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Faux Tea Candidate Rounds Crushed by Good Deficit News

The Tea Party Express has endorsed Mike Rounds as a real conservative who can "get out-of-control spending under control."

HA HA HA ha ha ha ha ha haHA HA HA ha ha ha ha!

O.K. Fine. Rounds is Tea Party. Black is white. War is peace.

Too bad for Mike and his Tea Party pals that the deficit is falling like a rock...

The final numbers for 2014 announced yesterday by the U.S. Treasury show the federal deficit for the fiscal year that just ended did indeed fall as precipitously as I previously reported. As the report shows, the actual 2014 deficit was $483 billion, $3 billion less than what the Congressional Budget Office estimated a week ago.

For the record, $483 billion is $197 billion below the almost $680 billion deficit recorded in 2013. It’s also $930 billion, that is, close to $1 trillion, less than the largely recession-caused $1.4 trillion deficit in 2009. (Attention trolls: the Congressional Budget Office projected in early 2009, that is, before the start of the Obama administration, that, because of the recession, the deficit that year would be $1.2 trillion.)

In dollar terms, 2014 was the lowest federal deficit since 2008. And in the category most important to economists – the deficit as a percent of Gross Domestic Product – the 2014 deficit was 2.8 percent of GDP, the smallest since 2007 [Stan Collender, "Stop and Smell the Roses: Final 2014 Federal Deficit Fell... Big Time," Forbes, 2014.10.16].

...thanks to Obamanomics:

"The President's balanced approach to deficit reduction has made our tax code more fair, reduced spending and made critical investments to help drive U.S. competitiveness and growth," said Treasury Secretary Lew. "The President's policies and a strengthening U.S. economy have resulted in a reduction of the U.S. budget deficit of approximately two-thirds – the fastest sustained deficit reduction since World War II" [U.S. Treasury, press release, 2014.10.15].

President Bush's Tea-flavored voodoo economics brought us to the brink of economic destruction. President Obama has pulled as back to "fiscal normalcy."

And all the Rounds campaign can do now is toss some wet Tea bags that taste like sour grapes and hypocrisy.


  1. Steve Sibson 2014.10.16

    Only someone who writes political propaganda would call a $483 billion deficit "good". It is like telling a cancer patient: I have good news, you are not going to die in one month, you are going to die in 6 weeks.

  2. Thad Wasson 2014.10.16

    Its not all roses and candy, the CBO estimates an increase of 1.2 trillion dollars to the deficit between 2013 to 2022 to pay for the ACA. By the way, what happens to all those yearly 500 billion dollar deficits?

  3. Chris S. 2014.10.16

    Side note: Although being a Deficit Scold is the new common wisdom because it sounds sensible and responsible, it's actually really bad policy to implement austerity during a recession. But hey, why let economics and history get in the way of deficit posturing?

  4. John Tsitrian 2014.10.16

    Mr. Wasson, the deficit projection by itself is meaningless. You have to add some contextuality. As the deficit grows, so does the economy, so a more complete projection would give us the size of the deficit relative to the size of the economy. There's no spin that can take away from today's good news wrt the federal budget.

  5. Steve Sibson 2014.10.16

    Chris, are you saying we are currently in a recession? How about the thought that we can never pay off the debt, because it will put us back into a recession? Those with wisdom understand that the ruling elite use the Keynesian system to prevent deflation, which would lessen their wealth while increasing the purchasing power of the poor and middle classes. Inflation does the opposite. So why is Cory and the rest of you Neo-Marxists support the ruling elites economic system of oppression?

  6. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.10.16

    Baloney, Steve. As John says, deficits are relative. We have run deficits at an average of 3.1% of GDP for 85 years, during which time we beat the Nazis and the Russkies, went to the Moon, and built the Internet. It's macro-magic, not kitchen-table economics, but it seems to work. Show me the concrete harm of (not the Biblical or Austri-ological injunction against) running deficits under 3% GDP indefinitely.

    And more importantly for voters who are wondering just what the heck kind of philosophical rabbit hole we are running down, tell me how Mike "Structural Deficit" Rounds is any better equipped to preach fiscal conservatism then the Democrats?

    And consider: in 2009, the deficit exploded to $1.4 trillion. In FY2014, it was $483 billion. It dropped $200 billion from FY 2013. At that rate, if we can keep Republicans and other crony capitalists from crashing the economy again, President Obama could run a surplus by the end of his term, repeating a feat last achieved by Bill Clinton in his second term.

    Remind me: which party runs surpluses? Which party runs tighter budgets? Which party is Mike Rounds not a member of?

  7. Steve Sibson 2014.10.16

    "tell me how Mike "Structural Deficit" Rounds is any better equipped to preach fiscal conservatism then the Democrats?"

    There I agree, Rounds is a fellow liberal. And a very deceptive one at that.

    Cory, what you are missing is the inflationary impact of the deficit spending and how that impacts the purchasing power of all of us, including the poor.

  8. Don Coyote 2014.10.16

    Obama sycophants can spike the football all they want but a peek behind the curtains reveals that while the deficit is indeed dropping, the debt is still growing with the $500B being added to the $12T+ pile (including the $7T that has Obama's fingerprints on it). And it has done so mainly due to reduced spending from the sequestration and lower debt servicing due to near zero interest rates. When the Fed starts to unwind it's QE bond buying, interest rates will inevitably go up, more than tripling the interest payments on the debt in as little as 8 years.

  9. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.10.16

    Don, use language correctly. "Sycophant" implies I'm seeking some favor from the Obama Administration. He doesn't know me, and he isn't going to appoint me to jack. I'm just telling the truth: Mike Rounds made South Dakota's budget situation worse, while President Obama is making America's budget situation better.

    Folks have been saying interest rate explosions were right around the corner since several corners ago.

    The debt is growing, but so is the economy. As long as the latter outpaces the former, your argument is impactless.

  10. mike from iowa 2014.10.16

    dumbass dubya started two wars and the largest ever gubmint prescription drug plan with zero means to pay for any of them. Obama's charged with paying all the debts that are still being rung up because whitey wingnut will not allow tax hikes to pay for this stuff. Qbama has spent less money than any Potus since WW2. When will whitey wingnut own up his debts?

  11. Bill Fleming 2014.10.16

    Cory, I think having Huckabee and Santorum Learjet in to prop up Rounds is jut a big money way of throwing Gordon Howie under the bus. Those guys aren't after the Pressler votes, there after Gordon's votes. Sibby, Stacey et al should be up in arms.

  12. Don Coyote 2014.10.16

    Clinton's "surplus" was only achieved in the public debt held by the government. That would be treasury bills, savings bonds, and financial instruments that the public (including foreign countries) purchase from the Treasury. However the elephant in the room is the amount of off budget intra-governmental debt that mainly comes from social security and medicare. Factor that in and the debt increased every year under Clinton and his "surpluses" melt faster than an April snow.

  13. larry kurtz 2014.10.16

    Teabaggers just want the right to consume

    A few too many coincidences have been appearing in the propaganda coming out of the demi-political phantasm self-identifying as the TEA Party. It becomes readily apparent that the consumption of resources without the bounds of government (US, right?) is a divinely-endowed entitlement that should be unrestricted and guided only by one's own personal responsibility, caveat emptor.

  14. Bill Fleming 2014.10.16

    Coyote, if those surpluses weren't actually there, what the hell business did GWB have "giving it all back to the people" via tax cuts, and then starting two unfunded war efforts? Pick a lane, buddy.

  15. Chris S. 2014.10.16

    For anyone who actually cares about facts, here's a post explaining why Austerity Fever (aka Deficit Mania) during a recession or while coming out of a recession is asinine and counterproductive.

    But who you gonna believe? The evidence of 1937 or your own lying eyes? (because FDR commiepinko arglebargle etc.)

  16. John Tsitrian 2014.10.16

    lol, nailed it Fleming. Here's what GWB said to a joint session of congress:
    “The people of America have been overcharged and, on their behalf, I’m here asking for a refund.”

  17. Steve Sibson 2014.10.16

    "From 2000-to present, the years of highest deficit spending, inflation has arguably been going down"

    Been to a grocery store lately Fleming? OH, I guess not all poor people need to pay for food, they have food stamps funded by debt.

  18. Thad Wasson 2014.10.16

    Mr. Tsitrian, Our total debt to gdp is over 100%. Only the Japanese and Greeks have it worse than us. Adding a new spending program and continued deficit spending is akin to placing the straw on the camels back.

  19. JeniW 2014.10.16

    Remember that Republican Mike Rounds accepted a federally paid for airplane?

    Paying for that airplane added to the federal debt.

    But somehow that was acceptable?

  20. o 2014.10.16

    Thad, I agree. So the rational thing to do is reenforce the camel's back (because that straw/spending is important). A country of great wealth should not use "it costs money" as an omni-excuse not to hold up social obligations to those in need. A truly progressive tax that requires the top 1% to pay their FAIR share and end the foolish policy of tax reduction for the wealth hoarders (not job creators) is in order.

  21. Steve Sibson 2014.10.16

    "But somehow that was acceptable?"

    Not for me. South Dakota's huge growth in government is funded by federal debt. that is not acceptable. That is why it doesn't matter which of the three liberals wins the SD US Senate race.

  22. Bill Fleming 2014.10.16

    Stevie is coveting the money his country needs to care for the needs of the least of our brethren. And in so doing, he is refusing to render to Caesar that which is Ceasar's. Tsk tsk.

  23. Steve Sibson 2014.10.16

    So if we go to the link Cory provided in this post, we see the reason for the deficit reduction is a $247 billion increase in tax revenues:

    "Government receipts totaled $3,021 billion in FY 2014. This was $247 billion higher than in FY 2013, an increase of 9 percent. As a percentage of GDP, receipts equaled 17.5 percent, 0.8 percentage points higher than in FY 2013. The increase in receipts from FY 2013 can be attributed to a stronger economy and the expiration of certain tax provisions. Growth in wages and salaries made collections of individual and payroll taxes strong throughout the year. Another contributor to the increase was the expiration of the temporary cut in payroll taxes and the increase in tax rates on income above certain thresholds, which went into effect in January 2013. Corporation income tax collections also increased in FY 2014 due to growth in taxable profits."

    Looks like you Neo-Marxists are celebrated higher taxes on the working class. The top 1% are not going to pay more taxers, they run both political parties. And if you been seeing the significant drop in stock prices that last couple of weeks, we should understand that the 1%ers believe the economy is going south due to taking $247 billion out of the economy. How long will it take to get back to the recession of 2008?

  24. WayneF 2014.10.16

    Bless, you Sibby. We need your wacko feedback to help the rest of us see we're on the right track. Thanks for reading and responding to bloggers who are trying to get South Dakota straight with fiscal and political reality.

  25. mike from iowa 2014.10.16

    Much longer than it takes for you to say something coherent,Sibby.

  26. Donald Pay 2014.10.16

    We could all make the federal deficit situation better if states under Republican domination (Red States) would give up all of the federal monies they get above and beyond what they are taxed. Over the course of several generations now it has been the Blue States who have federally subsidized the Red States' low tax, low wage strategy of economic decline. That has resulted in more poverty and more requirement for federal aid.

    Republicans in South Dakota could, right this minute, call the Legislature in session, revise their budget and decline all federal money inputs. Noem and Thune and the Republicans in Congress could demand Congress go back into session, and pass bills to cut off all funding to welfare states, like South Dakota, and to farmers and ohter development projects in South Dakota. As soon as Republicas do that, we will know that they are serious about the deficit. Until then, we know that they are just talking through their tinfoil hats.

  27. Steve Sibson 2014.10.16

    "As soon as Republicas do that, we will know that they are serious about the deficit."

    Neither party establishment is serious about deficit, other than making sure it continues to feed them with money and power.

  28. lesliengland 2014.10.16

    sib-u are full of sheit. speak for your own party.

  29. Bill Dithmer 2014.10.16

    "Neither party establishment is serious about deficit, other than making sure it continues to feed them with money and power."

    Hot damn, I agree with Sibby. Somehow, I feel a little dirty about that.

    The Blindman

  30. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.16

    Every time Sibson corners himself, he comes with the 3 liberal candidate line when we know that there are in fact 3 Republicans running against 1 Democrat.
    Republicans will refuse to accept the good news regardless of what it, they would much prefer that our government was in worse financial condition so they could make a run for White House.

  31. mike from iowa 2014.10.16

    Blindman,sacrifice Lee the groundhog and purify your soul in its blood. You'll feel better tomorrow.

  32. Les 2014.10.16

    That inflation level you speak of is stagflation, Flem. Ask the poor how easy it's become to feed and house their families in this era of lower inflation. I'm doing fine but my friends on hourly wage are suffering with all this low cost living you speak of.
    There is more than unfunded wars but we'd have to speak of both parties to address that. Btw, it seems both parties stamped approval on those wars.

  33. Bill Fleming 2014.10.16

    Les, ask the poor how easy it is to feed their families any time. Inflation or no inflation. Tell your friends to be sure to vote for the minimum wage increase.

  34. owen reitzel 2014.10.16

    "The final numbers for 2014 announced yesterday by the U.S. Treasury show the federal deficit for the fiscal year that just ended did indeed fall as precipitously as I previously reported. As the report shows, the actual 2014 deficit was $483 billion, $3 billion less than what the Congressional Budget Office estimated a week ago."

    Despite the right wing conservatives the President and Democrats are succeeding. This false equivalency put forth by a few whack jobs from the right just isn't true.
    The last thing we need is another conservative like Rounds in the Senate. True conservatives are ok but the far right conservative is a danger to this country.

  35. Bill Fleming 2014.10.16

    Yup, Owen, clowns in a clown car, intent on running everyone on the road into the ditch.

  36. bearcreekbat 2014.10.16

    Spoiler - this is a sarcastic post - Thank the Lord that the Republicans are there to help our poor and disabled with the various government programs and policies Republicans support to provide food, shelter and winter heat for welfare moms and their greedy hungry babies! More SNAP, more Medicaid, more WIC, better deals on college grants and loans, school lunches and the wide group of Republican supported programs aimed at helping those in need who covet the moneys that the rich want to keep. Go Mike, Kristi, and Denny!

  37. Les 2014.10.16

    In this race to the bottom, who wins, JT?
    The poor I'm speaking of is the middle class, Flem.
    Make less than them and you're, fed, housed, educated and medicated.

  38. mike from iowa 2014.10.16

    Les-I'm on disability,but the gubmint doesn't feed me,house me,educate me or medicate me. Who are you talking about?

  39. Bill Fleming 2014.10.16

    Les, if you meant the middle class, why did you write poor?

  40. Bill Fleming 2014.10.16

    And Les, if you think the poor have so good, why don't you give away everything you have and go be with them. That's what Jesus wants you to do. :-)

  41. jerry 2014.10.16

    Me, I would like to see Les make it on food stamps for a couple of weeks and then come back and tell me how good the lobster was. Food stamps and disability are just enough at certain times of the month, to keep you alive. It is obvious that Les is a Sam's Club shopper going for the big tubs of goodies and looking down his nose at those poor families that depend on food stamp help to survive. When in the hell did we get so self righteous that we can do such a disservice to our fellow man?

  42. John Tsitrian 2014.10.16

    What and where is the "bottom," les, and how is it a race?

  43. jerry 2014.10.16

    The republican party has done one thing correct, they have marginalized the middle class and made the middle class fearful of loosing their status with their actions against them. Instead of working together with the poor to better both positions, they have made us to become petty with one another while their rich ass benefactors keep sucking the marrow from our bones. In the meantime, the corruption and outright theft of taxpayer resources, continues unabated. Well played republican party, well played...until November 4..

  44. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.10.17

    Blindman, I used to love the Corrs music, but hadn't listened for some time. Due to your great link, I'm going to keep an eye on them and do a little downloading.

    Austerity is a complete and total failure. What a disaster it would be for the US economy if righties like Ryan of WI took over government. We'd make Greece look prosperous.

  45. Steve Sibson 2014.10.17

    "The last thing we need is another conservative like Rounds in the Senate."

    Rounds agrees with liberal Democrats more than you can comprehend Owen. That is what happens to a mind that is fueled by hate. EB-5 is a big government program. There is only one conservative in the SD US Senate race, and it is not Rounds.

  46. Bill Fleming 2014.10.17

    Sibby, do you think right-wing extremists like you who say outrageous, irrational things at the drop of a hat, sometimes just to piss people off are helping, or hurting Gordon Howie's ability to get votes?

  47. Lynn 2014.10.17


    Gordon is probably shaking his head thinking Steve/Angelo is killing my campaign!

  48. Don Coyote 2014.10.17

    @Cory. Fair enough although one could argue that you as a fanatical supporter of Obama are seeking favor by advocating for policies that you hope will be implemented.

    I'm not talking about an "explosion" of interest rates. Certainly with the Fed winding down QE bond buying and with the growing economy you yourself claim is happening, interest rates will have to increase. As to how much is yet to be determined, however the CBO is estimating that interest payments on the accumulated debt will more than double by 2019 and triple by 2022. That represents $687B that can't/won't be spent on other programs

    In addition the CBO is projecting that total public debt will jump another $7.8 trillion by the end of 2024, a 60% increase. Debt measured as a percentage of GDP is also projected to increase even after taking into account the expected growth in the economy.

    These aren't tinfoil hat figures as you suggest but government numbers.

  49. Bill Fleming 2014.10.17

    Lynn, agreed. There are probably a lot of conservatives who are looking for a place to park their vote and feel good about it. I don't blame them!

  50. Les 2014.10.17

    JT, you spoke of the financial condition of countries comparing the U.S. It is indeed a race to the bottom devaluing currencies pushing the load onto folks with cash savings and onto any competing country.
    How do you know I don't Flem? You must be living in a bubble to describe middle class as other than poor, at least in our neck of the woods. They run around Rapid City looking like they have something though they are up to their neck in debt.
    I have relatives that choose to work very little. They are on housing, the babies are free and so is the health care, food stamps and Wick and sit with a state sponsored masters degree in business management of some sort. Do they live better than I? Doubt it. Do they work harder? Doubt it.

  51. Les 2014.10.17

    """""Sibby, do you think right-wing extremists like you who say outrageous, irrational things at the drop of a hat, sometimes just to piss people off are helping, or hurting"""""
    LOL, Flem. Change that right wing to extremists at Maddtown and you have the recipe here.

  52. Les 2014.10.17

    """Bill Fleming
    2014.10.17 AT 08:48
    Lynn, agreed. There are probably a lot of conservatives who are looking for a place to park their vote and feel good about it. I don't blame them!""""". I don't blame them either, as one of those, I am. Fortunately or unfortunately for RW there are plenty of Dems and Indys looking as well.

  53. Bill Fleming 2014.10.17

    Coyote, since you can't seem to get past the idea that government accounting is the same as you trying to keep track of your own personal finances, try this thought experiment.

    You need some cash, so you go to the ATM and take $300 out of your savings account. You tell yourself you're going to pay it back with interest when some new money comes in. How serious are you about paying that loan back? And how high do you want to set the interest rate?

    Now, take a look at the national debt and tell us how much of our 'debt' works exactly like that... Money we have borrowed from ourselves.

    Oh yeah, one more thing... Imagine you have a printing press in your basement, and everyone on earth would rather have the dollars you print than the dollars their own country prints. Because, you are, in fact, the richest person on the planet.

  54. Les 2014.10.17

    You should keep your day job, Flem. You give no details on how we compete with the foreigners bringing those counterfit dollars home to run us up on land, buildings and any other hard assets they choose to take. You also don't have much concern for your mother living off her lifetime of cash savings.

  55. Bill Fleming 2014.10.17

    Les, look! A squirrel!

  56. Les 2014.10.17

    At least you're back in your day job role, Flem. It's not a squirrel, and it won't make me look 150 pounds lighter with an erection on command!

  57. jerry 2014.10.17

    Good message larry. We cannot remember the meltdown very well at all. I imagine we would all be playing marbles right now with rabbit doo doo had it not been for Obama and his leadership. Most folks that have a little bit of brain capacity know this full well. I will put it this way, without Obama, many many construction projects that employed many of the chronic bitch and moan employers and their "I got mine" employees, would have never happened. They would all have been in the long term unemployment lines now with nothing. Our state would have fallen on its arse as well and no amount of Chinese intervention with EB-5 ponzi schemes would have bailed it out, except that now they would own the place. First step would have been to get rid of Mt. Rushmore to put the face of Mao up there along with a big buffet.

  58. bearcreekbat 2014.10.17

    Les, I spent many, many years working with the poor and I have direct knowledge about the various restrictions and limitations of public welfare programs. Based on this knowledge, I doubt that you are telling the truth when you claim "I have relatives that choose to work very little. They are on housing, the babies are free and so is the health care, food stamps and Wick and sit with a state sponsored masters degree in business management of some sort."

    I recognize that it is possible for dishonest people to lie about their ability to work, or their resources, and illegally obtain access to public benefits. If that is what your "relatives" are doing, perhaps they would qualify for a position with Republican power structure's economic development team, as dishonesty and illegality seem to have become a lucrative option in the conservative dominated state government. And the good news is, if they lie to welfare officials about the income and benefits conferred by such a job, they can keep illegally receiving benefits that were intended for the truly poor.

  59. Les 2014.10.17

    You doubt me but don't doubt my democratic relatives that are screwing the system as you say bcb. They are truly poor because they choose to be so. Cheating is not working when you can, not just lying about it. With a niece and a nephew both living on the system, do I need to lie? Most would lie to protect them.

  60. bearcreekbat 2014.10.17

    Les, you obviously do not know about or understand the job search requirements for public assistance. If your relatives are educated and capable of working, but voluntarily choose not to work, then they are gaming the system. See e.g.

    If your relatives are really gaming the system as you suggest in your comments, you need to report them to law enforcement and social services for criminal prosecution and civil liability.

  61. Les 2014.10.17

    I don't know about the system, or I know about cheaters, bcb.?
    I watch people game the system all the time in my business with engineering stamps on illegal operations and those in charge say, " it is not my job to re engineer this plan so I have to approve it" and that is exactly what they say when you turn someone in for illegal actions. Engineer approvals are a dime a dozen as is obviously the oversight on the young adults I've mentioned.
    You accuse me of lying about corruption or abuse when we have EB5 and hoards of corrupt individuals who will never see the inside of a courtroom? Why wouldn't the common denominator be cheating?
    Anyway, you've got a handle on it and I can rest easy tonite.

  62. grudznick 2014.10.17

    Mr. Les, sleep with a light head on your cool pillow, for grudznick has the first dog watch tonight.

  63. jerry 2014.10.17

    Oh Oh Les, you just let the cat out of the bag with that narrative summary of your workplace. Last I checked, those engineers are not of the poor side of town, they done went to that School of Mines and that sort of thing. Yes, of course there are those that game the system and most often it is the rich and educated that do so. Case in point, Joop Boleen and the gang that used corruption to satisfy their greed.

  64. Les 2014.10.17

    They are not in my workplace, Jer. I see them in my business as in, contractors doing construction in a flood way through the corruption of engineering lies. Planning and zoning know only rules and nothing of hydrology for example so they let the abuses continue. I get picked apart by the rules because we don't try to engineer with lies. My mistake, Jer?
    Thanks, Grud. That is always a pleasure to hear!

  65. jerry 2014.10.17

    I am certainly am not accusing you of having that sort of drag in your establishment Les, I am only pointing out your argument of those that coast while others have to do the heavy lifting. You came across as if it was the poor doing that sort of mischief when you really meant it was the rich, kind of a difference there.

  66. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.10.17

    The false argument about "welfare queens" is just that, false. Les has relatives who are cheaters. As BCB said, turn 'em in!

    I work with clients who have mental illnesses and other disabilities. The company serves several hundred people. They cannot afford our services unless they are independently wealthy or they receive county, state, and/or federal government assistance.

    We believe, based on our observations, experience and knowledge, that less than 5% of our clients are cheating the system. I don't mean only people who have been caught. There are those who are quite smart and know how to scam the benefits without getting caught. We know who they are, even if the law can't get them.

    Including those scammers Les, the total is less than 5%.

    That's not an anomaly. Our clients are pretty ordinary folks, no different than anyone else receiving services.

    Les, if you want to make laws exceptionally stringent with the goal of weeding out the cheaters, they'll still figure out ways to continue scamming regardless of the changes. You'll decrease the rolls, for sure. Then my client whose mother drank while pregnant, will, if she's lucky, be shoved into some kind of warehouse situation where she'll deteriorate until she's no longer functional at all. If she's unlucky, she'll be thrown out onto the street and die within a year.

    Of course the young man who developed schizophrenia will suffer similarly, as will the people with Downs Syndrome, autism, and the ones who were beaten by adults until they had brain damage.

    Oh yeah Les. Don't forget the people who develop Chemo Brain after cancer and can't hold a job for several months.

    But Les, who cares about them?! Just get those Damn Cheaters! They're ruining the country! It's all the fault of those Bleeding Heart Liberals!

    I'm grateful to be a Bleeding Heart Liberal. I can't imagine not caring for folks like them.

  67. JeniW 2014.10.17

    Les, if you do not report your relatives whom you believe are cheating/abusing the "welfare" system, you are enabling them to do so.

    That is like enabling an someone who is an alcoholic by giving them a bottle/can of beer.

    If you have reported them to the appropriate authority, good for you, but if you have not, then you might be considered almost as guilty as they are.

  68. lesliengland 2014.10.17

    fox news serves such an altruistic purpose, les, grudz, sibby and troy.

  69. Jenny 2014.10.17

    You would think that these conservatives worrying about some piddly food stamps or rent stipend would really know how the system works. Wall Street is laughing all the way to the bank.

  70. lesliengland 2014.10.17

    ...and thadd and coyote.

  71. Les 2014.10.17

    Thanks, leslie. Im proud to be part of the very few here who don't denigrate to make a point. I don't watch teevee.
    250 words, DG. Yes you are important and I'm greatful for the caregivers. Where did I say I don't care. I offered my opinion based what I see around me. There is hunger, medical needs, uneducated and life on the street. That said, I don't doubt I could give up my wealth as Flem says, stop working and be taken care of.
    As for turning in my family, I've been told my nephew is mentally ill and can't hold a job. Deb would probably agree. I don't. My niece has children and they are a passport to the system in my opinion. Again, my opinions. The cheaters I was expounding on above are the business manipulators which obviously can't be digested by a few of you.
    Think Ebola for those with all the answers.

  72. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.10.18

    Les said, "250 words, DG. Yes you are important."

    What did you read? Either it's not what I wrote or you really need to work on your comprehension. That's one of the stranger responses I've read to a straight forward comment.

  73. lesliengland 2014.10.18

    you just denigrated an entire portion of the nation's population implying if they don't work they are cheating. archie bunker-style.

    precisely what romney was saying about 47% (it cost him the presidency); rush would agree. fox would agree. breitbart would agree. i suppose that is why your party is taking away the vote.

    i sense your frustration with cheating engineers and for young people who may attempt cheating the system. they likely will be caught.

    engineers are precise people and i love to work with them. sounds like the morass of inspection policies need bigger teeth-always a balancing act. can the state assoc. of P.E.'s get involved?

    overgeneralize here and you are gonna catch flak.

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