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West River Rancher Notes Daugaard’s Swift Response to East River Emergency

From the Department of Awkward Twitter Juxtaposition, West River rancher Dallas Basel reacts to Governor Dennis Daugaard's emergency declaration in southeast South Dakota:

Dallas Basel: "1 day after flood in east SD Gov DD declare disaster. Waited 3 wks to declare Atlas.  west SD screwed again."

Daugaard chief of staff Dusty Johnson tweets Lt. Gov. Matt Michels's comment from the Governor's disaster response press conference in Union County this afternoon:

Dusty Johnson tweet: "Lt Gov Michels: 'Concentrate on those you love.' @SDGovDaugaard

Perhaps worth noting: to fight the flood in Union County, the state will build a levy across four lanes of I-29 to divert water to McCook Lake. (Someone remind me: does I-29 have six lanes by Dakota Dunes?)

Update 22:14 CDT: And definitely worth noting is the distinction between emergency and disaster declarations.


  1. Douglas Wiken 2014.06.18

    Dust storms in western SD causing multiple-vehicle crash on interstate following in a few days by 10 or more inches of rain in eastern SD might suggest Republicans forget about the GODonly impacts climate idea and start thinking about the economic development potential of rational ending of reliance on fossil fuels for anything. Of course, a couple weeks of weather events don't necessarily mean there is man-made climate change, but ignoring such causes for intense weather events might not be wise.

  2. Douglas Wiken 2014.06.18

    And, what happened to all that West River self-reliance, independence from government largesse posing.

  3. owen reitzel 2014.06.18

    @Douglas Wiken. That is a very good question.

    Daugaard probably did it because there are a lot more voters east river then west river and he figures he has the west river locked up. Plus steers can't vote

  4. mike from iowa 2014.06.18

    I'm even farther east of the river and Doogood ain't made any declarations for me. My taters took a good pounding and they were getting close to being edible w/o Grudz and gravy.

  5. Tim 2014.06.18

    Major republicans have always taken west river people for granted, I'm not sure if they assume all west river folk are too stupid to stop voting against their best interests or what. Sure would love to see the look on Daugaard's and Rounds faces if west river folks decided to Cantorise their asses.

  6. mike from iowa 2014.06.18

    Haven't you ever heard of polled Herefords? Maybe they vote.

  7. Jerry 2014.06.18

    No, they do not vote, they just answer polls.

  8. owen reitzel 2014.06.18

    don't know if they vote or not Mike and Jerry but they sure taste good!!!

  9. Gov's Office 2014.06.18

    Cory - I emailed you the following and I'd appreciate it if you would add it to your main post to be sure your readers see it. In the mean time I'm also adding it here:

    For Winter Storm Atlas, the storm began on Oct. 4 and Governor Daugaard signed an Executive Order the next day – October 5 ( – which declared a “state of emergency” in western South Dakota. The process for the recent flooding in southeastern South Dakota was exactly the same, with the Governor again declaring a “state of emergency.” This is different than a “disaster declaration.”

    The “disaster declaration” for Winter Storm Atlas came several weeks later, after we had compiled the necessary data to apply for FEMA reimbursement. We have not done that for flooding in Union County and if we qualify, it will likely be some time before that Executive Order would be signed as well. The disaster declaration does not relate to the state response; it relates to federal reimbursement from FEMA.

    For Winter Storm Atlas, Governor Daugaard signed several Executive Orders to provide assistance to impacted ranchers, all of which are available at: .

  10. lesliengland 2014.06.18

    now that you have the gov's ear, cory, please be sure to remind him of those 48,000 residents waiting on his MEDICAID Expansion refusal.

  11. larry kurtz 2014.06.18

    Tony of my ownie with a dealie: FEMA me up and check the oil.

  12. Jerry 2014.06.18

    Gov's office, There was no loss of life in the flood there in Union County, so why are you so adamant about receiving government help for those folks there when you have thousands of working poor here in the entire state that need the Medicaid Expansion so they do not die. Why is one counties residents more important than the lives of residents in all of the counties.

    I have read in another location that the governor is kind of okay with the expansion now, but it is those pesky legislators that have now gummed up the works. How about some real leadership and make it happen.

  13. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.18

    Gov's Office, it's linked above and spotlighted in a separate post. Thank you for the clarification.

  14. Douglas Wiken 2014.06.18

    "Gov's Office" sounds like one of those fund-raising appeals signed affectionately by "The Committee".

  15. Kathy 2014.06.19

    Maybe it's just me, but this tweet and what it started seems to be nothing more than petty whining and complaining and selective memory, especially after what happened in Wessington Springs last night. People's homes were destroyed.

  16. Wayne B. 2014.06.19

    I'd like to know a lot more about shutting down the Interstate to flood McCook Lake. Won't the folks around McCook Lake be getting flooded? If so, what's the benefit that necessitates such drastic action as shutting down the interstate and destroying property?

  17. chris 2014.06.19

    Do we really owe Midamerican Energy a second free bailout of their houses built on sand?

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