Steve Sibson all too often clutters my comment section with crackpottery about the vast Masonic conspiracy to rule the world. Much to the chagrin of other commenters who I think might enjoy a discussion of the real issues facing our state, Sibby posits that any policy conversation that doesn't address the Masons is irrelevant. Thus:

But this morning, I must pass Sibby the sausage: he's right! The Masons run everything! Check out the agenda for the South Dakota Board of Regents meeting happening right now in Rapid City. Click on the Report of the Executive Director and scroll down to page 4, under "Reduced Tuition Externally Sponsored Courses." You'll see this:

Aaaaaaaaahhh! The South Dakota Masons sponsored a course under the Board of Regents! The Masons have taken over our public university system! And it's a teacher training course! They've taken over our public K-12 system as well! Sibby was right!!!

Also on the list of externally sponsored courses are three upper-level USD courses—Printmaking, Graphic Design, and Artist's Books—sponsored by Frogman's Print and Press of Beresford. I assume the Menards have thus established three times as much influence over our education system as Sibby's bogeyman Masons.