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Every Sentence in Rounds EB-5/Darley Ad Contains a Lie

South Dakota, Mike Rounds is lying to us.

Rounds's lie about the Darley arbitration ruling is so blatant, so easily disprovable, that I can hardly believe a man of intelligence and decency would make it, let alone broadcast it so publicly.

David Montgomery can't believe it, though he soft-pedals his critique by calling just part of the ad "significantly overstated."

Rounds's ad is not mere overstatement. Every sentence drips with a lie:

  1. "Finally, the truth." The truth, as if this is the answer to any question about EB-5, Northern Beef Packers, the Governor's Office of Economic Development, Richard Benda's death, Joop Bollen's lawbreaking. Far from it.
  2. "A California court has ruled on the EB-5 lawsuit...." It's an arbitration hearing, not a court, which I would contend is a significant difference, given that arbitrators are not public officials and that arbitration is not subject to the same appeals process.
  3. "...finding the state of South Dakota has no liability and denying all claims." The arbitrator denied the claims of one company. The arbitrator said nothing about lawsuits EB-5 investors may bring.
  4. "This proves the attacks on Gov. Mike Rounds are nothing more than dirty politics and character assassination." Mike, I have not played one dirty trick in researching and writing about the corruption Joop Bollen and Richard Benda undertook in your administration. If your complicity in or cluelessness about that corruption assassinates your character, well, who takes the blame for that?
  5. "Mike's opponents were running on misinformation." No. No one was misinformed about the nature of the Darley litigation. Mike's opponents have meticulously documented every charge they've made, including their discussion of the Darley litigation. Mike's opponents aren't any more misinformed than the state's lawyers, who looked at the Darley litigation and said, "Uh oh! If we lose this, it could cost the state millions. We'd better fight it!"
  6. "Now they have nothing to offer South Dakota." This line is mere political bluster. Ignore it... or read Rick Weiland's proposals to overturn Citizens United, make Medicare a public option, and protect Head Start, Pell Grants, Medicare, and much more from Paul Ryan's budget cuts and tax breaks for the rich.
  7. "It won't be the end of the attacks, but now we'll know better than to believe the lies." This is the worst lie, the one that should make your blood boil the most. Extending Mike Rounds's arrogant strategy of avoiding debates, this lie tries to excuse Rounds from offering real responses to any new criticism for the rest of the campaign. Rounds is saying to South Dakota, "Don't think for yourself! You're a dope if you do! If you hear an attack, it's a lie!"

Mike Rounds countenanced a raft of corrupt actions in his EB-5 program. Multiple sources have documented those corrupt actions, and the Darley ruling has refuted none of them. The Darley ruling actually substantiates some of the corruption and the lax oversight that enabled that corruption.

Mike Rounds is looking South Dakota in the eye and telling us lies. He does not deserve to represent South Dakota in the U.S. Senate.

Update 11:12 CDT: Bob Mercer agrees that the Rounds ad is wrong:

Rounds is now running a TV ad for his U.S. Senate campaign declaring the arbitrator’s decision proves all of the information from opponents regarding EB-5 was essentially a lie. That’s not the case at all, however [Bob Mercer, "What Could the Rounds Campaign Have Done?" Pure Pierre Politics, 2014.10.10].


  1. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.10.10

    I know that Stace Nelson said during the primary, that he would support Gordon Howie in the general, since, ideologically Howie is the closest to Stace's philosophy. I wonder how many fellow Republicans will take that stance? I wonder how many Republicans, will vote for Mike Rounds because he is our candidate?

    At a time when we know that we have to stop pissing our tax dollars down the drain on wars in which we have no business being involved, and in fact have started or exacerbated through our own behind the scenes actions, Mike Rounds has already indicated a willingness for more war in the MIddle East and in Ukraine, in support of the McCain/Lyndsey Graham part of the Republican party.

    At a time when the Republican party has eschewed crony capitalism, how many Republicans will drop their support of Mike Rounds and vote for whomever has the best chance of beating him, Pressler or Weiland? I have already made up my mind that I will make that decision on for whom I will vote, the weekend before the election.

    For folks who have not had enough of the Rounds Daugaard template for governance by this time, it says a lot about their moral character.

  2. mike from iowa 2014.10.10

    What does Rounds lose by lying? His integrity? Bwahahahahahahahaha

  3. jerry 2014.10.10

    Rounds has always been a liar. This time around though, Weiland will have the resources to set the record straight. Now if only the banking commission would do its damn job to get immediate satisfaction from the crooked banking deals that Rounds and Bollen along with their sidekick, (hell of a job) Daugaard, voters would get the true picture of the corruption.

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