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Reid Pouts, Says Working for Weiland Goes “Against Senate Democrats’ Interests”

All right, no more cutesy assertions that Senator Harry Reid is actually giving Rick Weiland cover by pretending to keep his D.C. distance from the South Dakota Democrat. The Majority Leader appears to be a petty, pouting idiot. After dissing Weiland at every turn, Reid now asserts that folks like Tom Daschle who are trying to help Weiland win are working against Democrats:

Reid last year declared Weiland was “not my choice” in the race, and this summer added, “We are going to lose in South Dakota, more than likely.”

Asked if those comments hurt Weiland’s chances, Daschle told The Hill, “Well, it certainly hasn’t helped.”

Adam Jentleson, a spokesman for Reid, fired back on Monday: “It’s sad that Sen. Daschle is working against Senate Democrats’ interests rather than working to preserve the Democratic majority that Sen. Reid restored” [Bob Cusack and Jessica Taylor, "Reid, Daschle Feud Erupts," The Hill, 2014.09.30].

Senator Reid appears to be confusing his personal interests with the interests of the Democratic Party. The only reason not to endorse Weiland is Reid's pissy-pants pouting over not getting his way on the nomination, which is as morally reprehensible a failure of Democratic leadership as if local party leaders who wanted Joe Lowe to win South Dakota Democrats' gubernatorial nomination were refusing to endorse nominee Susan Wismer. If Reid wanted Stephanie Herseth Sandlin to run, he should take out his frustrations on Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. Weiland didn't force her not to run; she made that decision on her own. (And gee, Harry, maybe if you had offered her an immediate endorsement and big money, she would have run. Did you ever think maybe you only have yourself to blame, Mr. Majority Leader?)

Fighting for every winnable seat is in Senate Democrats' interests. South Dakota is winnable, if you throw punches at Republican Mike Rounds's glass jaw, the EB-5 scandal. Two outside groups already sense that opportunity. With Mike Rounds stuck below 40% and with surging but cash-poor Pressler easily swampable with well-targeted and well-financed ads, South Dakota is worth the effort. Daschle, Weiland, and a whole lot of Senate Democrats recognize that fact. Reid might realize that, too, if he'd set aside his ego and get back to winning the election.


  1. Don't forget as well that Weiland is really more of a progressive than a liberal, which probably doesn't sit well with national establishment Democrats.

    Rock on Rick!

  2. Lynn 2014.09.30

    Harry Reid should of been removed from any leadership position long ago and replaced with a better qualified Democrat

  3. Craig 2014.09.30

    Well Lynn, we have our fellow South Dakota residents to blame for Reid holding a leadership in the Sentate. Had the voters been paying attention, Tom Daschle would still be there.

  4. Big Daddy 2014.09.30

    Finally, Cory and I truly agree on something. Harry Reid is an idiot.

  5. larry kurtz 2014.09.30

    The War Toileteers are arguing about whether Senators Reid and Daschle are feigning their flak-flinging: works for me.

  6. lesliengland 2014.09.30

    tasi-might be right. I wanted to post earlier about the weiland/herseth-sandlin imbroglio and Reid's and Daschle's disagreements, and didn't wanna give repubs any more fodder for their attacks; but I gotta say- I am behind Reid 100%, as I am Obama, and welcome Weiland wholeheartedly 100% to the fray, regardless of his differing (perhaps better?) take on Obama care ect. Same with Susan, 100% but I will welcome back Joe anytime he is ready, 100%. The democratic party works with what it has.

    if ANY democrat does not vote for Rick, they may as well join the repubs. Reid is extremely well qualified for his leadership and I can only hope Jarding, Reid, Daschle and the Pacs pull hard TOGETHER for Weiland, NOW. Same for all our other dems in the race in sd.

    On the otherhand, idiot Geo. Will says the repubs have much less a chance in 2016, so maybe Harry has a bigger picture in mind. The Hill seems fairly conservative in its general slant, imo.

  7. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.30

    Reid's lack of support for Rick would make a tremendous ad.

  8. Bill Fleming 2014.09.30

    Tim Johnson supports Rick Weiland.
    So does Tom Daschle.
    So does Roger Cornelius,
    And Tasiyagnunpa Livermont.
    Who gives a $#*& what Harry Reid thinks?

  9. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.30

    Leslie, is Reid qualified for leadership if he lets a personal feud get in the way of holding the Senate?

  10. Bill Fleming 2014.09.30

    There's more to it than that, Cory. He's let the minority in the Senate run roughshod over him for years. He might as well not have a leadership position. Mitch McConnell, the GOP minority leader, runs the US Senate.

  11. Dave Baumeister 2014.09.30

    For a long time Republicans have been saying Harry Reid is an idiot, so they shouldn't start listening to him now. As for most South Dakota Democrats, I don't think Reid's comments will resonate with them much.

  12. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.30

    Is Reid a DINO?
    Why would he want the conservative Blue Dog Democrat Herseth-Sandlin in the senate?

  13. Greg 2014.09.30

    I don't think the Daschle and Reid feud will have much effect on this election as 74% of South Dakotans won't vote for Weiland anyway.

  14. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.30

    How did you arrive at 74% of South Dakotans won't vote for Weiland?

  15. Greg 2014.09.30

    By Cory's poll numbers showing Weilands drop to 26%

  16. Bill Fleming 2014.09.30

    Greg, in an even up four way race, you only need 26% to win. This race ain't over 'till it's over. :-)

  17. o 2014.09.30

    Craig, I aplaude your reminder how much of this national political nightmare was caused by SD putting a strong Senate leader, Daschle, out of the Senate.

    Bill, I have to split hairs with you on your McConnell comment; he does not "lead" the Senate as much as he has been able to keep the Senate OFF track. I suppose that is leadership of sorts, but the ability to destroy is far easier to impose than the ability to create.

  18. mike from iowa 2014.09.30

    74% of South Dakotans won't vote and Rounds won't get 74% of those that do vote. I doubt Rounds will get 74% of the 100% of tools that do vote for him.

  19. PNR 2014.09.30

    I've had that opinion about Harry Reid for a long, long time. Why, it's almost worth voting Republican just to push Harry Reid off his petulant throne.

    Almost. (insert big grin here)

  20. 96Tears 2014.09.30

    That guttersnipe Reid supports Pressler! Well, if there's a GOP majority in January, guess who Larry is going to caucus with to take advantage of all his alleged seniority???

    Thanks Harry Reid for screwing the DNC, South Dakota and the 2016 presidential election. No soup for you!!!

  21. Francis Schaffer 2014.09.30

    PNR, that is my dilemma. How do I help rid the Senate of Reid's 'leadership' and at the same time not vote for Marion? When I figure it out I will let you all know what my solution is.

  22. Bill Fleming 2014.09.30

    O, point taken. Even so, Reid could have shut McConnell and crew down at any time by changing the Senate rules, and he has steadfastly refused to do it. So he, in essence, let them run the show by default. My hunch is, if the GOP takes control of the Senate, those rules will change so fast it will make Harry's head spin.

  23. larry kurtz 2014.09.30

    Earth haters like PNR would hardly rather have Senator Leahy as majority leader.

  24. lesliengland 2014.09.30

    so greg, according to cory's posted poll, you expect rounds to take it with less than 40%?

  25. PNR 2014.09.30

    Have no fear, Larry. I'll vote for Rounds - not just because he might be part of a GOP majority that would sideline Reid, but because I think he'll be a better senator. My "hater" credentials are intact, I'm happy to say.

    But Reid does pose a dilemma for South Dakota Dems... The sad condition of the Democrat Party in this state cannot be laid entirely at the feet of the national Democrat Party, but the national party, to quote a former SD senator, "certainly hasn't helped."

  26. larry kurtz 2014.09.30

    This thing is far from over: heads will roll.

  27. grudznick 2014.09.30

    kurtz: "Rounds is giving out ebola blankets"

  28. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.30

    Who's this PNR guy?

    In today's news, I see that Mitch McConnell is using Rounds' play book and refusing to debate in Kentucky. How anyone can support a chicken shit candidate is unbelievable. The pure arrogance they display should tell voters how they will be treated.

  29. larry kurtz 2014.09.30

    Democrats can only control the federal bench by controlling the Senate: leaving it up to earth haters will ensure Ebola blankets for all.

  30. larry kurtz 2014.09.30

    Roger: PNR is a GenX white supremacist ensuring the US is controlled by christofascists.

  31. mike from iowa 2014.09.30

    Rounds will be a better Sinator than what? A fresh from the oven meadow muffin? Face it. He will join in the coyote kerfluffle chorus of no votes whitey wingnut is noted for. Coyotes(aka cowards) always run in packs.

  32. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.30

    Rounds may well be a better senator, he won't have to spend time learning all the angles or corruption, he's already got it down "pat", or should.

  33. Bill Fleming 2014.09.30

    PNR, I'm curious as to why you think Mr. Rounds would be a better Senator than Mr. Pressler.

  34. larry kurtz 2014.09.30

    Bill, I'm curious why PNR has reveres a shrine to Dick Cheney.

  35. grudznick 2014.09.30

    New poll out tonight, Mr. Fleming. Asks likelihood of voting, your gender and then if you are registered as R, D or I, then asks who you would vote for in Senate, House, Gubernatorial tilts. Then your age.

    Seems a simple poll. Is this one your firm is running, young sir?

  36. larry kurtz 2014.09.30

    time to eat grampa, comma.

  37. Bill Fleming 2014.09.30

    Grudz, no, we don't do that kind of research. In fact, we're not doing any political campaigns this season. But I did get that robo call and took the poll. Answered all the questions except the last one. They didn't have my issue in there.

  38. Bill Fleming 2014.09.30

    p.s. grudz, did you give them your age? Did you tell the truth?

  39. grudznick 2014.09.30

    Mr. Fleming, I always give the correct answers.

    Oh yes, there was an issue question. Debt, Obamacare, somethingelse, Guns, Abortion, there may have been more but by that time I picked my answer. It was the correct answer.

  40. Bill Fleming 2014.09.30

    Okay, so when you get a post card in the mail about that issue, you'll know who was doing the poll, grudz. Get back to us on that will ya?

  41. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.30

    Seriously Larry, does this PNR guy have a real name?

  42. grudznick 2014.09.30

    Bill, do you know what color that postcard will be? I only ask because if it is florescent I have instructed my granddaughter to put it in the pile that doesn't get read to me.

  43. Chris Francis 2014.09.30

    Rick Weiland has a name, as does Roger and Larry, and Bill and me too, so enough with the letters and fake names, none of you are posting deep throat worthy stuff here, so put up, stand up, or go away.

  44. Jana 2014.09.30

    Bill asks a good question of Mr. PNR.

    We should all be ready to answer why we support someone beyond party and platitudes.

    Makes you think. Which is good.

  45. o 2014.09.30

    I must have missed a step here somewhere. I am no Reid fan, but how did so many come to the conclusion that a Mitch McConnell Senate would be better for SD (or any non-corporate interest) than a Reid Senate? Knowing the GOP playbook, how does spurring them from inaction to spurring action on their agenda seem helpful or better?

  46. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.30

    Harry Reid is also giving President Obama the back of his hand.
    President Obama wants a congress that he can work and that is a Democratic congress. The president has sent out numerous emails and social media posts asking for just that, and yet Reid doesn't seem to care about getting behind all Democratic candidates that will work with the president.
    Reid is nothing less than a traitor to the party and to the president.

  47. Bill Fleming 2014.09.30

    Harry was going down in flames the last time he ran for office and the Nevada Latinos bailed him out to live another term. Then he turns around and stiffs them on the immigration issue. He won't get elected again. He's toast.

  48. jerry 2014.09.30

    I am wondering if any of this matters anyway. There was a dude that came into Dallas, Texas with Ebola. He has been out and about in the general public for about a week or so. South Dakota gets flights from Dallas so we may even see that here. The irony of it all is that without the Medicaid Expansion, that could really make for a bad situation here. Politics may even get uglier. Speaking of ugly, Harry is just another old pissed off white guy that wants his applesauce. He could give a care what anyone thinks as this is his last hurrah as he will not run again. He knows that if the dems loose the senate, he will use ole Mitch's playbook and we damn sure won't get anything done for another cycle.

  49. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.30

    I'll worry about ebola if and when it reaches South Dakota.
    The particulars of this story isn't out there yet, how did he contract ebola, where is he from, etc.

  50. jerry 2014.09.30

    He came into Dallas from Liberia and then showed symptoms a few days later. The powers to be tell us not to worry though, they have got it under control. I think the guy saying this is the same one that has the controls of the secret service protecting the president. We just keep voting in the incompetence that wants to cut and keep cutting everything for the rich well heeled puppet masters. When state governments have to pay the 21 day isolation fees for this sickness is when the rubber will meet the road. It ain't cheap room and board in the ICU.

  51. Richard Schriever 2014.09.30

    jerry - you need to study up some on HOW Ebola is spread. Hints - it ain't by air - it ain't by someone with NO active symptoms.

  52. jerry 2014.10.01

    You are correct Richard Schriever. Nothing to worry about here in the good ole US of A. Nothing to see here, just a sick fella, probably just a cold. I misunderstood and thought Ebola was Ricola, could have happened to anyone.

    Just curious though, if he had no active symptoms when he got to Dallas, why and how did he get sick with Ebola?

  53. PNR 2014.10.01

    Jana, Bill - I have answered the question on my own blog, more than once. But if you must know, I happen to be conservative in my political views and I find Gov. Rounds the most conservative of the available candidates.

    Roger - Yes, I have a real name. I don't publicize it, though it is easily enough discovered. I want to draw as sharp a distinction as possible between what I do and say in my professional capacity and my personal political opinions. The former is done with a certain amount of authority; the latter, well, those are just my opinions. Using a nom de cyber is the method I've chosen for making this distinction. It is not perfect, but it is better than nothing.

    But that's enough about me. Back to enjoying Democrats discovering the Democrat Senate Majority Leader is kind of a jerk.

  54. larry kurtz 2014.10.01

    Dems can only control the federal bench by controlling the US Senate: to control state judiciaries Dems must elect Democrats to appoint judges.

  55. lesliengland 2014.10.01

    dems are upset reid isn't supporting weiland, of course, but reid's handling obstructionist conservatives has been fair(gentle filibuster abuse response) or pragmatically harsh as dictated by their intolerance.

  56. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.01

    So PNR, you choose to hide your name from the blogosphere, how cowardly

  57. larry kurtz 2014.10.01

    Roger, PNR is short for Pastor Nut Republican.

  58. Bill Fleming 2014.10.01

    Thanks PNR, your moniker isn't an issue for me. Many of the good thinkers on these blogs use pseudonyms. And sometimes those of us who use our real ones are the biggest goofballs.

    Curious about your response though. Don't you think Gordon Howie is the most 'conservative' of all the Senate candidates? He claims he is. I'm wondering why you're not supporting him?

  59. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.01

    It is not often, if ever, that I disagree with your opinions, but on this one I do.
    There is a difference between those that comment here using pseudonyms and the author of a blog hiding from the public. If the blog author is afraid to come out, as it were, what is he keeping from the public.

  60. chris 2014.10.01

    What polling numbers does Reid watch that would show Herseth winning?

  61. Bill Fleming 2014.10.01

    Roger, first of all, it's okay with me if you and I disagree sometimes. I hope it's not a problem for you either.

    I understand PNR to be saying that he has an "official" capacity as a minister, and that along with that job description comes a certain measure of implicit (if not explicit) moral authority and leadership.

    In secular matters, I understand him to be saying that he emphatically doesn't want to confuse the two in his own behavior nor in the minds of his parishioners, and I respect that. He's basically arguing the separation of church and state in the context of his own personal, non-official communication.

    If I were to venture a guess as to what he might be saying "between the lines" is something like this: "I absolutely don't want anyone who thinks of me as "Pastor XYZ (whatever his name is) to be under the mistaken impression that if they don't agree with me about politics, they aren't good Christians, or conversely, that just because I hold the political views I do, I am a better Christian than they are."

    I trust PNR will correct me if what I'm assuming about his intentions is off the mark.

  62. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.01

    In retrospect, given the often hard right views that often border on racism, I suppose that I would be somewhat fearful of using my real name.
    For blogger not to use his real name as PNR does, he thus lacks credibility.
    I use the same scale when reading comments on blogs, when comments are made by using their names, it gives them more credibility than those that don't.

  63. Bill Fleming 2014.10.01

    Roger, I think that's a fair standard. Especially when it comes to using epithets.

    On Mt. Blogmore, back in the "old days" they discussed a possible rule that perhaps we should only got to insult one another if we used our real names. Moreover, anyone using a real name could insult anybody, anonymous or not. The Anon's could only play nice. :-)

  64. PNR 2014.10.01

    Bill Fleming - You understand me correctly. I have had enough of Christians who claim that there is divine warrant for their political opinions.

    Roger Cornelius - I understand the reticence regarding credibility. There are trade-offs, and this is the choice I made. Yes, there are costs, but I would far rather have people discount my opinions because I use a pseudonym than have people think that either I believe, or they ought to believe, that my opinions are "holier" than theirs. They aren't.

    As for the "hard right views that border on racism," I defy you to point to any statement of mine anywhere on the internet or otherwise that comes close to countenancing, advocating, or defending racism of any sort.

  65. PNR 2014.10.01

    Bill F. - I would rate Gordon Howie a populist, not conservative. There is a difference. He stands more in the Wm. Jennings Bryant tradition, which is fine as far as it goes, but different.

  66. Bill Fleming 2014.10.01

    Got it, PNR. Thank you for your continuing candor, and for your willingness to dialogue with us here in as rational and dispassionate a manner as we can occasionally collectively muster. :-)

  67. larry kurtz 2014.10.01

    Mike Rounds stands more with the Roy Blunt sleazy, christofascist, white supremacist, political wind vane tradition.

  68. lesliengland 2014.10.01

    how would u describe the throne john boehner astrides, and cory, i dont wish the election to be derailed by flak generated by pnr concerning minor internal matters.

  69. larry kurtz 2014.10.01

    Patrick Lalley pretty much makes my butt tired but he's convinced Brendan Johnson and SHS have lives too good to leave and engage in politics; but, he hesitates to add that Mike Rounds' life must suck so badly that he wants to live in DC instead of Ft. Pierre across the river from a pathetic outhouse.

  70. PNR 2014.10.01

    lesliengland - Boehner's throne isn't petulant, but perhaps "weepy" would describe it?

    Wouldn't it be fun to replace all the chairs on the dais of both the House and Senate chambers with those of the porcelain variety? We could put labels on them, with images of dwarves modeled after Disney's... Reid gets "petulant", Boehner gets "weepy", McConnell & Pelosi? Maybe "boring" and "botox"? Biden could take "dopey". Have your own fun with the concept...

    Just don't forget to flush.

  71. Jim 2014.10.01

    I'm just not wild about Harry...
    We are not a buffalo commons to further his political fortunes. Still can't vote for S.Mike. Weiland needs to come to center if he is going to make a move. I hope he does.

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