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“It’s a Load, Mike”—New Video Mocks Rounds Evasiveness in Song

Is the cavalry coming for Rick Weiland? A second independent PAC has issued a video calling Mike Rounds to account for corruption in South Dakota's EB-5 program:

Claiming responsibility for this video is Blue America PAC, a collaboration of liberal blogs Down With Tyranny!, Crooks and Liars, and Digby's Hullabaloo. No word yet on whether Blue America PAC will raise the scratch to elevate this YouTube video to broadcast to join Every Voice Action's assault on the Rounds campaign.

But this video shows that with less than six weeks to go until the general election and Rounds sounding nervous about the EB-5 questions he can't answer, Weiland is drawing more support from groups who can help get out the message about his GOP opponent's corruption and unfitness for office.


  1. Bill Fleming 2014.09.24

    Fun music and lyric treatment, but the vid's not ready for broadcast prime time. Best way to get this in front of a lot of eyes will be via social media. Plus, it's a little esoteric for people new to the issue. Perhaps the best thing they could do, Cory, is to link the tune to your "EB-5" tag.

  2. Jenny 2014.09.24

    I love, love, love it! Hilarious!

  3. Jane Smith 2014.09.24

    How many times can I "Like" this video?
    Great piece!
    Any information on offshore accounts can be directed to James Park (who moved to South Korea to evade all this impending issues) and Austin Kim who is managing the fort in a low office in Santa Ana, CA and Pyush Patel of Griffin Georgia, Joopster's most trusted friend since high school.

  4. bob 2014.09.24

    I tend to prefer "Please, No More Mike Rounds" (Baby) [like a broken record] as a more fun parody. By One Man Dead

    If I, I could just forget his name
    Well if I, could change things in November, baby

    All I know is that to me
    This looks bad as bad can be
    Open up your lovin' mind
    I want to know now...

    What's up with this crazy stuff
    I've just about had enough
    And I, can't vote for this guy now, baby

    All I know is that to me
    This looks bad as bad can be
    Open up your lovin' mind
    Watch out here comes EB-5

    Please, no more Mike Rounds, baby
    Mike Rounds, I don't trust him, baby
    Mike Rounds, Mike Rounds...

    Please, no more Mike Rounds, baby
    Mike Rounds, where's my money, baby?
    Mike Rounds, Mike Rounds...

  5. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.24

    That picture belongs in the post office along with others on the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted.

  6. John Tsitrian 2014.09.24

    Rounds, Rounds, Get A Rounds, I'll Get A Rounds . . .

  7. Dave Baumeister 2014.09.24

    OK, this gave my my laugh for today.

  8. mike from iowa 2014.09.24

    Gather Rounds and all his clowns
    pack them off to jail
    contempt of court while lawyers sort
    tales they have to tell

    Rumours of greed and cards of green
    residency for sale
    we won't allow you to lie under oath
    send you answers through the mail-ail-ail

    Hey, Joop we'd be pleased to talk with you
    only if you've nothing else to do

    The hearing is done and now postponed
    until after Round's coronation
    we thought this was the best we could do
    he'll be proud to serve koch nation

    a hundred million bucks are gone
    no telling where they went
    we just can't keep looking around
    appropriated time is spent

    Hey,you as we hang our heads in disgrace
    Hey,you don't spend it all in one place.

  9. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.09.24

    Good work everyone. This is a fun blog.

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