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Ryan Gaddy Hosting Libertarian Pizza Party at SF 41st St. Pizza Ranch Right Now!

If you're casting about for a wild party with free pizza, let me recommend the Libertarian Pizza Party at the 41st Street Pizza Ranch in Sioux Falls, starting at 7 p.m. Central tonight (i.e., right now!). Ryan Gaddy, who is seeking the Libertarian nomination for state auditor, posted the event details just an hour ago, or I'd have been happy to get them to you sooner.

Gaddy invites all interested parties to come to the East River meeting room for tonight's buffet and conversation with him, Libertarian candidate for secretary of state Emmett Reistroffer and Independent candidate for governor Mike Myers. Talk to them about real political issues... then bring the big 20 questions to mediocre but persistent Republican charlatan Chad Haber, who will also be there serving deep-dish flim-flam about his pretend run for attorney general.

As of 19:00 CDT, it remains accurate to refer to Haber as a Republican, not a Libertarian. So says the Secretary of State's voter registration website:

Chad Haber, registered Republican; screen cap from SOS website, 2014.08.08 19:00 CDT
Chad Haber, registered Republican; screen cap from SOS website, 2014.08.08 19:00 CDT


  1. Kal Lis 2014.08.08

    For the record, the SOS site shows the changes the same day. Visit the courthouse in the morning and it's online later as soon as the county auditor puts it in the system.

  2. Roger Cornelius 2014.08.08

    Kal Lis,

    To be clear, are you saying that if Chad didn't change his registration until today, that the change would be reflected as changed today?
    Lee is trying to bet me $1,000 that Lee is a registered Libertarian as of this writing.

  3. Roger Cornelius 2014.08.08

    I did ask Lee to post Chad's most recent voter registration card showing him as a Libertarian, he has to do that.

  4. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.08.08

    Bets are for men with small esteem. Show the evidence for truth's sake. The evidence at hand shows Chad Haber is a registered Republican. I invite anyone interested in truth to post evidence to the contrary, not barroom-swagger assertions.

  5. Kal Lis 2014.08.08

    I registered around 11 am this morning and the change shows on my registration right now.

  6. Tim 2014.08.08

    Darn, place will be closed before I get there. lol

  7. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.08.08

    Kal Lis, really? Wow! I look forward to hearing your points of order tomorrow. Bring our friend Paul; you may need some parliamentary wizardry!

  8. Roger Cornelius 2014.08.08

    Stranahan is insisting that he was with Haber at the DMV when he changed his registration.

    Kal Lis, were given any type of documentation when you registered today?

  9. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.08.08

    Insistence is irrelevant. We are talking about an easily documentable fact.

  10. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.08.08

    Last time I updated my registration, the auditor printed out a registration confirmation sheet with information like what you see in the screenshot above. Did yours, Kal Lis?

  11. Kal Lis 2014.08.08

    I was told I would get a document in the mal. I asked if the change would be in the system today. She said yes. It was when I checked at 7:15

  12. Kal Lis 2014.08.08

    I don't take our friend Paul to places where controversy might break out ever since he tried to jump out of a moving vehicle on a busy street in a city large enough to have an NBA franchise. He wanted to get in the middle of a gay rights march being countered by a neo-Nazi march.

  13. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.08.08

    I love Paul. Don't let me forget to include him on the roster of the debate-ocracy we will install come the revolution. Perhaps Senate Majority Whip?

  14. Roger Cornelius 2014.08.08

    So many questions.

    If Chad is not officially registered as a Libertarian, can he still seek the Libertarian Party nomination for attorney general?
    Can he just "oops" I forgot to change my registration and expect the party to accept it, despite evidence to contrary?
    Can he even be a voting member of the party if his registration isn't changed?

  15. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.08.08

    But Chad says he is officially a Libertarian on Twitter. He loves this last-minute stuff. Work everyone into a lather, hide the evidence until the last second. He'll pull out his paper tomorrow and thumb his nose at those of us who rely on openness and written evidence. What matters is that Libertarians know he's not really a Libertarian in beliefs and action. He's not really a public servant. He's a worse narcissist than his wife, a con artist dedicated to his own selfish interests who will exploit the South Dakota Libertarian Party for as long as he finds it useful, then trash it when he's done and has to move on to the next scam. Libertarians, eat all the pizza you can, then nominate someone else for Attorney General... or nominate no one at all.

  16. 12 2014.08.08

    The dmv only registers voters in conjunction with drivers licensing.... This fact was double checked with dem party leaders less than an hour ago. Stranahan claims he was with Haber at the dmv today when Haber was changing his registration. I don't math well, but that doesn't equal a real number.

  17. SilentObserver 2014.08.08

    If I am reading this site correctly, one can in fact turn in a voter registration form with their change of party affiliation to a DMV office. (Obviously, this still does not prove statements made by Lee or Chad, but it is important for us to have our facts straight on our end.)

  18. Dave Baumeister 2014.08.08

    I was planning on attending the convention tomorrow - I even changed my party registration, but to attend, I will have to give up hours at work. I don't think Chad is worth losing money over. I hope the Libertarians realize that nominating him would be the worst possible thing they could do to their party. I have faith they won't fall for his slimy ways.

  19. Rocky Racoon 2014.08.09

    By this time tomorrow, Chad Haber will only have his pathetic life to run FROM. He will no longer be running FOR anything.

    Good Riddance.

  20. MJL 2014.08.09

    Kal lis said: I don't take our friend Paul to places where controversy might break out ever since he tried to jump out of a moving vehicle on a busy street in a city large enough to have an NBA franchise. He wanted to get in the middle of a gay rights march being countered by a neo-Nazi march.

    Why, why is that something I can so easily see. Thanks for the smile when I can't sleep.

  21. Ryan Gaddy 2014.08.09

    Haber won. We have a full slate :)

  22. JeniW 2014.08.09

    Other than Chad's exposing the corruption of the current administration, what else does Chad bring to the table that will benefit the citizens of SD?

  23. Roger Cornelius 2014.08.09


    The corruption of the present administration has been exposed for sometime, Chad and Lee have told us nothing that Cory hasn't already reported on.

  24. 12 2014.08.09

    I paid a visit to the DMV to personally see what the deal is with voter registration over there. The Democratic party official with whom I spoke wasn't correct. It is possible to register to vote at the DMV without it being part of the licensure process. I have to wonder though, with time being of the essence, why Chad Haber didn't register directly with the county auditor to ensure that there wouldn't be any question as to his party affiliation before the Libertarian convention. He's been talking for weeks about running - wouldn't it have made sense to get his eggs in a basket before making that announcement? Is this the kind of slip-shod sloppiness we could expect from candidate Haber if for some ungodly reason he should happen to make it past the election and into office?

  25. Jana 2014.08.09

    Jackley, Gant and the SDGOP showing Chicago style politics as an art form.

    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutley.

  26. jerry 2014.08.09

    No Jana, not Chicago style, this is more evil than that. This is more like Putin style politics. In Putin style, even the newsprint is in on the fix.

  27. jerry 2014.08.09

    Soon, they will come for your guns. They know who you are by looking at your hunting licences. Be scared, they are worse than Democrats, cause they are jackbooted with scary haircuts. I wonder who does Marty's haircut, looks like a Cub Cadet might have gotten a hold of him.

  28. JeniW 2014.08.09

    Roger, that is a good point.

    That is what is quoted in the Argus Leader has Chad saying.

    The question remains, what does Chad have to bring to the table that will benefit the people living in SD.

    If the only thing he has to bring is the exposing the corruption, his campaign will be weak, and so will he, if he becomes the AG.

  29. JeniW 2014.08.09

    12, waiting until the last minute is his style. Just like Annette's coming up with $25,000.00 was a last minute (well, really beyond,) thing.

  30. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.08.09

    12, Roger, would you do me the favor of copying here the verbatim text Chad or associates have offered establishing the "registered Friday at the DMV" claim?

    And 12, if I understand your account from the DMV correctly, does one walk out of the drivers license office registered to vote, or must the drivers license personnel still transmit that card to the county auditor for final processing?

  31. 12 2014.08.09

    Jeni... waiting til the last minute may be his style... but I don't feel like that's a good trait for someone who wants to be the AG..... It's sloppy and irresponsible.

    Cory, one registers to vote at the DMV and the DMV still needs to transmit to the county auditor for processing. As for the convention page's post for the other comments regarding the registration... here's a copy and paste of the thread posted on the Libertarian Convention Event FB page:

    Cory Allen Heidelberger Roger, according to the state voter registration database as of 30 seconds ago, Chad Haber of Sioux Falls remains a registered Republican.
    Cory Allen Heidelberger's photo.
    Yesterday at 18:59 · Like · 1

    Lee Stranahan Cory has me blocked? Is he really reporting (falsely) that Chad isn't a registered Libertarian?
    Yesterday at 19:03 · Like

    Roger Cornelius Whoa! So, he can't even be a 'Libertarian For A Day". Does the Libertarian Party require their candidates be registered with the party to participate in the convention?
    Yesterday at 19:03 · Like

    Lee Stranahan Roger : you asked me if Chad was a registered Libertarian and I told you he was. Cory didn't even bother to fact check.
    Yesterday at 19:04 · Like

    Roger Cornelius According to the link Cory provided, Chad is still a registered Republican.
    Yesterday at 19:04 · Like

    Lee Stranahan Well, that only proves that you can't trust Cory. I'll bet you $1000, right now, that Chad is a registered Libertarian.
    Yesterday at 19:05 · Like

    Roger Cornelius I'm not a betting man Lee, it's foolish. I'm looking at Chad's voter registration card. Can you post his voter registration change to the Libertarian Party?
    Yesterday at 19:17 · Unlike · 1

    Ellee Spawn Looked it up myself.... and yep... he's registered as a Republican as of today. Does that make me un-trustable? (I'll take you up on that $1000 bet, Mr. Stranahan... we can call it a campaign donation.)
    Yesterday at 19:52 · Edited · Like · 2

    Roger Cornelius I'm waiting for Lee to provide actual proof that Chad is a registered Libertarian Ellee.
    Yesterday at 19:53 · Like

    Lee Stranahan I was there when he registered this afternoon. Pay up, Ellee.
    Yesterday at 20:07 · Like

    Lee Stranahan So how effort had someone just asked, instead of listening to Cory -- who didn't ask, since he doesn't care about the truth.
    Yesterday at 20:08 · Like

    Ellee Spawn Odd that the SOS doesn't reflect that on their website.
    Yesterday at 20:16 · Like · 1

    Ellee Spawn Perhaps the benefit of the doubt is warranted for a few days.
    Yesterday at 20:17 · Like · 1

    Roger Cornelius Does Chad have documentation of the voter registration change, if so, why not post it?
    Yesterday at 20:18 · Like

    Roger Cornelius Chad has been a candidate for sometime now, why did he wait until today to change it, if he did.
    Yesterday at 20:19 · Unlike · 2

    Roger Cornelius Cory posted the most recent voter registration for Chad from the SOS database, are they wrong Lee?
    Yesterday at 20:21 · Like

    Lee Stranahan They don't give you documentation. He filled out the form at the DMV. I was there, so was my son Shane.
    Yesterday at 20:33 · Like

    Dubbua James So he registered today as a libertarian...I guess that was the best free meal ticket option.
    23 hrs · Like

    Lee Stranahan Perfect example of no matter what answer is given it's never enough.
    23 hrs · Like

    Cory Allen Heidelberger Evidence. Pretty simple. I showed mine. Mine stands unrefuted by by any comparable documentary evidence.
    23 hrs · Unlike · 1

    Roger Cornelius Kal Lis of the Dakota Plainsman Blog is reporting on Madville Times that he registered today at 11:00am and the SOS database has posted it.
    23 hrs · Like

    Ellee Spawn The SOS website isn't up to date then.
    23 hrs · Like

    Lee Stranahan Chad registered at 4:30ish
    22 hrs · Like

    Lee Stranahan Roger ; why are still arguing? I saw it with my own eyes. You're embarrassing yourself.
    22 hrs · Like

    Roger Cornelius No I'm not Lee. I asked a legitimate question. I don't know you at all and yet you expect me take your word for it. I'm going by the voter registration card that Cory posted from the SOS. You are embarrassing yourself by not providing evidence.
    22 hrs · Like · 1

    Shane Allen Sigbjorn Stranahan Roger, the site hasn't updated yet. I'd recommend that you contact their webmaster.
    21 hrs · Like

    Rita Guerra Davis Is the DMV open that late on Fridays?
    21 hrs · Like · 1

    Rita Guerra Davis Is Chad a LINO?
    21 hrs · Like · 1

    Roger Cornelius Rita, It's called Libertarian for a day.
    20 hrs · Like · 1

    Lee Stranahan Roger, you're seriously embarrassing yourself. I provided the evidence: I told you I was there and saw it. That's evidence, actually. You just don't accept it. You believe Cory over me. See how well that works out for you, sir.
    20 hrs · Like

    Lee Stranahan Rita: the branch we were at was open until 5:30pm. Go look it up.
    20 hrs · Like

    Rita Guerra Davis Sorry, Lee, when it comes to Chad, your son and you, I question the veracity of every claim. Everything. Everything. I find Chad's latching onto the LP highly suspicious as he seems to barely. support that platform.
    20 hrs · Like · 2

    Shane Allen Sigbjorn Stranahan
    20 hrs · Like

    Rita Guerra Davis Thanks for the link. Now to echo what someone else asked above....why would a potential nominee wait unil the day BEFORE the convention to register as a libertarian
    20 hrs · Unlike · 3

    Rita Guerra Davis ?
    20 hrs · Like

    Cory Allen Heidelberger Like the entire candidacy, like co-opting the SDLP, it's all just a game, just drama, meant to distract us from the crimes his wife is in court for, and the scams she and her husband have foisted on donors and voters.
    20 hrs · Unlike · 3

    Lee Stranahan Sorry, Rita. I'm right and since it's fact, your opinion of me or Chad or anything doesn't matter. I'm not going to waste my time talking to someone who acts the way you do. God bless and adios.
    20 hrs · Like

    Douglas L Boes "ANGELS" NEED YOUR HELP Facebook page by Angel Bluearm. .. instead of all the piss bashing back and forth why don't one of you tell us how u would stop this from ever happening again and how to save these babies? ?? Now that would be productive politics!!!!
    20 hrs · Like · 2

    Lee Stranahan Douglas, electing Chad Haber is the best way to make that happen.
    20 hrs · Like · 1

    Shane Allen Sigbjorn Stranahan Cory, you still haven't answered - did you or did you not offer to pay Tanya Montgomery in order to obtain private information?

    A yes or a no would suffice.
    20 hrs · Like

    20 hrs · Like · 1

    Lee Stranahan Which is why Chad's announce focused on the Mette Rape Scandal
    20 hrs · Like

    Ashley Ruth Farrell What is Chad's plan to improve conditions in the foster care system if he is elected to the position of AG? It would be great to hear from him concerning this if he is nominated tomorrow.
    20 hrs · Like · 3

    Lee Stranahan The entire DSS needs an overhaul. Chad plans to work with the Lakota people to transition to Lakota run foster care for Lakota children. Turnover of social workers is a huge problem, which means the street level social workers are often new and without experience.
    19 hrs · Like

    Ashley Ruth Farrell How would he approach the problem with turnover/inexperience?
    19 hrs · Like

    Ashley Ruth Farrell I realize it is difficult to provide a detailed answer so a brief one will suffice.
    19 hrs · Like

    Lee Stranahan One of the general problems is that South Dakota is one of the worst states for whistleblowers. Look at what happened to Shirley Schwab at CASA in Aberdeen in the Mette case. The system is so fear driven now that it creates pressure and an inability to actually discuss the problems.

    So, one key to solving a problem like the DSS turnover is to create an environment where people are free to talk about the problems they see. We'll find the people doing the work who already know what the problems are and how to solve them… they need a system that's responsive to actually implement the changes.
    19 hrs · Edited · Like

    Ashley Ruth Farrell Thank you for your responses
    19 hrs · Like

    Lee Stranahan Thanks for the great questions.
    19 hrs · Like

    Douglas L Boes Lee if that is what chad plans on doing you can count me out! Obviously you have not visited the ANGELS Page. . Corruption is about $$ does not matter if it is by the state who wont fight because it may cost them some or a tribal council that sells children to aabusive family members .... you really need educated if you think that is a plosable platform! Or a good way to get votes because it is not.
    18 hrs · Like · 1

    Roger Cornelius By tomorrow afternoon Chad will be history and won't even earn an * in the history books, I have faith the Libertarian Party will reject Chad and save their party.
    18 hrs · Like

    Rita Guerra Davis My concern with regard to Chad's emphasis on gaining the Native American vote is that Chad, like so many others is attempting to exploit already exploited children for personal and political gain. I am a democrat, not seeking to run for any office. What I see is a man attempting to infiltrate a party, not to promote their agenda but his own.
    18 hrs · Edited · Unlike · 3

    Rita Guerra Davis Like Ellee and I said before, it is going to take Independents, Libertarians and democrats getting behind a candidate to take the fight to Jackley.
    18 hrs · Unlike · 4
    Ellee Spawn

  32. Roger Cornelius 2014.08.09

    When I challenged Lee about Chad's Libertarian voter registration on the Facebook page, South Dakota Libertarian State Convention, Lee's comments were:

    "I was there when he registered this afternoon, pay up Ellee", meaning the DMV.

    I asked about any documentation and Lee stated,
    "They don't give you documentation. He (Chad) filled out the form at DMV. I was there, so was my son".

    Lee added, "Chad registered at 4:30 ish"

  33. 12 2014.08.09

    When I was at the library this morning for another meeting, I had opportunity to speak with Emmett Reistroffer (who is the official party leader as of today) prior to the convention this morning. He indicated that he would be looking into whether or not Chad was a bona fide registered Libertarian prior to today's convention. We'll see if he follows through (I'm inclined to believe that he will) and what he finds out.

  34. Roger Cornelius 2014.08.09

    Thanks 12, you provided a better script of that conversation than I could have.

    Lee didn't provide the DMV information until quite late in the conversation and only after being pressured.

  35. Bill Dithmer 2014.08.09

    The logic of words should yield to the logic of realities.

    Louis D Brandeis

    e Blindman

  36. Roger Cornelius 2014.08.09

    The Displaced Plainsman has suggested on his blog that Lee and Chad brought, or bought, more people to vote for Chad than anyone else.

  37. Tim 2014.08.09

    I was hoping the Libertarians might fill in some of the gaps and give me a couple candidates I could get behind, guess not, at least for AG, I refuse to vote for Jackley or Haber. It is a sad state of affairs in SD these days.

  38. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.08.09

    12, offensive as I find the presence of the interlopers' names and lies in our effort at honest local political discussion, I thank you for sharing the evidence for the record. It is useful.

  39. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.08.10

    Kal Lis, Ken Santema, and Todd Epp are offering excellent eyewitness accounts of the South Dakota Libertarian Convention. Below are their first posts on the event:

    Kal Lis:


    Todd: photos!

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