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Former GOP Legislators Endorse Democrat Schultz over DWC-Fave Jenna Haggar

Dakota War College lurches toward the weekend seeing two of its favorite Republican legislators losing Republican endorsements to their Democratic counterparts. Three high-profile former Republican legislators are endorsing District 10 Senate Democratic candidate Michael Schultz over DWC pin-up Rep. Jenna Haggar. Schultz's résumé is far deeper than Haggar's, including his time as mayor of Brandon. And the three Republicans picking his experience over Haggar's conservative cheerleader act are no lightweights: they are former Sioux Falls mayor Dave Munson, former U.S. Marshall and South Dakota Highway Patrol chief Gene Abdallah, and former teacher and principal Jan Nicolay. Munson, Nicolay, and Abdallah each represented Haggar's district in Pierre, and they say Schultz represents the "Strong—Stable—Effective" choice for District 10 today.

I reported last night that District 16 Senate Democratic candidate Ann Tornberg is posting endorsements from registered Republicans and high-profile Dakota Dunes neighbors of GOP Senator Dan Lederman. And hey, this morning, here come two more!

Friebergs for Tornberg 20141031

Wow—add to those endorsements to West River Republican Pat Trask's repudiation of Mike Rounds this week, and could we be seeing a trend of Republicans trading the Powers/Wadhams-style politics for smart, qualified candidates and good government?


  1. Jana 2014.10.31

    Both Lederman and Haggar are far more interested in representing the ideological wing of the national GOP than they are of representing their districts.

    They deserve to be booted out of office in favor of Schultz and Tornberg's commitment and passion to serve the people in their district.

  2. Alex 2014.10.31

    Did DWC just... say something nice about Democrats?.. the world is ending.

  3. 96Tears 2014.10.31

    Ted Klaudt was a very big fave on DWC too.

  4. Taunia 2014.10.31

    Pin up. Cheerleader. Two derogatory words that would not be used to describe any man of any party, in this context.

    I know you'll do better in the future. Perhaps this can be corrected in this post now.

    Thank you.

  5. lesliengland 2014.11.01

    also the mayor is male while the SDGOP favors the female. what world do we live in? shame cory, Kathy's 1000 friends will be on you like....there are no words I can choose that will not cause further snark.

  6. leslie 2014.11.01

    I think of geo bush and mitt Romney when I hear "cheerleader". "pin-up" will disappear in the cyber wash of porn. neither are a good thing imo. by the way I have been a fan of feminism since meeting ms. steinem in college.

  7. leslie 2014.11.01

    rereading "pin-up" (without success w/ the link), I agree taunia and please forgive my snarkiness.

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.01

    Taunia, at peril of incurring your wrath, I disagree with your assessment of m use of those words. "Pin-up" and "cheerleader" both accurately describe the purpose Republicans see Haggar fulfilling. Republicans like Pat Powers get excited about her because she's pretty and she cheers their conservative slogans, without bringing much else in terms of experience or ability to the table.

    I would use the same terms to describe Kristi Noem's job function as their rodeo pin-up girl. I might even use the same terms to describe John Thune's job: if the Republicans nominate him for President or VP in 2016, they will be doing so because he makes a great pin-up boy, all hunky handsome without much policy vision.

  9. Taunia 2014.11.02

    No wrath, Cory. Your blog, your rules.

    Does not mean I'm not disappointed.

  10. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.02

    Understood. I'll take my chances, but I won't take this chance lightly.

  11. Lynn 2014.11.02


    I've noticed a number of comments based on appearance over at DWC for example between Kristi Noem and Corinna Robinson. It had nothing to do with the comparison of substance, the differences and experience of what they have to offer if elected. It's frustrating! Look at the tone at how they dismiss Angelina Schultz, Susan Wismer or Suzy Blake.

  12. mike from iowa 2014.11.02

    Dumbass dubya and Rick Perry were both collegiate cheerleaders and both have made remarks about themselves. Wingnuts in Texas have annointed Dem gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis-Abortion Barbie.

  13. JeniW 2014.11.02

    Taunia, that is what happens when people think with what is between their legs instead of their brain. LOL :)

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