While the fading and fallacious Dakota War College resorts to the usual name-calling and needling over one candidate's petition oopsie (the former is childish; the latter bears some mention), South Dakota Democratic Party Chair Ben Nesselhuf offers a few metrics on his party's performance over the past year:

South Dakota Dems are still playing catch up with the GOP (we have been since the Kneip era... or maybe since our 1938 pounding at the hands of Red-Scare Mundt?). Nesselhuf needs to spend April touring the state to persuade some Dems to file Independent for several more seats in the Legislature. But unlike the SDGOP's laggardly rookie recruit Tony Post (whose name I don't have to make fun of to make my point), Nesselhuf is hustling hard to rouse his party for a hard campaign in November.