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Equality SD Keeps Quiet, Discrimination-as-Religion Bill Fails, Ellis Calls GOP Idiots

Speaking of religion and bullying, House State Affairs showed a modicum of decency last week and killed House Bill 1220, certain conservatives' continued attempt to disguise anti-LGBT legislation in freedom of religion.

Eight committee Republicans joined two Democrats in deferring HB 1220 to the 41st day, leading right-wing blogger Bob Ellis to shout that Republicans hate religion. (At least South Dakota Republicans; Indiana Senate Republicans voted unanimously for a similar pro-discrimination bill last week.)

Ellis notes that Equality South Dakota did not testify against HB 1220. Curtis Price explains EqSD's absence from House State Affairs last week:

Equality South Dakota and many of our allies strongly opposed this bill, and, in coordination with others, encouraged our members to track it through our Facebook group.

Equality South Dakota did not testify on HB 1220 since the way it was written the bill did not directly address LGBT issues. It was felt if EqSD would testify, this would bring attention that this is a LGBT related bill and thereby hinder the possibility of killing it [Curtis Price, "HB 1220 Killed," Equality South Dakota blog, 2015.02.28].

I understand the tactical decision, though I cringe at the fact that LGBT is such a dirty acronym in South Dakota that an equal rights organization's best tactic on vile legislation is silence. Bob Ellis views EqSD's tactics as more of the nefarious gay agenda luring unsuspecting dupes into something like political rape:

The homosexual movement has learned that if it can get “useful idiots” in more mainstream organizations to do its dirty work for it, the odds of success for their agenda are much better than if people actually realize the investment of the homosexual agenda in the issue [Bob Ellis, "Religious Freedom Again Treated with Contempt by South Dakota ‘Republicans’," American Clarion, 2015.03.02].

The "useful idiots" in this case are the American Civil Liberties Union of South Dakota, the South Dakota Association of County Commissioners, the Board of Regents, and the Department of Corrections, all of whom testified that HB 1220 is not just unnecessary but harmful to basic governmental functions, not to mention civil rights.

I suppose I'm just another useful idiot who hasn't noticed the gay-agendeers pulling his strings, but as a member of the atheist minority in South Dakota, permit me to remind Bob that "decent, law-abiding God fearing people" are not under any "withering attack." Christianity is not about to disappear. Neither, alas, is Bob's hateful theology.


  1. Loren 2015.03.03

    "Useful idiots?" When you start name calling right out of the chute, your argument is pretty darn weak! Then, again, discrimination in the name of religion IS pretty darn weak!

  2. Deb Geelsdottir 2015.03.03

    "Bob's hateful theology" is right. And remember, his hateful theology is of his own invention, a thoroughly bastardized theology that bears only the most minimal resemblance to the faith of Jesus Christ.

  3. Roger Cornelius 2015.03.03

    You're being too kind to Bob Ellis

  4. Danno 2015.03.03

    I'm as sick of these idiots as you are. I still say the following:

    We will continue to be represented by "batshit-crazy loonies" until such time as:

    * Representative work pays a living wage. Really, look at yourself, could you possibly think of asking your employer for three months off work? Do you know of other "otherwise employable" people who could ask for such?

    Until we resolve the above point, we will have the following:

    * Indentpendently wealthy folks who can finance a campaign who could give a living crap about what the voters think, as they will vote R anyway, and they are assured a win.

    * Crazies that can live off of nothing, or pyramid schemes, (look at Phil Jensens choice of employment). Look at his campaign contributions too. Get a bank audit of his deposits, why don'tcha? There is some sleeze there, that he's wrapped up in bible pages so it doesn't spoil.

    I have more stuff, but my alerts are going off again. must bail for now.

  5. Danno 2015.03.03

    There is a chance that some are funded by little "pet projects" to keep them in office as they benefit others. Hard to tell, with the (granite-like) transparency that we have here. Amazing what shell accounts can do, as you vote to de-fund the IRS. Imagine the possibilities...

  6. Deb Geelsdottir 2015.03.04

    Danno, I like your sharp sarcasm.

    "(granite-like) transparency"

    "There is some sleeze there, that he's wrapped up in bible pages so it doesn't spoil."

    Hahahahahahahaha! Thanks.

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