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RC Doctor Hosts Robinson Fundraiser Friday

Corinna Robinson is working to reverse that downward Q2 fundraising trend. The Democratic candidate for House is speaking at a fundraiser tomorrow (Friday) evening at the Rapid City home of Dr. Nancy Babbitt and Steve Babbitt. Team Robinson staffer Valerie Parker tells me all interested parties are invited. The campaign tweets the where and when:

  • When: Friday, July 25, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
  • Where: 1121 Settlers Creek Place, Rapid City, SD 57701

Dr. Babbitt and Team Robinson would like a heads-up on how many people are coming, so please RSVP to campaign staffer Adam Schantz at

offers this statement from Dr. Babbitt explaining her support for Robinson:

“I’ve become a big believer in who represents us in Washington has a major impact on how physicians get to deliver healthcare," Dr. Babbitt said. "And as someone who is frequently called upon to give input on healthcare reform issues, healthcare legislation, and questions of how we provide quality, affordable healthcare for South Dakota seniors, children, veterans etc., I've found Corinna Robinson to be an open- minded, common-sense voice on this issue. We're excited about the event and we're honored to host it" [Robinson campaign, press release, 2014.07.23].

Dr. Babbitt has publicly challenged Senate candidate Mike Rounds's false scare tactics and Governor Dennis Daugaard's detachment from reality on the Affordable Care Act. Now let's see if she can help Robinson set Kristi Noem's bad record on health care reform straight.



  1. Lynn 2014.07.24

    Has there been any news regarding scheduled debates between Corinna Robinson and Kristi Noem? I feel Kristi would be greatly outmatched in a debate by Corinna.

    It looks like Corinna is still doing a stealth like ground game quietly meeting people and hope she is able to kick the fundraising into high gear so the rest of South Dakotans know about what she can offer if elected. It would be a shame and a big loss for the state if she loses to Noem and those voters didn't know about a vastly superior alternative to Noem.

    Did those who donated to keep Mt Rushmore open during the government shutdown get reimbursed?

  2. Douglas Wiken 2014.07.24

    Robinson needs to get out of Rapid City NOW and hit the campaign trail across South Dakota.

  3. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.24

    The world would be a better place if all doctors were of the caliber of Dr. Babbit. I don't know Nancy personally but having a worked a number of years at the grassroots level to provide healthcare for those in most in need, Dr. Babbit's name would come up from time to time as a doctor of the people.
    If there is a single issue that Corinna should hook on to, it should be veterans healthcare, all Americans should make a commitment to the every veteran that serves and that they have unrestricted healthcare.
    Noem and Thune both have proven voting records to block healthcare for the most honorable.

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