you want to trade verbal jabs, your going to need better material then that.

    The Blindman

  28. Jeff Endrizzi 2014.05.30

    Most of the posters on this blog and I do not agree on much....but I agree Bosworth's message is incoherent at best. I've heard her be asked "what sets you apart in this race" several times, and I still don't know her answer. Single digit on Tuesday.

  29. Roger Cornelius 2014.05.30

    What is this I hear about Bosworth holding her senate candidate forum today?

    For someone that absolutely craves attention, good or bad, the "debate" is closed to the public and the press.

  30. larry kurtz 2014.05.30

    Idaho's Butch Otter and Mike Rounds are buddies running the same kind of interference campaigns against TEA-leaning GOP insurgents like Stace Nelson. Rounds will lucky if he raises enough money to pay for his heat shield prepared by Rushmore PAC.

    Bosworth has generated a googol of coal-fired electrons for Jeff Endrizzi and his buddies so Rounds can deflect criticism for his failures on education, tribal relations, crime, STDs, Bendagate, and choice of building sites.

  31. Steve Huff 2014.05.30

    What do you call a lunatic psuedo-candidate for US Senate in South Dakota who has a medical license. DOCTOR Annette Bosworth, that's what.

  32. caheidelberger 2014.05.30

    Bill D., we're not talking verbal jabs. Your comment is wrong-headed for two reasons. The minor reason is that it fuels Bosworth's ability to claim that the discussion of her is driven by misogyny. Such comments give her more things to cry about and gain publicity in the national press which, not paying attention to things as closely as we natives, may give her more credence and distract all observers, local and national, from discussing Bosworth's political prostitution (saying things she doesn't believe just to get a buck), her overall incoherence, her crimes, her mental illness, her scheming husband, and her unfitness for office. We must be smarter than that.

    The much larger reason your comment is wrong is that we should objectify no women here. Porn culture, rape culture, whatever we're going to call it, we have no moral justification to envision a political candidate engaged in such sexual commerce. The comment is misogynist. It is hateful toward women in general. It is the flip side of the misogyny that draws so many out-of-state male supporters, who are Facebooking and retweeting Bosworth not so much because of the political gloss she has painted on herself as because they too are objectifying her, the same way the unnecessarily rude pole comment above does.

  33. Bill Dithmer 2014.05.30

    ok Cory just remember your reasoning here for future reference. For the record I did not make a statement of fact pole dancing, only that she has a record being an exabitionest.

    I must conclude that you are also a moralist when it comes to exotic dancers. Does that mean you would also shun someone that does it not because they are being forces to do it but for the thousands of dollars they can, and do make a night? It's a legitimate way to make a living.

    The Blindman

  34. Jaybird 2014.05.30

    Each post more pathetic than the last. Just like with Gov Palin, the leftist lunatics are desperate to discredit a threat. Dr Boz has faced every phony accusation, each political ploy, and all the countless attacks and remains a real choice for us, the people of SD, who she actually would represent. You fascist lying democrats can keep your baby killing constitution ignoring socialist morons. We prefer someone not paid for by the machine. She is new to politics. She isn't trained to repeat the current slogans. She is the best choice we have to go to DC and make them listen to US.

  35. Roger Cornelius 2014.05.30


    Well I can see you are up to date on tinfoil hat slogans, you do even better than Bosworth at making no sense.

    Please listen to the SDPB interview and back to us, we are all dying to know what the hell she said.

  36. mike from iowa 2014.05.31

    dog loves you,Jaybird-yes you. I don't know why.

  37. Jay -- oops! Lynn 2014.05.31

    Jaybird, Are you a resident of South Dakota or another state in the US? Do you reside outside the US?

    Lets see how things play out 1st with the primary and how many votes Annette Bosworth gets from actual citizens of South Dakota.

    After the election lets see if she and her husband are charged by the South Dakota Attorney General who happens to be a Republican and any other legal entities if federal crimes have been committed which could lead to conviction.

    Time will tell but these two have a track record if you spend the time and do a little research. There have been many victims.

  38. Lynn 2014.05.31

    Sorry that was me posting replying to Jaybirds comment.

  39. Nick Nemec 2014.05.31

    Lynn are you Jaybird?
    As a loyal Democrat I can only hope, in my wildest dreams, that Annette Bosworth wins the Republican primary.

  40. Lynn 2014.05.31

    Nick I'm the one with the reply to Jaybird asking if they were an actual resident of SD. I did normal pc maintenance cleaning memory and in my reply to Jaybird accidently filled that person's name in the info in order to post. Lack of caffine this morning. lol

    An Annette Bosworth victory would be a gift for the Dems.

  41. caheidelberger 2014.05.31

    "Jaybird" (whose id confirmation I await—check your email) completely ignores the content of the post. Jaybird, I invite you to review the statements made by the candidate herself in the original post and explain to us how they demonstrate superior fitness to represent South Dakota in the U.S. Senate.

  42. JeniW 2014.05.31

    Jaybird, name calling says more about the person who is doing the name calling than it does about the person/people being called names.

    Your comment actually does a disservice to Dr. Bosworth. Are you sure that you are one of her supporters?

    True supporters say positive things about the candidate they support to try to gain potential voters, rather than attacking potential supporters, and/or those who have not a decision yet.

  43. larry kurtz 2014.05.31

    Earth haters visiting Madville means we're drawing blood: Uzani, his army at Lashmir.

  44. caheidelberger 2014.05.31

    Bosworth supporters like "Jaybird" also aren't well-trained in repeating her slogans. About the same time that Bosworth was tossing her misogyny word salad this week, one of her supporters was attacking a Bosworth critic, who happens to be a woman, on Facebook (blockage prevents linkage, but here's some of the text):

    Bosworth Supporter: "lol, people like you are revolting. go spread your lies somewhere that people dont actually know Dr B. You have zero credibility... see there u go again you treacherous c---... i hate liars like you... you are sub human"

    BS used the full C-word. BS denigrated this woman as sub-human. In this case, support for Bosworth is motivated by something very far from the feminism Bosworth faked at her press conference.

  45. grainofsalt 2014.06.01

    Rocky Racoon, Loved it. Miss South Carolina and Annette sound so similar. Funny clip.

  46. Kurt Evans 2014.06.01

    Cory Heidelberger wrote:
    >"Bosworth supporters like 'Jaybird' also aren't well-trained in repeating her slogans."

    I hope this doesn't offend you, Cory, but is there really any way to know for sure whether either of the "Bosworth supporters" you cite is an actual Bosworth supporter, as opposed to someone who just wants to muddy the waters for sport (or worse)? And even if they're both actual Bosworth supporters, is it really fair to generalize the blame for each one's errors to the other?

    I'm asking because, as a pro-life and pro-liberty Christian, my first reflex when someone writes, "You fascist lying democrats can keep your baby killing constitution ignoring socialist morons," is to assume the writer is trying to make me look bad and stir up anger against me.

  47. caheidelberger 2014.06.02

    Kurt, it is hard to discern truth from fiction in Bosworth's world. It is possible that the microbes swirling around Bosworth's online filth are fake personas, campaign staffers, malcontents, what have you. However, I have interacted with a few individuals online who claim to be Bosworth supporters and use language like that you see above. They do seem to derive an inordinate amount of pleasure from piling hateful words together and spewing them at anyone they perceive to be piercing their juvenile fantasies about Bosworth. "Supporter" may thus be an inaccurate or incomplete term. "Fantasist" may be more accurate: to them, Bosworth is like a pin-up poster, on which they can fix all their impotent, unrealized fantasies.

    However, given the information (including online profiles) available, I feel comfortable concluding that, vile and childish as their language may be, these people really do exist and really would vote for Bosworth if they lived in South Dakota.

  48. bill 2014.06.02

    Hey Cory,

    As a expatriate S Dakotan, I've been watching from afar, and am FASCINATED by this women - any chance her narcissism
    would drive her to run as an independent-right candidate?

  49. caheidelberger 2014.06.02

    No such fun to be had, Bill: South Dakota law is rigged to keep losing partisan primary candidates from re-upping and jumping on the general election ballot as Indies. But even if we allowed such Indy fun (and we should), Bosworth would not be able to get enough legitimate signatures to get on the back on the ballot. People are on to her.

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