Get ready for S&P to downgrade our credit rating even further. As if to prove the credit raters' contention that our political system lacks the common sense to come up with solutions, The Hill's Bob Cusack says that South Dakota Congresswoman Kristi Noem could be a "major contender" for appointment to the supercommittee charged with fixing the national debt.

I suppose we could be excited that little ol' Miss South Dakota would be invited to the big kids' table. She could represent South Dakota's interests. She could bring some good South Dakota ranch-kitchen-table common sense to those big Washington negotiations.

Of course, that would assume Noem has South Dakota's interests and not merely her personal power ambitions at heart. That would assume that she can actually remember or enunciate any specific proposals at the supercommittee meetings.

That would also assume that Congressional leaders are picking supercommittee members to reflect a diverse cross-section of America. Au contraire, says Cusack:

The four congressional leaders of the House and Senate have until Aug. 16 to make their appointments. While it is unclear which members will be tapped, Capitol Hill leaders are widely expected to pick party loyalists.

Both the left and right are wary of any possible defectors who would give the opposing party an edge in the talks, which will be aimed at reducing the debt by $1.5 trillion [Bob Cusack, "Contenders, Dark Horses to Land on Debt 'Supercommittee'," The Hill, 2011.08.09].

The party bosses won't pick strong voices for compromise, good policy, or constituents back home. They'll pick yes-people who toe the party line.

Dang: Noem's a shoe-in!