The bill isn't in the hopper yet, but Rep. Steve Hickey (R-9/Sioux Falls) is working on legislation to return speeding tickets to the driver's license points system. Right now, if you speed in South Dakota, you get a ticket, but you don't risk losing your driver's license. You get points against your license for drunk driving, reckless driving, drag racing, and other unsafe behavior, but not speeding. The good Hickey proposes a point system under which five speeding tickets in one year or eight speeding tickets in two years could result in having to hitch a ride to work.

I might suggest that Rep. Hickey risks nanny-state criticism from his conservatives who say the government has no business telling decent citizens what to do with their own feet in their own vehicles. But Rep. Hickey doesn't care to joke about speeding. He tells the Rapid City Journal that his father was killed by a chronic speeder in 2002.

Rep. Hickey also tells RCJ that his speeding-points bill has nothing to do with famous South Dakota speeders Bill Janklow and Kristi Noem. Indeed, under Hickey's proposal, neither Janklow nor Noem would have yet accumulated enough points within any one- or two-year period to be forced to ride horse to work.

But Rep. Hickey's bill does have just a little something to do with Janklow: it would repeal the law Janklow signed in 1986 that removed speeding from the points system. Hmm... repealing something Bill Janklow did... could this be the first legislative signal that the Janklow era is over?