French President François Hollande hit a constitutional bump this week. The Socialist leader (who presides over a country that my students are not finding terribly oppressive) wants to raise the top tax rate to 75%. That rate would apply to about 1500 French folks for just a couple years.

But the French constitutional council said Non! this week. The new tax is unfair... not because it is high enough to make Gerard Depardieu run to Belgium, but because it is applied to individuals, while the rest of the tax system is applied to households. If one household has l'homme busting his chops to break one million euro while la femme stays home with les enfants making no money, the tax would not apply. But put two professionals each making 501K euro together in the same flat, and they pay the tax. Boo-ooo! says the constitutional council, which is all about égalité.

President Hollande will rewrite and resubmit the 75% top-tax measure so it is properly "conjugalised" (there's your bonus French word for the day—don't say it in front of the kids!)... so Flandreau! Belle Fourche! Bon Homme County! Keep working on those economic development brochures to recruit wealthy French celebrities and industrialists to build villas and factories in your fair cities!