Mitt Romney has picked Gabe from The Office as the GOP's vice-presidential nominee.

Mitt Romney picks Gabe Lewis from The Office as running mate.

Paul Ryan

Not the next Vice-President of the United States of America

Actually, it's Paul Ryan, who will be cooped up on a bus with Mitt for the next four days touring battleground states.

So, your GOP veep choice wants to privatize Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Looks like my work is done here. Mitt Romney just assured a 2-to-1 margin for Obama-Biden among retirees (even the white ones) and Democratic victory in November.

Ryan is a gift, fellow Dems. Run hard! Four more years!

Update 07:59 CDT: Two days ago, The Week gave five good reasons not to pick Ryan for VP. Reasons #1 and #2: The Ryan budget and Medicare.

Update 08:20 CDT: Even Dr. Blanchard recognizes the Ryan risk:

Paul Ryan would be the most daring choice of all. Ryan is a very articulate, personable, and intelligent politician. He looks good on camera. He is also the author of the Ryan Plan. That involves terrible risks. The Obama campaign will run hundreds of ads showing Romney/Ryan pushing grandma over the cliff [Ken Blanchard, "Romney, Ryan, and the Veep Stakes," South Dakota Politics, August 11, 2012].

Blanchard does relish (as do I) how the Ryan pick should focus our attention on real policy questions.

Update 08:58 CDT: Election guru Nate Silver says that the Ryan pick shows Romney is feeling bearish and that Ryan is "not a pick you make if you think you're ahead." Romney only has to go bold if he thinks he's losing. And he's going bold with a choice that plays well only with the right-wing base... which he already ought to have locked up by now.