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Conservative Blogger: Transgender Kids “Obscene” Tools of Intolerant Gay Lobby

There goes P&R Miscellany again, riding his Tolerance sled down his slippery slope. As he did last year when South Dakotans rejected anti-gay legislation, P&R contends that opposition to legislative efforts to repeal the SDHSAA's transgender athlete policy (HB 1161 and 1195 come before Senate Education this morning) is but the thin edge of the wedge the intolerant gay lobby will use to force things down Christians' throats:

We are fast coming to a time in this country, largely because of the offensive intolerance of the homosexual rights community, when it will be both illegal and a "hate crime" to hold to biblical morality on questions of sexuality and marriage. There is a concerted effort to demand the church cave to the immorality, vulgarity, and yes, hate of our present age. The church's schools, both Protestant and Catholic, will be the first major target.

It will start, as it is in South Dakota, with obscene regulations as a condition for participation in sports leagues. It will seem a small thing to many parents for whom athletics are the dominant purpose of a school. Once the schools give on this, though, they will find it harder to gin up the necessary will to resist further incursions and, as they will have already given some ground, the law will not support them when they try to say some other point is a line they cannot cross. Yes, presently the proposed regulation in South Dakota makes an exemption for religious schools—added only after protests. How long will that last? The "exemption" addition itself almost invites lawsuits against religious schools on this issue and the courts have indicated a rather glaring weakness in this area of religious liberty. Before it even gets to that point, we must ask what these regulations will mean when a Christian school hosts a visiting "girls" volleyball team that includes a young man who cannot deal with biological reality? What good will this "exemption" do them then? What will the Christian school do when a couple guys start making out in the stands?

Teenagers making out at basketball games! Dogs and cats living together—mass hysteria!

Accommodate transgender students in high school sports, and boys will start making out with each other? The logic escapes me, as does the challenge for crowd control. If two young people start necking in the stands, the coach or the principal or the janitor breaks them up and says such intimate physical contact is inappropriate. That simple discipline works regardless of who's kissing whom and whether they are flaunting their hormonality at Central or Roncalli.

P&R's logic remains elusive in the slippery-slope argument. He cites the willingness of the high school activities association to make an exception to its transgender policy for religious institutions as a sign that the unnamed gay lobby will get rid of exceptions for religious institutions. The status quo demonstrates its responsiveness to religious concerns, but P&R dismisses that tolerance by crying, "How long will that last?" I suspect it will last as long as the First Amendment lasts (which may not be long, since P&R's conservative compatriots in Pierre have called for an Article V Convention that increases the opportunity for the "gay lobby" and other special interests to rewrite the Constitution in ways P&R and I both might find objectionable).

Not escaping me is the high insult the often otherwise civil P&R heaps on transgender students. Young people whose brains and bodies disagree on their gender are "obscene" and "cannot deal with biological reality." P&R shouts these insults as he calls his fellow Christians to "resist" rather than "cower," but he sounds like he is rallying his discomfited majority to bully a very small minority of vulnerable youth who would just like to play basketball. Are these kids really such an abomination in the Lord's eyes that they deserve such treatment?

I hope Senate Education will eschew both insult and slippery slope this morning and shut down the bills blocking the SDHSAA's respectful and realistic transgender policy.


  1. Gordon 2015.03.03

    I don't give any credit to anonymous blogs. It's very safe to be mean-spirited and intolerant when you don't sign your name. Take off your mask and join the discussion.

  2. Nick Nemec 2015.03.03

    You mean to tell me I could have been making out in the stands at basketball games with willing, cute girls all those years ago and I didn't? Damn it, why am I always the last to learn the rules?

  3. Richard Schriever 2015.03.03

    Small town school athletic contests are similar to contests of war between young tribe members - but with the civility of "counting coup" as opposed to actually inflicting physical harm. So, of course, those wrapped up in a local-town tribal mentality will decry anything they perceive as "cheating" that may lead to an "insult" tot their tribal identity via an athletic loss.

  4. Richard Schriever 2015.03.03

    Nick - truth-be-told time: I was "adopted" by the cheerleader squad when I was in High School as their favorite fan - given my own megaphone (remember when those were allowed?) and typically surrounded by them in the stands between cheers as well as having my lap used as a "seat cushion" on a sort of rotational basis. Not quite making out, but no admin-type ever -- uh -- admonished that behavior either. Great fun. Sorry you missed out.

  5. Nick Nemec 2015.03.03

    I was a skinny, shy, farm kid from a one room country school, the "town kids" pretty much ruled the roost at my high school. If any girl had shown an interest I like to think I would have responded in kind but I didn't have the guts to initiate anything, especially with the cheerleaders.

  6. mike from iowa 2015.03.03

    So why pay attention to him? The dude needs to take a chill pill and learn so biblical baloney from non-christians about loving your neighbors as yourself and ridding his unworthy hide of all the hate. The ones that profess to be righteous and holy and worthy-aren't.

  7. crossgrain 2015.03.03

    mass hysteria!

    SDHSAA: Everything was fine with our policy until the fear-mongering and hatred spewed by dickless here.
    P&R: They caused an abomination!
    People of South Dakota: Is this true?
    crossgrain: Yes it's true. This man has no dick.

    I'm willfully ignorant of any so-called "gay agenda". If "the gays" have an agenda at all, I suspect it revolves around looking fabulous more than destroying Christianity. If God is truly all-powerful, what does He have to fear from a couple of dudes wearing Roberto Cavalli jackets and skinny jeans?

  8. bearcreekbat 2015.03.03

    It is hard to imagine the odd noises continually going off in these poor folks' heads. If they would only come forward and seek help perhaps Dr. Phil could provide them with the necessary resources to calm their constant hysteria so that they could actually enjoy life rather than try to wreck it for children and other folks.

  9. caheidelberger Post author | 2015.03.03

    Crossgrain, you and I clearly share cinematic tastes. :-)

  10. mike from iowa 2015.03.03

    Yeah but,the next Ghostbusters will be all female and then where will the world be,huh?

  11. Roger Cornelius 2015.03.03

    I stand with Gordon, cowardly anonymous bloggers have no credibility with me, particularly when they wear tinfoil hats.

    The gay agenda that R&R types fear so much is actually quite simple and has nothing to do with their religion, I have always understood that the gay agenda, if there really is one, is to gain the same rights and acceptance as all other Americans.

  12. Deb Geelsdottir 2015.03.03

    Roger! You are the first person I've ever known who is acquainted with the Gay Agenda! I've never met an LBTG who knows.

    Well, except the crazies on the right. How is it they are the only ones who know all the secret, sneaky, nefarious stuff?

  13. bearcreekbat 2015.03.03

    I too think Roger has nailed it! Equality, who would have thought it was so important?

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