Hey, Tara! Have you seen Annette Bosworth's letter recruiting her patients to pack the courtroom for her perjury trial in Pierre February 4–6?

If not, Tara, you can view all ten pages here. I'll skip the doctor's recital of the old stories and lies and jump right to her invitation to jihad:

...This is not my fight. It is God's fight....

As I countdown [sic] to my February jury trial, I strive to live out this prayer. The trial for these felony charges begins on February 4th, 5th and 6th in the Hughes County Courthouse in Pierre, SD. Twelve jurors will decide what justice looks like. The recent trajectory of our country didn't just happen. It happened because people stopped showing up to witness.

I humbly ask for you to use your God-gifted-talents. I am praying that the cold courtroom in Pierre will be filled with the warmth from God's people. I am asking for your support in the form of your presence at this trial. If you have witnessed a jury trial, you understand the powerful message supporters send. The power of the presence of supporters in the courtroom strengthens the person on trial, their [sic] family, their [sic] lawyers as well as the citizens serving on the jury. If you have never witnessed a jury trial, come and gain the experience with your own eyes. Help me put purpose to this pain. We will witness to South Dakota and the country that when you trust in the Lord, His people will stand together during times of adversity [Annette Bosworth, letter addressed "Dear Patient," January 2015].

As she did while circulating petitions and in one abortive attempt to lure people to a campaign rally for her husband, Bosworth attempts to recruit help in turning the courtroom into the Jerry Springer Show with food, as well as bus and bed:

Many of God's people have come forth to show their support. Specifically, one supporter wants to help by sponsoring the cost of bus-transportation to get to and from Pierre during the trial. Another supporter offered to help by sponsoring the cost of the hotel rooms in Pierre during the trial. Yet another spsonsor has offered to cover the cost of a daily catered meal for the supporters willing to attend the trial. Pierre, South Dakota in February sounds like a delightful vacation . . . right? We will make it a celebration of support of God's people for those willing to attend.

The strength to stand against an oppressive government only lives on one story at a time. Let us join together as a united voice. If you are interested in attending this celebration, please call the clinic and let us know: 605-371-6899. An email works too: clinic@meaningfulmedicine.org [Bosworth, Jan 2015]

Notice that Bosworth is using the resources of her clinic, which is closely (some would say indistinguishably) tied to her non-profit Preventive Health Strategies, to solicit activism in a public trial related to her activities as a political candidate.

This letter also makes clear that Bosworth has no desire to plea. She wants a trial because she wants an audience. And she's willing to spend (other people's) money to get one.