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Editor and Publisher: Cory Allen Heidelberger
Contributing Author: T.W. Uecker

CAH Nov 2010 -- Photo Credit: Jeremiah MurphyCory: What's the Madville Times about?

I love South Dakota. I refer to South Dakota as a whole as my home, as my community. I refer to people all over the state, from Madison to Spearfish, from Mobridge to Springfield, as my neighbors. I write first and foremost for my South Dakota neighbors and ex-pats who care about them and their home state. I write to provoke those South Dakotans in place and in spirit to ask questions and have conversations about South Dakota and about how to make our state better.

The Madville Times is about South Dakota politics. I discuss and invite you to discuss statewide and local issues. I love discussing news from all towns in South Dakota, big and small, but Madison (I grew up there) and Spearfish (I lived, worked, biked, and ran there) occupy special spots in my heart and my blog.

I occasionally turn to national and international issues, usually because of their impact on South Dakota, sometimes just because I find them darned interesting.

I make no pretense of objective reporting. I'm a South Dakota Democrat, the loyal opposition, and the closest thing to liberal media South Dakota produces. I make clear in my blog posts what I believe and what I want for my community.

Whenever possible, I will offer quotes and hyperlinks to verify my facts and support my opinions. I encourage readers and commenters to do the same.

I am 100% owner and operator of this blog. No political party, corporation, or other organization dictates content or editorial choices.

This blog is funded entirely by contributions from appreciative readers and advertisers who want to reach the smartest online audience in South Dakota. To support the Madville Times, tap the Tip Jar in the near right sidebar! To advertise, read my Advertising policy, then contact me.

Original "About" Text:

The Madville Times is an alternative voice reporting and commenting on issues concerning the bustling prairie metropolis of Madison, the surrounding environs of idyllic Lake Herman and Lake Madison, and the great state of South Dakota. This site will post comments, links, and essays on economic and environmental issues, media criticism, education, government policy, and anything else with even a tangential relation to the general welfare of this fine town, county, and state.

Madison already has two main media outlets -- the Madison Daily Leader and KJAM radio. Alas, the local media have a tendency not to say things that would ruffle feathers; after all, small-town newspaper publishers and radio station managers have to play nice with their friends at the Chamber of Commerce and the country club as much asif not more thantheir big-city counterparts do. The editor of the Madville Times, a lifelong resident of the area, feels no such obligation.

Cory Allen Heidelberger, August 11, 2005


  1. Tim Walburg 2011.02.01

    Good morning Corey! I just wanted to say thanks to your wife for the wonderful sermon that she did at Trinity Lutheran Church Sunday! She did very well. Also keep up the good work on the blog and lets hope for better weather soon.

  2. Erin 2011.02.01

    Thanks for the comment, Tim! I look forward to my next opportunity to preach at Trinity!

  3. Duane Anderson 2011.04.28

    Are you ready for the anti administration storm that I expect will come when Atlas Shrugged kicks in? The Democratic parties hopefully will have a response to the expected bumper sticker mantras about John Galt which is shorthand anti government action in any form language.

  4. Matt Groce 2011.04.28

    I'd like to nominate this review of "Atlas Shrugged, Part 1" as the one of the best I've ever seen.

    "The film is curiously sterile and lifeless, hardly the stuff of revolution. It feels more like an ideologically reversed Tucker: The Man And His Dream, written and performed by robots. Perhaps the passion will come in Parts II and III, when Voldemort finally makes an appearance, but the action in Atlas Shrugged is worse than unconvincing. It’s enervating." - Scott Tobias, A.V. Club

  5. Anthony Alan Lewis 2011.05.20

    I have a feeling that my leaning may be contrary to Cory's but I do agree with his observations and comments on the Huron Corruption site; lots of snarkiness(?).
    What bothers me the most is folks attitude towards 'them people', from across the river or even the ocean. Obviously illegals since they can't even speak English.
    Well let me tell you that I've reached out and have engaged a few in conversation. Those I have spoken with desire very much to learn the language of our land but in a town with a few uppity, "you don't belong here" snarks(?) that will not happen too soon.
    I must confess that I, myself, have only been in Huron a couple of months and when I've let people know this the response has been, "Oh, are you passing thru?"

    So much for welcomes.

    There is no need to put up your guard each day with any and all strangers. Doing so will usually cause a natural and instinctive similar reaction in those you meet. Instead, try smiling, reaching out; it worked for me and now I am an "English study-buddy" for a few Asian refugees.

    In closing, Cory, I like what you have done here at Madville.

  6. larry kurtz 2011.06.03

    Cory, LeftyBlogs is still using your old blogspot address.

  7. Jane Kleeb 2011.06.04

    Just want to say your blog does a great job speaking up and for citizens. Thank you for being another voice that makes us think...

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.06.05

    makes us think... no better praise! Thanks, Jane!

  9. Henry Plummer 2011.11.02

    Awesome Blog!

  10. Sam Evridge 2011.11.02

    Thank you for that wonderful comment Henry, and may the force be with all of you!

  11. James 2012.08.17

    Great blog! But we need to take pride in our beliefs. Instead of "alternative voice reporting" consider listing Madville Times as "liberal voice reporting". Your may greatly increase your following.

  12. caheidelberger Post author | 2012.08.17

    Thanks, James! So what do you think of the tagline, "Real liberal media for the great state of South Dakota"? I've had some people say the opposite of your advice, that I could increase my following and ad revenue by removing "liberal" from the masthead.

  13. James 2012.08.17

    That really defines your blog. I would submit that advertisers typically base their decision to participate upon material content of the venue. There are some entities which try to enhance advertising revenue by adjusting how they are defined, but they often end up having to adjust their content as well. You are to honest and straight forward for that. Go with your strengths.

  14. caheidelberger Post author | 2012.08.19

    Right on, James. You understand the game well. A market-engineered mission statement or positioning line that doesn't align with the content will be sniffed out quickly. I find adjusting my content for market purposes constitutionally (as in how I personally am constituted) impossible. I just gotta do what I gotta do, and take what props (and tips!) I get from those who dig it.

  15. Kris Quaintance 2012.10.20

    Cory, I have just recently found your site and it was the "liberal" word that caught my attention. Just my 2 cents but glad you didn't drop the word.

  16. caheidelberger Post author | 2012.10.23

    Thanks, Kris! I figure it doesn't hurt to be honest in branding.

  17. Porter Lansing 2013.08.08

    Here is the catalog site for CHEAPER HEALTH INSURANCE. If the governor doesn't set up an "exchange" than SoDak will just have to wait until Washington does it their way. It's the people's choice and surely "we the people" can do it in a better way for SoDak.

  18. Deb Geelsdottir 2013.11.15

    Cory, I found a very interesting article about the various cultures of the U.S. and how they determine our politics. It's here:

    It's written by Collin Wood. I think it can be very informative for the arguments we have here, in addition to D.C. and Pierre.

  19. Jean Farlee 2014.12.23

    Please send me an address where I can send you a check. I don't do Pay Pal. I enjoy your blog and read it every day.
    Jean Farlee

  20. JeniW 2014.12.23

    Jean, you do not have to use Paypal. I do not use Paypal either, but I was able to make a contribution using my credit card.

  21. Diane S Kolmer 2015.01.27

    I read your blog with great interest..and sometimes a distinct relief I don't live there any longer. So thank you for your blog...this is the stuff I would thrive on living there...and usually the 'real story' would be lost these days upon the reporters or their bosses. Thanks from one expat....and I lived in the USD Student Center as an editor of the Volante...student paper...can't imagine not being able to be there all hours of the night...that was a long time would seem we would want to give students a place to be a part of the university experience, rather than lock the door when the local TV news comes on....silly me...

  22. Mike Richarda 2015.02.05

    I found your article very interesting on Michael Rounds and the EB-5 scandal, thank you for the insight. As a Disabled American Veteran and long-time taxpayer and proud tribal enrolled member. I am somewhat surprised on the lack of outrage at not only the EB-5 ordeal but also, where is the outrage, when it comes to the misappropriation and misuse of 25 million dollars of our tax dollars by the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe.

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