Among the questions Rep. Bernie Hunhoff posed to former Governor Mike Rounds last month about his EB-5 czar Joop Bollen's contract with himself was this loaded query:

Did you know Bollen was asked at deposition "why didn't you sign on behalf of SDRC, Inc." and he responded "it would look silly"? [Rep. Bernie Hunhoff, question 1d, letter from Government Operations and Audit Committee to Michael Rounds, 2014.09.16]

The deposition of Joop Bollen in Darley v. SDIBI shows that Rep. Hunhoff got it wrong. Bollen did not say it would look "silly." He told Darley attorney Jennifer Elkayam that it would have looked "goofy":

[Elkayam]: Why did Mr. Park sign as SDRC -- director of SDRC Inc.?

[Bollen]: First of all, this document was merely to advise the USCIS that a new entity was involved in the operational aspects of the regional center, and we are supposed to advise the USCIS if there is such a change. That was the whole function of this MOU and the reason why I -- Mr. Park signed it is because I had a conversation with him and said, "It looks so goofy for me to sign twice with the same signature," so he said, "Well, I can sign for it as well," so I said, "Okay, that's fine" [Joop Bollen, deposition 2, Darley v. SDIBI, 2014.04.17, p. 221].

Goofy indeed. But somehow I don't think that's the word the USCIS would use to describe signing a document and submitting false information concerning the administration of a federal program.