Oil prices are up again, thanks in part to another shutdown of TransCanada's Keystone oil pipeline caused by the twelfth pumping station leak on the system in one year of operation. A pumping station in Kansas spewed 40 barrels of tar sands oil due to a bad fitting, the same problem behind numerous other leaks on the pipeline.

According to the CBC, following a similar leak in North Dakota, "The company said on May 13 that it had inspected all similar fittings at its pump stations in Canada and the United States after the North Dakota spill." But the North Dakota leak was caused by a three-quarter-inch fitting. The faulty fitting in Kansas was a half-inch fitting, so apparently TransCanada didn't include those smaller fittings in its may inspections.

It sounds to me like the next work order from HQ in Calgary should read, "Inspect all fittings, regardless of size."

Related: perhaps, Secretary Clinton, you should listen to Nebraska State Senator Ken Haar and his colleagues: delay approval for Keystone XL, give us time to find out what's wrong with TransCanada's quality control, and lay down better rules for governing the inevitable spills from TransCanada's proposed expansion.