The South Dakota House of Representatives approved HB 1234, Governor Dennis Daugaard's package of destructive education reforms, this afternoon. The vote was 36-33.

Updated Vote Count, 17:51 MST: Governor Daugaard got two Republicans who voted nay last time to switch to aye this time: Rep. Don Kopp from Rapid City, and Rep. Jim Schaefer from Kennebec.*

Public pressure got six Republican House members to change their votes from aye to nay: Moser, Munsterman, Romkema, Tulson, Van Gerpen, and Wink. Stace Nelson was also present, and as promised, voted nay.Those seven would have raised the nay count from 28 last time to 35 this time.

Had Kopp and Schaefer not caved, we would have defeated HB 1234.

I'm busy reading up on the referral process, then maybe job openings in Minnesota. But of all the shovel-loads of rationalizations, obfuscations, and red herrings offered by the Governor's servants against the people's servants, permit me to mention Rep. Thomas Brunner's closing comments. Sounding rather bitter, Rep. Brunner asked why teachers kept sending him e-mails saying HB 1234 was bad policy when he was supporting the millions in unexpected one-time money provided by other legislation. Where are the thank-yous? Rep. Brunner whined.

Oh, Tom. You can hear yourself, can't you? You sound like my six-year-old saying she got a smiley face at school... which is great, except I just told her not to throw rocks at people.

Actually, she's better behaved than that. Maybe it's more accurate to say you sound like the guard expecting me to say thanks as he opens the door for me on the way to the gas chamber.

Update 17:39 MST: Dusty Johnson's Twitter feed coughs up a photo of Team Daugaard celebrating their one-vote victory. These are the only people celebrating in South Dakota right now.

*Update and correction 19:47 MST: I erroneously stated that Rep. Schaefer was appointed by Governor Daugaard. Rep. Schaefer won election in 2010. Gov. Daugaard appointed the other guy in District 21, Rep. Dave Scott, in 2011. I regret the error. Reps. Schaefer and Scott are unlikely to correct the errors they committed today so quickly.