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Posts tagged as “video”

Stace Nelson: No Jeff Barth, But Knows YouTube Exists

Rep. Stace Nelson turned a radio spot into 30-second YouTube slideshow. With 197 views this month, it's no Barthian breakout video. But it's a quick listen: Best line: "Stace Nelson is scary, but only to crooked politicians and criminals." Nelson's…

Jeff Barth, Political Video Genius

Is Jeff Barth the change South Dakota Democrats have been waiting for? His new campaign video suggests he could be: Oh, that mannequin: yes, Jeff, yes! Barth's video, unlike Kristi Noem's early Texas-filmed ads in 2010, was shot entirely in…

Be Happy in Your Hardhat: Bike to Work!

Since 2007, the Hungarian government has promoted the Bike to Work (Bringázz a Munkába) program. Here's one of their delightful TV ads: Put on the hardhat of your choice and ride!

Madville Times Video Feature: Lawrence County GOP Candidates Forum

Enjoy exclusive video of last night's Lawrence County GOP Candidates Forum, brought to you by the Madville Times! See Lawrence County Commission candidate Steven Rosenberger warn of a United Nations takeover, Mayanesque economic catastrophe, and a Meade County Commission terrorizing…