BBC Pop Up's Matt Danzico and Benjamin Zand posted one more video of their stay in South Dakota, this one an introduction to their journey to South Dakota, their first impressions of the state, and their first chats with Sioux Falls folks... at Hy-Vee!

Notice that...

  1. Governor Daugaard's marketing campaign at Chicago obviously hasn't made much of an impact; the folks Matt and Ben chatted up in the Windy City appear to have negligible Top-Of-Mind Awareness of our fair state (and the nice lady
  2. Check your big city pretensions, Sioux Falls: Even South Dakota's greatest metropolis strikes urbane outside observers as "the middle of nowhere," just like Madison.
  3. Fitness, Native issues, concerns about Indian children in foster care, teacher pay, opposition to Keystone XL, even a desire for more Europeans to come visit—wow! the random Hy-Vee crowd sounds like a bunch of progressive Madville Times readers!

Thank you for spending some time with us, BBC! Come back any time!