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Woster Uneasy with Challenge to Rounds Propaganda

Reporter Kevin Woster feels so bad for Mike Rounds that he responds to the beating the GOP Senate candidate took this week by posting, without commentary or analysis, twelve reasons that Team Rounds says are why we "oughta like Mike."

Now let's be fair: Woster is handing the blog mic to all of the Senate candidates. He posted Pressler's twelve reasons on Monday.

But Woster's sympathy for Rounds extends so far as to "moderate" (i.e., remove from publication), this response to Smiling Mike's twelve reasons:

Hmm, just 139,999,981 more, and he’ll have offered more reasons than Kathy Tyler offered for voting against Rounds on Monday [CA Heidelberger, attempted comment,, 2014.09.11].

I guess Rick Weiland already has 140 million reasons to vote for him. Susan Wismer is offering the same 140 million reasons to vote for her for Governor: she says that, if elected, she'll sue to get that money back, and she'll fire anyone who knew about the fraud and corruption going on in the Governor's Office of Economic Development and elsewhere in state government.

How many more reasons do you need not to vote for the current one-party regime?


  1. mike from iowa 2014.09.12

    I,mike Rounds,am particular hap.....nee positively giddy over endorsements by the far right extremist groups noted here. Only thing we need to worry about is any move farther right and we fall of the edge of planet Earth. Lest I forget,the science we want to teach youngsters is science fiction and we need to save a few trees so we have a sanctuary for ourselves when we de-evolve back to our monkey ancestors.

  2. lesliengland 2014.09.12

    rounds' 2, 5, 9 and 12 are baloney and need thorough, loud, immediate attack. EB5 IS NO. 1 by the way. anybody can say "yes, that's me too", to the rest of that garbage (except right to "life").

  3. lesliengland 2014.09.12

    sorry, knock no. 2 off my list.

  4. 96 Tears 2014.09.12

    If only Mike Rounds were capable of shame ... HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Rounds has done nothing to earn this open Senate seat. He won't show up at debates. He won't work town to town. He won't answer questions unless they're complimentary questions. He and his hired guns are buying the election. They think if they scream and howl loud enough, people will stop reading about the theft in his EB-5 program where Mike was the pit boss and handed away money to the wealthy players.

    When they start arresting his pals for racketeering, maybe some of this will stick to Mike. Rest assured the scribes at the Argus Leader will do everything in their power to protect the pit boss' golden boy image. Fortunately, there are credible reporters at other media who have enough self-respect and professional attitudes to accurately reflect what happened when Rounds was Governor.

    Sadly, Rounds is banking on none of that happening until he's sworn in to replace a real class act like Tim Johnson as our U.S. Senator.

    Running out the clock.

  5. Jana 2014.09.12

    I guess it's all in how you interpret what he is saying.

    1. I am professional politician.
    2. When I championed a 30% property tax reduction I didn't tell anybody it would kill our education system.
    3. As a small business man I know how to reward friends and get taxpayer dollar contracts...not to mention as a power broker, anyone wanting to get state dollars would be a fool to not buy their insurance from my agency.
    4. I am shameless in my support for the military when none of my family has served. I really can't point to anything specific...I just think it looks good for me to support them, especially when I breathlessly salute them.
    Oh yeah, I also support John McCain and love war.
    5. So many platitudes and so little time. Let's just start with you have profited off of the health insurance business for 30 and you still can't come up with a workable plan to replace either aren't trying or you're just moving you lips. And with KXL...just freaking admit that you are all for a foreign government being able to come in and take private farm land.
    6. Oh do please tell us how you will work across the aisle in a bipartisan manner.
    7.Please tell us how you worked hard...other than lifting T. Denny's wallet long enough to grab his money to make yourself look good. And the being a strong proponent of creating better science opportunities for our children...please proceed.
    8. A good family man. Don't sell yourself short here Mike. You need to mention how you made sure that many of your family members got taxpayer funded government jobs. And let's not leave out family being so important that you would appropriate government planes to take part in your family functions.
    9. I'm NRA A rated? Try using Oxyclean to get out the blood stains from throwing all that red meat around. By the way, how much does the NRA pay you to be so brave?
    10. I'm pro-life and pro-family. See the tip on Oxyclean.
    11. I recognize the importance of clean air and water but I will kill the EPA and leave our environment to the free market to decide when clean air and water get in the way of making a fast buck. Let our kids deal with the crap after we're gone.
    12. Again, don't sell yourself short. Joop is a big supporter as well, not to mention all of the other people you have helped make rich at the taxpayer funded teat. As far as many on your list, congratulations on parroting their views and accepting their money as opposed to having an original thought pf your own. Sure is good to know who is pulling your strings.

  6. Jenny 2014.09.12

    Herseth lost a big chance when passing on this race. I really think with her positive, hard-working record she would be ahead of Rounds. EB5 is starting to sink in with some 'on the fence' voters, but they're still not enthusiastic about Weiland. If Pressler wasn't in it it would be close to a toss-up. Pressler is hurting Weiland more than Rounds.

  7. jerry 2014.09.12

    Herseth is very disappointing to me. I really thought that she would take a position on the direction of this state. She could have easily done so by throwing her hat into the ring for governor or at least the lt. governor. Instead, she does nothing that I am aware of as far as politicking for the democratic ticket. Could that mean that her detractors are correct, that she is really not a democrat? I dunno, what say you Ms. Herseth-Sandlin?

  8. Bill Fleming 2014.09.12

    Jerry, see "boll weevil."

  9. larry kurtz 2014.09.12

    "South Dakota Sens. John Thune and Tim Johnson and Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin all said they support the program.

    “I share the goal of the EB-5 program of increasing access to foreign investment within South Dakota,” Johnson said. “Such investment brings money into South Dakota and creates jobs with far reaching economic effects that benefit the entire state.”

    Herseth Sandlin agreed.

    “The EB-5 program is a limited, employment-based visa program that encourages investment in economic development projects, including special targeting for rural areas like South Dakota,” she said. “It's a tool to attract investment and economic development in rural areas that often have trouble attracting sufficient capital, and I support that goal.”

    While Thune sees the economic development as a positive to the program, he said it's still important that the laws and rules be regulated."

  10. JeniW 2014.09.12

    I do not think that it is correct to make any assumptions about Stephanie.

    She has, for as I know, has been very quiet. It could be that for now, her priorities are elsewhere. That is not to say that sometime in the future she will not be more politically active.

    Her son, her family, and current career might be her priorities at the moment. When her son is older, she might become more active. Who knows?

    Odd how some people complain about people being career politicians, and others complain about people not being career politicians.

  11. jerry 2014.09.12

    Oh, by all means JeniW, lets give her a pass on this. She has her priorities like I have mine and you yours, indeed. Being politically active does not mean you are running for office. Being politically active means you have a political opinion and you declare it.

    I remember Senator McGovern and even though he was not going to run for office, people came to him and asked his opinion on where he stood on issues. Senator McGovern would oblige and speak his mind very clearly. We called him a respected statesman. He had some difficult times regarding family members, but he still remained a respected voice that you went to for opinions. When you are elected to a public office, it is general that you remain in touch, why is she different in that regard?

  12. JeniW 2014.09.12

    Why is it required that elected officials remain active, and who come up with that requirement?

    There are other elected officials who have faded into the sunset anyone complaining about them.

    George McGovern decided to remain active as he wanted to be.

    Is George W. Bush being asked his opinion about the current situation in Irag?

    You do not like the fact that Stephanie is staying quiet, that is your right, but where is it written that there is a requirement for past elected officials to remain active?

  13. Jenny 2014.09.12

    So if I'm doing these numbers right, each of the 20 employees gets a nice, fat $235,000 check. Does this sound ethical when hardworking SD teachers work their butts off making probably $40-50,000 yr (or less)? Okay, who knows anything about the SDIC?

  14. grudznick 2014.09.12

    That is a sweet deal. All those state employees get fat bonus checks every year. We should give bonuses to the GOOD teachers, too.

  15. grudznick 2014.09.12

    Ms. Jenny, I am told that the head fellow at this council makes about half a million dollars a year before his bonus. Now that is cigarette money.

  16. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.12

    It is that type of bonus on top of the hefty salary the get, that makes South Dakota corrupt.
    What I wonder is, when di we start giving government employees bonuses for work we pay them for?
    This double dipping is corruption.

  17. bearcreekbat 2014.09.12

    Jerry, I am usually 100% on board with your comments, but this time I have to go with JeniW regarding Stephanie. None of us have access to her personal life and having been put out of office by SD voters she is entitled to her privacy. I respect everything she did while in office, even though I disagreed with some of her positions. At this point I will applaud if she decides to get back into the political game and I would most likely support her over many others. For now, however, she deserves to be allowed without critique to make her own choices about how she wants to live her life and enjoy her family. Thus, JeniW's comments make more sense to me.

  18. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.12

    I too agree with JeniW on Stephanie, in time she will let us know if she even has any political ambitions.

    You have to also ask why the Republicans continually promote her candidacy.

  19. Bill Fleming 2014.09.12

    Roger, I think it was because they know she was a good representative and they want to vote for her. There's not a whole lot of difference between a "Blue Dog" Democrat and a Moderate Republican. For any Democrat to win a 2-way race in a SD statewide race, there will have to be a fairly large group of Republicans who voted for them.

  20. Steve Sibson 2014.09.12

    "Cory, sorry for breaking off topic"

    Jenny, he won't mind, since you are a fellow liberal. Us second class conservatives have to follow the rules of the regime.

  21. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.12

    Go write your own blog Sibson

  22. Jenny 2014.09.12

    Actually Sibbinator, I'm not really that off topic. One of Cory's main focuses on his blog it to report injustices in SD state govt.

  23. jerry 2014.09.12

    I wonder Jenny, if they will return their fat bonus checks when the market slides like they did on Wall Street when we bailed them out. Wait...That did not happen, Wall Street and the street in front of these guys is one way. The working people of South Dakota government just took a hit after they paid these guys salary's. Daugaard needs to tell us again about how fiscally responsible his regime has been while shoveling moolah to his bro's.

  24. Jenny 2014.09.12

    These SDIC 'bonuses' just show the arrogance and disconnect of SD govt when most state employees work just a few dollars above minimum wage, and when their teachers are dead last in the nation for pay. Where is the compassionate conservatism when it comes to refusing to insure 48,000 South Dakotans with Medicaid expansion?

  25. jerry 2014.09.12

    We will have to wait indefinitely for the compassionate conservatism report to come out regarding this. I wonder why bonus checks are not sent out the the men and women who work all night to clear the roads in very dangerous situations, without their dedication to service, commerce would be stuck in a snowbank north of Newell or backed up on I-29. How about a bonus check for the teacher who helped develop a young person's thoughts on the best way to cultivate a crop? So many others are a lot more deserving than people who get paid a salary with benefits to look at a computer screen and push the buy or sell button. This is not only fiscally wrong, it is morally wrong.

  26. jerry 2014.09.12

    Good news though, even in 2008, when the state took a big ole hit, they still got a bonus. This is the kind of stuff that makes me wish I were a good republican like Mike Rounds and in this case, Kristi NOem to be able to give a bonus for failure and not bat an eye as we would all be buddies.

    Woster may be uneasy about why most folks don't like Mike, but Mike deserves all of the negative feeling he is getting. Rounds wrote the book on sleaze in South Dakota politics. Sidekicks like NOem and Daugaard are just part of his tutelage, seems like he taught them well. So, lets put them into detention while we move on.

  27. Jenny 2014.09.12

    Matthew Clark is the SDIC top officer with a salary of $424,000 (I guess $100,000 more than MNs chief govt investor). Life is good in the good ol' boys club in Pierre. As the song says "take the money and run".

  28. Douglas Wiken 2014.09.12

    Was money subtracted from their pay when the market went south?

  29. jerry 2014.09.12

    Mike Rounds set the precedent of the bonus pay from what I can gather. If you see something different than that, I would like to know. It seems that Mike Rounds loves playing with other people's money like taxpayers, Chinese and Korean marks. That is why he must stay here, a long way from the mecca of dollars and their distribution, Washington.

  30. Jenny 2014.09.12

    The SD GOP majority committee voted to give Matthew Clark a $140 some thousand dollar bonus in 2008, Wiken! AFTER the retirement fund lost big bucks! It's in Jerry's cut and paste disclosure he found!

  31. Don Coyote 2014.09.12

    @Jenny: Sounds like Maryland wasn't too happy with Mansco Perry the III's (current employed by MN) performance as their Chief Investment Officer.

    "This year Chief Investment Officer Mansco Perry III also earned a performance bonus of $79,892, bringing his total salary to $335,570. The reason: returns at the $31.9 billion fund exceeded the yearly target. When he leaves October 31 [2010] for Macalester College in Minnesota, the state's funds will be $4.7 billion less than what they were in 2008, the year he arrived." Oops!

  32. Jenny 2014.09.12

    A troll that's trying to defend the SDIC overpaid bonuses on top of what they already get paid. I haven't heard of MNs retirement fund losing money. I can't find where they get paid obscene bonuses either.

  33. jerry 2014.09.12

    In 2008, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Clark distributed copies of the Investment Council Report (Document
    #1). Addressing the report, Mr. Johnson said that 2008 was not a good investment
    performance year. Exhibit 3 of the report shows that the South Dakota Retirement System
    (SDRS) experienced a $692.8 million loss.

    The motion prevailed unanimously on a roll call vote with 13 voting AYE and 2
    EXCUSED. Those voting AYE: Abdallah, Bartling, Gray, Tom Hansen, Hundstad, Burg,
    Deadrick, Engels, Noem

  34. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.09.12

    Okay, I'll give Mikey Mike Mike #12. The rest? Nah. Jana's list is much better.

    (Jenny, did you hear that MN Golden Boy, Adrian Peterson, is on his way to Houston, where he's been indicted for child abuse? Not surprised. He's the poster boy for absentee fathers. He doesn't even know how many children he has! What a sleeze ball.)

  35. Don Coyote 2014.09.12

    @Jenny: Minnesota State Board of Investment scores a 16.3% increase for 2014 year. South Dakota nails an 18.9% increase up $1.6B.

    Keep in mind a lot of the invested money consists of the teacher's retirement fund.

    Oh and Clarke's bonus was $717K on top of his walking around money of $405K. (:-o

  36. Bill Fleming 2014.09.13

    In general, I agree that SHS has every right to stay away from day to day politics and concentrate on home and family. But this is a critical time for her party, if indeed she still identifies as a Democrat.

    It would be helpful to hear where she stands on the minimum wage vote, and on the Senate race.

    An endorsement from Stephanie on those two fronts could change the complexion of the election. There are not too many- if any- others in the state about whom that could be said. She is in a unique position of her own making. And her silence, like it or not, implies a position. It would be helpful if she would clarify it. For right now. For us. And for herself.

  37. jerry 2014.09.13

    Well said Bill Fleming, well said.

  38. JeniW 2014.09.13

    Has anyone reached out to Stephanie to ask?

    Does her employer restrict her political activities? (Before anyone says the employers are not allowed to restrict political activities, maybe not legally, but employees are not going to take the risk if their employer frowns on said activities.)

    I agree that her endorsement might be a boost to the Democrat candidates, yet it can backfire as well because there are a lot of people in both parties who dislike her.

  39. bearcreekbat 2014.09.13

    Cory, I apologize for this off topic comment, but Deb's earlier comment about Adrian Peterson seems to merit a response.

    Deb, I don't know Adrian Peterson personally and I am not a big football fan. I have no factual basis to defend him and I know nothing about his personal life or behaviors other than what I hear on TV, radio, or see in articles mentioning him.

    I do know that most stories have two sides and that oftentimes the mass media chooses to publish one sided stories in an effort to exploit famous people. And I know from personal experience that the media can get the facts of any story wrong, either innocently or in an effort to attract more readers.

    I also know that prosecutors are said to be able to manipulate grand juries, and I am sure you have heard the common complaint that a competent prosecutor could convince a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.

    I also would expect sexually active young men might not be aware of impregnating a partner, whether during a one night stand or even in a committed relationship that has ended, especially if that partner did not inform him of the pregnancy. Yet as long as the sexual activity is consensual I see no basis for me to criticize another person's choice of partners.

    Finally, I believe that all humans can make mistakes and still be worthy of being respected.

    The above observations would tend to weigh against labeling someone I didn't know personally with a derogatory term, such as "sleeze," based on things I had heard on TV, the radio, or things I read in a newspaper. Perhaps you have had a personal relationship with Adrian Peterson and have knowledge that supports your judgment, but even if that is the case, I am surprised that you would express yourself in such a negative manner about another human being.

  40. Jenny 2014.09.13

    There are marks on AP's child that are disturbing, Bearcreek. I have always admired APs strength and muscular abilities, but he needs to be 'made aware' of his strength when frustrated with a small energetic child. ( His lawyer noted that being spanked with a 'switch' was how he was brought up).
    You mention young men may not be aware of impregnating a woman. I don't quite get what you're saying. He and his partner(s) made a choice to not use birth control, so what are you getting at? We are not to judge other people's choices no matter how reckless they are?

  41. Tim 2014.09.13

    "His lawyer noted that being spanked with a 'switch' was how he was brought up."

    Almost everything that was done to any of us as kids is now considered child abuse, not a legitimate excuse as far as I'm concerned.

  42. bearcreekbat 2014.09.13

    Jenny, if Peterson committed child abuse, then he deserves to be punished for it. I simply decline to pre-judge the man since I know only what others have alleged - I would leave it to a judge and jury to decide what actually happened and whether Peterson is criminally culpable.

    The comment about men possibly being unaware of impregnating a sexual partner was in response to Deb's comment that Peterson doesn't even know how many children he has. I doubt that Deb or anyone else knows about children that Peterson fathered without knowing it. I agree that if he fathered any child he should be held responsible for the child's care and support. But I don't think the assertion that he doesn't know how many children he has makes much sense, and given Deb's typical expressions of kindness toward others, I was surprised at the comment and felt a response to be appropriate.

  43. bearcreekbat 2014.09.13

    For the record, when I was a young person many many years ago I thought physical discipline was an appropriate and necessary method to teach a child to avoid behavior that might harm them or others. Today, my attitude has changed and I would not be inclined to ever agree to physically disciplining a child. Physical discipline imposed upon children can create adults who hurt their own children, just as it is alleged Peterson did. I think it is wrong to strike a child as punishment, even if no marks are left, especially given the emotional and psychological effects of violence by a caretaker.

    Indeed, Saturday's RC Journal carried a story describing how a change from discipline and punishment to positive reinforcement has worked wonders in RC schools. Kids who used to get in all kinds of trouble are reported to now seek the positive reinforcement they see given to fellow students for good behavior.

  44. larry kurtz 2014.09.13

    RT @GynoStar 4m
    "I beat my dog with a belt."
    "You monster!"
    "I beat my child with a belt."
    "Well you have to have discipline."

  45. Jenny 2014.09.13

    I'm not condoning APs behavior either. I saw the kid's pics and like I say, they're disturbing. The Vikings are taking this seriously and deactivated him immediately for Sunday's game.

  46. bearcreekbat 2014.09.13

    mike, that is a troubling news report. If accurate, it raises serious questions about Peterson's parenting knowledge. His alleged admissions suggest that he thought he was acting as a responsible parent and that he desperately needs help in learning how to deal with his children.

    I wonder if his kids will be better off if their father is jailed, followed by a termination of his parental rights so that they can never see him again and never have a relationship with him in the future? Or would they be better off if he is punished for his actions and provided the help he needs to be a better parent, so the children can continue their relationship with him?

    I was raised by my loving grandparents, and had an especially close relationship with my grandfather. I recall him spanking me with a belt on at least two occasions. I also spent some time with cousins who had wonderful loving parents. When we kids would get in trouble, my uncle would line us up and make us grab our ankles. Then one by one he would whack our behinds with a board he kept for just that purpose. I recall that the anticipation of being whacked was worse than the blow itself. I don't recall whether these punishments resulted in bruises, but as Tim points out, today my grandfather and uncle would probably be charged with crimes.

    My grandparents and my uncle were very religious people who studied their Bibles. Proverbs 13:24 (King James version) says, "He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes." I suspect they were brought up with physical discipline and that they thought they were doing the best for the children.

    I think a negative result of these punishments was when I became a parent, I also thought physical discipline was appropriate. I did not use a belt or board, but would spank the hand or bottom to get a point across. Today, I abhor my earlier parenting acts, and have completely changed how I see discipline. But I guess I can understand how someone raised like Peterson claims he was raised might think a whooping of a child with a switch was the right thing to do. He needs to learn better more modern parenting skills.

  47. jerry 2014.09.13

    In keeping with Mr. Fleming's theme, There are 49,000 South Dakotans that are in need of Medicaid Expansion. That and issues like corruption should be on the minds of all folks who live here in South Dakota, including Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. Presently, she is just like the rest of us, private citizens. In her case, she has had the success of a state wide elected official and her voice is one that is of respect. Something else too, those 49,000 folks that would be directly impacted by the Medicaid Expansion, are a pretty strong voting bloc that could be very useful in the event of another attempt at a statewide position. How can she loose by an endorsement, how can she not know what is going on here in the state so as not to have a strong opinion? The past decisions by the Rounds regime and its filtering into the Daugaard one, have clearly been detrimental to us all, including her. We need her to be the voice she is.

  48. mike from iowa 2014.09.13

    bcb-Peterson understood enough to know that any marks that show were sure to be questioned by medical personnel and possibly school personnel. He certainly needs something,but I can't tell you what that is.

  49. JeniW 2014.09.13

    Not allowing children to see or visit an abusive parent, is punishing the child.

    It is not their fault that parents are abusive, addicts, alcoholics, mentally ill, or whatever.

    Children are self-centered. They think that the world revolves around them. That is just a part of childhood that they eventually will mature out of.

    When I was a child I blamed myself for my father's being an SOB when he was drunk. I never could understand why he hated me so much that he loved the booze more than he loved me. Know one told me that it was not my fault because they did not know that was what I was thinking. When I reached my early 20's I learned that my father's alcoholism was not my fault.

    When punishing an abusive parent, keep in mind that the children may think it is their fault that the parent was abusive, and their fault that dad/mom are now sitting in jail, or not allowed to see/visit them any more.

  50. JeniW 2014.09.13

    My error, I meant "No one..." not "Know one..."

  51. jerry 2014.09.13

    Vikings will probably suspend him for a game or two. Nothing to see here but some marks on a kid. The thinking is with all of the big business involved with sports now, the bottom line. This is gladiator stuff man, just like the Roman Emperors used. Chum to keep the people from thinking, while we are ourselves, getting boiled in the oil.

  52. Jana 2014.09.13

    Taking a little change of course and getting back to Marion. I wish someone would ask this question of candidate Rounds.

    Your party is pushing for a balanced national budget...what would you cut from South Dakota to meet this goal?

    Under Obamacare, Medicaid and Medicare spending is now on more solid ground than ever and actually reducing the projected deficit. What are your plans to disrupt this pattern in repealing Obamacare with nothing of substance to replace it other than placebos packaged as platitudes.

  53. bearcreekbat 2014.09.13

    Jana, I like your first question best, especially since SD takes in so much more in federal money than it pays out.

    Perhaps the second question might be modified slightly - I would make it a 3 part question:

    (1) There are now 5.4 million people who have obtained insurance under the ACA - what are your plans for these folks if you succeed in repealing Obamacare?

    source -

    (2) In South Dakota approximately 40,000 (over one in three) uninsured South Dakotans are eligible for premium tax credits under Obamacare to help them purchase coverage in the Marketplace - if you are elected and succeed in repealing Obamacare, what are your plans for these folks?

    source -

    (3) "About 133 million Americans—nearly 1 in 2 adults—live with at least one chronic illness," and can now qualify under Obamacare for insurance coverage at the same premium as those without pre-existing conditions - if you are elected and are able to repeal Obamacare, what is your plan to assist this group?

    source -

  54. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.13

    Pro sports--grrrrr. The over-privileged millionaire who should concern us most is Mike Rounds. There are plenty of other reporters, bloggers, amd bloviators who will occupy themselves talking about national sports celebrities; I thus feel no need to waste my breath.

  55. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.09.13

    One of the biggest problems for the black community is absentee fathers. As a result, children grow up in poverty with little supervision because mom is working more than one job or running around searching for documentation to satisfy endless requests from various public and private agencies.

    There is no excuse for a man not knowing how many children he has. He can keep his pants zipped, use a condom, or some other method of birth control. OR, he can be in One Relationship with One Woman and be Faithful to her.

    Geez. I'm am nearly speechless at the excuses I'm hearing for this guy's wanton sexual intercourse followed by walking away! What in the world can be acceptable or excusable about that?! And how can that behavior not be described as "sleezy" at least? I probably should have been clearer and more accurate and called him a "cheap slut."

    Peterson didn't even know the little boy killed in Sioux Falls was his child! Maybe that small child would still be alive if Peterson had even felt a smidgen of responsibility for the life he started. (BTW, why aren't the Right to Life people going crazy about this?)

    I can't locate the photo now, but the Strib had one that showed bloody welts. The article said that, in addition to his back, the back of the 4 year old son's legs, butt, and scrotum were similarly injured.

    I sincerely do not care what your parents did to discipline you in connection to this incident, we're talking about a Four Year Old! Think about how small that little boy is.

    I'm appalled on two levels. One is about the response here. The other is that some Vikings 'fans' are trying to make excuses for Peterson.

    Lastly, I will say that I am not opposed to a swat on the butt or a lightly slapped hand. I think corporal punishment should be used to enforce a point, not to administer such a high level of pain that the child is afraid.

  56. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.13

    They pay the SDIC big bonuses for the same reason they let Bollen take all those EB-5 fees away from the state coffers: Rounds and friends owe the most to anyone who brings in outside cash that allows them to do more favors for their rich friends. SDIC lets the GOP continue to avoid fiscal reality and promise no new taxes that would cut into the wealthy elites' purses. Bollen brought in outside cash thst subsidized favored players' pet projects. Favors, favors, favors.

  57. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.13

    Sometime back when I first started hearing these reports about South Dakota being consistently reported as one of top ten in most corrupt states, I was skeptical. I had to read the particulars of the why. I was naive in thinking SD was a clean state because we never heard of prosecutions for corruption.
    The investment salaries coupled with the bonuses paid to these guys actually give the appearance of double dipping or paid more money for doing their jobs.
    So it goes with EB-5 and where we are today, the stonewalling, the cover ups, the dodging debates and all of the rest of it going on without oversight and worst yet, the Republican Party in full participation regardless of the loss of integrity the will suffer when this does come to a head.
    The more I look and learn it seems as though South Dakota Republicans are working overtime to become the #1 most corrupt state in the union.
    We have to be #1 at something, right?

  58. bearcreekbat 2014.09.14

    ory, I planned no more posts on this off Rounds topic, but your comment and Deb's recent comment has stimulated another post. It never occurred to me that the AP discussion was about pro-sports or millionaires. I thought it was about whether it was appropriate to publicly call another person, such as AP, a "sleeze ball" and the "poster boy for absentee fathers," apparently because the mother of his son did not tell him about the pregnancy or birth, instead choosing to keep it a secret from him. And this "poster boy for absentee parents" has actually done some positive things for children with his football earnings.

    I found it offensive and disrespectful when Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a "slut" because he assumed she engaged in sexual activity with other consenting adults. I also find it offensive to label a male, such as AP, a "sleeze ball" or "cheap slut" because he chooses to engage in sexual activity with other consenting adults. Why can't either an adult female enjoy an active sex life without deemed a "slut?"

    As for AP being unaware that he had fathered a child living in Sioux Falls, my limited research found articles claiming that the child's mother was not sure who the father was and apparently kept her pregnancy a secret from AP. Another report asserted that approximately two months prior to the deadly assault by the mother's new boyfriend she first told AP that he might be the father of her child, and that AP reportedly did not object, but instead accepted that he could be the father and offered to provide any help he could for her and the child. Another report said that AP immediately went to Sioux Falls to be with the son he had just learned about in the hospital when he was told about the injuries.

    If these reports are true, then there is more to AP than a "sleeze ball," "cheap slut," and "poster boy for absentee fathers."

  59. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.14

    BCB, a key difference between AP and Sanrda Fluke is that AP is wealthy and powerful. He is harmed much less by sticks and stones than Sandra Fluke, and attacks on him are not political.

    Show me that AP contributed to Rounds for Senate, and I'll get interested.

  60. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.14

    Add my apology Cory, I promised myself not to comment about the AP story because it was so off topic.
    The only thing I would include with the AP child abuse is this, it seems logical that a man that lost a child to abuse would be more aware than else that physical harm to a child maybe lethal.
    That's all I have to say about that.

  61. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.14

    Now I'm embarrassed, I had to scroll up to the thread topic and reread the post.
    When Woster moderated Mt. Blogmore for the Journal, he often commented that he had strong Libertarian leanings, I don't think that was for the forever demand of legalizing marijuana and drugs, I think it was for the core beliefs of the party, I could be wrong of course.
    Given that Woster as on occasion a political reporter and coupled with his Libertarian views, I have seen Kevin give a pass to Republican candidates when there is a question of ethics and corruption.
    Kevin loves South Dakota, he really does, and so at times he has turned a blind eye to state politicians that have abused the system in hopes of always seeing the positive of the state.

  62. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.09.14

    BCB, I respect your opinions. I wish you would respond to my statements about how any man is able to be in total control of fathering children. I don't buy, even a little bit, that he is not responsible for knowing exactly how many children he might have, with or without the input of the woman involved.

    Please respond BCB.

  63. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.09.14

    Cory, you have added an important point about a Fluke/Peterson comparison. At least as important is that we're not talking about Fluke parenting a child and then abandoning it or beating it bloody. In fact, it's the exact opposite. Fluke was attacked and called a slut for wanting to be in control of her reproduction. If anyone is a slut, it is indeed Peterson.

    What is happening here is gender bias. I don't believe it's intentional BCB, but there are clearly different standards. That was the purpose of my use of the word, "slut", to illustrate that subconscious bias. Peterson is fathering children willy nilly, and you want to blame the woman. Why is his sexual behavior her responsibility?

  64. bearcreekbat 2014.09.15

    I intended no more comments on AP, but will respond to your questions Deb. First, I also respect your opinions. I now think I should have reflected a bit more before initially responding to your comments about AP as I am not sure my comments really reflected what I was trying to say. Indeed, I feel my reaction to your comment may have been unwarranted as you have a perfect right to your feelings and after the serious allegations against AP your reaction is indeed understandable. I really did not intend to criticize you, rather, based upon my perceptions of your empathy and compassion I hoped to get you to reflect on whether you were being too hard on AP.

    To answer your question, there are a few reasons why I do not think a man is in total control of fathering children.

    First, since the woman is the one who has to carry the child, if she chooses, I believe that she should have the sole power to decide whether to get pregnant or stay pregnant. Thus, even if a man wants to father her child, the woman should have the right to use birth control if she does not want to get pregnant. I do not blame the woman for getting pregnant, rather, I think she has the right to decide whether, how and when to get pregnant, and her decision should be respected by all.

    Second, I know methods of birth control, including condoms, don't always work. Thus the woman might decide she does not want to get pregnant, but her birth control fails. Or the man and woman might decide to engage in causal sex, and although he doesn't want to impregnate her, his method of birth control might fail. In each case, the man is not in control.

    Third, once a woman's body tells her she is pregnant, she is the only one who knows this until she chooses to share the information. I think that is important, as she is the only one who should have a say so in deciding whether to terminate the pregnancy. Until she decides to continue the pregnancy, the fact that she is pregnant is none of her partner's business.

    Forth, as what is alleged to have happened in AP's case, perhaps the woman has had multiple sexual partners and simply does not know who the father is. In such a case, she should have the right to require any of all of her sexual partners to take a paternity test. Meanwhile, none of her partners would have a clue until she made her decision of what to do and who to talk to.

    And the argument that if a man does not want to father a child he should just keep his pants zipped up, or if a woman does not want a child she should keep her legs together, denies fundamental human sexuality. Consensual sexual activity is a wonderful part of the human experience, and I reject the notion that sex is only for procreation, whether engaged in by a male or female. Thus, I do not condemn nor criticize folks who desire to have causal sexual relationships so long as there is open honesty between consenting adults. If I weren't an atheist I would say human sexual expression is a most wonderful gift from God and to deny it is folly. A man's sexual behavior is not the woman's responsibility any more that a woman's sexual behavior is the man's responsibility.

    Thus, I do not think a man is either entitled to know, nor responsible for knowing, exactly how many children he might have. The only way he can know these things is to either adopt a lifestyle of pure abstinence, or to learn about the existence of his children from the females he is involved with.

    I disagree with the idea that a wealthy man or woman is more deserving of condemnation than an indigent for engaging in recreational or casual sex. In my view, neither is deserving of being shamed by terms such as "slut" merely for enjoying their bodies and sharing them other other consenting adults.

    As for AP, I am very troubled by the child abuse charges in Texas. I may be wrong, but from what little I have read about the Sioux Falls child it doesn't appear that AP either abandoned his son in Sioux Falls, nor willy-nilly decided to impregnate the mother without regard for the consequences. He and she engaged in casual sex and a pregnancy resulted. She allegedly kept it a secret until after the child was born. When she finally told AP, he is reported to have offered her and his son his full cooperation and support.

  65. mike from iowa 2014.09.15

    For the record-AP has been re-instated on the Viking's roster as of this morning.

  66. Bill Dithmer 2014.09.15

    KW is a good man. He is a friend and we have some disagreement on a couple of issues but his heart is in the right place.

    His main problem is that he has spent thirty years coltivating his relationships with high ranking members of both parties and gets his news tips by staying as neutral as possible. He understands that his next interview depends on his last interview.

    The Blindman

  67. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.09.15

    Thanks BCB. As always, I appreciate discussions with you. I know that I get irate about adults, especially parents, mistreating children. Thank you for your patience and willingness to engage.

    I didn't say abstinence is the only recourse for a man to avoid fathering children. He has several options, abstinence being one for women and men.

    I absolutely disagree with you regarding making a woman responsible for his reproduction. Yes, once she becomes pregnant is an entirely different matter. But . . . he is entirely responsible for his act that results in her pregnancy.

    That is my point.

    Just as she has every right -and- responsibility to control her own body . . . . .
    So does he have every right -and- responsibility to control his own body. . . . .

  68. bearcreekbat 2014.09.15

    Deb, I don't think we are very far a part at all. As you contend, I fully agree that whether man or woman, we are all fully responsible to control our own bodies. And to the extent my comments suggest that a woman is responsible for a man's reproduction decisions, my comments are intended to express a different message, namely, that a woman has substantially greater authority to decide whether to reproduce at all, whether to disclose a pregnancy or whether to carry it to term. That said, I really do appreciate discussing these complex issues with someone of your knowledge and compassion.

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