More bipartisan fun: Senator Bernie Hunhoff (D-18/Yankton) has recruited three Democratic colleagues (Sutton, Gibson, and Hawley) and four Republicans (Rampelberg, Deutsch, Hickey, and Wiik) to sponsor Senate Bill 123, which would prohibit employers from demanding access to current or prospective employees' personal online accounts.

SB 123 is a good defense of personal privacy in the workplace. Employers have as much business snooping around the Facebook posts you share only with friends as they do crashing your cocktail party or peeping in your bedroom window. Employers are welcome to read (and comment on! and share!) my public blog posts, but they have no right to ask for the password to my blog control panel. Other states have protected workers from such employer intrusions; South Dakota should, too.

Bonus points to Senator Hunhoff for hard work and cross-party hustle. Our man Bernie has secured Republican co-sponsors on eight of the ten bills he is prime-sponsoring as well as on his one joint resolution, SJR 2, which would put a constitutional amendment to fund education with a corporate profits tax to a public vote. Uff da—that's a whole nother blog post in itself! For now, Democrats, keep learning from Bernie on how to look for allies across the aisle.