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Libertarian Convention Speaker, Libertarian Blogger Oppose Haber AG Nomination

I'm working on an interview with Eric Leggett, Independent candidate for District 15 House in Sioux Falls. Leggett is also the first announced speaker at the South Dakota Libertarian Party convention.

Leggett says he's not sure yet what he'll pack into those ten minutes. But he won't be packing an endorsement for Chad Haber, who is alleged to be seeking the Libertarian nomination for attorney general:

I am deeply concerned about his desire to use the Libertarian Party as a tool for his own agenda. Not only do I think he's using the Libertarians for his own use, but the entire state. This whole situation has become more ugly at every turn. He is making a joke out of our entire political system. I hope the Libertarian Party tells him thanks, but no thanks. He has no qualifications [and is] absolutely not a Libertarian in any way shape or form. Chad Haber is bad for the Libertarians, but more importantly, he's bad for South Dakota [Eric Leggett, interview with Madville Times via e-mail, 2014.07.18].

Haber, who as of 13:17 CDT today is still listed by the Secretary of State as a registered Republican, lives just south of the boundary between District 15 and District 13. Leggett thus won't have to seek Haber's vote in the House race in November.

Libertarian blogger Ken Santema also publicizes his opposition to Haber's nomination:

At this point it doesn't matter if Haber is Libertarian, he is tainted goods politically and would do nothing but draw a circus show attention away from other candidates that wish to run under the Libertarian banner. If he wishes to try for the nomination.. .well.. that is his choice. But those of us attending and voting do NOT have to vote for him [Ken Santema, comment, SDLP convention Facebook page, 2014.07.17].

Libertarian Kurt Evans previously indicated an interest in running for the Libertarian attorney general nomination; however, Evans tells this blog that with at least one real attorney likely to come forward to seek that position, he has settled on running for commissioner of school and public lands.

We have yet to hear Haber speak publicly about his alleged candidacy. We have yet to hear any Libertarian speak publicly in support of his candidacy.


  1. Lee Stranahan 2014.07.18

    Stop lying, Cory.

    As you are well aware, Chad Haber an announcement himself that was published on Dakota Reporter about his intent to run.

    [Edit: As my readers are aware, Chad Haber has yet to stand before any microphone or camera and make clear that he is speaking for himself. He has yet to speak directly to any independent reporter and answer questions about his qualifications for attorney general, his employment history, his education, or any other question that a responsible journalist covering politics might consider relevant. I have yet to lie about anything on this blog. Chad Haber's spokesman's repeated assertion to the contrary is a calculated, malicious, and false attempt to undermine my character and livelihood. I would demand that Chad Haber put a stop to this slander, but I know such a demand would be futile. Such behavior is why the Chad Haber candidacy will receive no support and produce no beneficial results for which he can claim credit. —CAH, 14:16 CDT]

    [Remainder of comment deleted as a favor to Chad to remove further evidence of slander. Some conversations I'm just not having... particularly not with spokesmen who are paid to troll the Web for their clients all day. —CAH]

  2. larry kurtz 2014.07.18

    Lee: are you Rino Mike?

  3. Bob Newland 2014.07.18

    Other libertarians and Libertarians (those who merely claim admiration for the platform and Those Who Have So Registered) are free to endorse or not. I have heard and read many allegations about Chad Haber, but I am not aware of any convictions for misdeeds. Please fill me in if you have any such knowledge.

    Most of you are aware that I ran for Atty Genl after several such convictions, so....

    As for Chad, I only know that he has said he is searching for justice in the Taliferro/Schwab prosecutions in which the AG and DCI manufactured evidence and suborned perjury and got their case thrown out, after making the defendants go into 6-figure debt. I am also seeking justice in that matter and many more. Take 20 minutes and look at

    Up until the moment I vote on the SDLP nomination for Atty Genl I will neither endorse nor oppose Chad Haber nor anyone else.

    If you want to combine Haber and the Taliaferro/Schwab miscarriage, I can't stop you from doing so, but Haber is one of the few people who is doing ANYTHING to expose the perfidy of the AG and the DCI. The SDLP is ONLY political party in SD doing ANYTHING to obtain justice in this case. The rotten mackerel stink from the prosecution of Brandon Taliferro and Shirley Schwab would still exist if Chad Haber were raptured today.

    By the way, you can see an interesting piece of evidence, a partial transcript of a discussion between two DCI agents, at

  4. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.18

    Bob, I am uneasy to see every discussion of Haber's political qualifications turned into a discussion of a completely separate topic about which Haber has no firsthand knowledge. I want that story to be told, but I reject the notion that Haber is seeking justice for the victims in that case. Haber's circus and the Taliaferro/Schwab cases should not be combined.

  5. larry kurtz 2014.07.18

    Why, Cory? Bob is absolutely right in that SDDP has turned a blind eye to ICWA crimes in South Dakota!

  6. Bob Newland 2014.07.18

    Leggett said, "[Haber] is making a joke out of our entire political system.

    I assume that one reason that Leggett is running Independent is because the Republicans consistently send people like Janklow, Gant, Daugaard and Jackley to the Capitol, and the Democrats can't find people to run in half the races in SD. Pardon me while I cough and hack for a while over that bit of humor.

  7. Bob Newland 2014.07.18

    Reject any notion you want, Cory. Fact is, that's what he said.

    As for "political qualifications," I re-mention Janklow, et. al.

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.18

    Hang on, I'm now trying to sort out smokescreens for smokescreens.

    The Taliaferro/Schwab case deserves attention, because it represents corruption in South Dakota.

    The South Dakota Democratic Party deserves a scolding for not nominating a candidate to challenge AG Marty Jackley on the Taliaferro/Schwab case.

    If the SD Libertarian Party can nominate a candidate who can lead a public conversation about that topic, help the proper parties get justice, and win the election, the SDLP will deserve kudos all around and shout "neener-neener" all it wants at the SDDP.

    But so far, no Libertarian has endorsed Haber. Libertarians and Mr. Leggett have expressed a clear lack of confidence in Haber's ability to prosecute that story to a just end.

    Bob can shout "The sky is blue." He would be absolutely correct. But that statement would be equally irrelevant to the merits of the alleged candidate.

  9. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.18

    Haber also said he'd pay back a $200,000 loan, then fought in court not to pay it back. Haber said people could win land by buying raffle tickets, then resisted refunding them when the raffle didn't happen.

    I'm just talking facts on the record. I don't need a court to tell me when I can't trust the words someone says.

  10. David Newquist 2014.07.18

    It is not accurate to say that there hasn't been an effort by some members of the SDDP to find some justice for the damages suffered by Taliaferro and Schwab. There was clearly false charges against them instigated and approved by the Brown County State's Attorney, who is practicing law at present. In dismissing the case against them, the judge provided reasons that would justify disciplinary investigations. But when the Bar Association and the state Supreme Court have authority to institute such actions, according to SDTeacher, and choose to ignore the issues raised, what can be done? There are plenty of blog posts addressing Schwab and Taliaferro's situation, but they are regarded as just chatter. And if anyone has had to deal with the legal system in South Dakota, one finds the bar association is a clique of suck-buddies who will not face their fellow members in opposition or do anything that might bring embarrassment or discomfort to fellow members.

    It isn't that there are no people who want something resolved; it's that we have not found people who have authority to initiate the proper actions. But I know, there are people in the Democratic Party working on it. In the meantime, the State's Attorney office in Brown County, despite a regime change, continues to carry forward cases based upon false evidence supplied by law enforcement.

    If someone knows how to get the justice system in the state to implement a little justice, we'd sure like to hear how.

  11. larry kurtz 2014.07.18

    Thank you, David; but it sure is frustrating having third party candidates driving a progressive agenda while liberals look for someone to run.

  12. JeniW 2014.07.18

    Lee, still waiting for a positive or favorable word on Chad's and Annette's behalf on this venue.

    But, maybe the the reason for that is that there are not any positive of favorable words to support them?

    BTW, the sky is not blue, that is an illusion. :)

  13. mike from iowa 2014.07.18

    Call in the Feds. Rethugs will whine about Federal intervention,but they sure as hell ain't gonna police themselves. Haven't they proven that already?

  14. Bob Newland 2014.07.18

    Leggett, who is not a Libertarian, has expressed doubts.

    Emmett Reistroffer, who is a Libertarian, has expressed doubts, but he has acknowledged to me that was based on what he saw on the internet.

    The chattering nabobs who comment here have expressed doubt.

    I am expressing what I have learned from actually talking to Chad and to others.

    I re-mention the asshats elected by the Republicans.

  15. SDTeacher 2014.07.18

    Three questions that I would like to see answered are

    1) Precisely which specific and unique powers or functions of the Attorney General they intend to use to "fix" the Mette case.
    2) What is their definition of "fixing" that case.
    3) What will they do with the rest of their time in office after they've "fixed" this problem?

  16. Joe K 2014.07.18

    Lee: Chad has every opportunity to have is side printed. He just needs to stop hiding. That "announcement" - Please, that was hardly an announcement. It was a little blurb on a quickly hashed website that hardly anyone knows about.

  17. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.18

    Yes, Bob, Chris Dearing and the raffle ticket holders actually spoke to Chad as well.

  18. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.18

    Every time Lee refers to you as a liar, you should delete his comment in its entirety.

    Mr. Newquist's summation of this case is correct, people have not turned a blind eye to it, with a Republican dominated legal system the Taaliaferro/Schwab are denied judicial responsibility. Apparently their case is but one in this state that has been covered up.

    And as usual there is the absence of concern for the children involved by the political cretins that want to climb into elective office by using them.

    For these political hacks and their spokesmen, this has corruption has been exposed, now find a solution and do something about it and quit using children to feed your political appetite.

  19. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.18

    David, indeed, thank you. I am glad to hear that the SDDP is working toward justice in the case that Haber is trying to exploit for personal gain. I guess the question we should ask is, To what extent can a candidate for Attorney General advance the search for justice in this case? Will telling the story on the campaign trail help? If elected, what actions msut the AG then take to advance justice further?

  20. Joe K 2014.07.18

    Boo hoo Lee. Maybe if you had something constructive to add to the conversation it wouldn't happen. All I hear from you is everyone is picking on Haber/Bosworth, you madvill people don't know all the facts, but hold on - that will be told later, and please give me $$$ so I can do a video that may never be finished.

  21. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.18

    Bob, you mention Janklow and the folks the GOP puts up. Indeed, we can identify a great cast of clowns and crooks on past ballots. But pointing out that past candidates were clowns and crooks does not say that a current candidate now is not a clown or crook.

    Again, it's a simple question: where is the argument in favor of nominating Chad Haber? I mean, if the SDLP needs a candidate, and they aren't looking for a law degree, and they don't care what party the candidate is currently registered in, and they want someone who can go out in public, make good speeches, and get lots of media attention that will make the party sound smart and courageous, then heck, nominate me.

    Seriously, think about a Heidelberger candidacy, Bob. Think about what I can bring to the table for you, for the SDLP, and for South Dakota:

    #1: Lots of Democratic voters.
    #2: The highest vote total ever received by a Libertarian nominee in South Dakota.
    #3: Proven rhetorical skills.
    #4: No one in my immediate family distracting with felony charges.
    #5: Firm grasp of South Dakota legal and political issues, including EB-5.
    #6: Proven record of reporting corruption in South Dakota, including the Taliaferro/Schwab case, which I covered two years before Chad Haber's spokesman ever mentioned it.
    #7: an honest dedication to truth, justice, and South Dakota, not self-promotion.

    Now if even one of those four attorneys whom Emmett and Kurt have been jawboning says o.k., this discussion is done. You pick that lawyer over Chad and me, hands down, no debate. But if they all decline, and you're stuck with Chad and me, résumés and political horse sense say you pick me.

    So do the SDLP by-laws specify that I must be present to win nomination? Or can I send surrogates to nominate me?

  22. Bill Fleming 2014.07.18

    Now you're talking' Cory. Go get 'em buddy.

  23. Bob Newland 2014.07.18

    You can look at the by-laws at

    We're going to try to make it possible to conduct the convention remotely for those who can't go to Sioux Falls. Emmett has suggested Google Hangout. I haven't had time to check it out yet.

    [remainder deleted for irrelevance —CAH]

  24. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.18

    Bill, what's your take on how many Democrats I could get to vote for me as AG? I recognize that a lot of Dems of good conscience would say, "I like him, but I can't vote for a guy without a law license." How much protest vote do I keep that Chad Haber can't access?

  25. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.18

    Google Hangout would be a good way to broadcast. Let me check those by-laws.

  26. Joe K 2014.07.18

    Now this is actually a great idea! How about this, have Cory and Chad have a debate before the Libertarian nomination!

  27. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.18

    All right: Article 2, Section 1 says registering as a Libertarian and paying the membership fees makes one a voting member of the party. Article 5, Section 3 says "The members shall endorse Libertarian candidates that have obtained a majority vote from the primary election. In the event no primary election was required (only one (1) candidate ran for the office on the primary ballot), the Chair shall request a voice acclamation from the members. Primary election voters shall include any registered Libertarian, Independent, and other unaffiliated voters." No article addresses directly the question of nominating candidates for the offices that do not face primary election, like Attorney General. I see no restriction under the by-laws printed online to the SDLP nominating me as their AG candidate. Does anyone else?

  28. Bill Fleming 2014.07.18

    Cory, if you can make a compelling argument as to why being an attorney isn't a deal breaker, you should be able to get more than half of the Democratic votes. Better yet, let the Democratic lawyers make your argument for you.

    I think they will tell you that you don't have to BE a good lawyer, you just have to know how to HIRE good lawyers. In other words... (wait for it...) get organized.

  29. Tara Volesky 2014.07.18

    So Cory, are you announcing? Go for it.

  30. Bob Newland 2014.07.18

    The SDLP would welcome the candidacy of Cory Heidelberger for Attorney General of South Dakota.

  31. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.18

    Get organized—doesn't that violate Libertarian principles? ;-) (See, Bob, I can even make better political jokes than Haber. Add that to my résumé, and add ten points to my margin over Haber!)

    SDCL 12-6-3.2: "No person may sign a declaration of candidacy or be nominated as a political candidate for a party unless that person is a registered voter with that party affiliation." Nominee must register Libertarian at the courthouse. Chris Nelson would contend that has to happen before convention. I haven't re-registered yet; public records indicate Haber hasn't either. I beat or tie Haber on every criterion.

    What do you think, Bob? Do I just need to re-register and find voting members to move and second my nomination?

  32. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.18

    Bob, I'm looking at the grammatical subject of your sentence. Are you speaking as Bob, or are you speaking on behalf of the SDLP executive committee? (Even though I'm not a lawyer, I recognize the importance of precision in language.)

  33. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.18

    Bob, it is nice to welcome a potential Cory candidacy, but will actively support and vote for him?

  34. Bob Newland 2014.07.18

    Here's your slogan, "At least I'm not a f*****g lawyer."

  35. Bob Newland 2014.07.18

    Bob Newland welcomes your candidacy. The SDLP does, also, as a matter of big-tentedness, as well as law. We, of course, would prefer that our candidates could endorse at least 7% of the LP platform, but, shit, we nominated Bob Barr for president in 2008.

  36. Kurt Evans 2014.07.18

    Bob Newland wrote:
    >"The SDLP would welcome the candidacy of Cory Heidelberger for Attorney General of South Dakota."

    I'm not promising you my vote, Cory, but I concur with Bob. Worst-case scenario, we use you for publicity, Chad beats you, and the stress of the campaign destroys your marriage (ha ha).

    Very little of the attorney general's work is actually in the courtroom. What is could probably be delegated to a chief deputy.

  37. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.18

    Can I take that as an endorsement of Cory, Bob.

    Lee hasn't posted anything about Chad's candidacy for attorney general on his blog. I'm starting to think that even Lee doesn't believe in Chad.

  38. Bob Newland 2014.07.18

    Regardless as to whether Cory is the nominee, do you think I would vote for Jackley?

    I would be active in measure commensurate to the libertarian philosophy espoused by the nominee.

    I voted for Bob Barr, but he was NOT a libertarian, even though he registered as such. See I can support Linos as much as PuPu the Blogger can support Rinos.

  39. Bob Newland 2014.07.18

    THAT was funny, Kurt.

  40. Laura 2014.07.18

    I just saw that Taliaferro made a motion to request to withdraw as Annette's attorney for failure to fulfill her obligations. Any truth behind this? Does this now mean that Pornahan has driven off all voice of reason for Annette?

  41. Laura 2014.07.18

    Does anyone else have circus music playing in their head when they see, hear or read anything related to Pornahan, Annette or Chad? (maybe it's just me?)

  42. Bob Newland 2014.07.18

    Who or what is Pornahan?

    I hear the circus music.

  43. Laura 2014.07.18

    Lee Stranahan evidently made some pornos back in the day and someone on one of the blogs nicknamed him kinda stuck. I find it funny!

  44. Laura 2014.07.18

    *allegedly...just what I was told.

  45. Bill Fleming 2014.07.18

    Bob, apparently, Lee Stranahan used to be a porn photographer... or maybe just a naked person photographer. As an artist, there's no real clear line there for me. Sometimes even well set headlines in just the right typeface look like porn to me. ;-)

  46. Bob Newland 2014.07.18

    Same with me for a well-made hand grenade.

  47. Bob Newland 2014.07.18

    On which I may have to fall.

  48. Joe K 2014.07.18

    And, the circus continues. I wonder what excuse Boz/Stranahan will use to try and lay blame on Taliaferro.

  49. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.18

    7% of the platform? I think I can get there.

  50. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.18

    Taliaferro is blameless. He is a good lawyer, trying to do his job and serve his client.

  51. Tara Volesky 2014.07.18

    What did you guys think of Pornographer Larry Flynt when he offered one million dollars to anyone who would release information on any Republican Congressman for their bad boy behavior. Didn't Gingrich resign from congress because he knew what was coming with Flynt's information? Also incoming Speaker of the House Bob Livingston and Rep. Bob Barr also resigned. If Stanahan or Haber can take a page out of the Larry Flynt's handbook, without getting into peoples personal lives, more power to them. Stick to the issues that affect the children and taxpayers of SD.......

  52. Tara Volesky 2014.07.18

    NEW RULES.........No more personal attacks on anybody. Time is running out, so let's NOW focus on how to throw out the Establishment cronies. Game On!

  53. Jessie 2014.07.18

    And that would be rules for ...? Last I saw Cory owns the blog and makes the rules here. So what might you be referring to?

  54. mike from iowa 2014.07.18

    I'll repeat myse;f,at the risk of being crude-

    mike from iowa
    2014.07.16 at 09:20

    If I could find a morsel of pity for a lawyer,then it would go to Taliaferro who has the unenviable job of keeping Bosworth's pie hole shut until November. For her own good she should be put in a medically induced coma.

  55. Tara Volesky 2014.07.18

    Sure Jesse, he can write whatever he want's. I hope he get's back to doing what he's best at like bringing up the $300,000 dollars Mike Rounds had to payback to the state over the misuse of the State plane, the latest on EB-5, Emmett's protest. Daugaard ditching the SD Education Convention live debate Aug. 8th. Jackley trying to keep Hubbel off the ballot as Mike Myers running mate.......Somebody needs to get these stories out. The mainstream media is again asleep at the wheel.

  56. Jessie 2014.07.18

    Mike, there must be 50 ways to leave your client.

    Tara, I asked about rules. You didn't answer. I ask again.

  57. Bill Fleming 2014.07.18

    27 planks on the SD Libertarian Platform. Just scanning quickly, I'm thinking I'm good with at least half of them, probably more like 70% .

    So, 7%? Piece of cake, Cory.

    (p.s. 7% of 27 is less than 2 and more than one :-)

  58. Tara Volesky 2014.07.18

    Jesse, what I mean by New Rules is no more personal attacks.

  59. Jessie 2014.07.18

    If Cory wants to ban ad hominen attacks, he can do so. You and I don't get a vote.

  60. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.18

    I didn't get along well with new rules, fact is we have too many rules anyway.
    You have bemoaned numerous times that the media isn't covering what you think should be covered and you are correct. Cory has picked up that lack of political coverage, scandals and corruption with his thorough investigations and reporting.
    If you want to get your stories out, refer as many people as possible to Madville Times, it is the only blog in South Dakota that not only Democrats are concerned about, there are many with opposing views that comment here.
    The first thing you do in the morning is login to Madville and see what is trending, than you share that stories with you followers on Facebook or other social media.
    If there isn't a topic that concerns you, go to the Madville go older relevant threads and share them.
    As a reminder, it your responsibility as the Myers/Hubbel campaign manager to get stories to the public, Cory gives you ample information to share and comment on.

  61. mike from iowa 2014.07.18

    Freedumb-better one loose cannon remains unfettered than allow her lawyer a credible chance of winning her case.

  62. Bob Newland 2014.07.18

    The transcript of the Taliaferro/Schwab trial is online.

    What happens when you try to protect foster children from rape by their foster parents? Marty Jackley tries to ruin your life. Read the trial transcript.

  63. mike from iowa 2014.07.18

    Good catch,Jessie. :)

  64. Tara Volesky 2014.07.18

    Roger, Cory can tell you how much I promote him in fact if Myers would get elected, he's got a job. So, I stole the NEW RULES from Bill Maher. lol. Geez, lighten up. Can't even have a little fun without the Cory Kool-Aid drinkers coming to his rescue and getting so defensive. Cory can think for himself and speak for himself. He's not a 2 year old. He doesn't need to be molly coddled. I will continue to challenge Cory, even if it might upset his following.

  65. Jessie 2014.07.18

    Ok, now I'm pissed.

    You are correct that Cory doesn't need me to defend him. If you would care to read these posts, you would find that what I objected to was the idea of any one commenter trying to establish how this forum works. I don't know Bill Maher's jokes so using that reference was a mistake.

    The idea of kool-aid drinkers and followers is (insert ad hominem attack word here). Challenge Cory or anyone else here. They are all adults, I presume, and don't need me to defend them. Why would you assume I did?

    Hitting "post your comment" without taking the time to cool down, always risky. but what the hell.

  66. Tara Volesky 2014.07.18

    Roger, I may have to admit myself to treatment, because I have an addiction to Madville Times. I must admit, it's a good addiction to have. And yes Roger, I get 99% of my news right hear. Even Lora Hubbel reads Madville times. Wow! Lora, you need help.

  67. Tara Volesky 2014.07.18

    Hey. Jesse, I am just having fun. You would blend in better at SDWC. They like to attack. Take a chill pill. I am done.

  68. Jessie 2014.07.18

    You may be done but I am not. You insult me under the guise of having fun, suggesting I belong with people I find beneath notice. You could at least show the courtesy of spelling my name correctly.

  69. larry kurtz 2014.07.18

    Show us the diesel fuel.

  70. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.18

    Tara, pay attention. Chad and Annette are already throwing mud about people, digging into their personal lives. By your own metric, they are bad actors.

  71. larry kurtz 2014.07.18

    You're going to file then, bro?

  72. larry kurtz 2014.07.18

    I pledge one large right now.

  73. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.18

    As for my writing, Tara...

    1. Is it a personal attack when I point out that Leggett, Santema, Evans, and Reistroffer have all publicly repudiated Haber's effort to usurp the Libertarian nomination for attorney general?

    2. Is it a personal attack when I present evidence that Haber refused to pay back a $200,000 personal loan?

    3. Is it a personal attack when I present evidence that Haber resisted refunding raffle ticket holders after his non-profit failed to conduct raffles according to its own rules?

    4. Is it a personal attack when I present evidence that Mike Rounds signed off on a number of last-minute, lame-duck government handouts to benefit Northern Beef Packers?

    5. Is it a personal attack when I report that Marty Jackley has failed to prosecute corruption in state government?

    6. Is it a personal attack when I cite the evidence above in questioning the fitness of any of the above named men for public office?

  74. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.18

    File? Larry, you mean me? First, I want to take up Newland's challenge and quantify my fealty to the Libertarian platform. Second, I want to review SDCL 1-11-1, the duties of the attorney general. Third, I want everyone to look at this list of every state and territorial attorney general in the U.S. Every one of them went to law school.

    I would be a better AG candidate for the Libertarians than anyone else yet named as a contender. But Larry, that's like saying I can beat your eight-minute mile with a seven-minute mile when we really need someone who can run a five-minute mile. The question we need to ask of all candidates is whether they meet the requirements of the elected office. If the only candidates who stand for the nomination are unqualified to do the job, is it more virtuous for the party to nominate the better candidate or to nominate no one?

  75. Jerry 2014.07.18

    Yes, very interesting. I also think Marty has some serious blame in this mess as he could have put an end to it by telling them they were out of compliance. When Marty is involved with something, something stinks.

  76. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.18

    Stranahan is twittering that the reason Taliaferro dumped Bosworth is that he is "afraid" of Jackley.
    By Lee's account as told to him by Taliaferro himself, he's has to check regularly to see if Jackley has bugged his office. He is even afraid to date because she/he might be a spy.
    But the big reason Tailaferro is afraid is that Jackley will have him "Benda'd".
    I think it is time for Cory to talk to Brandon.

  77. lesliengland 2014.07.19

    not knowing any of the facts nor people involved, jackley has merely protected the privacy of a suicide's family as provided by law and this spurious theory we have here of a suspicious death is just small town bonkers--or we have the makings of a good crime novel.

  78. Joe K 2014.07.19

    I dont know if talking to Brandon will do much good. Boz/Lee can spout off whatever they want, but he is bounded by attorney/client privilege. If they are going to spin it this way, and it is untrue - his only recourse may be in a civil suit. I may be wrong on this, but what they discussed when he was retained as their council is between only them. However, I am not sure how it affects Lee and the discussions they may have had, since he was only representing Boz, or at least as far as we know.

  79. Joe K 2014.07.19

    Sorry, I should of been a bit clearer in my 2nd sentence. In saying he, I meant their attorney, Brandon T.

  80. SDBlue 2014.07.19

    While Lee is once again spinning conspiracy theories, Taliaferro's paperwork to the judge states Bosworth did not fulfill her obligations to her attorney. The only thing I read into this, is Bosworth did not pay her attorney for services rendered. She is notorious for not paying people what they are owed. Why should this time be any different? My guess...she will end up with a public defender because she's broke. Any attorney who takes this case Pro Bono needs their head examined.

  81. Tara Volesky 2014.07.19

    Yes Cory, talk to Brandon Taliaferro, we need to get behind him. He is getting bullied, and they want to run him out of SD. The first I heard about the Mette case was right here. Cory you might want to interview Doug and Candi Boes. That's a case that has been botched by the DSS and CRST. Just watch the interview. Sorry, I don't know how to post but you can find it on fb ANGELS NEED YOUR HELP.

  82. mike from iowa 2014.07.19

    Maybe she'll run to Jackley and turn state's evidence against her ex-attorney and try to get him disbarred to save her own hide. Whatever her problem,she is not at fault and I can imagine it being leaked to the media via some rw blog.

  83. SDTeacher 2014.07.19

    Marty Jackley's politics suck and I wish he wasn't our AG, but there is no evidence that he's a murderer. Stranahan has accused him of having Benda killed and accused him of threatening Taliafaro's life. Jackley should sue him for defamation. He's got proof of malice on Stranahan's own website/twitter feed. If this attorney has been threatened by Jackley, he needs to go public. Otherwise, he should denounce Lee Stranahan for what he is- a ridiculous piece of garbage. It's past time SD put him out.

  84. Tara Volesky 2014.07.19

    I am hoping Brandon Taliaferro files a civil lawsuit against the state. SD Teacher,I am surprised you would be so quick to denounce Lee Stranahan. Don't jump to conclusions. His story matches up with Brandon's.

  85. SDTeacher 2014.07.19

    Where is the public statement from Brandon saying that Marty Jackley either killed or had Benda killed and that Brandon is afraid he's next?

  86. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.19

    There is no public statement, only Team Bosworth-Haber taking advantage of attorney-client privilege to put words in Taliaferro's mouth that Taliaferro cannot by professional ethics confirm or deny. Bosworth drew Taliaferro in, got what she needed, and now will exploit him.

  87. SDTeacher 2014.07.19

    I don't think professional ethics prevent him from confirming or denying that he made murder allegations against the attorney general.

    First, the comments have nothing to do with the client's pending case. Second, Stranahan is not his client, Bosworth is, so anything he said to Stranahan is not privileged and even if it somehow is privileged, either Bosworth breached the privilege by having Stranahan in on the conversation or Stranahan breached it by publicly revealing the contents of the conversation. Brandon has a clear path to shutting Stranahan down on this.

  88. Tara Volesky 2014.07.19

    There is no public statement. I am not going to discuss our conversation without Brandon's approval, that's why it would be better if Cory talked to him.

  89. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.19

    Tara related to me on a Facebook conversation that she had basically the same conversation with Brandon that Lee did. That isn't necessarily confirmation of Brandon's fears of Jackley, but apparently he has related his concerns to more than one person. I don't mean disparage Tara, it is that I don't believe a damn word Lee says.
    SDTeacher, Jackley promised a review of the Benda case by 2 or 3 credible South Dakota journalist and than withdrew from that promise using the family as an excuse. To most logical people it seemed that the family would want us to know the truth, Benda may well have committed suicide OR he may not have. By Jackley shutting down the reporters review of the case, he has caused serious questions to be raised, Therein lies the problem, do you trust Jackley to tell the truth about Benda's death, GOED-EB/5 or anything else?
    For those that believe that this whole sorry saga is just a small town conspiracy, you maybe right. A conspiracy theory can be proven or disproved by only one means and that is an independent prosecutor.

  90. SDTeacher 2014.07.19

    Lee's writing on this issue heavily implies that Brandon indicated that he thought the attorney general was going to have him killed (or "Benda'd"). Failing to adequately investigate a case is not the same as threatening murder. No. I don't believe Jackley will do anything that harms his personal political interests, so no I don't trust him about much of anything. But I do not believe he is at the heart of one murderous conspiracy and threatening another, and that is what Lee and Tara are implying.

    It's one thing to call out a political opponent on their bad policy and abuse of discretion. Accusing them of felonies and then refusing to provide evidence or speak publicly about it (but allowing people like Tara and Stranahan to do it for you) is a completely different ball of wax. It's BS like this that makes it impossible to actually address the problems in our state.

    If Stranahan and Tara and Brandon believe that Jackley is connected to Benda's death and that he represents an active risk of harm to Brandon, then they need to call the police. I would argue they have a moral responsibility to do so. If they believe that his conspiracies and power are so deep and wide that no SD police officer will follow through, then they should go to the US attorney or the FBI.

    Starting a whisper campaign on a few political blogs reeks.

  91. Bill Fleming 2014.07.19

    Roger, I've noticed one thing about well spun conspiracy theories is they often times can't ever be disproven. The logic in them can sometimes be absolutely rock solid.

    It is usually the case that they also just so happen to be false, but there's simply no proving it.

    This is especially the case when the true causes of the story in question are random, chaotic, and coincidental and thus more repellent to our minds (which love order) than an air-tight coherent fiction.

  92. Tara Volesky 2014.07.19

    You should read the emails coming in. This is going to snowball. Stanahan call me. 605-292-0888. The Myers/Team is going to make this public. Time for a Press conference. We'll see if the media has any balls. I encourage the Wismer team and Libertarians to join forces.

  93. Rick 2014.07.19

    We can't read them if you don't post them, Tara.

  94. SDTeacher 2014.07.19

    Hmmm. If I had snowballing evidence of a crime, I'd be more inclined to call the police than the press. Different strokes I guess.

  95. Jessie 2014.07.19

    Great way to woo the media.

  96. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.19

    Bill and SDTeacher,

    After reviewing some of Cory's threads on GOED/EB-5 and the Benda death, I'm inclined not to call this a conspiracy theory at all. So much of the evidence Cory revealed is factual backed up by reliable sources. No conspiracy.

    What this whole thing should be called is an ongoing investigation that need to get some teeth. Like I said earlier, a special prosecutor comes to mind.

    We have are the knowns and unknowns that need to be specifically investigated, including Jackley's disavowing his own promise of a journalistic review of the Benda case.

    SDTeacher is correct, if Brandon has been threatened directly or implied, the police need to be called. If he doesn't trust South Dakota law enforcement he needs to call the FBI. I'm interested in what events precipitated Brandon's fears of a physical threat from Jackley.

  97. Tara Volesky 2014.07.19

    Woo the media.......that's a sick, sick comment Jessie. Who are you anyway. Put your name to that comment, or are you going to be a coward. Child abuse is not a joke and should not be used for political gain. We have been trying to get stories like this out for months. Instead of woo the media......screw the media for not doing their job. Like I said, Wismer, the Libertarian candidates, or anybody else that wants to expose what the state and tribes are covering up, jump on board.

  98. SDTeacher 2014.07.19

    Roger, I don't disagree that there needs to be an independent investigation. If you look back, you'll see that my concern is that Stranahan and Volesky are implying that Jackley was involved in a murder and represents a risk of physical harm, even murder to Brandon. I don't think any of the facts that have come to light support such a contention and the fact that the person who supposedly made these comments isn't taking ownership of them makes the situation stink even worse. I'm just disgusted by this type of unethical tactics.

    Call him out on his policy, criticize how he does his job, demand an independent investigation, but don't imply he's murderous on a political blog unless you have a good reason for it. And if you do have a good reason for it, get off of facebook and call the police.

  99. JeniW 2014.07.19

    I appreciate your passion and compassion Tara, but it takes more than media exposure to get things done.

    It takes someone to step up to the plate to do the follow through. Who is going to do that?

  100. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.19

    Apparently I did not make it clear enough that I agree with you and that we are discussing two entirely different situations, Tailiaferro and Jackley and the GOED/EB-5 investigation, they shouldn't be confused.
    Absolutely, if Brandon's allegigations via Stranahan/Vokesky that his life is anyway in danger, there needs to be a complete investigation.
    To repeat myself, it is important to know exactly what incidents have caused Brandon to feel threatened.
    If there is a story here, it needs to be reported professionally and not the Lee Stranahan National Enquirer style he is accustomed to.

  101. SDTeacher 2014.07.19

    Sorry Roger, I didn't read carefully enough.

  102. Jessie 2014.07.19

    First things first. I am Jessie Elder. I live in Pierre.
    Second, can we both agree that these stories need to reach the public?

    If you have been trying and failing to do this for months, perhaps you should consider whether you are ineffective in dealing with the media. Perhaps you should consider whether excoriating those who could help you reach the public is the best way to achieve your goals?

    As best I can figure it, you prefer to blame the media. However culpable you think these media people may be, you are not likely to get them to do as you wish by suggesting they haven't the balls to report these stories.

    Why should the media pay any attention to you or your candidate? What's in it for them? Do you actually think you can reach the public yourself when you've already admitted to months of failure?

    "Screw the media" ain't gonna get you nowhere.

  103. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.19

    Jessie and JeniW
    I share your concern and perhaps frustration on the issues presented on this thread, people can yell corruption and scandal only so many times, there comes a point when they need to laid on the table by professional and accurate reporting.
    In terms of South Dakota media, it does suck, and you shouldn't be insulting the very people you should be courting. When journalist are approached your facts and sources had better be in order, documentation is everything. It doesn't just to say Marty Jackley is corrupt, that corruption needs to be proven
    The only South Dakota investigative reporter I know is Cory, the rest have to be spoon fed and you can't assume that they know what you do.
    And if there is a press conference with major party players, there are to be no push ups, shuffling papers or other such distractions.

  104. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.19

    Tara, clarify for me: which story are you saying is snowballing with lots of e-mails?

  105. Tara Volesky 2014.07.19

    Well thank you Jessie for stating your last name, and yes I blame the media 100%. They are suppose to be the watchdog for the people. Are they. NO. Believe me, I have tried. Ask Lora Hubbel if she was given equal time or was allowed to debate Daugaard...CANCELED! Mike Myers received an invitation for a televised debate with the largest gathering of educators in SD at their state convention Oct 8th. He happily accepted and guess what happen Jessie........within 24 hours, CANCELED! Sorry, I have no control over the media and no, I will not kiss up to them, how can I when I have very little respect for them. It's just not in me to be a Phony. Can't do it. Would rather lose that support the establishment and win. Cory, you're into education. Interview Susan and Mike about getting squelched from the largest education gathering in the state. The Myer's campaign is going to show. Don't you think education is important. Well, I hope the Wismer team shows up too.

  106. Tara Volesky 2014.07.19

    Cory, DSS. I am going to refer you to Mike's LG candidate Lora Hubbel. She is a former Nurse, Educator, and Legislator. She is getting all kinds of information. I need a break. Your turn Lora.

  107. Tara Volesky 2014.07.19

    Roger, I don't think adult reporters need to be spoon fed. That's for babies. And if you want to see the 78 year old Mike Myers do push-ups, you can pay for it. No more push-ups. You guys are no fun. Party elites, if you aren't Democrat, you don't matter. No wonder the Democrat party is on life-support.

  108. daleb 2014.07.19

    I cut in line in front of AG Jackley once, maybe my life is in danger, too. After realizing who I cut in front of I went to the back of the line. But I still disrespected him.

    It would take serious stones to kill the attorney of the client he/she is prosecuting. There are a lot of people who dislike certain defense attorneys for making government agents look bad but generally they dont have them murdered. With Stranny, Boz, or Haber if they dont have video evidence it didnt happen. Period.

    What is more likely, boz who has a trackrecord of not paying people didnt pay her attorney, or her attorney got a fish head in the mail from Jackley?

    What is more likely, people who have a trackrecord of being con artists and screwing people over are suddenly doing something for altruistic reasons, or is this just the next con?

    Oh and saying they are con artists does not mean i condone child rape. FFS

  109. Bill Fleming 2014.07.19

    No fun? Whew. Did I really just read that?

  110. Jessie 2014.07.19

    Well, Tara, we clearly operate under different assumptions.
    T- media should be watchdog of the people; J-most media are in business to make a profit, and the goal of watchdog often interferes with that

    T-candidate should be allowed to debate incumbent; J - it is never in the incumbent's interest to debate a challenger

    T- have no control over the media and that's bad (correct me if I've misinterpreted your words); J - campaign managers should not attempt to control the media, nor should anyone else save the media owners

    T- won't kiss up, have no respect for media; J - you catch more cats with cream than with vinegar, it is possible to interact without kissing up

    T- media represent the establishment; J - media represent their own best interests, which may or may not be the establishment, whatever that means (shades of 1968!)

    If I have misrepresented your viewpoints, I apologize in advance. Politics is neither fair nor just nor clean. Like democracy itself, it is messy and frustrating and sometimes you just have to suck it up and be nice to people you don't like.

  111. SDTeacher 2014.07.19

    Brandon, as an officer of the court, submitted a motion saying that he wanted to withdraw from representation because his client did not live up to her obligations (this typically means she didn't pay her bill). As far as I've seen in the news, there was nothing in that motion that said he was withdrawing because he was being threatened or was in danger. I cannot think he would have lied to the court, would he?

    But that may no longer be relevant to the conversation as I've noticed that Tara has now changed the subject....Poop and run tactics.

    But just to stay with the flow- I can do pushups, sometimes make my classes listen to outdated music (though admittedly not Pink Floyd) and I've lived a relatively long life. None of those things qualify me to be governor. Furthermore, I wouldn't expect someone to take me seriously as a gubernatorial candidate if pushups were a primary plank in my platform and my campaign chair was leaving Stranahans in the comment section of a blog rather than educating the public about my qualifications and my positions on important issues.

  112. Tim 2014.07.19

    Tara, if you truly are Mike's media person you might consider asking for another position in the campaign, you have an obvious chip on your shoulder for the media and may be doing his campaign more harm than good. Not trying to slam anybody, just an opinion from somebody on the outside looking in.

  113. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.19

    SDTeacher, there maybe another possibility why Taliaferro wants to withdraw from the Bosworth case, she may not be cooperating with him in terms of providing necessary documentation or he may have caught her in a lie. Anything is possible with this Bosworth/Haber/Shanahan bunch. It might be a little bit of everything.

  114. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.19

    John Kennedy and Ben Bradley of the Washington Post were best friends and also enemies. Most successful and effective politicians have a love/hate relationship with the media. Kennedy would get so mad at Bradley at times that he wouldn't speak to him for weeks. Then Kennedy would need Bradley for a story and would "spoon" feed or leak information to him. Spoon fed is just a term that has nothing to do with babies or adults.
    Their relationship was legendary an example of how the game is played. Tara will object saying it is a game, but in fact that is how they work together.
    The media can't always be wrong or to blame, candidates have the responsibility and obligation to get their stories out there, if they don't do that, they will lose.
    I make no apologies for being a liberal Democrat, in fact I wear it as a proud banner. South Dakota Democrats are an endangered species but I refuse to compromise morals, principals, and vote on unrealistic third or fourth party candidates that have even less chance of winning than a Democrat.

  115. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.19

    Tara, if by "party elites" you mean members of the central committee or big money donors, well, that's certainly not me. Deb Knecht, Zach Crago, SHS, and Brendan Johnson aren't here. Show of hands, commenters: how many of you consider yourself to be or could imagine others considering you to be "party elites"?

    I would suggest that Democratic "elites" are as absent from this discussion as are Libertarian "elites" from the ranks of those who think Chad Haber would make a good candidate for office.

  116. Jessie 2014.07.19

    Cory, I am neither a Democrat nor an "elite." I do insist, however, that I am unique. :)

  117. Tim 2014.07.19

    Well I'm certainly not elite, a little weird for sure, definitely not elite.

  118. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.19

    Me elite? No way.

    I like making the elite nervous.

  119. Tara Volesky 2014.07.19

    Nice guys that aren't Republicans finish last. There is a difference of being nice and being brainwashed. I won't compromise my values just to get ahead. I can be civil to the party in power but it's hard to make nice. I like that song from the Dixie Chicks....I don't want to play of my favorites. Somebody can post it. I haven't learned how to do it. Help me out Roger.

  120. SDTeacher 2014.07.19

    You don't have to necessarily play nice if you know how to play smart. So if you can't be nice Tara, try to be smart. First step- stop spending time creating an electronic trail of wasted time. You're his campaign chair. If you're posting on political blogs, it should be about things that educate people about his positions on policy issues or alert them to his upcoming events. You haven't made a story about anything but yourself here. That's not playing smart.

    Cory- no party elite or elitist here. Just a middle of the road democrat who would vote for a third party candidate if they were qualified and I agreed with their policies. The reasons I won't vote for Tara's candidate:

    1) He picked Lora Hubbel
    2) He's got no clear agenda or policy proposals
    3) He doesn't take the race seriously
    4) Tara's comments on this blog. If he knows about what she's saying/doing and doesn't care, it's a problem. If he doesn't know, it's a problem.

  121. Tara Volesky 2014.07.19

    SDTeacher. can you tell us your name please. The Democrats and Republicans run the show. Just check out Washinton DC.

  122. Jessie 2014.07.19

    Hmmm, last post seems to have disappeared. Try again.

    Why do you think that being nice is compromising your values? "Making nice" isn't the same as "being nice." If you actually want the media folks to pay attention to your issues, to your candidate, you should consider being civil. Your anger is doing your campaign no good, so try something else.

  123. Jessie 2014.07.19

    Tara, I didn't mind giving you my name. But to ask it of someone who could lose their job because their views is not right. Surely you can see that SDTeacher is in a vulnerable position. Why the hell would you need to know anyway?

  124. SDTeacher 2014.07.19

    Since I work for the state and am a member of the state bar and I'm a democrat, I have absolutely no reason to publicize my political beliefs unless it is an issue I feel passionate about. Your relative competence doesn't qualify.

  125. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.19

    What is a Dixie Chick? I'm mostly a classical music and opera kind of guy. Pavarotti still rocks

    One thing I have learned over the years is that liberals can't be brainwashed, we may have the same political intent but seldom agree on how to get there. That has a part of our problem. Besides, I like being the brainwasher.

    Can't help you with the link, not that tech savvy.

  126. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.19

    Stranahan is on Twitter saying that anyone that protests the Mette rape case is subject to "prosecution and arrest". Oddly I thought it is arrest first and than prosecution. Apparently it works differently for Lee.

  127. Jessie 2014.07.19

    Roger, I suspect that Lee has difficulty distinguishing between prosecution and persecution.

  128. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.19

    Funny Jessie. You're probably right too.

  129. Jessie 2014.07.19

    I wasn't trying to be funny, but I'll take the laugh anyway. :)

  130. Jessie 2014.07.20

    Mike, just because you make a song doesn't mean somebody else has to give it airtime. Free speech doesn't mean anyone gets a free venue.

  131. mike from iowa 2014.07.20

    Jessie-Huh? Say What?

  132. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.20

    All right, let's focus. The main point here osthat, whatever crusade Chad Haber is pretending to be on now, it's a fraud, and the Libertarians who have spoken up agree Haber is not a viable candidate. Nothing Haber tries to put out there about me or Taliaferro or Jackley or the Mettes changes the fact that he can't sell this con.

  133. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.20

    I think Jessie just captured the situation with the Dixie Chicks and Chad. I am under no obligation to give blogtime to Chad's paid propaganda.

  134. JeniW 2014.07.20

    I was a state employee while Janklow was governor. It was common knowledge, and common practice that whenever Janklow was present at a state sponsored training or event, to turn our ID badges around, or cover our name tags so that he could not identify us.

    I would have done the same when Rounds or Daugaard was present.

  135. Tara Volesky 2014.07.20

    Pretty sad, people are afraid of stating their name for fear of losing their job or retribution. What does that tell you about our government. Honestly, it is very upsetting to me the control State, Local and Tribal governments have over the people of SD. Cory, Myers thinks for himself and his politic platform is much different than Wismer and Daugaard. If you want to find out his positions, check out his fb or web page, or publish his position on health care, education, EB-5, hemp, medical marijuana, a living wage instead of minimum wage, Keystone XL, Uranium mining. He has talked about all of these issues and would be happy to have another interview with you. He and Lora will also be posting webcasts on issues that affect the people of SD. I think Lora was a great pick because the Republican establishment threw her under the bus because she wouldn't play nice. She questioned their integrity and look what happened. The politicians and cronies who run SD do what ever they want because we let them. If it is not nice to question the media for not covering Myers and Hubbel, I guess you can then accuse me of not being nice. Thanks.

  136. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.20

    It tells me a lot, Tara, and it's a fear I've been fighting since the beginning of this blog. Where has Chad Haber been? Why isn't he out front leading this fight? What qualifications or credibility does he have to lead a fight against corruption, lies, and intimidation?

  137. Tara Volesky 2014.07.20

    Jesse, your above analysis about the media is spot on. We have been very civil with the media, but if you don't have big money, you have to stand at the back of the line. Hubbel would never have received 19% of the votes if it wasn't for social media.

  138. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.20

    Remember, Tara, Chad Haber and his wife have praised Bill Janklow. They say Bill Janklow was their good friend. Chad Haber has put out press portraying himself as a Janklovian problem-solver in his Haiti missions. They've invoked Bill Janklow's name to promote their political fortunes. Do you trust him now?

  139. Tara Volesky 2014.07.20

    Cory, I have a hard time trusting anybody in the political arena. The only 2 people I do trust are Mike Myers and Lora Hubbel because they are honest and are running for the right motives, advocating for the disenfranchised and voiceless. That's what government is suppose to be for.

  140. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.20

    Right, Tara, so given Chad Haber's professed affinity for Bill Janklow, can we expect the Myers campaign to be as wary of allying itself with Haber and Bosworth as the Libertarians cited in this post have been?

  141. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.20

    Will the Myer/Hubble campaign be endorsing and voting for Chad Haber at the Libertarian convention next month?

    Are they out recruiting "one day only" Libertarians to get Chad the nomination for attorney general?

  142. Tara Volesky 2014.07.20

    You would have to ask them. I doubt it. They have their own races to run. We can't vote for anybody in the Libertarian Party because we're aren't registered L. We are hoping the Libertarian party will give Mike ten minutes to speak at the convention. My candidate of choice is Brandon Talaiferro. I just hope they can fill that slot.

  143. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.20

    Roger and I are asking them, through their campaign manager, Tara Volesky. Don't cop out. You are using this discussion of Janklow disciple Chad Haber's lack of political support to endorse the smokescreen Haber is trying to use to get political support. Do Myers and Hubbel see Haber as a useful ally on the ballot to awaken South Dakotans to the corruption of the GOP-controlled state government? Is the Myers-Hubbel campaign acting or planning to act in any way to support the Haber campaign?

  144. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.20

    Excuse me, but as the campaign manager for Myers/Hubble I thought you would be able to give a direct answer to that question. You're being evasive about the people you speak for.
    Let's try it this way, will Myers/Hubble be holding a press conference directed at the Haber attorney general controversy?
    We continually hear about exposing corruption in South Dakota government and that Myers/Hubble are the ones to do something about it.
    What I don't her is precisely, point by point, what will be done to prosecute these corrupt politicians and employees of the state.
    I'm anticipating a Stranahan kind of answer of "more to come" or "wait and see", or the inevitable "you'll have to ask them". I hope that is not the case.

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