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Bosworth Gets Lawyer and Trial Delay to February

Failed U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth has hired her fourth attorney in three months. Christopher Robert Jansen wasn't available, so Robert Van Norman will take over Bosworth's defense against twelve felony charges of false filing and perjury.

Predictably, Van Norman tells the press that Bosworth's case is "very complex from a defense standpoint" (no, it's not: she lied under a sworn oath), meaning he needs "additional time to review records, locate various witnesses, and investigate the charges and legal issues in order to properly represent her" (no, you don't: just read this blog, and you'll understand the perils of representing this incorrigible con artist and that your client's only hope is to plead guilty and beg for mercy).

Van Norman also has a daughter getting married and guests from Europe staying over this month, so the Hughes County court has delayed Bosworth's motions hearings to November and December and her trial to February 4–6. That delay has thus doubled the chance that Bosworth's husband Chad Haber could save her from a felony conviction from one over infinity to two over infinity. Haber is a fake candidate for attorney general. If he (chuckle) beats Marty Jackley (snort!) in November, Haber would take office (ha ha ha!) in January and could tell his lawyers to ignore the law and drop the case.

O.K., back to reality. If she and Chad don't finally close the clinic and flee the country with their leftover campaign cash, Bosworth goes to trial February 4, and a jury will convict on February 6.

Related Reading: While awaiting conviction, Chad and Annette are pulling more scams. A Brookings correspondent tells me that Chad and Annette placed an ad in the SDSU Collegian a couple weeks ago inviting students to a picnic (food for votes again?) to discuss legalizing marijuana. According to my correspondent, four students showed up. They heard nothing about legalizing marijuana; instead, they got a sales pitch for Chad's fake candidacy and the now fake Libertarian Party.

Correction... for the rest of the press: Reports on Bosworth's arrest and pending trial have perpetuated the misleading labeling her jaunt to the Philippines as a "Christian mission trip." That is technically true, but it was not the original intent of the trip. Bosworth and Haber originally organized the trip as a stunt to promote her fake Senate candidacy and their attorney Joel Arends's veterans organization. In a November planning discussion with Arends, Haber laid out a cynical strategy to exploit Christian guilt to raise money for the trip. The trip only became a Christian mission trip when Haber and Bosworth's hasty organization and fundraising fell predictably short and they had to glom onto an independently organized Wesleyan church mission trip.


  1. Bill Fleming 2014.09.04

    Bob Van N. is a good lawyer and a nice fellow. If I remember correctly, he represented our pal Bob Newland a few years back. Note that Bob says the case is "complex from a defense standpoint." Doesn't that qualifer say it all, if you read between the lines, Cory? It may be simple for a prosecuter, but..." :-)

  2. lesliengland 2014.09.04

    bob is a spectacularly good lawyer. now we got a story in the making.

  3. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.04

    Good point, Bill! There is no easy route for the defense, other than the guilty plea. I look forward to Van Norman's machinations.

    And, as always, I hope he asked for payment up front.

  4. mike from iowa 2014.09.04

    Just a hunch he won't be representing her come January next. Had she been the weapon of choice in the Benda case,I could see where it would be a tough call between suicide(if he had to put up with her) or accidental discharge since she tends to go off by herself. Just a hunch.

  5. tara volesky 2014.09.04

    Cory, you got your facts are wrong on Chad Haber and . Chad and Annette did not place the add in the SDSU Collegian to discuss legalizing marijuana. The add was placed and paid for by Dawn Van Ballegooyen to bring awareness to Brady's death and other children that are suffering.

  6. Rocky Racoon 2014.09.04

    Surely someone up there in college world can provide us with a scan or photo of this ad?

  7. lesliengland 2014.09.04

    we are likely short of such skills in usa. but cory, too much coffee, while I appreciate greatly the huge amount of work u put into this effort, don't print personal sheit about marriage plans ect. if u want them to talk to you, fcs.

  8. Kristi 2014.09.04

    I think it's interesting that they're advocating the legalization of marijuana, which seems to be a contradiction to Annette's practice of working with individuals who have problems with substance dependency. Personal opinions aside, this appears to be another instance in which the Bosworth-Haber's will shift their belief system to suit their needs. I don't recall Annette's support of this while she was running as a Republican for Senate?

  9. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.04

    During the senate primary campaign, supposed Bosworth insider Ryan Gaddy would not provide a straight answer on whether Bosworth would support legalization of marijuana in any form.
    Further, Haber has not said that he would support legalization, his position on the subject at the Libertarian Party convention was that he would not make a marijuana crimes a priority, in other words he would relax enforcement of marijuana laws. I was surprised that the Libertarians supported Haber on this position given that legalization has always been at the core of their party.
    I look forward to the day after the election when Jackley will slap the cuffs on Haber for the same felony charges his wife faces.

  10. Leah 2014.09.04

    Tara Volesky, I'm not exactly sure what it is you are trying to say, mainly because of the grammer & punctuation errors which plague your comment. Perhaps you could go in & edit your comment so that we can all understand it?

  11. larry kurtz 2014.09.04

    Cannabis use has significantly decreased the number of opioid overdoses in states where it's legal. Boz, a alternative medicine advocate who has volunteered in youth programs, has seen Big Pharma failures right in her own back yard.

  12. tara volesky 2014.09.04

    Leah, Didn't preview my message. What I meant to say is Chad and Annette did not buy or sponsor the event for Brady, Dawn Van Ballegooyen did.

  13. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.04

    On one of Tara's Facebook posts, she slammed Cory and Madville Times and stated she would not be visiting his blog anymore because he was dishonest. Oh well!

  14. Lynn 2014.09.04

    Roger After Nov 4th when that group gets their maybe 1% vote perhaps they can start their own political party after 1 or two of them get done with their incarceration, community service or whatever the sentence is.

  15. larry kurtz 2014.09.04

    Tara, you don't want to get sideways with me, either: I have cautioned Ms. Van Ballegooyen and still do to stay away from Madville. She has been willing to do just about anything to find justice in the death of her son. Boz was good to Brady and he trusted her.

  16. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.04

    I look forward to the election being over, not because I'm tired of it but the post election fall out, it will be the rest of the story.
    Final FEC reports, indictments, revelations by campaign staff will fall with a big thud.
    Whether the independents want to recognize it or not, they are spinning their wheels as long as they don't have a party to associate wtih.

  17. tara volesky 2014.09.04

    I guess Dawn will set the record straight about who placed the add in the Collegiate and alleging the picnic was about legalizing marijuana. Maybe I am wrong, because surely Cory wouldn't make up stories.

  18. tara volesky 2014.09.04

    Roger, be careful about criticizing Independents, because more people are registering Independent than all of the other parties combined. I would think the Democrats would like to get a majority of those 100,000 Independent votes.

  19. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.04

    I wasn't criticizing independents in general, I was criticizing current independent candidates for office.

    What are you doing on Madville? You said you wouldn't visit Madville anymore.

  20. Lynn 2014.09.04

    Tara Independent is a generic term and they have no technical affiliation as voters. Any Independent candidate and their campaign is subject to criticism and with no party the fallout is limited to that candidate.

    If the candidate is good people will vote if not then he or she won't get the vote. Just because they are an Independent candidate doesn't mean much if they are weak candidate.

  21. Bill Dithmer 2014.09.04

    " I think it's interesting that they're advocating the legalization of marijuana, which seems to be a contradiction to Annette's practice of working with individuals who have problems with substance dependency."

    Kristi, thats like comparing apples and oranges. As much as I dislike the Boz, I must disagree with your assumption. There is a big difference between, someone that uses marijuana, and substance dependency.

    Look at it this way. Most doctors will tell you that sex is good for your body. But those same doctors will also tell you that to much sex, "sexual dependency," could kill you.

    Believe it or not there are many doctors that are already scripting cannabis, and hemp, to treat different illnesses.

    If it is true, that wouldn't be a conflict of interest for Boz, just medicine.

    The Blindman

  22. Bill Dithmer 2014.09.04

    " Roger, be careful about criticizing Independents, because more people are registering Independent than all of the other parties combined."

    Tara, I am a registered demarcate. That doesnt mean I will never vote for any candidate from another party. I find people that vote party lines dont have the ability to think for themselves, always predictable, shallow socially, and better left out of political discussions.

    I have never voted a straight ticket in my life. It has always been about the candidate.

    The Blindman

  23. tara volesky 2014.09.04

    Bill, I admire you're Independent thinking while being a registered Democrat. I would think that the Democrats would embrace Gordon Howie and Larry Pressler because they can only help Rick win.

  24. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.04

    Leslie, Attorney Van Norman mentions the upcoming nuptials in his own petition to the court to delay the case to February. I am only reporting the reasons the lawyer has offered publicly for the reason he has asked for a delay.

  25. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.04

    You're right, Tara: unlike the AG candidate you're backing, I don't make up stories. I'm tracking down some facts on the Collegian ad and legalization event right now. Keep your pants on....

  26. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.04

    (Heck, maybe unlike both men running for AG....)

  27. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.04

    Bob Mercer over on Pure Pierre Politics is reporting the following party registrations as of Sept. 2,2014.

    Independents 99,509
    Republicans 238,791
    Democrats 175,168

    If you combine the totals of Republicans and Democrats, it is 413,959. The total number does not show independents are registering more than either party combined as Tara stated.

  28. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.04

    Tara may be referring to new enrollees rather than totals.

  29. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.04

    Bill and Cory,
    I did read the whole article and it does reflect that indy's did register more voters than both parties combined, but that is not what Tara said, is it?
    A campaign manager/strategist really needs to know how to present facts, especially when they reflect well for their candidate.

  30. mike from iowa 2014.09.04

    OT- McDonnell of Virginia guilty of 11 counts Buh-Bye sucker.

  31. owen reitzel 2014.09.04

    Van Norman working pro bono?

  32. Bill Fleming 2014.09.04

    Yes, agreed, Tara needs to be more disciplined and precise in her writing, especially when she's addressing an audience who pays as close attention as you do Roger. It's her responsibility to say what she means, not ours to try to guess what she may have meant.

  33. grudznick 2014.09.04

    Ms. Volesky, where does Ron stand on all this Dr. Bosworth stuff? I would like to hear him tell us why we should back Haber or Myers.

  34. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.04

    Has Mike Myers endorsed Libertarian AG candidate? Myers is an attorney, it seems that he would have a strong position on this.

  35. tara volesky 2014.09.04

    Roger, Bob Mercer stated the largest increase belong to the Independents. They climbed 1,501 from Aug. 1- Sept. 2. According to the totals by SOS, that increase was more than the other 4 combined which puts the Independents at 99,509 as of Sept 2nd.

  36. grudznick 2014.09.04

    Some fellow on death row committed suicide today. I am not alone wondering if there is a conspiracy to cover this up so it doesn't get out that an independent candidate for office somewhere in this state had him offed because he was going to sing about inside information on marijuana.

  37. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.04

    I'm of aware of that Tara, but that is not what you said in your original comment.

  38. Dave Baumeister 2014.09.04

    I've got 100 bucks that says the new attorney does not make it to February without asking to be released. I have to give it to them, it is a pretty good ploy to keep going through attorneys and getting extensions. Considering that this is a case that never should have made it this far without a plea, it is being kept alive nicely. But now, it can be said that Haber is trying to get elected only to get his wife out of jail: his candidacy has nothing to do with "stoping Marty Jackley" or helping Dawn Van Ballegooyen. He could have made that claim when his wife had a Nov. court date. And he still can, it is just obvious that such a claim would not be legitimate. Nope, his wife is a felon facing conviction by the office he wants to fill. Even if he did have 100,000 great reasons for running, none of them matter now.

  39. Dave Baumeister 2014.09.04

    "Annette Bosworth. Doctor. Humanitarian. FELON.
    "Whether it is scamming Medicaid or forging election petitions, Annette Bosworth is a SCOURGE on South Dakota. Now,CHAD HABER, wants to be the next attorney general for South Dakota. Is that because he wants to prosecute accused criminals like Bosworth? No, far from it.
    "Not only can, CHAD HABER, who has no law degree, NEVER prosecute anyone, despite the name difference, HABER is actually the husband of accused FELON Bosworth.
    "So what's Haber's motivation for running for Attorney General? To prosecute criminals? Or to use that office to free at least one accused FELON -- his wife?
    "On Nov. 4, YOU be the JUDGE. Re-elect a REAL lawyer as South Dakota's Attorney General. RE-ELECT MARTY JACKLEY!"

    (Marty, you can have that one for free. Although I am hoping you will never spend a dime to legitimize Haber's place on the ballot.)

  40. tara volesky 2014.09.04

    Ok, people, I am going out on a limb. Go Girl Power!

  41. Rocky Racoon 2014.09.04

    That's a great spot, Dave, but why in the world would MJ spend a dime on advertising? He's running virtually unopposed.

  42. Bob Klein 2014.09.04

    There is at least one reason MJ would advertise: It is only 4 years until he runs for governor.

  43. grudznick 2014.09.04

    Won't this Mr. Jackley need to beat a whole horde of comers from the GOP who are angling in even now, first?

  44. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.09.04

    I think I remember a couple cases Robert Van Norman was successful with in the 1990s. (If this is the same guy.) They were civil suits against child molesters.

    That was shortly after a balanced legislature passed a law lengthening the statute of limitations on child molesters. Adults could bring suit against people who'd molested them as children. Such suits were in their infancy, so Van Norman was a pioneer.

    I met with Van Norman to discuss feasibility of a suit on my behalf. It didn't happen, but not because of Van Norman. He was supportive and understanding.

    (I testified before the legislative committee in support of the law. It passed with flying colors. I believe that since then Republicans added tight restrictions to protect perverts.)

  45. Bob Klein 2014.09.04

    Gruz: You never know, the GOP may already have their next king anointed.

  46. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.09.04

    BTW, if you are feeling down in any way, go to YouTube and search for "Laughing Babies." It's one of my favorite things to do. I've seen the one Cory included before. You just can't feel grumpy watching these. Guaranteed you'll laugh along.

  47. Bob Klein 2014.09.04

    Sorry, I think I mean "Grudz"

  48. Dave Baumeister 2014.09.04

    If the race ever did become contentious, as Haber must hope, a spot like the one from the Republicans I outlined would put an end to it real fast (this is not much different than the type of garbage Noem used against Stephanie). And it would make Annette look really bad. But I don't believe that Haber cares about his wife in the slightest. People just need to ask, why didn't he and Lee Stellaluna shut up and let Annette's previous lawyer plead out the case? I doubt Haber has any desire to see this case against his wife go away. I firmly believe he wants her in jail for as long as possible so he can use the persecution-thing to bilk money from people and prolong his sedentary lifestyle.

  49. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.04

    Roger, she did say "are registering," present progressive. I will allow Tara's original comment as technically correct. Play ball!

  50. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.04

    Tara, don't go out on a limb just for the sake of going out on a limb. Go out on a limb because there's something worth reaching. Bosworth is no role model for any "girl" I care about.

  51. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.04

    I will not hold it against Marty Jackley if he chooses not to run any ads and not to show up at the SDPB candidate's debate. I could see where Jackley's only motivation for attending a debate would be to give 15-second answers, then yield the floor to Haber to expose his incompetence and evil. One public debate might provide all the video we would ever need to prevent anyone from ever taking Haber seriously again.

    But this assumes anyone takes him seriously now.

  52. grudznick 2014.09.04

    Mr. Klein, it could be any one of Messrs. Jackley, Sattgass, Barnett, Michaels, Mickelson, or Ms. Krebs. Maybe even Mr. Tidemann if he plays his cards right and I am told Mr. Tidemann is a very good card player.

  53. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.04

    On Texan Landslide's thread Libertarian AG candidate has challenged Jackley to a debate.

    I don't even know why I'm wasting my time commenting about Libertarian candidate, he is and will be irrelevant. I must just enjoy the amusement.

  54. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.04

    The only reason for Jackley to debate is to push Haber down the hill, but the Haber cart is already rolling toward the bottom. Does anyone need to dignify him with further push?

    Maybe Jackley gets sympathy points in the GOP 2018 gov's race for having to put up with all of Annette and Chad's malarkey this year.

  55. Bob Klein 2014.09.05

    He may be a good card player. I'm not sure he's good at much. Needs to weed his garden.

  56. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.05

    "Go Girl Power"!
    Sounds good, that would include support for Susan Wismer for Governor and Susy Blake for Lt. Governor.

    And let's include Ellee Spawn in District 12 and Robin Page in District 33

  57. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.09.05


    I like it Roger. How about this too?


  58. Tara Volesky 2014.09.06

    Don't forget the biggest KICKASS Woman of them all, LH Sorry I already got some tee shirts printed, but go ahead and use the Girl Power slogan. What ever helps take down the machine. While you're at it Roger, why don't you print one up for Dr. Bosworth too. lol.

  59. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.06

    [Sure, fine, let's just vote for everyone based on their possession of a vagina. Hillary 2016!

    Tara, don't be stupid. The "go girl power" comment is utterly irrelevant to this discussion. Bosworth's womanhood has no bearing on her criminality and her inability to keep a lawyer. Take your t-shirt printing and Hubbel-boosting to another thread.]

  60. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.06

    I strongly support women for public office and leadership, qualified and capable women. Lora Hubbel and Annette Bosworth are neither.

  61. Tara Volesky 2014.09.06

    Apparently Roger, you don't like establishment fighters.

  62. Leah 2014.09.06

    Tara, I cannot speak for anyone else here, but I DO like people who fight the established political machine here in SD. I do not, however, like BABs or her views. Any woman, especially one who is a doctor, who fights AGAINST the rights of women has NO PLACE in the political arena. That is just one of the many views she has expressed that I am vehemently opposed to. Another is her insistence upon bring "christian" views into the public arena. It's fine if you believe in a god, just don't make it public policy so that I have to believe in your imaginary friends too. As far as Hubbel is concerned, I don't know enough about her to make any kind of judgment, but if you support her along with BABs, I'm sure I oppose her.

  63. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.06

    For anybody that has read my comments on this blog, it should be obvious that I fight the establishment and have done so all my life.
    There is a distinct difference in fighting the establishing for the sake of fighting it because it doesn't serve my personal needs and wants and developing sound policies that can make government work better for all us.
    Complaining about the corruption of the establishment and not offering solutions is just more whining.

  64. Lynn 2014.09.06

    Tara your just driving more people away and further losing credibility by your questioning others fight against the establishment/corruption and mismanagement in South Dakota and association with Annette Bosworth/Chad Haber and Lee Stranahan.

    btw! Does Mike Myers endorse Chad Haber for AG?

  65. Tara Volesky 2014.09.06

    They do offer solutions by running for office against their own politically corrupt establishment party. To bad some of you are supporting SDWC who despise them for exposing the Republican machine.

  66. Lynn 2014.09.06


    Does Mike Myers endorse Chad Haber for AG?

  67. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.06

    Precisely what do the Myers/Hubble platform say about any position in this race?
    What is Haber's platform state about anything regarding the AG race?
    Have Myers/Hubble publicly endorsed Haber for AG?
    DWC have their own reasons for not liking Myers/Hubble, Haber and Howie, Democrats have their own. If you can't see the differences, you aren't looking hard enough, they are obvious.
    I don't buy into campaigns that offer nothing more than bumper sticker slogans and offer not policy positions.

  68. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.06

    We love establishment-fighters on the Madville Times. That's why Annette Bosworth and Chad Haber disgust us so as they try to co-opt our cause for their personal gain.

  69. Lynn 2014.09.06

    Roger I don't think we will get any answers from Tara. We ask direct questions and we get deflection with something totally off topic. That campaign is supposed to be about transparency yet ironically it is like Chad Haber's in that questions are asked and what do you get? Deflection.

    Their next presser to try and stay in the news will probably be accusations that the Dems are not doing enough to expose corruption and are just as guilty. Will anyone from the press show up? Doubtful.

  70. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.06

    Exactly Lynn, and that is why the Myers/Hubble and Haber's campaigns will fail miserably, they can not stay topic and their messaging isn't consistent. That's a recipe for dismal failure and one of the reasons independents and third party candidates rarely succeed.
    It isn't often that we see a third party candidate succeed, it is an un-daunting task at best and if your candidate can't stay on message it decreases their chances even more.
    Candidates that can't offer a yes or no a question, have no real policy positions available to the public are not true candidates at all, their candidacy is based on ego or a fund raising opportunity.
    We can cry "South Dakota is corrupt" until hell freezes over, but if isn't exposed as Democrat Cory has done it is meaningless. The call for action to investigate and reveal the truth is the action of fighting the establishment
    The question we should be asking all candidates is what separates you from your challengers and what policy making decisions will you make to stop corruption?

  71. Tara Volesky 2014.09.06

    I am not even going to respond to the hypocrisy on this thread. The Democrats couldn't even field an AG candidate. That is sad. Myers/Hubbel are way different than DD/MM and SW/SB. Medical Marijuana, Agricultural Hemp, Common Core, Uranium mining, Keystone XL, Health Care. These are just a few of the major differences. Myers was out on the corner of 41st and Louise today with the Hempsters waving signs to legalize. Love the Professor, he hangs with anybody.

  72. JeniW 2014.09.06

    I have asked repeatedly what Chad would bring to the office of AG besides the corruption in Pierre.

    No one has responded, not even one of his strongest supporters.

    I would ask again, but I do not think I will get an answer, so Chad will not get my vote, even as much as I dislike Jackley and will not vote for him either.

  73. JeniW 2014.09.06

    I meant to type "besides exposing the corruption in Pierre."

  74. grudznick 2014.09.06

    I suspect it is people like Mr. Haber who bring corruption with them wherever they go. I would say the best thing he can do to reduce corruption in Pierre or South Dakota is to stay out of Pierre and maybe move back to Minnesota.

  75. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.06

    JeniW and Lynn,

    I took a couple of minutes and visited the Chad Haber for South Dakota Attorney General Facebook page. As suspected there was nothing posted about any policies or any direct comments by the candidate. Not even a suggestion of a campaign platform at all.
    What I did find was the Bosworth type memes on patriotism, Benghazi, and the Praying for thing.
    The were couple a couple posts about Brady Folkens death and defending the border.
    Texas Landslide also had a couple articles posted about his investigation into EB-5.
    And that is the extent of it, no background information on the candidate, not asking for votes and nothing about his policies or platform.

  76. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.09.06

    Roger, there Had to be a massive request for Moneeeeee!

  77. JeniW 2014.09.06

    Thank you Roger. I had looked at the FB account, and tried to find a web-site for Chad. As you mentioned there is nothing there.

    I was hoping that Tara would reply, but as previous, she did not respond to my questions.

    Makes me wonder if she really is supportive of Chad.

  78. Lynn 2014.09.06

    JeniW based off earlier remarks Tara is fully committed to Chad Haber's campaign and Myers/Hubble have also hitched their wagon to the Haber/Bosworth/Stranahan enterprise also.

  79. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.06


    Way big surprise, Haber must be losing his fund raising skills, there not a donation button on his Facebook page.

    Maybe he's just looking for his 15 minutes of fame.

  80. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.06

    I also like grudz's most recent corruption about Chad and Pierre corruption.

  81. Tara Volesky 2014.09.06

    How many millions has Chad raised so far.

  82. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.07

    Haber appears to be a dismal failure at fund raising since he isn't soliciting in the most obvious place, his Facebook page.
    Or maybe he has gotten that big corrupt Koch brothers to finance his campaign?

    Myers endorse Haber yet?

  83. Tara Volesky 2014.09.07

    These trick and trap election laws are set up wipe out anybody that doesn't march to the beat of the establishment drum. It will be very interesting to see if Joel Arends lies under oath. Apparently the people from Kimbal, SD are a bunch of liers. I am sure Bosworth is audited probably every year. When defying one of the health care empires by deferring patients to Drs outside the corporate system, then yes, they will be watching you.

  84. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.07

    Election laws are not designed to purge establishment fighters, they are there in insure that there is level playing field and that candidates fulfill basic qualifications.
    They are not always fair or reasonable, but establishment fighters can correct that with what we call elections.
    It should be noted that major party candidates, whether you like them or not, meet the requirements on the number of signatures required on their petition, make sure they are properly registered to vote with the party they represent and not act like the candidate for a day and expect that they will be properly recognized, but have to go to court to prove it.
    Requirements to get your name on the ballot is really elementary and simple, why do some choose not to play by the rules.

  85. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.07

    As I noted above, Haber doesn't seem to be doing any public fundraising, at least on his Facebook page.

    Maybe, just maybe, he is using Annette's legal defense fund for his campaign expenses, surely he has some expenses.

  86. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.07

    Annette Bosworth did not violate a "trick and trap" election law. Annette Bosworth lied. We have an election law that makes such a lie a crime to protect the sanctity of the petition process, the ballot, and the political process in general. Annette Bosworth showed gross disrespect for that process and for the rule of law. I look forward to hearing her lawyer's arguments to the contrary. They are unlikely to do much more to defend Bosworth from prosecution than Tara's numerous non sequiturs, but he's being paid (maybe) to try.

  87. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.07

    Roger, I'll bet he hasn't spent a penny on anything we'd recognize as campaign expenses yet. I'll bet he's sent out poorly written letters to folks on the Base Connect list and whatever other mailing lists Annette purchased during her campaign. Any money that has trickled in (and I do mean trickle, because no one inside South Dakota will give Chad money, and no one outside South Dakota gives a toot about the South Dakota attorney general's race) has paid for the following items, in this order:

    1. Chad's meals out with his spokesman
    2. Annette's continual Starbucks
    3. the retainer for Mr. Van Norman
    4. groceries for the kids (if begging from fellow church members, employees, and patients doesn't cover their meals).

  88. Tara Volesky 2014.09.07

    Most third party candidates and Independents don't raise much money. If Bosworth was on the ballot, she would do a lot better than her husband.

  89. Tara Volesky 2014.09.07

    I would have done of the same so called crime as Annette stupidly did because she trusting her friend, campaign manager, and lawyer. Not many people read the fine print. She is so naïve and gullible that she trusts anybody. When you are a statewide candidate, the vultures come out and take advantage of you. Pat Davis and Joel Arends got her into this mess. You have to be very careful who you deal with. She had no clue what she was getting into. Let this be a lesson to her. At least the signatures where legitimate.

  90. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.07

    Will that be Bosworth's defense? That is the most outlandish excuse I've ever heard. The devil made me do it will not work in court. Perhaps you have heard the saying, "ignorance of the law is no excuse".
    If Bosworth exhibits such ignorance in a simple petition drive, what would she have missed in the senate because of naivety?
    Has Myers/Hubble endorsed Chad Haber yet?
    The only problem with Bosworth being on any ballot is that her support came largely from out of state and 5.75% of the vote is hardly a campaign fund raising tool

  91. Tara Volesky 2014.09.07

    If I was an Attorney, I would love to defend her. Ignorance is no excuse, than tell that to her campaign manager that told her to sign. Well Roger I am not going to endorse your candidate even though I asked Mike, what did you teacher that boy?

  92. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.07

    Obviously Bosworth lacks the capability to say NO or to read a document before signing. Somehow it seems ironic that a educated doctor would know better, I guess not. If unable to say NO to such an elementary part of the election system, what would she not able to say NO to in the senate? Scary, huh?
    And speaking of Yes or No, which doesn't seem a part of your vocabulary, why won't you answer the question of Myers endorsing Haber in the most simplistic of terms/
    To repeat to you, Dawn changed my mind on voting for, not supporting Jackley, therefore I have no candidate in the attorney general race.

  93. Tara Volesky 2014.09.07

    Good for Dawn, I was really looking forward to you MJ fb page. Dawn has a candidate in the AG's race, and his name is CHAD HABER. Now are you going to ridicule her like you do me Roger. Scary huh that an attorney would tell her to sign. I am sure he would do things differently if he knew Cory was going to contest it. Cory, you stirred up a hornet's nest. Jason didn't even catch the 83 signatures. Only Cory could do something like that.

  94. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.07

    Why would anybody criticize Cory for being a good citizen and reporting election corruption to the proper state authorities?
    Tara, you are constantly talking about fighting the establishment and corruption in state government, yet when somebody such as Cory points it out, you are critical.
    Which is it Tara? Selective enforcement, no enforcement, what do you want?
    I have done nothing but express my sympathy and support for Dawn as did almost here on Madville did, I hope some of the advice given her was helpful. I have yet to see you and your little club of Haber and Shanahan offer her any kind of substantial support. Hopefully she will recognize at some point just how much you guys have been using her.

  95. grudznick 2014.09.07

    Tara I have sort of a three part question. Do you still live in Huron and if so did you have a booth at the fair with literature and such and if so do you have some left that I can have?

  96. Tara Volesky 2014.09.07

    Roger, I think the person to ask if I am using her would be Dawn. You could sure private message her. I have nothing to hide. I occasionally disagree with a lot of people including Mike. And I talked to him about who he is going to vote for. He said he believes Annette has been discriminated against and got terribly beaten up because she is not part of the establishment. It all started when she worked for Sanford and would refer patients to specialists outside the Sanford system. Mike is going to vote for MJ even though he is part of the machine because he knows MJ personally. He was a student of Mike's and he use to jog with him. Marty won't behave that way under a Myer's administration. Mike would demand total transparency and an independent prosecutor to investigate the Benda death and the EB-5 scandals. He can't vote for Chad because he doesn't feel he is qualified because he doesn't a law degree. Did I answer you questions Roger?

  97. Tara Volesky 2014.09.07

    Grudz, didn't have a booth at the fair, but spent some time up there handing out information. We will be printing some new brochures. I don't know where you live Grudz but Mike will be traveling out West the end of the month. We have material floating around the state. Remember, we aren't bankrolled by anybody and we don't do fundraisers. You can you tube Mike or fb or call him if you have any questions. Thanks.

  98. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.07

    Myers is confused if he thinks Bosworth is being discriminated against. She lied. She broke the law. Her prosecution is not discrimination; it is Marty Jackley doing his job right for once. The discrimination comes in favor of the political elites whom Jackley does not hold to account. And thankfully, even Myers recognizes that, for all of his failings, Marty Jackley is better than the truly awful alternative.

  99. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.07

    Thanks for finally answering the repeated questions about Myers supporting or not supporting Chad Haber. I will help spread the word.
    Don't tell me contact people to prove your points, I refuse to do that. You should be able to formulate your debate points yourself.
    Now that the news of Dawn's son's death is pretty well known, what action plan have you suggested for Dawn? Since you talk with her regularly maybe you can relate to the great outpouring of support she received from Madville regulars. We are interested if she has made any progress in her search for the truth.
    Annette Bosworth was not a victim of anyone but herself, she may have raised a lot of money but she still has serious campaign debt. She, Haber, and Stranahan ran a seriously dysfunctional campaign that resulted in her getting only 5.75% of the registered Republican vote. She is responsible for that, at some point Annette and her supporters are going to have to accept that, whether they will is another question.

  100. Tara Volesky 2014.09.07

    I guess we'll see how it all plays out in court. What confuses me is Joel Arends. I wonder how much he made giving wrong advice to Annette. If Annette is a criminal, we all are criminals including me. I probably break the law every week.

  101. Tara Volesky 2014.09.07

    We were told that Myers would be breaking the law by trying to put Hubbel on the ballot as his running mate.

  102. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.07

    No, no, no, no, no, Tara. Your occasional errors and other folks' are nothing like Annette's willful defiance of rules and moral restrictions. Myers's effort to replace his running mate was nothing like the Bosworth situation, as he tried to follow existing statute and the precedent allowed to other parties. At no point did he face criminal prosecution for what he attempted to do because Myers knows better and because there was no law for him to violate. The probelm he faced was absence of a law to compel a balky Gant to do the right thing.

    Bosworth looked a clear oath in the face and swore it falsely. She didn't need a lawyer to see that she was lying. She admitted on the radio and in her press conference that she lied under oath, because she's Joan of Arc reincarnated, she can lie, cheat, steal, whatever.

    Don't insult yourself, Mike Myers, or anyone else by deeming them morally equivalent to Annette Bosworth. (Good grief, Tara: is your job to manage Myers's campaign and help him win, or is it to stay stupid things on behalf of a narcissist and electoral failure who offers your campaign absolutely no advantage?)

  103. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.07

    Would Mike Myers have been jailed for demanding to put Lora Hubble on the ballot? Mike in no way was responsible for printing ballots, he only wanted to get his preferred candidate on it.
    There was a weakness and oversight in the law and Myers challenged it and won. What's to whine about? Laws and regulation are challenged every day in our court system, that's why we have them.

  104. Tara Volesky 2014.09.07

    I guess I am just a bleeding heart that hates to see bad things happen to people and their families. I think Bosworth had the wrong people running her campaign.

  105. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.07

    Chad and Annette ran her campaign.

  106. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.07

    The wrong people running her campaign would include Stranahan and her husband Chad, your choice for attorney general.
    Regardless of how you attempt to assign blame for Annette's failed and disgraceful campaign, it remains her responsibility, will she ever accept that?

  107. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.07

    Take your bleeding heart over and talk to the people and families to whom Annette and Chad have done bad things. Talk to the people they could have disenfranchised and have dragged into a DCI investigation by falsely singing their petition circulators' oaths. Talk to the folks they've bilked out of money (employees, raffle ticket buyers, investors in land deals during their time in Utah). Talk to me, who she used Senate campaign dollars to attack personally and professionally.

    Wake up, Tara.

  108. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.09.07

    Tara, give it up. Chanette are not nice people. They've made that perfectly clear all by themselves. No one needed to do it for them. Their problem is that they got caught trying to cheat SD voters.

    There are 2 things that are coming from your defense of Channette: Damage to Mike Meyers. Damage to your own integrity.

    There is no Noble Cause here deserving of Quixotic efforts. There are two people, Channette, so narcissisticly self-absorbed that they've lost all sense of humanity and decency. That's all this is.

    I've heard more about Chanette in the past year than I've ever wanted to. I'm done talking or reading about them. Tara, if you want to be tarred with the same brush, besmirch your reputation, that's your business. Good luck.

  109. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.08

    If Annette wants to blame Joel Arends for her misdeeds, that's fine.
    If Joel Arends is guilty of misleading and providing bad legal advice to Annette, she should sue him for legal malpractice and quit whining about it.

  110. Tara Volesky 2014.09.08

    I think it is a good idea to just quit talking about them. Patrick Davis did tell me he was running her campaign and raised all that money.

  111. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.08

    Now you're understanding it, listen to yourself and quit talking about them. Does that include your campaigning for Chad?
    If I recall correctly, Chad said at the Libertarian Convention that he was the skilled fund raiser behind Annette.

  112. Tara Volesky 2014.09.08

    Ok Roger, or are you even a person. Does anyone personally know this guy? Cory, I don't waste my time writing stories on them. Don't write stories on them, than I won't comment.

  113. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.08

    Nope Tara, Roger isn't a real person, he's a figment of my imagination, and yours.

    Not being the real person that I am; Deb, Cory, Larry Kurtz, Bill Fleming, and other Madizens that I didn't meet at Rickstock can attest to my non-personhood.

  114. Bill Fleming 2014.09.08

    I have a picture of Mr. Cornelius at Rickfest on my cell phone. It was very nice meeting you, Roger.

    I do not have a picture of the figment Mr. Grudznick.

    In the picture I don't have, Grudz has pretend egg on his pretend grudzy face for pretending he might have shown up. ;-)

  115. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.08

    So Tara goes from shouting "go girl power" and backing Chad for AG to saying we shouldn't talk about them. Unable to sustain her defense of Channette, she turns to throwing out a cheap insult at Roger. Given that display of consistency and rhetorical skill, I suggest Team Myers consider recruiting a new campaign manager, because their current campaign manager has demonstrated she's about as good at this work as Channette.

  116. Lynn 2014.09.08

    Since day one the Myers campaign has been the most self destructive campaign I've seen due mostly from it being terribly managed. It looks like Mike is a great guy and has much to offer but I don't feel he is qualified to be Governor.

    The commenters have tried to be helpful with constructive criticism but have been ignored. We warned of toxic associations being a campaign manager with Bosworth/Haber and Stranahan with months of blog postings and names of people and public records if one wishes to confirm for themselves so it would they could "Think for yourself" It was all ignored.

    Now the Myers/Hubble campaign confirmed to be linked with Bosworth, Haber and Stranahan has been further reduced to a minor sideshow distracting from the main fight against what is wrong in Pierre by Susan Wismer and Susy Blake.

  117. Bill Fleming 2014.09.08

    One of the things that always amazes me is how some ads ever get on TV. They are so bad, I actually have a terrible opinion of the company after seeing them. Mot of the time I had never heard of the company before seeing the ad. That means somebody actually spent considerable time and money getting me to dislike the company they were trying to promote. What a waste of time for everybody! So it goes with Ms. Volesky I fear. I'm so turned off by her presentation and manner here, I can't even begin to muster any interest in the candidates she represents. Tara's not the first bad actor we've seen in SD politics. Bruce Whalen hired a clinker manager too, back in the day. But sad to say, Tara's act is even worse. And I didn't think that was possible.

  118. Craig 2014.09.08

    Tara: "These trick and trap election laws are set up wipe out anybody that doesn't march to the beat of the establishment drum."

    Really? That is your defense... the election laws are too tricky? There are some nuances of law that are difficult to follow, but signing your name attesting to being present when others signed theirs doesn't seem like it is so tricky. Besides, thousands upon thousands of candidates have navigated these "trick and trap election laws" without any issues, so if Annette can't handle what so many others have it calls into question her ability to represent our state.

    Tara: "She is so naïve and gullible that she trusts anybody."

    Again - not exactly qualities I would want in an elected official. How do these qualities qualify her to be a United States Senator?

    Tara: "At least the signatures where legitimate."

    Which signatures? There were names on her lists which weren't legitimate, and although she did sign her own name, she did so afterwards which only attests to her willingness to lie about being present when it was clear she was not. Is blatant dishonesty a trait we want in our politicians?

    Tara: "If I was an Attorney, I would love to defend her."

    You've been doing a bang-up job so far. What could possible go wrong when you tell the court she is naïve, gullible, and just does what others tell her to do?

    Tara: "If Annette is a criminal, we all are criminals including me."

    Guilty of felonies Tara? This is slightly more significant than driving 18mph through a school zone.

    Tara: "I guess I am just a bleeding heart that hates to see bad things happen to people and their families."

    They why do you continue to support someone guilty of causing so many bad things to innocent people and their families? Do you have any idea how many people have been harmed by Chad and Annette?

    Tara: "Patrick Davis did tell me he was running her campaign and raised all that money."

    Chad Haber claims he ran her campaign full time for greater than a year and that is why he hasn't had a real job in all of that time. He also took credit for the amount of money raised. He can be heard making these claims on his audio interview on Stranglehams' website. So who is lying.... Patrick Davis, or Chad Haber? Then again, a candidate is only as good as his or her team, and if they surround themselves with inadequacy they will be seen as inadequate.

    Tara with all due respect every post you make harms your credibility and by extension that of the person you are supposed to be managing a campaign for. It isn't as if Myers had a chance anyway, but when he surrounds himself with people like you it is clear there is no way he is electable as it calls into question his ability to formulate a high-performing team.

    There are times it appears you are campaigning for Bosworth or Haber rather than leading the campaign of Myers. Half of what you say makes no sense, the other half isn't relevant to the job you should be doing. I'm not sure why you were picked to manage a campaign when it is very clear you haven't the first idea how to handle the task.

    By the way, if you are going to take the time to insert a link into your signature, you might want to take three seconds to verify the link actually works.

  119. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.08

    Since I didn't meet you at Rickstock and attended using my alias non-person, I was able to meet the other non-person, grudz. He was walking around swiping beers and sandwiches. It was also nice to meet you.
    Aside from Tara's complete incompetence as a the Myer/Hubble campaign manager, I think what we are seeing is Tara's melt down. Perhaps the realization of Myers and Haber actually losing the election is setting in, if she isn't considering that, she should be.
    When Tara reads the comments here she obviously doesn't comprehend them, she reacts to them with irrelevancy and anger. Getting a straight yes or no answer from her on basic questions is pure agony. Campaign managers usually have formulated canned answers to any inquiry, even the "no comment at this time" is acceptable at times".
    Tara continues to scream about fighting the establishment and South Dakota corruption, yet by defending Bosworth and Haber deviates from their corruption and supports them. At one point she criticized Cory for finding the questionable 83 signatures on Annette's petition.
    The best I have to say about Tara is that she is consistently inconsistent.

  120. Tara Volesky 2014.09.08

    Thanks for all the kind words and comments. I got quite a laugh, because I understand politics, but, other people will find this quite disturbing. This is called cyber-bullying. People kill themselves over things like this. You can destroy a person's self-worth in a paragraph. You set a great example for young people that someday may want to get involved in politics. Character assassination only drives people away. I have wonderful Democrat friends that will not read this blog for the same reason MM doesn't go there. When I read some of these outrageous comments to Mike he will also tell me once again, stay away. That's why he stays off the blogs. Maybe I should take his advice. Who needs friends like you when I have true, loyal friends like Mike Myers that actually know and trust me. Susan Wismer and Rick Weiland will be very disappointed reading this. You are hurting nobody but yourself. I understand why people have washed their hands from politics.

  121. Craig 2014.09.08

    Tara you are not a victim, so stop acting like one. If someone makes an observation based upon your actions it is not the equivalent of cyber-bullying. If someone quotes your own words and asks direct questions, it is not the equivalent of cyber-bullying. If someone is critical of your behavior or lack of professionalism is not the equivalent of cyber-bullying.

    Your most recent post is just more evidence to support my opinion that you are in over your head, and are not qualified for the job given to you. If you cannot handle criticism, candid feedback, or even the occasional insult then not only are you not cut out for politics, but you're probably going to have a difficult time in public (whether that is the comments section of a blog, or standing in the checkout line of your local supermarket).

  122. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.08


    You said on one of your Facebook pages that you would no longer visit Madville Times because Cory was dishonest, yet here you are commenting on this thread and others, that is another demonstration of your inconsistency.

    You may call this cyber bullying, but I call it debate, a debate you are woefully unprepared for. Others on Madville have been at the receiving end of relentlessly attacked on the internet and have grown and survived from their experience.
    Quite frankly, I don't know what you want from us, I've asked that before and did not get an answer. Do you want us to rollover and accept everything you say as fact. Do you want us to say that Tara is the only one in South Dakota that understands politics?
    It should be obvious to you that Myers and your AG candidate Haber have no support here and that if they did have, you have destroyed that.
    Cory runs a Democratic blog, he is open about that, just as Powers runs a Republican blog, yet you insist that Cory and others change their thinking and give you blanket support because you are Tara.
    You complain about being bullied here, and yet I have seen you be just as vicious to Cory, Powers, candidates and their supporters, and now you want us to play the poor Tara role.
    One last time, what the hell do you want Tara?

  123. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.08

    This is not bullying, Tara. This is you being wrong and the rest of us saying so.

  124. Bill Fleming 2014.09.08

    Tara, no one is trying to assassinate your character. What you are experiencing is a critique of your job performance by a group of your peers.

    The way you will feel the difference is to start doing a better job. This group would far rather be praising you than ragging you. I'm just sure of it.

    But this isn't little league T-Ball where you get a hit every time and nobody keeps score. Your candidate is running for the Governor of South Dakota. You need to be behaving as though he has already won the race, and you are representing him to the proud, diverse, and demanding general public of our state.

    Nothing short of that will be appropriate. Sorry.

  125. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.09.08

    What Roger, Bill and Craig said.


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