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PAC Postcard Misportrays State Abortion Laws and Tyler’s Record

To make your raisin bran soggier, here is the East River Concerned Citizens postcard attacking Rep. Kathy Tyler:

East River Concerned Citizens attack postcard (front), October 2014
(click to embiggen!)
East River Concerned Citizens attack postcard (back), October 2014
(click to embiggen!)

ERCC PAC boss Spencer Cody continues the lie he began last March of calling Rep. Tyler a liar for daring to disagree with him on policy. Cody's own card is filled with lies:

  • Rep. Tyler actually voted for 2014's HB 1162 both times it came before the full House during the 2014 session. HB 1162 became law. The amendment for which Tyler voted on the House floor still said sex-selective abortions are wrong and against state policy.
  • 2014's HB 1180 did not require neutrality of "Pregnancy Health Centers." HB 1180 excluded organizations that provide adoption and/or abortion services from offering the state-mandated counseling. Pregnancy health centers are not neutral: state law empowers them to actively discourage abortion.
  • 2013's HB 1237 did not fix a loophole. Pre-1237, South Dakota's oppressive 72-hour waiting period was consistent for every woman seeking an abortion. HB 1237 created an exception forcing women to wait even longer if the waiting period included a weekend. The bill was a blatant ploy to punish women even further for seeking an abortion by maximizing the economic impact of having to take off work from regular shifts to seek this constitutionally protected medical procedure.

Given all these votes on the record, Rep. Kathy Tyler would appear to be perfectly "candid" and "up front" about her positions. Cody is implying that Rep. Tyler is a liar when she clearly is not... and when his own propaganda falls far from candor.


  1. 96Tears 2014.10.25

    Lies are the tool of last resort for desperate campaigns. This attack is far over the top and will backfire if Tyler makes a sensible response right away. What rock did they find Cody Spencer under?

  2. jerry 2014.10.25

    96 Tears, ole spencer was not found under a rock, he was found under a bull pattie and that would explain what he is full of. What a load.

  3. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.10.25

    We knew this was coming, with Representative Tyler having the courage to try to get and investigation started a year ago, as to what went down on
    EB-5. Had the Republican dominated legislature followed her lead, this investigation and the necessary proceedings would have been over long ago, the Republicans could have had an electable candidate for the US Senate.

    What these attacks on Ms Tyler, represent is sour grapes on the part of the Republican establishment, very similar to what they did to Stace Nelson for having the temerity to question the Republican leadership in the legislature.

  4. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.25

    Exactly my thoughts. This is nothing more than paybacks for Tyler outing Republican Mike Rounds and his immigration fee scam.

  5. Lynn 2014.10.25

    I hope Sibby is not reading this but it looks as though the powers behind the establishment in Pierre, Rounds and our all time favorite EB-5 disaster have now activated the Catholic Crony Consortium attacking the one of the most vocal opponents exposing the corruption of EB-5.

  6. mike from iowa 2014.10.25

    So what if a campaign ad lies. Whose gonna stop it from happening? Whose gonna stop it from being repeated? Whose gonna clean it up in the future? Whitey wingnut-with total control of gubmint? Don't make me laugh. Dems-who have no control of anything in South Dakota? The public? gawd?

    A pols ads should be limited to "that" candidates own record and no attacks on his/her opponent's records or person.

  7. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.10.25

    Mike, I wish we could outlaw falsehood... but that's neither practical nor constitutional. Our best option is another longshot: educating the public, getting every voter to pay attention to the full story... and rebuilding a Democratic Party that can go toe-to-toe with PACs like this to defend all of its candidates from this B.S.

  8. Rep. Stace Nelson 2014.10.25

    I want to say that I am proud to count both Rep. Kathy Tyler and Sen. Phil Jensen as friends. They are both kind, thoughtful, and dedicated public servants. They are both wonderful people in their own rights and I enjoyed working with them both in our efforts to serve South Dakotans to the best of our abilities and understandings.

  9. lesliengland 2014.10.25

    Rep. Larry Lucas (D) who is leaving his post, is a fine fellow i do not doubt, as you are Mr. Nelson, and I salute your service in our military.

    However, Rep. Tidemann and the majority on GOAC could have done what was right for the state in timely investigating EB5, however they did not.

    The appearance of impropriety is everywhere and your party is taking us to an election while covering-up government corruption. Unforgiveable.

    Just as unforgivable are Nelson's misplaced ideas of equality which is the basis, not religion, of this country.

  10. Rep. Stace Nelson 2014.10.25

    Leslie England, I am the conservative part of the GOP that flew in the face of that corruption for the last 4 years. I can show several other GOP legislators who have done their duty to South Dakotans in doing the same. I am responsible for my actions, my voting record, and I have done my level best to by honest and forthright in my service to this state, and this country, my entire length of servitude.

    There is way too much blind partisanship on both sides of the aisle, that allows corruption at our state level, as well as at the federal level. I have been equally critical of that corruption regardless the letter they attempt to hide behind.

    "Just as unforgivable are Nelson's misplaced ideas of equality.." You will have to enlighten me as I have no clue what unforgivable sin I have committed.

  11. Rep. Stace Nelson 2014.10.25

    P.S. I am also proud to claim Senator Lucas as a friend and have nothing but good things to say about his service to the state. While we often disagreed on issues and were routinely on opposing sides, it was honest disagreements. I can say that about the vast majority of the Democrats I served with and that I enjoyed their friendship, their service, and their perspectives on the many issues that faced us in the legislature.

    This hatred of another person, because of their party registration (or stance on an issue), is Un-American, and a cancer to our nation. You will find those most prone to the vilification of Democrats are often those who abandoned your party for political opportunities in the majority party registration in this state.

  12. lesliengland 2014.10.25

    deep apology: i meant jensen.

  13. mike from iowa 2014.10.25

    Cory,just out of curiosity,why is it illegal to lie on a job application,unless you are a politician? If pols have a constitutional right to lie to the public,why is it illegal to lie in court under oath? Pols swear to uphold the constitution,but there is nothing in there that says they are free to lie.

  14. Jana 2014.10.25

    Stace, appreciate your sentiment.

    It must just drive you crazy as this EB-5 and now Lake Sharpe scandal hits the news. You were one voice that stood up to business as usual and got hammered for it.

    Have you asked any of your other elected counterparts if they are embarrassed that all of this happened under your watch?

    I would think that there would be some pissed of legislators right now.

  15. Jana 2014.10.25

    Of course, the fact that the legislature allowed this to happen either deliberately, through indifference or ignorance should give pause to South Dakotans on what one party domination does to ethics.

  16. Kurt Evans 2014.10.25

    The comment below has apparently been removed at South Dakota Smear College, so I'm going to see if it passes muster here.

    Pat Powers asks:
    >”So, who is lying now?”

    It looks to me like you are, Pat.

    Last month this blog published a press release in which Republican Party spokesman Dick Wadhams falsely claimed that Representative Tyler had “admitted” to “secret conversations” with Brendan Johnson.

    In March this blog published a column in which SDRTL vice president Spencer Cody referred to Representative Tyler as “Liar, Liar, Kathy Tyler” and called her testimony against HB 1240 “one of the most bizarre performances ever given by a sitting legislator”:

    >”I am a pro-life Catholic Democrat, so I’m in more of a minority than anybody else around here… I look at the law that we passed out of the House yesterday—or the bill—and I look at the bill that we’re looking at today. Neither one of them is enforceable. All they are going to do with these bills is to promote lying. If I was a person who chose to have a sex-selection abortion or an abortion because of Down syndrome, there is no way that I would tell my doctor that that’s the reason I was having that abortion. It’s going to make a liar out of those parents.”

    That doesn’t seem bizarre to me. It seems like the genuine concern of a sensible person, as well as a valid criticism of the unintended consequences that result when government tries to micromanage a behavior out of existence rather than banning it outright.

    Kathy was apparently upset and speaking off the cuff, but Spencer Cody discredits both himself and the pro-life cause when he says it was one of the most bizarre performances ever given by a sitting legislator. He discredits the pro-life cause even more when he sneers, “Liar, Liar, Kathy Tyler,” like a fourth-grader on the playground.

    According to its own voter guide, when SDRTL took a position on an issue, Kathy agreed with that position two-thirds of the time. Even in an imaginary world where SDRTL is infallible, the condemnation of a Catholic Democrat for standing up to her own caucus and voting pro-life two thirds of the time seems a bit harsh, especially coming from the same crowd that condemns Gordon Howie supporters for “making the perfect the enemy of the good.”

    For these reasons, I’m likely to take anything else this blog publishes about Representative Tyler with a grain of salt. Call it another case of the “boy-who-cried-wolf” effect.

  17. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.10.25

    After reading his posts on this thread, I am very proud that I contributed to Stace Nelson's campaign and supported him in the Republican primary. I am more convinced than ever that with the way things are going down in our State and Nation, truth tellers are the only ones who will be able to save us from ourselves. It is time to forget the letter behind a person's name on the ballot and vote for the person that seems to be the most honest and best suited to help our country get back on track.

  18. Spencer Cody 2014.10.25

    Corey, you forgot about Kathy Tyler's attempt to gut the sex-selective abortion ban (HB 1162) on the House floor. If fact, she seems to forget to tell anyone about this vote. It must just keep slipping her mind. Ironically, Kathy Tyler conspired with the Princess of Darkness herself, Peggy Gibson, to make the sex-selective abortion ban unenforceable. Things must be getting desperate if you are trying to spin Kathy Tyler as being pro-life. You still have a little over a week to jump ship before her ship completely sinks.

    On the House Judiciary Committee engrossed bill, delete everything after the enacting clause and insert:
    " Section 1. The performance of an abortion based on the sex of the unborn child is against the public policy of South Dakota. The state does not support the practice and discourages any person from seeking an abortion, or performing an abortion based on the sex of the unborn child."

    A roll call vote was requested and supported.

    The question being on Rep. Gibson's motion that HB 1162 be amended.

    And the roll being called:

    Yeas 15, Nays 55, Excused 0, Absent 0

    Bartling; Feinstein; Gibson; Hajek; Hawks; Hawley; Heinert; Hunhoff (Bernie); Killer; Parsley; Peterson; Schrempp; Soli; Tyler; Wismer

    Anderson; Bolin; Cammack; Campbell; Carson; Conzet; Craig; Cronin; Dryden; Duvall; Ecklund; Erickson; Feickert; Greenfield; Haggar (Don); Haggar (Jenna); Heinemann (Leslie); Hickey; Hoffman; Johns; Kaiser; Kirschman; Kopp; Langer; Latterell; Lust; Magstadt; May; Mickelson; Munsterman; Nelson; Novstrup (David); Olson (Betty); Otten (Herman); Qualm; Rasmussen; Ring; Romkema; Rounds; Rozum; Russell; Schaefer; Schoenfish; Sly; Solum; Stalzer; Steele; Stevens; Tulson; Verchio; Werner; Westra; Wick; Wink; Speaker Gosch

  19. jerry 2014.10.25

    Wow, some attempt to gut, 15 to 55 real close call there Mr. Cody, cut with a butter knife.

  20. jerry 2014.10.25

    Quick question Lanny, how do you see things in Washington? It is clear how you see them in South Dakota, but how do you see them there?

  21. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.10.25

    So what's your #$^@@ point Spencer Cody? That your far right ideology rules the %$@&^% State. We already knew that. PRINCESS OF DARKNESS? During this time of utter corruption by those idealogues on the right who have led their party into the dungeons of hell with their corruption, you have cajones the size of basketballs.

  22. Rorschach 2014.10.25

    In Spencer Cody's view, any woman who stands up to the good old boy's club is uppity and needs to be dealt with by any means necessary - including lies and smears. You know the saying, Mr. Cody. "The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." A half truth, not being the whole truth, is a lie.

  23. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.10.25

    Jerry it is as dysfunctional or worse, than here. For either side of the aisle to think that we can change things in the Middle East or Ukraine by sending weapons troops or bombing is sheer insanity. We have run the gambit ever since Kosovo of picking the wrong side or rather I should say picking at all.

    I was completely against the Affordable Care Act, especially after the President dropped his public option early on in the discussion. I am a firm believer in Universal Single Payer Healthcare to get the insurance companies out of the mix on the cost of our healthcare. Having said that, the ACA is the law of the land and is very similar to Romney care in Massachusetts and the option that the Republicans offered in exchange for Hillarycare in the 1990s. To do nothing was/is not an option. Our healthcare has taken away several percent of our GNP.

    Economists point to the stagnation of working class wages over the past twenty years. What gets lost in that discussion, is the increased cost of employees share of the health insurance premiums, but even more lost is the increased cost of the employers share of that health insurance, thus limiting the amount which the employer can increase pay of their employees. Our employers compete around the world with employers who do not have the cost of health insurance. They complain about the difference in Corporate taxes but the difference in the cost of healthcare is even greater.

    I could say a lot more but that is probably more than enough for tonight.

  24. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.25

    Spencer Cody, get it a clue.

    What any woman does with her healthcare needs are none of your damn business. It is none of the legislature's business either.

    Hopefully South Dakota women will advocate for a felony law to prohibit the legislature from making any medical decisions for women.

  25. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.10.25

    Roger, your last sentence is the perfect answer to any questions about a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. Thank you.

  26. grudznick 2014.10.25

    Here, right here, I stand with my good friend Mr. C and the lady Ms. Geelsdottir.

    Unless me standing there hurts there cause like how kurtz hunting pheasants makes Mr. Weiland grimace. Then I'll stand back and away.

  27. JeniW 2014.10.25

    Has the legislature required the all males age 14 years old and older receive counseling about sexual activity and potential consequences such as the unwanted conception, STD, the realities of the financial and social responsibilities of fatherhood?

    Should males, every time they visit a healthcare provider, receive information about conception prevention methods, and be required to sign a form that they have received counseling and written information about conception prevention methods?

    Should males with two or more biological children be required to have a vasectomy?

    If the legislature has not done anything about male reproductive organs or behaviors, then IMO, they should not have anything to say about women's reproduction organs or behaviors.

  28. jerry 2014.10.26

    What country do we compete directly against that does not have capital outlays for health care? Maybe some third world countries but not one in the G-8 crowd. Each of these countries have a system in place that is basically a social security system of fairness for healthcare. Some companies in Europe as an example, provide private insurance in addition to the social security healthcare. I have seen them in action and think they work pretty efficiently with as many people as they see for a variety of reasons.

    Here we could have much the same if business owners would come together to acknowledge the fact that they are loosing customer bases because of the costs of healthcare. If they supported Medicare for all, the costs of healthcare would be cut by about 75% without breaking a sweat. That is a whole lot of superb healthcare for a whole lot of savings that would be put into the system for growth. The docs and hospitals would still make their money, big pharma would have to negotiate their grand bargains to allow for more stringent competition. What holds this back? The tea party and their strong corporate bosses that do not want to change a thing because they are out of the loop. Small business is where the change will have to come from. When that happens, knuckleheads like NOem and Thune along with Rounds and Daugaard will have to find some new digs or change the way they do their politics.

  29. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.10.26

    Grudz, I am honored to have you standing beside me.

    JeniW, exactly what I've been saying.

  30. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.10.26

    Apropos to nothing here, Lisa Ling has a really good show about life on the NoDak oil patch on CNN. It's part of her "This Is Life with Lisa Ling," series. Really worth a watch.

  31. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.26

    Jenny all good points, if these organizations and the legislature insist on legislating women's healthcare, they need to do equitably, that is if they believe in equality.

    Grudz, I'm certain Deb would welcome you to stand strong with us in our demand that men quit their attempts to overthrow Roe vs. Wade.

    Cody Spencer will never be allowed to determine what my niece does with any part of her body, I will not allow him or any Republican legislators to do that.

    Hopefully Kathy Tyler will take up my suggestion and make it a felony to legislate something this is not theirs.

  32. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.10.26

    Um, Spencer, I did not forget about HB 1162. It's the first bill I mentioned in my refutation of your claims. Tyler voted for an amendment that still supported your position that sex-selective abortions are bad. After that amendment failed, she voted for the full bill twice. Rep. Tyler seems to agree with you on HB 1162. So what's your real beef?

  33. Rep. Stace Nelson 2014.10.26

    I did my duty. Sadly, the average voter has way too much on their plate to keep up with all that is going on. Its one of the reasons that money is what wins races, not positions on issues, voting records, or record of service; but, the ability to flood the voters' media with advertisements.

    Don't be too hard on your legislators for it having occurred; however, those that have done their best to cover it up, deserve your wrath.

    @Lanny, it was a privilege, and honor to serve. As evident by my poor fund raising ability, the hardest part in all my races, was asking hard working people like you for contributions. Thank you, and all those who contributed to my campaign, for your kindness and generosity.

    @Roger Et Al, a baby is not a woman's body. It has separate DNA, a separate soul, a separate heart beat, and it is a separate and distinct life. The easier contraceptives are for people to procure and use, the less patience the electorate has with abortion on demand. It remains an issue that hurts Democrats' electability without reason. Most Democrats can legitimately say they are against abortion in all cases except rape, health of mother, and be identical to moderate Republicans. Instead, you put your candidates into no-win debates on the issue. Case in point, the bills cited above. Moderate Republicans killed HB-1240 above. They solemnly claim they did so out of a deep strategy to advance/protect pro-life legislation even as they voted for the sex selection ban bill and killed this pro-life legislation. They get an "A" for killing the bill and Rep Tyler gets a "D" for expressing similar concerns to what the moderate Republicans used to kill it!

  34. Bill Fleming 2014.10.26

    Stacy, by your same logic, a woman's body is a woman's body, and she has the exclusive right to decide whether or not another person gets into it or comes out of it.

    The state has no business making that call.

    A government powerful enough to force a woman to give birth against her will is also a government powerful enough to force her not to.

    The Chinese have laws restricting couples to having only two children. Laws like the ones you support enable our government to have that kind of power.

    I can't and won't support it.

  35. Jenny 2014.10.26

    Hi Rep Nelson, in January can you look into these Lake Sharpe Investments when you get back to Pierre? They look pretty fishy to me. All these LLCs popped up right around Rounds got into the Race. Was our Sate money used for his campaign? Come on Stace - Go Get Em!

  36. Jenny 2014.10.26

    Please, let's don't get into abortion. Stace is one of the few that is willing to fight the blatant corruption in Pierre.

  37. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.10.26

    I agree completely with Stace on this comment: "Sadly, the average voter has way too much on their plate to keep up with all that is going on. Its one of the reasons that money is what wins races, not positions on issues, voting records, or record of service; but, the ability to flood the voters' media with advertisements."

    This is exactly why we have to get money out of politics. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. Just as I contributed to Stace's campaign, I contributed to Rick's campaign. As a guy on small pension and social security my contributions were naturally small. How do you suppose I felt, when I heard that some Dem outfits had come into his campaign with some big bucks, when they realized that the race was going to be closer than what they thought? All of a sudden he will have someone that he is beholden to other than the voters of SD, should he be elected.

  38. Rep. Stace Nelson 2014.10.26

    @Bill, how goes it old friend? :-D I dedicated a career to the belief that a woman and man have the right to determine who they have sexual relations with and that no means "no" and the inability to say no means "no;" however, once there is a separate life, I do believe we have a duty to protect the child. Lets not get distracted though. Do you not see this issue is a no-win for your candidates and unnecessarily so?

    @Jenny, I am a lame Bull Elephant Conservative. My term is up January 1st. I have been blessed with being put out to pasture. :-D

  39. Bill Fleming 2014.10.26

    Stacey, I hear you. We don't have to discuss that right now.

  40. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.26

    With all due respect, this thread is about abortion and how various legislators vote on abortion bills. I find the abortion debate tiresome and with same arguments made repeatedly by both sides.
    Until a baby leaves its mother's womb, it is a part of her body, there is not denying that.
    Until you can produce the science that says a fetus has a soul, your argument is based on faith and belief, those two should not be used to legislate morality.
    When is South Dakota to become, bring in the NRA to hold their guns to the heads of women while legislators like you govern what decisions women make about their health choices?
    In America we have a right choices, sometimes we make right choices and wrong choices, this applies to the choices women make.
    Putting unreasonable demands on women and finding every conceivable way to make their choices more difficult is immoral.

  41. Bill Fleming 2014.10.26

    Roger, actually, this thread is quite a bit different than the usual debate. It is about someone using the issue to score political points against a woman who has essentially the same values, but is from a different political party.

    It's similar to the way the Republican party roasted Stephanie Herseth Sandlin over the coals about the Affordable Care Act even though she voted exactly the way she wanted them to on it.

    Beyond that, the nature of this particular take on the issue gets into the probable unenforceability of the proposed law, the almost incomprehensible nature of DNA testing and bioethics, and the wisdom as to whether or not a legislative body really has any business passing laws that are unenforcable on their face and almost certainly unconstitutional just to create a legal circumstance whereby, via a series of court appeals, such cases eventually make it to the Supreme Court.

    Given all that, I agree with Jenny and Stace. It might well be an interesting and enlightening future discussion, albeit a complicate one, but now is probably not the time.

    EB-5 is complicated enough.

  42. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.26

    "PAC Postcard Misportrays State Abortion Laws and Tyler's Record.
    Cory's comment did not include any references to the EB-5 scandal and most of the comments here have not been relevant to Kathy's voting record on state abortion laws.
    Anytime Abortion is in the title of a thread you can count on it being discussed.
    Stace Nelson was a part of a Republican legislature that did not investigate the Rounds corruption that has eroded this government.
    I stand by my comments.

  43. Kurt Evans 2014.10.26

    Roger Cornelius wrote:
    >"Until a baby leaves its mother's womb, it is a part of her body, there is not denying that."

    I'm denying that. The baby is inside her body but not part of it.

    >"Until you can produce the science that says a fetus has a soul, your argument is based on faith and belief, those two should not be used to legislate morality."

    Until you can produce the science that says a newborn has a soul, your argument supports infanticide.

    Bill Fleming wrote:
    >"Roger, actually, this thread is quite a bit different than the usual debate. It is about someone using the issue to score political points against a woman who has essentially the same values, but is from a different political party."

    Bill is right.

    Lynn wrote:
    >"... it looks as though the powers behind the establishment in Pierre, Rounds and our all time favorite EB-5 disaster have now activated the Catholic Crony Consortium attacking the one of the most vocal opponents exposing the corruption of EB-5."

    That's definitely how it looks. It's interesting that SDRTL would save its most vicious attacks for an outspoken fellow Catholic who aggressively defends the right to life.

  44. Bill Fleming 2014.10.26

    I do agree with Roger that this post didn't include any reference to Ms. Tyler's actions vis a vis EB-5, and perhaps should have, since that is almost certainly the real reason she is being attacked.

  45. Rep. Stace Nelson 2014.10.26

    @Roger, you make my point. Blind partisanship and low information voters are the root of our problems. You defy all legislative records, all facts, and ignorantly claim I am culpable in the EB5 corruption and stonewalled its investigation.

    You go on to make my other point: The horrific radical idea that you propose, that it should be legal to kill a viable baby all the way up to birth, offends the senses of most voters. Even many Democrats agree that abortion should have restrictions and should not be conducted past the early stages. Your comments help fan the opposition to abortion and the defeat of Democrat candidates who end up getting pigeon holed as pro-choice through party association because of your radical minority sentiments. Candidates who may share the mainstream position of abortion only as a last resort, but who end up making unelectable comments trying to please the minority radical position you advocate.

  46. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.26

    Kurt, ever heard of an umbilical cord?

  47. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.26

    Thanks Bill, that is the point I made on another related thread.
    The only reason Kathy Tyler became a target of the Republicans is that she outed them on the Rounds/Bollen racket with the immigration fees.
    Paybacks are hell and that is what Kathy Tyler is getting.

  48. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.26

    As a male I'm often uncomfortable discussing women's health issues, particularly the decision to carry a child. It has always been and always be my position that a man, court, or any legislative body has a right to make any determinations about what a woman does with any aspect of her life.
    Note that Kurt and Stace do not follow up on any of Jenny's ideas about male responsibility in sexual issues or the reproductive cycle. Is that white male privilege or just male privilege.
    The question that will always exist for me is how are any abortion laws enforced and what is the legal consequence for the women? How many American women are in prison for having an abortion?
    The fact will always remain that if a woman wants to have an abortion she will get one, that is her choice, not mine and certainly not Stace's or Kurt's.

  49. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.10.26

    Control male reproduction in an excessively intrusive manner as a matter of law. Include invasive medical procedures, whether necessary or not, as part of the legal mandate. Order that they hear false information about male reproduction, options available, side effects and psychological effects. Ensure that their genitals are regularly inspected and examined by health care providers.

    Then - and only then - may you write similar laws for women.

    In the meantime, shut the hell up!

  50. Kurt Evans 2014.10.26

    Roger Cornelius wrote:
    >"Kurt, ever heard of an umbilical cord?"

    Of course.

    >"Note that Kurt and Stace do not follow up on any of Jenny's ideas about male responsibility in sexual issues or the reproductive cycle. Is that white male privilege or just male privilege."

    I won't speak for Stace, but in my case it's neither.

  51. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.10.27

    Remember, the point here isn't necessarily whether abortion is good or bad; it's whether Cody can justify his attack on Rep. Tyler. This PAC attack twists her voting record and singles out Tyler for votes on which numerous Republicans could be criticized.

    Given that this postcard is deceptive, I want to return to Mike's question: we can get in trouble for lying on job applications. I think some of my teacher applications have included perjury language. Perhaps we should include a perjury clause in the disclaimers for political communications. Perhaps instead of letting a postcard like this go out under nobody's name but some faceless organization, we could require every card, radio ad, TV commercial, etc., to come with one named person—e.g., the candidate, the PAC chair, the biggest donor—saying, "I approve this message and verify under penalty of perjury that it is true."

    Would such a requirement be constitutional? Would it be enforceable?

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