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On the Catwalk: GOP Spinner Attacks Schultz; Kurtz Says Krebs Ratted Noem’s Adultery

Pat Powers enjoys dismissing my criticism of Rep. Kristi Noem's bad policy, laziness, vacuousness, and legislative ineffectiveness as childish insults or mental disorder. If Pat thinks my policy critiques of Noem are deranged, his own obsession with attacking Democratic candidate for Secretary of State Angelia Schultz must warrant a straitjacket. Unable to tolerate a strong woman who disagrees with him, Pat is on a blog campaign to discredit the Aberdeen writer and former Defense intelligence analyst as a bitchy teen drama queen.

Compare Pat's vitriol with the reasonable portrait Ken Santema painted of Schultz based on his interview with her during her unsuccessful campaign for the District 3 Democratic Senate nomination. As a Libertarian, Santema is principledly conservative than Powers, yet he appears not to find Schultz a threat or an object of ridicule. He deems Schultz logical, knowledgeable, and less partisan than he expected.

But as usual, when someone challenges one of Pat's political patrons, Pat goes on the attack. Angelia Schultz is challenging Shantel Krebs, a key cog in the GOP-Rounds political machine whose favor Pat so craves. Thus, Angelia Schultz is a mean girl.

The proper response to any lecture from Pat Powers about pettiness, cattiness, and "talking smack about other politicos" is to point a mirror his way (preferably a mirror with hyperlinks to Pat's own catty smack here, here, here, here, and here... and that's just since June 26).

The proper response also includes linking to Larry Kurtz's stunning claim that Shantel Krebs may be the queen of the SDGOP mean girls. According to Kurtz, Shantel Krebs, who served in the Legislature with Noem, is the source of the story he ran in 2010 accusing then-candidate Kristi Noem of adultery.

Imagine it: a Republican woman is running to unseat a Democratic incumbent, and another Republican woman calls a blogger five steps to my left to tell him the Republican candidate has cheated on her husband. If true, that story would pretty much negate any mewling Pat makes about his party's uncatty moral superiority.


  1. larry kurtz 2014.07.05

    Shantel was giddy about spilling her guts during our phone conversation and provided me with eyewitnesses to the affair that nobody wanted to to on the record about. What really stuck in Krebs' craw was that KELO teevee buried the story replete with first person accounts of public intimate contact between Noem and her paramour.

  2. Michael B 2014.07.05

    Sometimes people personal lives should be left alone and in the past.

    If the American people can forgive Bill Clinton to lying about Monica, then may you and your fellow bloggers can put a lid on it.

  3. 96 Tears 2014.07.05

    Obviously Shantel won't squeal on Kristi's sex life again now that they're both on the ballot. Was the conversation recorded, Larry? Do you have notes? Any third party verification of her statement?

  4. mike from iowa 2014.07.05

    If you think wingnuts have forgiven and forgotten Bill C. you are sadly mistaken,my friend. Elephants never forget. Unfortunately,for the rest of us,they can't remember that all the s$%t they threw at Clinton missed,it was not true,it did not happen. If HRC runs in 16 all this will be regurgitated to smear both Clintons.

  5. 96 Tears 2014.07.05

    Normally, Kristi's extramarital sex life would be her own business but now that she's a family values spokesmodel in Congress, this is the public's business ... especially with another family values spokesmodel joining Kristi on the ballot as the alleged source.

    Glad you brought up Clinton, Michael, since the Republicans held such a dim view of his extramarital sex life they hauled in the Chief Justice and held an impeachment on American TV. Can't unring that bell.

  6. Michael B 2014.07.05

    How many here would like each and every last thing they did in their life put up for close examination by everyone?

    Ever yell at your kids for no reason?
    Drink before you were 21?
    Laugh at an inappropriate joke?
    Lie to your spouse?

    People in office are just like everyone else.

  7. owen reitzel 2014.07.05

    shouldn't we hold people in office to higher standards Michael? Republicans thought and said so and impeached Clinton.
    So we should let Noem get a pass? If you think that than you're being a hypocrite.

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.05

    Michael, I feel like I'm already living that life of close examination. But understand that the story here may be that it's Shantel Krebs, a good Republican, holding up a fellow Republican for such examination, even as Pat Powers tries to criticize a Democrat for being a "mean girl".

  9. 96 Tears 2014.07.05

    Shantel's tale of Kristi's sex life is the story here, Michael. When you put your name on the ballot and call attention to your peerless values and above average judgment, you choose to place yourself under the public magnifying glass. You are demanding to be judged by voters according to the narrative you created. When you show yourself to be a hypocrite, voters need to know you lack the values and judgment you've advertised with contributions from other people.

    When you are no longer on the ballot, you are entitled to a private life.

  10. Jenny 2014.07.05

    Kristi Noem had an affair according to Shantel Krebs? Those fine republican SD girls don't do such things, IP. For it says so right in the bible. For shame on you, IP. Now where is a pic of this Meidinger guy?

  11. mike from iowa 2014.07.05

    How about lie us into two unnecessary wars?
    How about outing a covert CIA agent?
    Impeachable? No according to wingnuts.
    However,adultery for a Democrat is impeachable.

    Every inch of everyone of Bill Clinton's zippers were drug out in public ans examined,taking years and costing millions of dollars-for what? Humiliation,that is what. That is why every illicit affair should be publicized because they all do it. Wingnuts proved they were worse adulterers than Clinton.

  12. JeniW 2014.07.05

    Michael, being forgiven is not equal being forgotten.

    We can forgive someone who has hurt us in some way, but that does not mean that the scar from the hurt is forgotten.

    IMO, the reason underlying motivation for the topic and the comments is that, it involves two dyed in the wool Republicans. Republicans seem to want to promote the notion that the GOP are strongly united, adhere to high values, and are above reproach about anything. Plus, when a Republican attacks another Republican, it can be amusing.

    For sure, we are all guilty of some wrongdoing in our lives, and several have done things that are illegal. We might be forgiven, but our victims will never forget, nor will we.

  13. larry kurtz 2014.07.05

    Hey, MB: go tell it to Pat since he's done it to Sen. Adelstein and others for a decade.

  14. Joan Brown 2014.07.05

    If the story about Kristi is true, I think it would be absolutely hilarious. I know a few people that would find it absolutely unbelievable that Saint Kristi would do something like that.

  15. 96 Tears 2014.07.05

    Exactly what I was thinking of, Larry. Kristi thinks she's invisible and nothing will stick to her in the next election. She has a point when you consider the brain dead press in South Dakota who are only too anxious to make excuses for her behavior.

  16. Jerry 2014.07.05

    Ole Bryon Noem found out what the meaning of "easy as pie" really means I guess. It looks like Ms. NOem does not always say NO, hmmmm.

  17. Taunia 2014.07.05

    Larry, do the background here (I'm on vacay and don't want to reasearch).

    Was Krebs in (any) office when you talked to her about this? Was she campaigning for someone else (primary? I forget)

    Why, if there wasn't a primary, would Krebs want this info out there?

    What did Krebs gain from this?

    Have you talked to anyone else that backs this story up?

    Did Krebs call you or did you call her? If she called you, was it "out of the blue"? If you called her, you heard this story elsewhere?

    And, I don't know how to say this w/o sounding shitty, why did she tell you and not others?

  18. larry kurtz 2014.07.05

    Taunia: am away from the computer, can answer your Qs when there's a real keyboard in front of me.

  19. Stan Gibilisco 2014.07.05

    Bill Clinton was a "rock and roll president" according to my favorite talk show when I lived in Palos Verdes, 1997-1998.

    So what if Kristi Noem is a "rock and roll representative"? My concern is not her sex life; it's how she does her job.

    Which could be better in the opinion of this ROPA (Republican On Paper, Anyway).

    That photo at the Great Wall hardly looks like a wild sex scene, even to this low-T-bedraggled old mountain goat whose biggest thrill has devolved into inputting malarkey here and on YouTube.

    What am I missing? More malarkey?

    Run somebody of substance up against Kristi and then maybe you can shake me up, Dems.

  20. Jerry 2014.07.05

    No malarkey Stan, just hypocrisy. You are right about the sex things, but one thing Clinton did not do was to act like he was a choir boy.

  21. larry kurtz 2014.07.05

    Taunia: an email tip from a Madville commenter started me on it. I called Krebs while she was state senator. Recall the context?

    Krebs supported Chris Nelson, hated Noem and gleefully gave me names of people to call who also hated Noem which I did.

    She told me because I promised to protect her secret and I would have had Powers not attacked Angelia Schultz.

  22. mike from iowa 2014.07.05

    From the little I've read about her,extra-marital affairs aren't important. It is the way she sits on a horse that makes her eminently electable.

  23. mike from iowa 2014.07.05

    After reading Larry's link,is it any wonder your state gubmint acts inbred? They just rearrange the deck chairs every two or four years with the same people.

  24. Rorschach 2014.07.05

    Pat Powers is attacking Angelia Schultz hoping to get back in Shantel's good graces. He picked the wrong horse in the SOS primary. Pat Miller got all of the good press on the press release blog, and I suspect it was because Powers was hired by Pat Miller to put together her campaign mailings. He was asked whether he designed Pat Miller's mailings, and he refused to reply. It did not escape Shantel's notice that Pat Powers was playing favorites, so now he's trying to make nice with her hoping that when (PP entertains no doubt about this) she's elected she won't expose more of the covered up ineptitude/ corruption of Jason Gant and his former assistant - Pat Powers.

    Michael B - yes to all of your questions. Cheat on my spouse? No. But here's the thing. I don't consider anything Larry Kurtz says to be credible. I might like to believe what he says, but until I hear it from a credible source I'm agnostic about it. And I won't repeat it.

  25. larry kurtz 2014.07.05

    Ditto, butt dart.

  26. Rorschach 2014.07.05

    The moral here is that nobody should anonymously share any information with Larry Kurtz and expect to remain anonymous. Either he's lying about this whole incident, or he's outed his anonymous source because of some action of a third party. Either he's a liar. Or he lacks integrity and trustworthiness. Or both. And he's an anti-Catholic bigot. A real "butt dart" to borrow his own phraseology.

  27. larry kurtz 2014.07.05

    Until Shantel admits her phone conversation with me and/or the tipster comes forward this is all on me and from the viral traffic at ip about this, my credibility is obviously more feared than doubted.

  28. grudznick 2014.07.05

    Mr. Rorschach, you are usually very wrong but in that post you are mostly right. Just don't cut my friend Larry too little slack because under the surface he is saner than most and is in need of human love as much as the next fellow.

    If that Mr. Stranahan fellow won't post his Dr. Bos pictures I'm hoping Larry will post his Shantel/Kristi pictures. Or arrange some mud wrestling this fall.

  29. larry kurtz 2014.07.05

    Missed you at breakfast, grud: incontinence or just flakiness?

  30. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.05

    Michael B.
    Kristi Noem's sex life is our business. Remember now that it was the Republicans that established this precedent by trying impeaching Bill Clinton.
    There are any number of senators and congressmen that have resigned their office for similar and less sexual misconduct. All Anthony Wiener did was text picture of his pee pee and was immediately forced to resign.
    Republicans opened the gate on elected leaders sexual indiscretions, now they have to live with it when it is applied to them.

  31. grudznick 2014.07.05

    Lar, I can't breakfast out Saturday mornings and didn't see your blogging until 10 as it was. I couldn't get a ride downtown that fast.

    That libbie tea-house joint you mentioned doesn't serve gravy taters, I'd wager. Call next time because I have one of those voice mailers that let me get messages and some people who know how to work it for me. I'll buy your first half-dozen sausages.

  32. larry kurtz 2014.07.05

    go f--- yerself, grud.

  33. grudznick 2014.07.05

    OK, I'll buy your first full dozen sausages. But only if you let me feed you a couple by hand.

  34. 96 Tears 2014.07.06

    Roger - And let's not forget that War College proclaimed Rep. Ted Klaudt, another values soldier, one of his top five Republicans to watch in 2007.

  35. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.06

    R has a point about protecting anonymity. Under what conditions may a blogger, journalist, or any one of us rescind a promise of confidentiality? When I speak with sources who seek confidentiality, I tell them that I will protect their identity unless (1) they share information with me that indicates they are plotting some high crime or treason or (2) I am compelled by subpoena to testify under oath... and on the latter, I might be inclined to test the journalistic shield.

    I am open to discussion of the ethics and utility of Kurtz's disclosure. I will state at the very least that Larry has eliminated the chance of another trusting call from Shantel. (Maybe she'll call me now? :-) )

  36. larry kurtz 2014.07.06

    Go for it, people. Ethics are meaningless in this case while the utility has likely already been exhausted.

  37. David Newquist 2014.07.06

    As an old journalist and teacher of journalism, I blanched when Larry first posted accusation about Noem's extra-marital assignations. Not that many years ago, it would have meant the filing of a libel suit. No reporter or editor would publish it.

    The so-called journalistic shield is misunderstood. It does not protect journalists from legal action, although with the advent of the Internet and laws about who is responsible for its content, it is in a muddled state. A reporter still has tto prove the truth of what is alleged in a published piece.

    The rule about anonymous sources in journalism is that any accusation made has to be verified by other sources. At the newspaper I last worked on, the standard was at least two other independent sources had to verify the story. The way it works is demonstrated by Deep Throat in “All the President’s Men.” The tip from Deep Throat was not published, but was used as a direction to pursue to obtain verification and documentation. Woodward and Bernstein did not publish Deep Throat’s accusations until they had verified it with other sources, and even then they had to convince their editor that they had valid verifications.
    Libel laws were the controlling aspect in publishing accusations from anonymous sources. Any accusation could be challenged it court and the only defense for a publication was to prove that it was true. Otherwise, you paid. The plaintiff did not have to prove how the accusation damaged him/her. Damage was presumed.

    Case law has evolved so that, as in South Dakota, a plaintiff has to show how an accusation materially affected him/her. The emphasis has shifted from assuming that falsehoods are wrong and socially damaging to having to demonstrate economic damage. But in the case of Internet published items, many bloggers do not have assets to sue for. A federal law prevents the Internet media from being sued for what a blogger has posted on a forum supplied by the Internet media. And so, what was once an effective restraint on libelous material has effectively been removed.

    As one can see in comments on this blog, for example, people made all sorts of accusations for which there is no effective recourse. And as for blogging, there is no operative ethical standard although the legacy media still has to abide by it because they can be sued. While the Internet provides access to information, it has also contributed to the deconstruction of communication into dog-pack squabbling.

  38. David Newquist 2014.07.06

    Beware of the typos that can't be fixed after one inadvertently hits the publish button.

  39. JeniW 2014.07.06

    So, it gets down to the question that was asked during commercials about hair coloring:

    "Did she or didn't she?" (did Noem have an affair, and if she how did Krebs find out about it?)

    Who has the proof that would stand up in the court of law?

    If adultery is really viewed as a crime, how many of the male and female inmates of the SD prison system are in prison because of adultery?

  40. mike from iowa 2014.07.06

    I'd like to hear Bill Clinton's off the record eulogy of Richard Mellon Scaife.

  41. Bill Dithmer 2014.07.06

    Larry Kurtz really? That link had almost 100 things listed. I did alright until I came to this.

    " 25-4-23. Condonation not implied by endurance of continuing conduct constituting ground for divorce. Where the cause of divorce consists of a course of offensive conduct, or arises in cases of cruelty from excessive acts of ill-treatment, which may aggregately constitute the offense, cohabitation, or passive endurance, or conjugal kindness shall not be evidence of condonation of any of the acts constituting such cause, unless accompanied by an express agreement to condone. In such cases, condonation can be made only after the cause of divorce has become complete, as to the acts complained of."

    You can't be either to bad or to good to your spouse. With 50% of marriages ending in divorce that ground inbetween must be hard to find. Or, are the expectations to great to begin with? But I'm getting off point a little.

    I dont give a damn if Kristi was the DC madam, if she was getting the job done. But she isn't. Kristi is looking out for Kristi and only Kristi, not the common man or woman that lives in South Dakota.

    I gave Clinton a pass not because I condone the behavior, but because of the egnorence of those, many of whom were doing the same thing. Newt Gingrich. !

    Economic development is at least 50% self determination. That other 50% is about good solid representation in our nations capital. Now I know there has to be both give and take, but if you vote for things that end up hurting the state over and over again, well I'm sorry thats worse then a fling.

    The Blindman

  42. Jerry 2014.07.06

    President Clinton was proven guilty of oral sex and fibbing. Who would not have done the same to try to keep your spouse from finding out. There is a sitting governor at present in South Carolina that got by without having to tell the truth about her hinge heels.
    With republicans, there is a whole different set of laws that they choose to go with. Get caught kissing your assistant after a night together, no problem, tell the voters that you and God got it all straightened out. Get caught with your name in a hooker list as liking to wear diapers and getting spanked, no problem, trot your wife out and tell the voters you are a bad boy that is going to be good. Whatever NOem did, she has not done a good job for the state. She left the ranchers holding on for dear life and she did the same with the capitalists that run the tourist industry. NOem is unfit for duty in more ways than one.

  43. Douglas Wiken 2014.07.06

    Noem seems to fit the definition of white trash. I am deeply suspicious of anonymous sources or posts. From recent comments on last election, there were more than a few suggestions that Shantel Krebs has her eyes on more than just Secretary of State For South Dakota. She has motivation to slam Noem. Both are physically attractive, nothing like a little feminine jealousy to bring out the claws.

    I am no big fan of Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, but she was and is head and shoulders above Noem. Unfortunately, I would not trust either of them to do what was right for South Dakota and most South Dakotans if push came to big money.

  44. mike from iowa 2014.07.06

    Nikki Haley makes Mark Sanford look like a choir boy which makes Bill Clinton look like the pope.(almost)

  45. Stan Gibilisco 2014.07.06

    Well, Cory, this post sure has brought in the comments!

    Maybe you should do a post on exactly what sort of blog comments constitute actionable libel these days.

    That, and maybe one on how, as this thread proves, women hold no monopoly in the art of catty gossip.

    Unfortunately, after reading some of the comments here, I will be inclined to take your blog a wee bit less seriously than I did before.

    But, shucks. Doubtless you made the choice to include Larry's allegations knowing full well the risks and rewards.

    Bottom line: Noem got elected largely because she's a hard core conservative in a hard core conservative state, at a time when many people's fears of "the left" have grown to paranoid proportions.

    I know some people who think that Obama is the Antichrist, and wants to become a dictator. I know others who will maintain their uncompromising teabagger stance even if it means that the whole economy grinds to a halt and millions starve.

    Better than having a communist Muslim Antichrist dictator serving as the most powerful person on earth.

    We as a society are losing decency, good manners, and the ability to compromise, day by day. People care about one another less and less. Even Jimmy Carter saw this trend in his book "Our Endangered Values."

    Not sure what the end point of all this will be. Maybe we should pray to the god Apophis to save us from ourselves in 2036.

    The whole planet would be better off after that rescue, methinks.

  46. JeniW 2014.07.06

    Doug, please do not insult people who are considered by some as being "white trash."

    I do not know if Kristi has ever struggled with having a low income and trying to survive one day at a time.

    I grew up in a family, and neighborhoods which some would consider "white trash." We were not awful people, and did the best that we could with what we had. I don't think it is appropriate to compare us to Noem, or to compare Noem to us.

  47. larry kurtz 2014.07.06

    Hi Bill! Hi Stan! Sure are a bunch of dead trees in the central Hills but Kristi's donors sure got what they paid for, init?

    Imagine a South Dakota where the At-large representative was actually working to solve problems and not just react to them.

  48. larry kurtz 2014.07.06

    Professor Newquist: if i was a journalist like Pat Powers none of this would have happened.

  49. grudznick 2014.07.06

    What did you have for breakfast this morning, Mr. kurtz, and were you knawing on the inside of your lip as the denizens of the cafe averted their eyes from you after perceiving you as trash? Whiter than most, in fact.

  50. larry kurtz 2014.07.06

    gnawing, dipshit.

  51. larry kurtz 2014.07.06

    Rochford is packed with fat white bikers, grud: hitch a ride up there and feed them your sausage.

  52. grudznick 2014.07.06

    When you get frustrated and enraged, Mr. kurtz, I find you even more attractive. You have never been sexier. In a manly sort of way, I mean.

  53. larry kurtz 2014.07.06

    am drinking a beer and puffing on a pipe in a lawn chair in the shade on the banks of spring creek south of rapid, grud: life is but a dream.

  54. grudznick 2014.07.06

    That does sound swell, Mr. kurtz. Plus, you own this here blog so you have that going for you too.

  55. grudznick 2014.07.06

    Mr. Gibilisco, you should have us over for brunch in the nerd cave. I can't walk up that big hill you live on so Lar will have to give me a ride.

  56. Bill Dithmer 2014.07.06

    Init, a communicators word. It might mean "I sgree," or "that's cool," or "what do you think."

    Years ago we could get all kinds of things on the big dish. One of the things we liked were all the rodeos we could get out of Canada. One of my favorites was the Canadian Indian National Finals.

    Only there could you here the essence that is native american slang, "init," and the purity that is owned solely by the conooks, "eh," used, not only by the same person, but in the same sentence and only using those two words, not once but many times.

    The announcer, "show some appreciation, Sheldon Looking Horse has just put a ride on one of the toughest broncs in rodeo."

    And then the other person in the booth, "init eh." When you think about it, what else needed to be said.

    The Blindman

  57. Jenny 2014.07.06

    Thanks Mr Newquist, good information on journalism rules.

  58. David Newquist 2014.07.06

    Larry Kurtz, you may have had a premature denunciation, but that would never descend to the level of Pat Powers, who. seems to think , devout practitioner of the Catholic faith that he is, that the Pope is named Goebbels. Init?

  59. larry kurtz 2014.07.06

    You are far too kind to be part of what is ahead for the balance of the election cycle. All the best to you and yours, Sir.

  60. larry kurtz 2014.07.06

    Bill D: how are you adjusting to your new digs?

  61. Liberty Dick 2014.07.07

    Back to the subject of Larry's misogynistic tweet... If Powers or some other mouthpiece of the right were to say the same thing about Noem making Robinson look like an old hag how do you think that would go over? What would the left/media say about Kristi if she retweets it? Bottom line is what Larry said was pathetic, not news worthy, and became an issue when a candidate retweeted it. Who is handling Angelia's social media accounts? Find someone other than her and someone with some experience quick before she makes a total fool of herself and the SDDP.

  62. larry kurtz 2014.07.07

    Let me just say, Dick, that Corinna makes Krusti and Bree look like old hags.

  63. larry kurtz 2014.07.07

    Btw, Dick: Pat uses far more foul and offensive language against black people, Indians, Jewish people and women in his comment section using a panoply of aliases.

  64. Steve Sibson 2014.07.07

    "Pat uses far more foul and offensive language against black people, Indians, Jewish people and women in his comment section using a panoply of aliases."

    Ok students, there is another Neo-Marxist statement.

  65. larry kurtz 2014.07.07

    Steve: you wouldn't know a Neo-Marxist unless one came up to your wife and gave her a pamphlet from Overeaters Anonymous.

  66. mike from iowa 2014.07.07

    Bush outed Plame for purely political reasons. If you can't tell the differentiate between deliberate retaliation and an accidental release,you are a freakin' maroon.

  67. Steve Sibson 2014.07.07

    Mike, would you not then conclude that the mistake was serious enough to rule Obama incompetent? Along with the handling of the VA government healthcare program? Or are you going to use the Neo-Marxist argument that because he is black (which ignores his mothers being white), he should be above accountability?

    Now to the point of this post. Would you cultural Neo-Marxist liberals consider Noem's alleged act as one committed by consenting adults and thereby justified, but some of Clinton's acts unwelcomed and a sexist act committed by a white male that is oppressive to females?

  68. Steve Sibson 2014.07.07

    "She left the ranchers holding on for dear life and she did the same with the capitalists that run the tourist industry."

    Jerry, you did it again: a Neo-Marxist standing up for Neo-Fascists. Both sets of big government collectivists make good bed fellows. Just don't let the voters find out. Kind of like Noem's issue , isn't it?

  69. Bill Dithmer 2014.07.07

    Larry, we love our monolithic dome. We have 37 acres that looks like a golf course, and we have a ten acre lawn that needs mowed every four days to keep up.

    We have been averaging an inch of rain every two days, that takes some getting used to.

    So far we've had six tornado watches, two warnings, saw two from the house and had the oppertunity to moon channel fives chopper when they flew out from KC to chase the tornados.

    The food is a lot cheaper, I think some of the Baptist drink more then they let on because booze is a lot cheaper. Gas is about thirty cents cheaper then in South Dakota.

    The corn already has hair and most of it is five feet tall. I don't know a thing about beans but I'm told they look great.

    All the rivers and creeks have been out of their banks at least twice since we got here a month ago. We live on a big hill so are not starting to build the ark yet.

    The fishing has been good on the property, there is a lot of wild game in the wildlife area that is on three sides of us, and the neighbors are nice, but talk with what I'm going to call a Missouri speach impediment.

    We seem to have a more progressive governor then DD. It's a red state but here seems to be a lot of people that dont know for sure what political persuasion they are. Like everybody, they all want to talk conservative, but live progressive.

    We are getting ready to start a new dome and add enough green energy to run the place. I'm excited!

    Oh ya, I saw my first groundhog. He was by the front door and didnt look smart enough to put any weather forcasting faith in.

    The CHURCH OF BILL story machine is up and running again, and there seems to be a never ending supply of material to write about.

    Thats enough for now. I have to get another cup of coffee and go back out on the patio to watch Mike mow again. From 17 inches a year to over 40, imagine that?

    The Blindman

  70. larry kurtz 2014.07.07

    Steve, would you not then conclude that the mistake was serious enough to rule Daugaard incompetent? Along with the handling of Bendagate, making South Dakota a perpetual disaster area and crony capitalism? Or are you going to use the christofascist argument that because he's a Lutheran (which ignores his mother's being white), he should be above accountability?

    Now to the point of this post. Would you cultural christofascists consider Noem's alleged act as one committed by consenting adults and thereby justified, but some of Daugaard's acts unwelcomed and a sexist act committed by a white male that is oppressive to females?

  71. larry kurtz 2014.07.07

    Great to read you, Bill: Rapid has been getting rain all night and even more this morning.

    Dodge Town put a rebuilt transmission in my motorhome but it's slipping after only 3500 miles so am stuck here until they can get it in to drop the pan to see what's wrong in there.

  72. Liberty Dick 2014.07.07

    Larry, more superficial misogyny?!?! Why? They are all too old to be attractive to me anyway; and you are really painting yourself as some creepy old man in heat, sweating over his own thoughts of these professional women. Go take a cold shower.

    Again if anyone wants to get to the crux of the issue and get Angelia professional help by taking over her social media accounts it would be in her best interests.

  73. Steve Sibson 2014.07.07

    Larry, I am on record as being critical of both Rounds and Daugaard's Neo-Fascist crony capitalism. I have not heard Daugaard being accused of rape or other acts of sexual misconduct toward women.

    I would not consider the alleged act you are reporting regarding Noem justified. I do not consider political pragmatism to be more important than moral principles. And based on your lack of moral principles, I would not be surprised that your are ignoring the immoral principle in regard to bearing false witness in order to gain political points Larry. You do not have a stained dress.

  74. larry kurtz 2014.07.07

    Dick: my alleged misogyny is directed only at white, GOP, anti-civil rights women. Steve: i have several stained dresses.

  75. Steve Sibson 2014.07.07

    OK Larry, have you posted a pdf of the DNA results?

  76. larry kurtz 2014.07.07

    1308 pages of results, Sib: you?

  77. larry kurtz 2014.07.07

    ip has not only overtaken Sibby Online in hit counts but also Wiken's Dakota Today in traffic, Sib, and he's been blogging since 2003.

  78. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.07

    On Larry's mention of South Dakota's divorce statutes: what crime was committed, Larry? Adultery is grounds for divorce, but it does not appear to carry any criminal penalty.

  79. Steve Sibson 2014.07.07

    Larry, blowing your own horn instead of providing evidence is not helping me buy your allegations.

  80. larry kurtz 2014.07.07

    "South Dakota this is a prosecution for adultery committed on one of the Sioux Indian Reservations in the state of South Dakota. Both participants in the act were Indians belonging to that reservation. The statute upon which the prosecution is founded was originally adopted as part of the act of March 3, 1887 (chap. 397, 24 Stat. at L. 635), and is now 316 of the Penal Code [35 Stat. at L. 1149, chap. 321, Comp. Stat. 1913, 10,489]. The section makes no mention of Indians, and the question for decision is whether it embraces adultery committed by one Indian with another Indian, on an Indian reservation. The district court answered the question in the negative."

  81. Douglas Wiken 2014.07.07

    Ok, so I should have said, "Rich, white trash". No problem.

    Sorry about impugning "poor white trash" by adding Noem to the category.

    Yes, I agree that your comment was intentionally funnier than most here. Some are funny, odd and strange unintentionally.

    GOP hypocrisy and inconsistency are monumental in the monument state.

  82. Douglas Wiken 2014.07.08

    Richard Mellon Scaife just croaked. May he rot in hell.

    Scaife was a funder of the rags that attacked the Clintons with a bunch of trash and magnified them into phony issues that filled nearly every newspaper and wingnut right website and blog. Gene Lyons butchered the GOP mighty Wurlitzer.

    In a twisted way, kind of appropriate he died just as this issue of Krebs versus Noem turned up.

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