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Vermillion Editor: Don’t Vote for Unstable Bosworth

Last updated on 2014.09.04

In a blunt non-endorsement, Vermillion Plain Talk editor David Lias summarizes why the South Dakota Republican Party tells South Dakota Republican voters to spare their party grave embarrassment and not vote for fake U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth. Lias contends that her looney-tunes press conference last week calls into question her mental health:

Two years ago, her medical license was in jeopardy. The South Dakota Board of Medical Examiners reprimanded Bosworth in June 2012 for employing a physician’s assistant who wasn’t licensed to practice.

Part of Bosworth’s agreement with the board at that time was to seek treatment for a mental illness in order to continue her practice. Her appearance before the board in June 2012 was because its members felt Bosworth hadn’t lived up to all the terms she had agreed to.

We find ourselves wondering, especially after her rather erratic behavior earlier this week, if Bosworth has heeded those 2012 orders and sought the treatment the medical board deemed she needs [David Lias, "Consider This Political 'Non-Endorsement'," Vermillion Plain Talk, 2014.05.30].

Throughout her year-long electoral publicity stunt, Bosworth has made clear that her special place in the world means rules do not apply to her. At last Tuesday's press conference, she defended her violation of election law by saying she was on a humanitarian mission. She has stiffed several employees, both in her clinic and her campaign, because manipulating vulnerable individuals and getting something for nothing is more fun for her and her husband than being honest employers. It would thus not be surprising if the agreement she made in November 2012 to submit to treatment for verified mental illness stands in her mind not as a firm condition and safeguard for her patients but just one more unfair infringement on her narcissistic freedom.

The state medical board can't act fast enough to spare South Dakota voters the embarrassment of Bosworth's political malpractice. But it should act now to ensure that patients are spared her unstable, vindictive, and deceitful practices in the clinic.

Related Reading Update 08:45 CDT: In a post on logical fallacies, Mr. Larson puts a name to Bosworth's narcissistic rule-ignoring: the special pleading fallacy. Larson notes how special pleading undermines any critique Bosworth attempts to make of Mike Rounds:

Special Pleading: This occurs when a person applies a certain standard to others in a circumstance, but exempt themselves from the circumstance without adequate justification.

Annette Bosworth Example: Mike Rounds must be open and honest with the citizens about the scandals that occurred when he was in office. I am not going to talk about the land raffle scandal, the not paying of employees, or falsifying petitions because I am a woman fighting the establishment GOP political system and am attacked by the liberal media [Michael Larson, "Fallacies and Gun Control," Taking a Left Turn in South Dakota, 2014.06.01].

Mr. Powers is the only blogger left in South Dakota treating Bosworth as if she were a legitimate candidate, offering up her videos and press releases while failing to work up the basic blogger courage to offer the withering criticism they deserve. Mr. Kallis better fulfills the bloggers' creed by sharing his non-endorsement in the form of a video version of Bosworth word-salad.


  1. Lee Schoenbeck 2014.06.02

    Cory -
    So long as everybody understands she's bat gwano crazy, I enjoy Pat posting her stuff -- didn't you like One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest (political version)?

  2. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.02

    Republicans have a duty to protect their party and the electorate from fraudsters co-opting the party name and the ballot. Pat has been derelict in that duty, diminishing his credibility and his party's.

  3. Jackilope 2014.06.02

    Bosworth's side circus drew attention away from Round's own closet of skeletons. Pat's allegiance appears to be for Rounds. Ethics and morals are relative as there is no shortage of fraudsters or sell outs in today's GOP. Pat's blog is PR, not legitimate reporting.

  4. Steve Sibson 2014.06.02

    Compare Pat's coverage of Bosworth to his coverage of Lora Hubbel who at least has research to support her points that are not kind to the SDGOP Establishment. It seems to me that the motive is the hope that Bosworth will pull votes from Stace Nelson. Pat has a vindictive against him too.

  5. larry kurtz 2014.06.02


  6. She is indeed unstable and sick and needs help. What scares me is how many people think she speaks for them.

    Have you been on her FB page lately? UGH. And check her crazy cover photo.

    I might not be a Republican, but I agree, someone needs to shut down the crazy. Unless, she's really a Rounds plant.

  7. Lynn 2014.06.02

    Tasiyagnunpa, She provides an excellent unfortunate distraction from the legitimate candidates running for office. The SDGOP own her and maybe the reason why no one within the party leadership did anything to shut this farce down or at least minimize coverage was that her campaign served the purpose in helping the establishment candidate Mike Rounds win the primary.

    Legally can the SDGOP stop a Republican candidate from running if they turn out to be a clear severe liability for various reasons? It could end up being a slippery slope if leadership could get accused of favoritism. I don't know.

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.02

    Lynn, my read of the law says the party has no authority to stop a legally qualified candidate from appearing on the primary ballot. Party officials of good conscience have a duty to spread the word that Bosworth is not a Republican and does not represent their party.

  9. Roger Cornelius 2014.06.02

    Recently Powers accused Democrats of throwing Susan Wismer under the bus, Pat has thrown Republican Stace Nelson under the bus and has constantly backed over him to make sure he stays down.
    We have all been somewhat entertained by Dr. Bozo's antics over the past year, who wouldn't be entertained by our very own Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman?
    Tomorrow is election day and there is no longer anything amusing or entertaining about Dr. Bozo, this is serious business. Republicans need to put a stop to her, not because she is a threat to the GOP, but because she is a threat to anyone she and Chad encounter.
    As I have said before, the concern should be the tea party and Republican simpletons she appeals to, and there are plenty of them.
    I'm not laughing anymore.

  10. Jeff Endrizzi 2014.06.02

    Low single digit result for Bosworth tomorrow. I don't think she really appeals to any voter that has done any homework. She has gone backwards for several months, and the last month have shown her to be exactly like many of us suspected from the beginning. Total whack-a-doodle.

  11. larry kurtz 2014.06.02

    Curious whether the Rounds campaign will be able to afford to pay her: she's clearly owed every dime they promised her.

  12. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.02

    Jeff, she'll get zero votes from voters doing their homework. The big question is, How many voters are not doing their homework?

  13. larry kurtz 2014.06.02

    Hat tip to PP for funneling all the money she's raised for Rounds without being detected so far.

  14. Bree S. 2014.06.02

    Rhoden for the anti-Rounds Estab vote, Bosworth for the anti-Rounds uninformed vote.

  15. Bree S. 2014.06.02

    You think Larry? I think Base Connect just kept the money.

  16. Bree S. 2014.06.02

    She's definitely got something on PP.

  17. larry kurtz 2014.06.02

    Amway buddies? Herbalife? Primerica? Shaklee?

  18. Dave Baumeister 2014.06.02

    Dave Lias is Da Man!

  19. Leah 2014.06.02

    The problem with BABs (batshit Annette Bosworth) is exactly what Cory said above, she gets the tea party low information vote, but how many are there? I'm thinking quite a few. I think she's going to come in 2nd to Rounds, due to her social media & "poor me" campaign. Unfortunately all that second place will do is bolster her already inflated ego, so she'll keep trying or go for a different political position.

  20. owen reitzel 2014.06.02

    I think she'll finish last Leah. It's looking like Stace will finish second.
    She's going on Fox News tomorrow to talk about her future from what I hear. I'm sure she'll blame liberals for everything, you know the talk Fox likes to hear, say how much liberals ahte women.
    I do agree with you that she is BAB.

  21. Roger Cornelius 2014.06.02

    Do you think Dr. Bozo will be making her acceptance speech from the FOX studios.

    Am hoping that Jackley put a GPS on her to prevent her escape

  22. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.02

    Bosworth's press release about appearing on FOX News appears to be her concession speech, especially if she is leaving the state on the day of the primary to appear live in studio. The press release does not make clear whether she is flying to FOX in New York or DC or simply appearing by remote feed or phone from Sioux Falls. I cannot imagine a candidate with genuine respect for the South Dakota voters who will turn out to mark her name on Election Day turning her back on her home state in favor of gaining publicity for herself on national television.

    And if she is leaving the state tomorrow, that would raise the question of whether she plans to come back. I am hearing from one source that her office told a caller seeking an appointment that Bosworth will be out for the rest of the week.

  23. owen reitzel 2014.06.02

    Roger I'm sure that she thinks she'll be given her acceptance speech.

    Cory she has no respect for the South Dakota voters and she'll get on Fox and rip the liberals here at home. I'd love to have a conversation with her in person.

  24. Douglas Wiken 2014.06.02

    I'm for Rhoden's bull. He is the best performer in any of the ads. Maybe produces a lot of BS, but that comes naturally from a bull and is a secondary product that comes with the gas from GOP politicians.

  25. grudznick 2014.06.02

    Mr. H, she might just be planning to be out the rest of the week celebrating; or licking her wounds. If she does not win, it seems unreasonable even of you to expect the pretty young Dr. to show up and see patients at 8am sharp the day after what for her could be a soul-crushing defeat (at the hands of Mr. Rhoden.)

  26. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.06.02

    Grudz, I admire your steadfast appreciation of BABs. (I like that acronym a lot! Thanks Leah.)

  27. Doctor Not Bricklayer 2014.06.02

    Annette and Fox "News". They deserve each other.

  28. Rorschach 2014.06.03

    There is no sign of HeckAnnette (or Susan Wismer or Lora Hubbel or Jaysen Roundsberg) at polling places in Sioux Falls.

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