The SDGOP propaganda machine points to some award handed to Congresswoman Kristi Noem but strangely, doesn't cite any specific actions Noem has taken to deserve it. This strange silence on specifics comes because, as has been the case for my poor Republican friends since Noem won election in 2010, our achievement-challenged Congresswoman hasn't given them anything to cheer about.

Consider as the latest example the House Farm Bill. Her fingerprints are all over a bill that eliminates proper judicial and executive checks on corporate power, ignores the environment- and cost-saving potential of a serious Sodsaver program, infringes on states' rights, and keeps Kristi's pockets padded with subsidized crop insurance.

The South Dakota conservative blogs keep silent about Noem's hypoKristi... but conservatives know a faker when they see her. Consider this broadside from Breitbart:

Congresswoman Kristi Noem (R-South Dakota), one of the 2010 class of Republicans, and a farmer and rancher herself, is heading the "bipartisan" group, along with Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vermont), that is hoping to urge House leaders to bring the Farm Bill to a vote before August, as the old Farm Bill expires at the end of September. The group's letter to Speaker Boehner and the Republican leaders states that the new Farm Bill is needed immediately so that they can "tell the American success story of agriculture and work to ensure we have strong policies in place..."

It sounds like the letter sent by Reps. Noem and Welch is saying that big farmers and ranchers should have certainties that the rest of the private sector does not have. Should the government provide insurance for all entrepreneurs and businesses so that risk is not a factor in their enterprises? [Dr. Susan Berry, "Why Are Republicans Supporting the Farm Bill?" Breitbart, 2012.07.24]

Or consider the take on Noem from this Texas blogger, some sort of conservative who thinks Bristol Palin is smarter than Barack Obama (I'm just establishing conservative cred here, not sanity):

...If you wanted crony capitalism combined with the welfare state, you now have it in full even in agriculture.

That Republicans you elected in 2010 to fight all of this are now supporting it is terrible enough, but when we see freshman members like Kristi Noem (R-SD,) herself a rancher, joining hands with Democrats to further such legislation, you must know we are in terrible shape. I can't imagine how a person can campaign for office as a constitutional conservative, but then immediately ignore that when it comes to their own pet subsidies.

...Conservatives should be livid, and the large number of ostensible conservatives in the agriculture fields should be raising Hell, but many will not because they want to be able to queue up at the trough in secret too. In 2010, or in 2012, if this is the answer our Republican Congress provides, I'd just as soon have Democrats. At least they don't pretend to be conservative [Mark America, "Republicans in Congress Shafting Us Again," blog, 2012.07.24].

Even the Corporate Voices/Working Mother award Noem got with 29 other Congresspeople notes as her only concrete achievement the granting of liberal work-hour privileges to her staff.

I should feel some mild relief that my Congresswoman is not as conservative as she says she is. But help me understand, Republicans: who is this bill of goods with hair and boots that you're trying to sell us again? Is she a conservative or not? What does she stand for? What has she achieved that should make South Dakotans jump up and shout for her?

South Dakota Republicans' inability to answer that question is why we can expect mostly silly anti-Varilek insults and horserace stories from the GOP propaganda machine the rest of this campaign.