I had no idea that Gordon Howie would post our Liberty Today conversation about personhood and abortion the same day that I would post about Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's veto of a 72-hour abortion waiting period. But there it is! Kismet!

Notice that Howie—who is running for Senate, by the way—says that life begins before conception. By Howie's thinking, it's not just abortion doctors committing murder; you kids with your condoms are thwarting life and the will of God! Even abstainers are standing against the heavenly tide of LIFE!

Post-Hobby Lobby, Howie's thinking should make us nervous. If religious beliefs about personhood can allow corporations to discriminate against women in health insurance policies, they may allow corporations to discriminate against childless employees who by their use of condoms, their abstinence, or their dorky inability to strike up a sparkling conversation at TeeZer's are ending life that exists in God's mind but not some unplumbed womb.

Contending that life begins before conception would seem to create a sexual imperative that we do it early and do it often. That should make us really nervous: int he Howie-ocracy, government might do far worse than force you to wait 72 hours plus a weekend to get an abortion. It might draft you for insemination in service of the lives God has conceived for you to create.