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Kathy Tyler to Teachers: Help Your Students By Voting out One-Party Rule

Rep. Kathy Tyler expands on my voting guide theme of electing Democrats to check one-party rule by explaining one of the greatest harms of letting Republicans run the Legislature: the unnecessary damage done to education. Rep. Tyler says that in her first term representing District 4, she has seen South Dakota has the wealth to improve education funding, but Republicans lack the courage to make that investment. She calls on us teachers to change that system:

We have a one party system in our state. That party does not put education as a priority. Candidates claim to be pro education, but their votes don’t show it. Many of their votes are ruled by the party. Quote by a Republican after a very ‘political’ day: “You (the Democrats) can vote the way you want. We can’t always do that.”

You, as educators, have the power to change the state’s priorities—to put education where it belongs. I realize that some may be happy with the status quo—you are close to retirement, you aren’t trying to support a family on your teaching income, you have a second job, you love your job and would work for any wage. But think about the future of education in South Dakota; think about the teacher-less classrooms of the future; think about your children or grandchildren and their quality of education.

You can change the way South Dakota treats education and educators by your vote on Tuesday. Your vote for a new governor and Democrat legislators—a vote to get South Dakota back to a two party system and a vote for legislators who can and will prioritize education–is the start [Rep. Kathy Tyler, "A Letter to South Dakota Educators," Kathy's Corner, 2014.10.30].

Teachers, Indians, women—South Dakota needs all of you. Grab two friends, go vote now, and we can win.


  1. Mike B 2014.10.31

    Republicans and voters are not to blame for the Democratic Party's failure to produce strong candidates for each legislative race. How many Republicans are running unopposed this election?

  2. JeniW 2014.10.31

    Ever think about complimenting the Democratic candidates who have worked so long and hard, plus put out a lot of money to campaign for which the State as gained revenue from via sales tax? For example, paying printers for printing letters and signs, fuel tax from buying gas for their vehicles, tax they paid to have their campaign message aired, and sales tax for where ever they ate while on the campaign trips?

    The Democratic Party did not "fail," the Party was not successful as desired, but not failed. Failure is the lack of trying. Not being successful means trying, but not reaching the desired goal Failure and unsuccessful are two different things.

  3. jerry 2014.10.31

    Interesting Mike B, you are correct. Of course, looking at it a little deeper, we see that there is really on one party here. If you claim to be a Democrat, no one will listen to you. If you are a Democrat but you run as a republican, then you have to pass a dumb shit test that most Democrats cannot pass. So I guess until there is a third party system that does not mean the Libertarian Party (Haber comes to mind) then this is what it is.

  4. leslie 2014.11.01

    dems are down a couple hundred thousand voters, or nearly, in a red state of 800,000. there is no dem machine in this tiny state, with great resources. 18,000 dems in pennington county have, notwithstanding, put up a wonderful slate of caring, intelligent candidates, at great personal cost.

    there is not a dem lawyer in the state willing to take on the establishment's AG.

    that should tell you something is very wrong in state politics. think "good ole' boy"

  5. leslie 2014.11.01

    mb-i may be off off the dem/repub balance but you can look it up.

    repub voters who support crooks like the rounds/daugaard/jackley administrations in the face of glaring EB5 FRAUD, AND THE COUNTLESS other issues that debilitate blue-collar SD, are squarely responsible for the political mess we are all in.

    join the dems and stand up and fight.

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