David Newquist never makes for a cheerful read. But his blog posts make essential reading for anyone joining the Resistance to South Dakota's corrupt one-party rule. In his latest post, Newquist connects 9/11, Nazis, and the perversion of education into an employee-training program to support his argument that America has surrendered its conscience and critical thinking to propaganda and oppression.

And then he turns to South Dakota:

South Dakota is a prime case in point of a state that has deteriorated into intellectual dysfunction. It has been ruled by one political party which has withheld from the voter-taxpayers information about government transactions and the right to knowledge about what officials are doing. It has allowed education to be neglected in its funding and tampered with in its function. It has developed an uncurious and disinterested attitude toward government corruption. In an instance that is defined with documents and the testimony of participants, the Benda-Bollen-Rounds EB-5 scandal, it has chosen to dismiss hard evidence and embrace the mendacity of its deniers. It has lost the ability to function mentally and examine the evidence in a suspicious death, the misdealing in state funds, the vicious ripping off of foreign investors, and the incompetent, devious mismanagement of the Northern Beef Packers plant. Instead, the people endorsed the perpetrators of the fraud and overwhelming elected them to control the state. South Dakota has strongly defined itself as a corrupt state by the will of the people [David Newquist, "Why America Is Not the Greatest Nation in the World Anymore," Northern Valley Beacon, 2014.11.17].

Newquist is probably not optimistic enough to run for South Dakota Democratic Party chair. But our party leadership and we hopeful liberals in general should heed Newquist's warnings about the enormity of the regime and the political and cultural defects against which we must fight to restore effective democracy in South Dakota.


Curmudgeon does not begin to plumb the depths of commentator David Newquist's disgust toward the corruption of South Dakota politics. In his latest blog post, Newquist examines the difficulty South Dakotans have in facing the corruption in their midst:

People in the state speak of being “South Dakota nice,” which is the façade of bonhomie which covers a resentful insularity toward people who don’t conform to and endorse the South Dakota attitude. The so-called EB-5 scandal, which should properly [be] called the South Dakota tradition of corruption, produces the response of many people that they are tired of hearing about it. Some simply do not want to face the fact that there is a huge blemish of corruption on that face of niceness. Others, a plurality, support, endorse, and enable those who practice the creed of greed, power, and corrupt relationships with their corporate gods. They cannot or will not face the looming fact that dominant culture in the state supports and enables corruption, nor can the plurality accept the fact their attitude bears final responsibility for promulgating and protecting the corruption. The corporate gods beam down on them through Mike Rounds’ smile [David Newquist, "The Seeds of Corruption Produce Bumper Crops in South Dakota," Northern Valley Beacon, 2014.10.27].

South Dakotans, do yourselves a favor and prove David Newquist wrong. Show that you can recognize and reject corruption when you see it. Vote accordingly.


Dr. Newquist does fine work as usual, today vivisecting the right-wing crony-capitalist beast:

When the government bailed out the auto industry and expected some responsible accountability for the loans it gave, the right wing immediately shouted socialism and Government Motors. When BP befouled the Gulf states and Obama set up some rules of financial responsibility for the mess, the right wing immediately screamed about government takeover. Corporations can defraud consumers, endanger lives, befoul the environment, organize all manner of crime, and its called free enterprise. Consumers and taxpayers can ask for some protections against destructive depredation and exploitation, and they are called Marxists and socialists.

If that is so, it is probably time to try socialism. It can't be any worse than the four decades of reducing the middle class toward the poverty line that corporations have orchestrated, as top one-tenth of one percent as increased is share of the national income by 385 percent while the bottom 90 percent has dropped back one percent. The right wing loves feudalism and all the deprivations and oppressions it can inflict [David Newquist, "What has big business done for America besides bilk it?," Northern Valley Beacon, 2011.06.28].

Congresswoman Kristi Noem should read Dr. Newquist's full essay, as shoud you, dear readers. Dr. Newquist notes that the primary cause of our national debt problem is not the out-of-control spending. Those nice surpluses we saw coming in the 1990s got eaten up by two recessions and lots of tax cuts.

The richer get richer, and the working man works harder for slimmer slices of the pie he makes. We may not need socialism to fix that economic injustice; I'd settle for some honest capitalism and responsible government. Even that would be a welcome change from the status quo.


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