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South Dakota Job Growth Over Past Year 1.4%; Minnesota, 1.8%

Governing posts Bureau of Labor Statistics data showing job growth over the past twelve months in all fifty states. Without counting North Dakota's dangerous and poorly regulated Bakken job boom, South Dakota is slogging along in the middle among its neighbors:

State Job Change Oct 2013–Oct 2014 Average Monthly Change %Job Change Oct 2013–Oct 2014 Nonfarm Jobs Oct 2014
Iowa 15,400 1,283 1.0 1,556,900
Minnesota 49,400 4,117 1.8 2,847,000
Montana 6,800 567 1.5 455,100
Nebraska 8,300 692 0.8 991,800
North Dakota 22,500 1,875 5.0 471,700
South Dakota 6,000 500 1.4 422,700
Wyoming 6,200 517 2.1 298,100

To reinforce the point I made Friday, Minnesota has more progressive economic and fiscal policies, yet it is outpacing South Dakota on percentages for job growth.


  1. 96Tears 2014.11.24

    It's so sad that income tax is holding Minnesota back.

  2. Nick Nemec 2014.11.24

    When was the last time ND had more nonfarm jobs than SD?

  3. Lynn 2014.11.24

    Nick before the latest oil fracking boom there were a number of small towns in North Dakota that were offering to basically pay people to move to their town in ND. Families were moving from Florida and some didn't stay long due to the climate and culture shock.

    Outmigration was such a large problem before the boom.

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