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Noem at State Fair to Get Grass Award; Request Permission to Speak!

Rep. Kristi Noem has chickened out of debating Corinna Robinson this weekend, but she will still be lurking around the State Fair. At 2 p.m. today, she will accept a "Friend of the Prairie" award on the Freedom Stage from the South Dakota Grassland Coalition.

If you want to talk to Congresswoman Noem about what she's done to deserve such an award (cutting subsidies to farmers plowing virgin prairie, but reducing the CRP maximum CRP acreage from 32 million acres to 24 million acres and CRP funding from $400 million to $250 million?) or to ask her questions that she might have faced in a debate with Robinson, the Princess directs you to contact her staff.

Worth nothing is the fact that Team Noem sends out notice of her appearance at the State Fair one day before it happens. Sometimes it seems as if Rep. Noem just doesn't want attention. Rep. Noem visited Madison Tuesday, but it was another of those surprise, invitation-only, elites-only visits that doesn't make the paper until after it's done. Her staff appear to have posted notice of that event the day it happened, minimizing the opportunity for the press and other interested citizens to come see their Congresswoman.


  1. Lynn 2014.08.29

    Given my experience with Noem's constituent service during the government shutdown last fall you may want to ask how much you need to donate to her campaign for the ability to meet with her at the fair. Being direct in this case will save time.

  2. WR Old Guy 2014.08.29

    She's been using this technique to dodge answering any question that isn't scripted by her handlers. She has been doing what I call drive by telephone town hall meetings for the last two years. I find a message on my answering machine saying ("This is Congresswoman Kristi Noem. Sorry I missed you. I am holding a telephone town hall meeting now.")
    The meetings are always held in the middle of a work day.

    I have a Tea Party friend who listened in on one of the meetings. He tried to ask a question which was taken by an aide. The meeting was ended without his question making the cut. His take on the meeting was that it was carefully scripted and any unscripted questions were screened so the donor list could be checked and if there was an approved response available for Kristi to read.

  3. jerry 2014.08.29

    I get those calls as well WR Old Guy. Annoying and pointless just like the sender.

  4. owen reitzel 2014.08.29

    NOem has been doing that for a long time. she is afraid of what people will ask her.

  5. JeniW 2014.08.29

    I am guessing that she is taking SD voters for granted, she figures she is a shoo-in so she does not have to spend time or money to campaign why she should be re-elected, and she does not perceive Corinna as a threat.

  6. Roger Cornelius 2014.08.29

    In his closing comments in today's state fair, Rick challenged Rounds to the remaining debates which he has declined thus far. For the next 54 days until election, we won't see Rounds debate.
    Noem's excuse was that the Farmers Union was too liberal or something, but that preempt Mike Rounds from appearing.
    South Dakotans need to know of the cowardice that Rounds and Noem share, or should I say contempt, in not wanting voters see them in debates.

  7. JeniW 2014.08.29

    It is a definite insult to the SD voters when candidates refuse the opportunity to tell the voters and tax-payers about their stance, and what and how they would make changes.

  8. Mary Perpich 2014.08.29

    She dropped in to the Senior Center in Brookings this week, stuck her head in the door while a group was playing bridge, said "I don't know how to play bridge" and left. The bridge players simply looked at her and then continued their game.

  9. Darrell Reifenrath 2014.08.29

    The 57000 pheasant hunters in this state should all be voting against her.
    What good is keeping your gun if there is nothing to hunt.

  10. lesliengland 2014.08.30

    48,000 without healthcare due to daugaard's refusal to expand medicaid. what do we pay annually to lure those hunters here? penn. gov. (r.) just reversed himself and agreed to exand medicaid there for 500,000. meanwhile rick weiland is narrowing rounds lead-less than 10 polling points.

  11. larry kurtz 2014.08.30

    Noem: Madison Invitation, Lurking Fair.

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