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Exit 4 Levee Quickly Removed

However big the levee was that the state built under the Exit 4 overpass on Interstate 29, it has quickly disappeared. Here's a photo from about half an hour ago, sent to me by another correspondent on the ground in North Sioux City:

Crew removes last line of agricultural storage baskets that formed the Exit 4 temporary levee, 2014.06.20
Crew removes line of agricultural storage baskets that formed the Exit 4 temporary levee, 2014.06.20, (Click to embiggen!)

According to my correspondent, the state stacked agricultural storage baskets under the Exit 4 overpass. Fill those baskets with dirt or sand, and they bulge into each other, forming a nearly waterproof wall, just like sandbags. As we can see from the photo above, they also appear to be easier to remove than an open pile of packed dirt.


  1. mike from iowa 2014.06.20

    I cheerfully await Pat Robertson to claim credit for praying the flood waters away from Dakota Dunes and at the same time hoping that gays and liberals drown because the flood was,afterall,god's way of punishing bad people(except hypocrites).

  2. Jerry 2014.06.21

    This could put the hurtin for certain on the need for dirty coal and other fossil fuels if developers would be able to do this in South Dakota. We must do something to slow the climate change for our survival. This is certainly going to help. c

    Of course, South Dakota will not allow the electric companies to pay you, the homeowner or the owner of the renewable energy, the fair market price for what you put back into the grid. Fair markets do not stand a chance here as competition is not looked upon favorably by the republican regimes .

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