KELO-TV's Perry Groten points out that Annette Bosworth's recent legal defense fundraising pitch is delusional. But might her fundraising letters also violate federal campaign finance law?

Bosworth has sent letters to supporters from her Senate campaign asking them to help raise $400,000 for her legal defense fund. Bosworth has already paid over $62,000 from her Senate campaign fund to lawyers working on her defense in the petition perjury trial she faces in May. Bosworth apparently views her perjury trial as a permissible use of campaign funds, which it likely is under the Federal Election Commission's "irrespective" test, since the trial arises directly from campaign activities.

So the perjury trial is a campaign activity. Cool. But neither the $400K pitch nor her courtroom-packing pitch identify themselves as being paid for by the Annette Bosworth for Senate campaign. They contain none of the disclamatory language required by the Federal Election Commission. And if Bosworth doesn't report those donations on her FEC campaign finance reports, she's in serious trouble.

So keep in mind, those of you getting Bosworth's letters and thinking about writing a check: your donations to the "legal defense fund" may really be donations to the campaign and should be a matter of public record with the Federal Election Commission.

p.s.: $400,000 for this one perjury trial? Bosworth has a tendency to inflate costs in her fundraising letters. $400K seems pretty steep for a trial in which the only defensible avenue counsel has is to admit guilt and beg for mercy. But not to worry: if the KELO comment section is any indication ("complete fruitcake... crooked... mentally ill..."), Bosworth's Facebook Likers have disappeared, right along with her fundraising potential.