South Dakota voters carved out a special constitutional privilege for the city of Deadwood, allowing entrepreneurs to make money that other South Dakota communities cannot, with casino gambling. Asking for further exceptions and exemptions from state law—e.g., the exception to the smoking ban that casino owner and Senator Tom Nelson wants—is just whining. So says Joel Rosenthal:

I have detailed previously their continued insatiability for more privileges in my prior posting on Legal Shenanigans. I.e. higher limits, more games, loans for developers, and a railroad line....

While the Deadwood interests want to blame their loss of revenues (and of consequence the (and I do not dispute this) the State's loss of gambling tax revenues) on the smoking ban; it was debated both when the ban passed the Legislature and in the Statewide general election in 2010 that there could be a loss of revenues.

Well the people have spoken (by a 2 to 1 landslide margin) and said, ban smoking in public places &ndash it's unhealthy! [Joel Rosenthal, "Would You Like Some Cheese?" South Dakota Straight Talk, 2012.01.05]

I look forward with grim blogger anticipation to the spectacle of a casino owner introducing legislation that he will argue from the Senate floor will increase his own profits.

Gambling apparently depends not only on addictive carcinogenic behavior, but also on free parking:

Is Deadwood's Main Street dying — again?

The Main Street business community tends to think so. They also believe that the ticket to driving more downtown traffic just might be the decision to allow 40 free parking places on Main Street.

"Without Main Street parking, the Historic District will lose many retail and gaming properties this year and in the future. Help prevent the collapse of Deadwood and support parking on Main Street," according to a "Historic Main Street Parking Petition," recently filed with the city of Deadwood [Jaci Conrad Pearson, "Free Parking?" Black Hills Pioneer, 2012.01.06].

Main Street dying? Deadwood collapsing? Wow: I thought gambling was supposed to be a great cash cow. With all the money they lose to the one-armed bandits inside, you'd think visitors would hardly notice the handful of quarters they drop into the no-armed bandits at the curb to help pay for the privilege of occupying asphalt in a mountain town where parking space is at a premium.

I don't know how Senator Nelson feels about parking meters, but Senator Nelson also wants to repeal various taxes on Deadwood gambling. Now someone please tell me who the European liberals are here who want to enjoy their privileges without paying for them?