Gordon Howie may not know how to format his online work (Gord, use bold or italics for emphasis; save the underlining for hyperlinks), but he's working the Web to solicit donations for a right-wing insurgency in 2012. Yesterday I noted his bogus-poll-backed blog pitch for contributions to "conservative Christian" candidates. Today I obtain the following e-mail blasted out from Howie's media Potemkin village to potential conservatives, courtesy of one of my readers:

House Majority leader, Speaker of the House, Assistant Majority leader and Executive Board chairman all facing serious allegations.

Representatives David Lust, Val Rausch, Justin Cronin and Chuck Turbiville have yet to deal with serious allegations.

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Gordon Howie, CEO
Life and Liberty Group, LLC.

I find it amusing that the URL of the e-mail marketing service Howie is using to send and track responses to his campaign solicitations starts with the letters "B.S." and has a main domain of "shsend"... as in "SHS-end". Howie is certainly full of B.S., and a right-wing theocrats' insurgency could weaken the Republican Party enough in 2012 to throw the door wide open for Stephanie Herseth Sandlin to step back onto the stage and return to Congress.

Howie sounds like he's more interested in reclaiming his seat in Pierre than challenging Kristi Noem for a seat in Washington, but it's clear he plans to back candidates challenging the GOP establishment.

I lack confidence in Howie's ability to catch fire with a plurality of the South Dakota electorate. But if unconnected wingnut Lori Stacey can draw 6% in a general election, slightly better-networked Howie can shout "Chicago politics!" and "Jesus!" and pull twice that. If Howie recruits people to run Independent in the general election, he opens the door for Democrats to consolidate their backers and take more seats in the general election. Even if Howie just backs insurgents in primaries against GOP incumbents, he drains the incumbents' campaign coffers and maybe even replaces a few with wingnuts who either Christine-O'Donnell themselves before rational Dem opponents or who win, go to Pierre, and become Nelson-Hubbel thorns in the GOP leadership's side.

Keep it up, Gordon! So far, I see your entry into the 2012 race as an unmitigated good... for Democrats!