Three weeks after applications closed, we still haven't heard from the Lake Area Improvement Corporation whom it will pick to direct economic development efforts in and around Madison.

As we eagerly await the golden child to reverse previous LAIC exec Dwaine Chapel's failures, Madison residents may wish to note the City of Sioux Falls's advertisement for an economic development coordinator. Where Madison lets its economic development honcho operate in a quasi-public corporation that keeps its records secret and can't be held directly accountable by taxpayers, the City of Sioux Falls makes its economic development coordinator a city employee.

Sioux Falls also pays that person half of what Madison's economic development chief gets. Dwaine Chapel pulled down six figures for not doing much. The Sioux Falls economic development coordinator gets up to $2,135 bi-weekly, or just over $51K annually.

Jeepers: the LAIC should have been getting tons of applications.

The Sioux Falls economic development coordinator is also expected to make "downtown development... a key focus."

So if Madison were to adopt the Sioux Falls approach, the city would get more accountable economic development efforts for half the price. And we'd do something about downtown.